Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For June 18-22.

Leaking out and letting go.

Madison confronts Brady again when he’s acting stoned. He keeps insisting he’s not but she thinks it’s high time for a drug test. He’s hurt but agrees. He also pays Maggie a visit. Victor has been worrying to her that Brady’s fallen off the wagon and is headed for the gutter. Victor and Maggie have some problems of their own to face. After a long talk, they agree not to throw away their marriage. He takes a break from the healing to warn Dr. Daniel about what a user Nicole can be. Meanwhile, Ian continues to feed Madison’s insecurities.

Abby wants to take Cameron to a concert but he doesn’t want to leave town while his sister is at death’s door. They go berry picking instead. He admits that he wants to stick around Salem, and not just because he has family there. Over at his sister’s house, she spends the day in the garden with Abe, recollecting their life together. Finally, she dies in his arms. Her spirit floats off to spend some time with Theo before paying EJ a visit. She does her best to convince him to get along with Abe. News of her passing spreads. Her mother worries that her son will leave too but he assures her that he’s sticking around town. She warns him again about Abby’s evil vibes.

Justin suggests to Sami that Carrie help defend Will. Sami refuses and then changes her mind. She thinks about changing her mind back again when she discovers that Rafe is working the case. Will suggests that Elvis might have knocked off Stefano. EJ doesn’t appreciate it. Will doesn’t appreciate being used as his personal slave either. As the men argue, Will reveals something to the lawyer that no one else knows. Pretty soon, Will’s friend Neil comes out of the woodwork to explain to the cops that he was with Will at a gay bar when Stefano was shot. Will confirms this and there are even more witnesses. Roman doesn’t quite put things together so Will has to explain that he’s actually gay.

Agent Spencer arrives to take over the murder investigation. EJ is now prime suspect. Will catches his boss hiding the papers proving he’s not a DiMera. The cops rattle his belt and EJ does his best to stay composed. Once they leave, he’s frazzled and runs off, dropping the papers behind. Will picks them up.

Chad gets a text message from Mel saying that she’s going to Europe for some time alone. He’s shocked. Gabi is thrilled. In fact, Andrew sent the message and is holding Mel captive in his basement. Gabi arrives at his place. As he talks to her, Mel tries to break free. He stops her before she can escape. Meanwhile, Chad starts to worry about his missing girlfriend. Gabi and Abby are there to comfort the confused and grieving man.

Kate is ecstatic when she learns that Austin knocked up Carrie. He tells his mom that everything is coming up roses. His mom has her doubts when she notices the way that Carrie and Rafe are still ogling each other. Once she gets her daughter-in-law alone, she warns her that she’s dead meat if she messes up Austin’s life. Meanwhile, Nicole pays Daniel a visit and thanks him again for all of his help. Since his little chat with Victor, he’s been wondering just how much she has been manipulating him. She admits that she’s been using him a bit, but they can’t shake the fact that there is a genuine attraction between them. They’re about to use his desk to investigate how deep it goes when he’s called away on hospital business.

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  1. From dc

    i hate that lexie is leaving but wish her well in her retirement.
    i would rather melanie would have gone off to europe instead of being held captive..
    please let the gabi/chad thing be over and soon.. i sure don’t want you writers to put gabi with chad. i would rather he be gone too (with melanie).
    and no, i don’t think ej killed stefano. he did not have the backbone to do it (shooting into the wall like he did). my thinking is that ian shot stefano but he is alive and well looking for the mystery to that coin.. sounds good, right???

  2. From knitter

    I keep thinking that Carolyn took the gun from the safe, went and killed Stefano, and did her rant about trying to kill all the people in her life,and then returned the gun to the safe. She has only been a name of late with no screen time!

  3. From SandyGram

    Right….although I love to speculate the ‘who don’t it’ when has it ever turned out to be what we the fans think is the obvious. The writers have certainly got a twist on this story and with all the changes they problem don’t have all the details figured out themselves.
    Lexie’s passing sounds very sad as if I haven’t cried enough already they are going to have her spirit go off to visit Theo and EJ. Well I’m stocked up on tissues.

    It sounds like good days may still be ahead for Maggie and Victor. But, Brady seems to be in big trouble. Now that John is back I’d like to see Madison go to him with her suspicions about Brady.

    Oh darn, it also sounds like Carrie will get involved in Will’s arrest. But then it could be short lived when Neil gives him the alibi….But then Roman gets the shock his grandson is Gay..maybe that part could have been done with a little more finesse. Then Kate is on the war path with Carrie, maybe this is why Carrie and Austin decide to leave town, to keep Kate out of their business…wouldn’t be the first time Austin had to get away from Mommy Dearest.

    Dan, Dan….Melanie’s been kidnapped and Nicole has played him…primed for Billie to pick up the pieces.

  4. From TerriK

    Well the plot thickens….I wonder how Roman is going to take the news of his grandsons new found sexuality- hopefully with a loving open mind as the rest of the family. I still have a feeling something is going on behind the scene as far as Will’s arrest is concerned. We’ll see I suppose.
    So sad that we are losing Lexie next week..could be totally wrong but I have a feeling Kayla is going to be there for Abe for more than comfort.
    Not looking forward to seeing Dr. Dan and Nicole in anymore awkward embraces…Wonder how Chloe would feel if she suddenly returns to the show to find out Daniel is willing to help raise Nicoles baby when he banished her for doing something basically the same..well kinda haha..regardless Daniel is acting more out of character these days than Roman..maybe he’s the killer ;)
    Another story line I have zero interest in, as I’ve voiced before is Chad/Gabby “Chabby” just doesn’t work for me..and I love Melanie but if Chad is going to slide to the dark side maybe “Chelanie” isn’t a good match either.

  5. From grandma to many

    with Molly leaving the show it looks like Chad could be primed to be the next heir apparent to the Dimera dynasty of course if they had a real s/l for Melanie maybe she could be replaced it kind of feels like we’re in a holding pattern until the Olympics are over then we’ll see what the newest writers really want to create

  6. From TerriK

    Grandma to many- it’s really too bad because Molly is a great little actress :) she plays emotional soooo well. Maybe we will see the return of Stephanie? She started to become a good little villain and could accent Chad well. Maybe…

  7. From Kat

    # 2 the knitter, I think it has been established, that the Gun that Killed/Not– Stefano- was Abe’s gun, Not the gun hidden in her Bar/Safe.
    However, point, she had a lot of reasons to eliminate Stefano once and for all.
    But then again, Caroline loves “big bad evil men”, she loved Victor and had a child with him…
    And said Man, Victor, father of her child Bo, tried to kill Bo, his and her son… in an elevator accident, because of Carly… go figure. This is truly a glorious Soap opera, that’s why we watch it, and enjoy it, because the Impossible, is Possible on here…..It’s not Real Life..
    It’s pure Entertainment….

  8. From TerriK

    Knitter- very true. She has been a little out of character since the switching of the paternity tests..definitely a possibility

  9. From kat

    TerriK, good thought about Stephanie returning, now that Kayla seems to be getting, Maybe, a bigger SL….
    Chad and Stephanie, that could work…
    Melanie has been very low key lately, why…..

  10. From TerriK

    Sorry Kat- didn’t see your comment before I posted to knitter..I forgot that it was Abes gun that was used. Gees it’s a real mystery this time..typically I usually don’t have this much trouble trying to figure out “who done it”

  11. From Kat

    10 TerriK, don’t ever let your little heart be troubled,
    if I am a friend to somebody, I am a friend, no matter what,
    You and I might even disagree about a SL or character again, but so what, look at MAB and I, we are good No Matter what, because we are adults and mature enough to know, why we are here, to share, debate, agree, disagree, whatever comes up, but still stay friends, it’s Not personal, never has and never should be, but some make it that.. Pity.

  12. From TerriK

    :) Agreed
    I don’t know what’s happening to Mel..I thought at one time they might even try to hook her up with Quinn..but they are really letting her character go when there is so much potential there..wonder how her exit will go down- murdered? And when they find out Gabi is the one who brought her harm, will Chad take his revenge on her? Or while Melanie is in “Europe” will Gabi get her way and finally get Chad in bed? Only to have Melanie escape & walk in on the 2 of them doing the nasty and then makes her exit, leaving Salem & Chad behind? Who knows. 2 possibilities. Either way I see it ending badly for Gabi

  13. From JiBi

    Everything is possible with DOOL, Everybody can have kill Stefano but I am going to keep my first idea that it is stefano him self that fake is own death, he did that in the time when they put him in prison, it was in fact a fake stefano. He is to smart to actually let someone kill him for real and he already know that people want him dead after the explosion.

  14. From TerriK

    :) Agreed.
    I don’t know what has happened to Mel’s character. I thought at one point they were going to hook her up with Quinn. Could have been a good match, but instead they’ve let her character go.
    How will she exit? Murdered? And when Chad finds out I wonder what kind of revenge he will plan to take Gabi down.
    Maybe while Melanie is in “Europe” Gabi gets her way and lands Chad in the bedroom..Melanie escapes and just as those 2 begin the nasty Melanie walks in catching them..big blow up..then she leaves Salem once and for all? Either way, I don’t think it’s ending well for Gabi

  15. From TerriK

    Ok it said my first post didn’t go through LOL wow. I have an echo.

  16. From JiBi

    I’m not sure about Chad and Stephanie, IMO Stephanie is more mature and if she is coming back I prefer to see her with an older man than Chad but like I said Everything is possible with DOOL lol and it’s only my opignon :)

  17. From TerriK

    JiBI- Maybe a match for Dr. Dan then :) they’d make cute babies lol
    Either way i’d like to see her return. She brought good drama

  18. From JiBi

    Terrik- lol ok maybe not to old but yes me too I’d like to see her return :)

  19. From Kat

    JiBi, I agree, I think Stefano is in the Set Up…. love it, in the meantime we get so much SL out of his So called Murder… Who done it.
    Stefano will be back, let’s face it, He is a Star on DOOL….. they need him, without him, as so many times before, the show Tanked….

    What would DALLAS ever have been, WITHOUT JR…
    Never will understand, why some so called fans of DOOL would want the biggest Star off the show, all it would do, make the show go down.
    I love the “Great BAD GUYS” on the show, not the boring, un –interesting bad people, there is such a big difference.

    EJ, Sami and Stefano are STARS, Will is IMO are Star on the rising, I hope anyway…what a character to look forward to…. Go get them Will, you got the stuff…

  20. From TerriK

    I’ve always been confused on Daniels age..I mean he married Chloe…Chloe was with Philip..married Brady…Melanie married Philip…Daniel has a child with Carly..who apparently had to have committed statutory rape to make that possible LOL he’s all over the map!

  21. From JiBi

    I agree with you terrik Daniel’s age is confusing me I well I think that Nicole’s age or Billie will be ok for him.

    Kate- I so agree with you that DOOL need “Great BAD GUYS” and without Stefano it will never be the same I know that some day he will have to go but please not now lol

    Did I write Billie’s name correctly ?

  22. From JiBi

    I did an error like usual lol It is more “Daniel’s age is confusing me HAS well” lol

  23. From TerriK

    LoL I’m sure her name could be spelled several different mine :)
    These days I find Billie lookin oldeer than Kate. I think it’s just Kate’s style. She’s pretty hip

  24. From JiBi

    I could agree more with you about Billie lookin oldeer than Kate, Kate IMO she is a pretty women.

  25. From TerriK

    Oh she’s definitely beautiful. I think she has the most popular haircut in the history of haircuts too. Had it at one time myself :) inspired by her

  26. From Kat

    Boy, JiBi and Terri, so much fun, I agree, I think Kate looks fantastic,
    My haircut has always been between, Marlena and Kate, just a little bit more layered…..and more like Marlena’s color….
    Who cares if any of Us, misspell a Name, LOL, or for that matter make any spelling/whatever mistakes….
    aren’t we bigger than that….
    I am starting to have fun again,
    no need to get so personally upset, because Some of Us on Here, enjoy the Big Bad Guys, it’s a story and I like the big bad Wolf in it, it has made the Stories work through the centuries, anybody get it yet.

    But unfortunately, some still won’t get it, they are going to keep harping on Why EJ and Stefano should be off the show,
    they just don’t get the Big Picture,even if they claim they do….so pitiful IMO.

    I am having More Fun than a Human Being should be allowed to, Who ever did say that, anybody remember….I
    I am just the Nicest thing, since Ketchup…

  27. From Kat

    MAB, I said the same thing on the old “???????? what do we call it now….”
    I remember when you lost your Mother, I do believe it was before Christmas,we All shared so much back then, incl. GrandMa Judy…. but now She thinks we have abused her,mistreated her, and She thinks .Been Watching… is a great blogger (??).that one has never contribute to comments about the goings on in Salem, maybe 1 or 2%, that’s it..
    What ever happened…. I am so confused.
    So I guess, by not answering me, Grandma Judy still stand by, That I have mistreated her, really,
    again unless I ever hear from you about this subject, You, Gram Judy
    are one of the biggest
    disappointments for Me in my Blog history, why are you doing that….????

  28. From TerriK

    I agree Kat. This is the type of conversation that keeps me coming back.
    Without the bad guys how would a drama survive..Just like you said about JR..and lest we forget Adam Chandler/Palmer Cortland..I miss AMC..another show I grew up watching..and left me pretty mad when it ended with soo much unfinished business. Perhaps in 15 years or so they’ll bring that back too.
    Sounds like you have a good head of hair :) Mine is slightly like Jenn’s but a bit longer..
    Kate is one of my favorite ladies on the show…her & Sami would have been a force to reckon with a Countess W..didn’t like that story ending..would have liked to have seen them come together to bring down Nicole even. Those two are so much alike & don’t even realize it. Lady Sharks who would stop at nothing if someone messes with their children..I respect that

  29. From Lulu

    Obviously Lexie killed Stephano. She slipped out while Abe thought she was asleep and got her revenge, knowing she’d be gone before anyone could figure it out.

  30. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    As I posted earlier but apparently screwed up the captcha, which is the worst device known to man, Dallas is without JR. He moved home to Illinois last week and is residing in my spare bedroom again. True story. Can’t make thi stuff up. At least, his little Texas babe didn’t shoot him on his way out of town, but she kept the ring, so he has drama of his own. I wish I could see the new Dallas, but I don’t get TNT. Have been to the real Southfork. It’s coincidental that he is JR, born in 1980 and moved to Dallas 4 years ago. Sad that it ended badly.

    I, too, have Lisa Rinna’s hair, but I just can’t find anybody to cut it just right. Trying again on Monday.

  31. From kat

    29 .. DtbB,,, call me stupid, but I don’t get what you are talking about, help me, and yes if any of you want to make fun at me, please do so…..
    Lisa’s hair, that is great, go find the right hair stylist, take all the pics with you,,, don’t give up…

    P.S. if JR is there, how do we know, that
    Stefano is not there with him,
    come on “Blondie” …come clean, you are hiding both of them….what a Dame….

  32. From Rsatt

    I think it would have been best if they made Lexie the killer. It was Abe’s gun, he conveniently left it in the mansion, and since she is dying because of him, no one would be prosecuted. That way this stupid, regurgitated story would end and they could possibly come up with something original. I am getting so frustrated with dool. There have been so many good characters return and days’ writers have turned them into an annoying, wimpy mess (e.g. Jack, Austin). To top it off, everytime I turn around someone is leaving. It’s as if dool has resigned to the fact they will be cancelled, so they have completely given up. They should let the fans write for them. Maybe have a contest for fans to send in ideas :)

  33. From TerriK

    Ok blonde and Kat- you 2 are cracking me up right now! Kat if anyone has Stefano locked up it’s you!! EJ on the otherhand…is trapped in my attic…having the time of his life hahaha ;)
    I hope when Stefano returns he & Kate get back together. I’ve never enjoyed a couple so much. Black mail brought them together but there’s so much love between them. Its a shame to throw that away

  34. From kat

    Hi ladies, I just took a cold shower, feel so good….
    Yes – I want Stefano and Kate together again, what an ultimate reunion that could be, if done right. When she thought he was dead, she mourned him, told him how much she loved him, She did NOT condem him, she could have, but she kept telling him.that she was sorry and that she loved him….Maybe another test, but I think she passed this one.

    God, I wish Stefano was here with me,
    but my Joe prob. would blow him away, so that is why, I have Stefano stored away in the Boat House, He is doing just fine, but
    he won’t tell Even ME, figure that one out, what is going on,
    Loves his Music, Cigars and Brandy,
    and Me, and if you believe all that stuff, I will gladly tell you more. Having so much fun….

  35. From Paula

    Stefano is certainly not dead..never has been. I have no doubt this was a set up, and at some point, he will return. Not for quite a while though I’m sure.
    I hated hearing that Melanie is leaving. It took me a long time to warm up to her, but I really like her character now. What a shame. They say “Hope” signed a new contract, but that “Bo” may be leaving! I can’t imagine what this would mean for them this time.
    I have a feeling they are priming Chad and EJ to go to war over who is head of the family now. He will most likly find out about EJ not being a blood DiMera, and feel that this entitles him to being in charge. This could get interesting.
    Watching Lexie die next week is going to be heart wrenching. I look terrible when I cry! lol
    I’m also upset that they are ditching Jack already. I was happy to see him and Jennifer finally get it together and I thought they would write them some good “investigating” story lines, but apparently not. Those two are so funny when they work together..I was looking foward to it!

  36. From Kat

    33 Paula, big mega ditto.

  37. From Maryl

    There is something about that female cop who is assisting Roman with noting details of the ivestigation–is her name Officer Kent?–Anyway, I’m suspicious of her. The camera sure zeros in on her a lot while she is taking in everything that’s being said. I’m wondering if she isn’t one of Stefano’s informants and will be relaying messages to him on the investigation–afterall, we know he is not dead and will be working on his agenda from the outside. She would be in a perfect position to give him the latest on the Salem PD activities regarding his “murder”.
    Speaking of Chad, I thought the actor who portrays him was leaving the show about the same time Melanie was? Did something change or will his character be replaced by someone new? I hope they keep his character because I believe there could be a great SL for him in the future.
    I agree about the “captcha” being so hard to read–it’s almost as if they are meant to be an obstacle course we have to pass.

  38. From MAUDE

    Does anyone, besides me, think that the officer following roman around is one of Stephano’s people????

  39. From Arlene

    Answering an earlier blog: “Having more fun than a person should be allowed to” – that was Rush Limbaugh that says this on his talk radio show.

  40. From NeeNee

    After spending a day listening to talk radio and browsing the news & political blogs, I need to wind down!

    As I’ve mentioned before, I’m about 5 weeks behind watching my Days VCR tapes. Currently on the episodes I’m watching, I notice that Ian is spending a lot of time on the phone “checking in” with someone. In light of what we know is currently happening, I think that he may be Stefano’s cohort in this caper.

    Stef was working with the CIA on the arms deal, and like many of you, I believe he deliberately set up circumstances leading to his death. Stefano made sure Ian contacted Kate to renew their relationship, and then denounced her (to get her out of harm’s way—ditto, EJ). Perhaps Ian then brought in a faux Stefano to be killed, spiriting the Real McCoy Stef away to fight another day. And for his services, Ian is handsomely rewarded and leaves town. When Stefano rises again, he will reclaim Kate.

  41. From Kat

    36 Arlene, Lady you got it, it was Rush that always said that.
    Our radio station has not carried RushMeister for so many years now, I miss listening to him….
    Thank you again Arlene….

  42. From AnnieQ

    oh my goodness! I cant believe you listen to that hate speech..I should probably not comment but truly upsetting although he has millions of listeners,noone that I know and respect.

  43. From SandyGram

    #35 Maryl
    I too think there is something suspicious about the beautiful Officer Kent, even Roman calling her his ‘Shadow’ is a bit eerie even though she’s there to ensure the investigation is above board. I have two speculations about her. First, she’s either a Stefano plant after all the DiMera’s own the Governors Office; or Second she will be killed and Rafe will be set up as her murderer since he is taking over the investigation. Some what like in 2006 when Officer Eve Michaels, was on Kate’s payroll to get information on the Black Glove crimes. Eve ended up dead to keep her quiet and just guess who was highly suspected of the crime none other than the Honorable Mayor EJ DiMera. EJ hates Rafe so much I could definitely see the latter happening since the writers like to repeat story lines. But that’s just me!

    I haven’t read that Casey Deidrick (Chad) was leaving Days. I’d like to see him stay, he deserves a chance at showing his chops as a DiMera in the making. And, hopefully the writers will keep Chad true to his word and he won’t have to get involved in the criminal aspect of the DiMera Family. With his going off on Will about being the one that shot Stefano and his threats of revenge it does seem the writers are leaning toward giving Chad a darker side. Then I suppose the testosterone will flow with brothers battling brothers for the top ‘dawg’ spot, that is after it turns out EJ is a true blood Dimera.

  44. From TerriK

    Kat- I bet you have underground tunnels & all! Haha. I’d have a special room made up. For E.J. – he’d never escape.
    SandyGram- so right about Officer Kent..she always looks so smug when they interrogate people. Like the Mona Lisa lol
    Really hope Chad doesn’t exit the show- he has the perfect DiMera look. Handsome boy to say the least.
    I also agree Will has the pontential for a long term stay with DOOL- Sami reincarnate when she was his age

  45. From patsy

    Looks like we are going to have somemore Rafe and Carrie sceens comeing up I guess I,ll start back tapeing again!!!!!!

  46. From Caylee

    I like Chad. I really think Him losing Stefano and Lexie a few days apart is going to push him over the edge. I think him going off on Will is understandable. Remember he was raised by two lawyers a judge and a DA. So he knows Will wouldn’t have been arrested if there wasn’t any evidence and he’s not thinking straight.
    I’ll be crushed if Casey decides to leave.

  47. From TheMaven

    Ok so does anyone else think that Stefano is alive and being held captive in the very tunnels that are responsible for killing Lexie?
    If Joe Mascolo does come back and Stefano is alive, that’s my vote.
    Someone (EJ, Abe, Lexie – ??) staged the murder and put him in the tunnels for him to inhale the toxic fumes and die the same way Lexie did.
    Hmmm, just a theory.

  48. From TerriK

    TheMaven- that would be poetic justice. Maybe the person they thought was Stefano really was just another clone.
    I love the idea that he may be trapped in the tunnels. That thought never crossed my mind. Isn’t it a closed casket well?

  49. From SandyGram

    #43 Caylee
    I think we’ve all seen enough Law and Order episodes to know the so called evidence against Will would not get him arrested, but he would be put on a person of interest list. Even Roman said “Stefano’s murder is major news, the Governors office is all over this, we cant afford to make a mistake.” And Roman’s Shadow Officer is there to make sure the investigation stays on the up and up. As Roman tells Marlena “right now Will is the one who looks guilty”. So when does an arrest take place based on looks guilty evidence….Oh yeah to appease a Governor, who by the way is controlled by the DiMera’s. Right this minute as Sami and Lucas have pointed out, Roman does not know of a motive for Will to shot Stefano. With that said I find it a stretch Will was arrest, but then the writers tend to stretch a story for more drama.

  50. From SandyGram

    #45 Terrik,
    Open Casket! I’m thinking putting Stefano in the very tunnel that made Lexie sick may not work for Stefano. It took some 20 years before her condition to appear and I would guess Stefano doesn’t have another 20 years to have time for a tumor to develop. He’s off in some luxurious resort paid for by the CIA enjoying watching his family suffer, thinking up new dastardly deeds to further harm the Black’s, Horton’s and most of all the Brady’s.

  51. From MAB

    Wow, so many comments since my last post, so I’m skimming thru both pages since yesterday:

    Frst off, I absolutely adored when EJ left the room yesterday and plainly said “Samantha” after she thanked him for bailing out Will. Yousa! If I was Sami, I think I would’ve had to follow him out. There were so many meanings in him just speaking her name, like getting one over on the other 2 men in the room she’s been with, acknowledging her appreciation, and basically showing his soft side where Sami is concerned.

    How smug could John & Marlena be to Roman yesterday, especially Marlena? They were actually knocking him for doing his job. I guess that’s why he asked Rafe to take over since it looks like he’ll be accused from one side or the other about the investigation. Problem is, Rafe can’t be objective, but I’m gonna see how he does…if he does it by the book, or does what he always does and does dirty police work. Either way, I’m sure when the case involves EJ, Rafe will not go by the book. I too am suspicious of Officer Kent.

    Yep, Will is only interesting when he’s interacting w/ EJ. And it’s the only time he acts somewhat mature. Good back & forth w/ them yesterday, very interesting! As far as Chad, they could be priming EJ vs Chad over the DiMera Empire, but I think Chad would loose the battle. He just doesn’t have what it takes to challenge EJ, but it would no doubt be an interesting s/l either way. I’m sure Chad has a dark side, but everyone on this show does, and you don’t have to be a DiMera to have one. I’ve always said that Chad will only be an interesting character if it involves him being a DiMera, because otherwise he’s just as boring as Will.

    Yeah, Nicole may be the one who changed the names on the viles, but Daniel & Rafe are both her accomplices and the second time around for Rafe in trying to keep EJ’s children from him.

    That person who wants to be left out of the $hit fest (whatever that means) just couldn’t stand to come back long enough to sling insults at others and bash EJ. Old habits die hard I guess. Uh, and I for one never mentioned your name since you’ve been gone so don’t include me in your little rant.

    For once, Kate’s threats to Carrie is on target. I’m glad she threatens little miss goody-two-shoes that she better not mess up Austin’s life, although I think she’ll do that either way.

    Like John said, Roman was right when he said there will be more blows to come in the investigation…since everyone has lied to his face. Will just happens to be the first on the list who got nabbed, but probably won’t be the last, but that’s not surprising when Will don’t know how to cover his tracks very well. He should listen to his mother. Sami is cunning and she is right when she says they need to keep the secret that he shot EJ, because that will give him motive and be damaging to his case. But of course, Will takes that in meaning Sami doesn’t believe he’s innocent in shooting Stefano, which is not surprising. If I were Will, I’d be taking all the advice I could so I wouldn’t have to go to jail.

    It says above “Will doesn’t appreciate being used as EJ’s personal slave”. Well he should’ve thought of that before getting involved w/ the DiMeras, and he should’ve thought of that before betraying EJ. EJ told him straight up that if would’ve come to him, things would still be like they were. But it looks like Will will be acting like a DiMera himself when he finds the papers saying EJ is not a DiMera. I’m sure he’ll use that against EJ, although that is still not as damaging as him shooting EJ, and possibly shooting Stefano. That’s a prison sentence for Will. EJ would just be out of the family business. So I still think EJ will have the upper hand.

    I don’t find it bad at all the Johnny still thinks of himself as a DiMera. It’s not brain washing, but rather a child ‘innocently’ remarking of how proud he is of his family who raised him for most of his life. He loved his grandfather & father and I find his comment nothing bu innocent, rather than reading something into what the young boy said.

    Dyeing to be Blonde – what in the hell are you talking about and why are your referring about the nonsense you found on Wiki??? Everyone knows Wiki carries NO clout because most of what is found on there is misinformation.

    Kat – thank you for remembering the time when I lost my mother. It was actually 2 years ago this past Monday. You and several others on here were great to me, and uplifted me w/ your support & kindness, as I rarely share my personal life on here. And the only reason I shared loosing my mother was because it happened around the same time Alice Horton died. It was hard for me to watch Days during that time, and why I shared my experience.

    Kat – you are a great woman, and friend, and don’t let anyone one tell you otherwise, especially those who come on here and constantly call people names because their imagination can’t come up w/ anything intelligent to say.

    Kat & TerriK – seems we have a lot of things in common, other than Days. My brother-in-law is a truck driver. He works his butt off too to provide for my sister and their 2 kids.

    BeenWatching – no one has to provide proof of your insults you & the other made. They’re there in black & white they way you wrote them for all to see.

    JiBi – I know how you feel about loosing your Mom. It’s devastating, and never goes away. You just learn how to live w/ it.

  52. From Evelyn

    I am very shocked and surprised that James Scott did not get nominated this year for an Emmy; he is my fave and he’s good at what he does; however, next year, I think that Renee Jones (soon-to-be-ex-Lexie) should win an Emmy; she so deserves it for the performances recently (the end of Lexie) as they have brought me to tears. Bravo, Renee!

  53. From MAB

    I agree that Chad going off on Will is understandable. He lost his father, and loosing his sister next. So Will being arrested doesn’t look good, and Chad is all over it.

    I think it’s funny that everyone’s picture on the board is so serious until you get to Will’s and he’s got this big ol’ smile on his face. LOL

    I highly doubt the gas in the tunnel would still be around now. And I still say that w/ all the others held underground at the mansion, especially John, why would that exlcuide any of them from having health issues like Lexie. That is why I firmly believe that this was all Andre’s fault, and not Stefano’s. And as someone stated, Stefano may have brought Andre to Salem, but he didn’t create him. You can only control people so much until they go off on their own and do as they please…like Andre & Robo Rafe.

  54. From TerriK

    LoL Sandy Gram very true haha I guess I’m just frustrated cause I can’t figure it out! Gotta wonder what Marlena & Abe know..and how they know for a fact Will didn’t do it. Definitely multiple people involved in the “attempted” assassination!

  55. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    MAB-it was between me and Kat. SHE asked, I answered. Wasn’t show oriented. Not addressed to you. Why do you care? Is it absolutely necessary for you to poke everyone on this board, unprovoked? What was your point? Why not drill into Kat for asking? And you claim you don’t start stuff. Go away.

  56. From TerriK

    MAB- yes I do believe we have much in common. I haven’t lost my Mom, however, my mother-in-law passed in 2007 after suffering for over 2 years with Cancer. I still get upset to this day because my boys never had the chance to know what an amazing lady she was. But she’ll forever live on through our memories & we’ll meet again someday :) So sorry for your loss. That’s a wound that can never truly be healed. My husband misses his Mom still as though she only passed away yesterday so I can’t imagine your heartache.

  57. From JiBi

    Thanks you very much Mad, you are so right it will never goes away. I just start to learn how to live with it. At first I was not excepted it, she was so young. And know with Lexie death is even harder to watch.

    I really hope that Sami and EJ can find a way to forget each other and find a way to get back together.

    I also agree that Chad going off on Will is understandable. Losing his father and soon his sister must be to much for some one.

    I’m pretty sure that Stefano really created is on clone like he did in the past. He knows that people want him dead and it the perfect way for him to spy on is enemy. Well if I was smart like him that’s what I would do :)

  58. From JiBi

    Dyeing to be Blonde for your information you are posting in a public blog so no it is not only between you and Kat. Every one as the right to question you comment to Kat.

    REMEMBER you are not sending her a personal e-mail you are responding to a PUBLIC BLOG

    No mater what your are going to tell me I have the right to respond to your comment as well.

  59. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Thanks for the public blog information.

  60. From Kat

    I have to agree, My feeling has always been,
    once you put your “Stuff” out there, Anybody has the Right to chime in and voice their thoughts and opinions on the “Subject”.
    Good thought JiBi,
    Dyeing to be blond, think about it, JiBi has a point…..
    I think it is good that we can talk about these kind of things, and no need to get hurt feelings, just mature straight talk.


  61. From SandyGram

    Here It Is….Peter Reckell (Bo) is OUT!
    From Soap Opera Fan:

    Updated: June 13.

    Last night, Reckell’s wife, Kelly Moneymaker took to Twitter to confirm that the veteran “DOOL” would be leaving the series. She tweeted, “Hard to say goodbye to characters who’ve been on forever!! Hard to believe Bo will be one of those shortly!”

    The actor’s final air date has not yet been released, but Soap Opera Fan Blog will keep you informed as we get further details.

    Thanks for the memories Peter!

  62. From JiBi

    It is my pleasure :)sorry if I offended you. It’s just normal that poeple will respond to other comment even if it is not address to them.

  63. From JiBi

    SandyGram – Do you think that they will replace him and the Character will stay in DOOL or no more Bo ?

  64. From kat

    IMO, there are some characters that just can’t be replaced,
    I know they replaced Bo before,
    but by now, He has been Bo for to long.
    Curious to see, how they will handle this one…
    But it is not yet a Done Deal,
    they could still come to an understanding about the Contract, 11th hour deal… I hope.
    39 AnnieQ,
    Yes I have listened to Rush before, when he was on – years ago -
    I like to hear from everybody,
    it broadens my horizon, I do not lock myself into a little world, where I think that only One Side is right…
    Just like on Here, how often have I said, None of us are Right or Wrong, we just see things different.

    I used to think, that Rush was very entertaining, also he got me thinking about a lot of stuff,
    does not mean that I agreed with him about everything, “open minded” is the Key Word…LOL

  65. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Kat, except that JiBi doesn’t know that MAB doesn’t like me, picks fights with me, we don’t normally address each other, and MAB didn’t have a need to comment on a question you asked, except to insult me. I could have written chapter and verse from my credited Mass Comm. text book (that I should be reading, instead of this) that says virtually the same “nonsense” as Wiki, but I tried to answer your question, in summary, without realizing anybody but YOU even cared about the answer. MAB always says she wants to “discuss the show”. She broke rank when it fitted her purpose, which is to start something with me. Why, Kat, did she NOT start a dust-up with YOU for asking? Only with me for answering. She’s the reason why I quit posting. And now she is again. It’s the same old rudenss and bullying as before.

    JiBi – I like that you are French. Officer Kent and I share a similar French first name. I think she’s a mole for Stef. But I never get it right.

  66. From SandyGram

    #60 JiBi
    My Chrystal Ball is blank for an answer on this question. It could be a game changer if the character Bo Brady left the show permanently. But yet it could open up many doors for Kristin Alphons and maybe we could get past Zack’s death that seems to be haunting Hope all these years. Although I never liked the Gina character for her, I did like when Hope went to the dark side and was whacking the men in Salem over the head. Kristin has terrific talent and although it would be very sad to see Bo leave, it may be refreshing to see Hope go a new direction she’s been with Bo (for the most part) since 1985.

    Robert Kelker Kelly last replaced Peter Reckell as most fans know from 1992 to 1995. According to Wikipedia he is currently a Flight Instructor at Spirit of St. Louis Airport and Creve Coeur Airport in Missouri. His last Soap acting seems to be with General Hospital in 2001 (with guest spots in 2002 and 2003).

  67. From JiBi

    Kat I realy like what you said (None of us are Right or Wrong, we just see things different.) every one should think like that.

    Dyeing to be Blonde – my name is very French also Josee lol but since I’m young I always dream to be able to speak or write in English and thanks do DOOL I learn a lot. I remember when I was young well not so youn cause I was 11 year old and Know I’m 33 English was like Chinese to me lol

    I’m not here to check who doesn’t like who but since I,m reading blogs here, I could help notis that some people start to fight with Mad and Kat only because they was a DiMera fan and not them. They are here only to agree and desagree with others and this is what we are supose to be. If I was them I will have been tired too or probably more with those people.

  68. From JiBi

    SandyGram – I will prefer that, see Hope go a new direction, I’m not for a replacement, actualy I always hate that when I,m use to an actor and they replace it.

  69. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Maybe I should start addressing you two Euro babes in Deutch and Fransois, but I’m not fluent.

    SandyGram – quoting Wiki? LMAO. I actually liked RKK in that role.

  70. From SandyGram

    JiBi being French are you also in Canada. There are many very nice Canadian Members on this Board.
    It would be nice if this Website had a feature where we could put our location, age, etc. and a place to send messages to one another on a more personal level. When TerriK said she was from the New Brunswick area in Canada I went to the Internet to take a look….what a beautiful country.

    And I do agree with you, more and more I’m thinking Officer Kent is somebody’s mole. It will be interesting how she interacts with Rafe as the new investigator. He will have to be careful not to talk in front of her or be talking to someone else and expose the many little things known about other Salemites, like EJ is the father of Nicole’s baby; or Will shot EJ in the Church; or that EJ and Stefano are blackmailing Will. It will all come out soon enough and the bits and pieces will fall together. That is unless the writers once again leave questions unanswered in a story line. But then that’s just me!

  71. From Stacey L.

    So PR is out – I’m for RKK to come back. I can’t imagine this show without Bo and Hope.

    Does anyone know the circumstances under which the character “Jack” will be leaving? He did mention something about a book deal the other day – is that how they will write him out?

  72. From JiBi

    SandyGram Yes in Canada I’m from Gatineau I’m leaving at
    Val-des-Monts in Perkins, I’m 33 years old and I start watching days because of my mom and I can not stop now :) Gatineau is biside Ottawa but it is not beautiful country like New Brunswick. I went to Calgary and Vancouvert one time and those place are beautiful.

  73. From nancy

    Did not read all of these comments so not sure if this has been asked Kayla asked Abe is he wanted to bring Theo over for a play date with Joey. Has anyone seen Joey yet on the show?? (I don’t get to see it everyday)

  74. From TerriK

    MAB& Dyeing to be Blonde- perhaps this is a fixable misunderstanding. When you explained the acronym (MAB) And what it stood for – maybe MAB thought you were addressing her? Yes? No?
    I think you’re both great commenters/bloggers/lovers of the show so I’m trying to see things neutrally (if that’s how it is spelled)
    MAB- totally agree on John & Marlena being very smug. And I CAN’T WAIT to see Kate lay into “poor innocent Carrie” she’s definitely messing with the wrong mother-in-law. That’s why I love Kate’s character- she sees through the crap and cuts straight to the chase & I can respect that.
    I hated the way Chad lashed out on Mel today and when Gabi (gag me) put her hand in support on his shoulder and he returned the gesture..well I decided it was time to get outside and do some gardening lol. Like Gabi COME ON how can she, with a good conscience, be supportive when the man that tried to strip her brother of his life, Died! Really? If anyone is happy he’s dead it’s her! Ughhhh not mixing well with the pregnancy horomones.

    Since Bo is gonzo, is this Days hinting to us that perhaps John & Hope are EJ’s real parents? It kinda goes hand in hand with the 2 letters in the safety deposit box..just a silly thought

    SandyGram- Thanks for complimenting our province. Though it may be small, it’s a great place to raise my family. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. It’s the kind of place where we don’t have to lock the doors and you could stop and talk with a total stranger on the and feel free to tell them your life story :)

  75. From TerriK

    JiBi- that makes us neighbours :) LOVE Quebec :) I’ve been a Montreal Canadiens fan since I could speak :) My husband often does long haul trips there..soo lucky. Our whole family are diehard Habs fans.

  76. From JiBi

    TerriK I did not know that you are pregnant like me :) Well I’m only 9 weeks but I’m so happy because my doctor always said to that I was not supose to have kid.

    I hope that it is the truth that John & Hope are EJ’s real parents!!! And of course that John is a real DiMera :) because he is supose to be Santo’s son

  77. From JiBi

    nancy as far as I know, no one as seen Joey yet on the show!

  78. From patty

    Well, shocker! I’m also French from New-Brunswick, Canada. So is Just Moi from NB also. Yes SandyGram, it’s a beautiful place, you should come and visit. NB and Nova Scotia have some of the most breathtaking scenery .
    Another shocker, Ian and EJ getting together. Well not that shocking. EJ’s hold on Will is really bordering on the ridiculous. “If I say jump, you say how high”???? Really writers??

  79. From Debbie

    I’m glad some others also think that the officer shadowing Roman is working for Stefano. I thought it was strange when she was first brought in and how she’s always within the view of the camera when Roman’s questioning someone. There’s no reason to hire somebody new to the show unless they’re there for storyline progression so it’ll be interesting to see how it all pans out.

    Today was the first day I’ve seen Lexie actually starting to look sick. They’re toning down her makeup which I think should have started long ago but now it really looks “real”. It’ll be a sad exit but I liked how Theo thought up the explanation that his Nana went ahead to make Lexie’s exit more easy for her. Good writing. I’m just surprised that they didn’t put her in low heels when visiting the mansion today. As weak as her character is right now, I would have thought that Renee Jones would have asked for low or flat heels since Lexie gets tired and dizzy often and the high heels just seemed out of character for Lexie right now but I’m just being picky with the details, I know. lol

    Like some others on here, I will be watching Dallas tonight. My mom used to watch it so I know some of the characters’ names but none of their stories so I hope they do some background on who is who tonight. I heard the original show was so well-written so I hope this one will be too. And I agree that the villains are what brings the spice to the show…my mom always used to say how much she hated J.R. but how she would miss him if he was written out. Although I have never loved the characters of Stefano, EJ, Sami and Kate, I know there’s always something up whenever they appear onscreen so in “that” way, it provides excitement for me.

  80. From BeenWatching

    “BeenWatching – no one has to provide proof of your insults you & the other made. They’re there in black & white they way you wrote them for all to see.”

    -Nope! Not an insult was made on that other board by me. No one can find one quote of a personal insult in my words, with my username attached to it. You can’t provide proof of one, because no proof can be found. It’s all there in black and white, indeed! If you want to read into my words or attempt to twist my words around to find one insult, that’s your overactive misinterpretation, and not my problem. No insult was made by me on that board, and to say so is a falsehood. If you think there was an insult, then you need to stop reading things that aren’t there and grow a thicker skin. Does any of this sound familiar? It should. This is what I see you tell people constantly with your own writings week in and week out. Not so easy to follow your own advice when the tables are turned, huh?

    Why did you even address me over here? You transferred last week’s dirty laundry on this fresh page, when there no reason for it, except to muddy the place up again for another week of board conflict. I’m sure the other members who are keeping out of conflict, who thought they might be able to breathe a sigh of relief this week, very much appreciate you dong so, MAB.

    Fun fact: Responding to me and addressing me is one of two surefire ways to keep me writing on. You want me to shut up and get off these boards? Then don’t rise to the occasion of a “moron” or “sicko”. Really, I don’t intend to stop replying until there is harmony on these boards again. Why fight so hard to keep the conflict going, when you know what to do to stop it? I was happy to keep the conflict where it was, on last week’s board, far away from here. I didn’t even appear on this new board, but you responded to me here as if I had. If you didn’t drag my name over here this week, I may not have popped on this page. As usual, I knew this would happen, because this isn’t the first time you’ve transferred junk from the previous week over to a clean page. It just shows how much you do like the conflict. You may not admit it, like I have, but you prove it with your actions week after week.

    Now, let me show you a little trick that a few of you, despite your constant insistence to the contrary, can simply not do:

    To prove a point, I’m going to stop responding to you for the rest of this week’s message board. That’s it! Not one more word out of me for the rest of the week over here. This is your chance to make a clean and fresh slate for the rest of the week. Are you going to reply to me after this and keep discussing this board drama, and show to everyone how much you’re really just here for the conflict? Or, are you all going to be the big and mature girls you claim to be and just ignore this reply, which doesn’t contain anything really worth responding to? Not even a teeny little snide acknowledgement of this comment or my leaving? Can you manage it? I bet I know the answer. I bet everyone else who’s also “been watching” knows the answer. Go ahead, try and surprise us all!

    I’m sure if Patty, or Shari, or VoiceofReason, or someone new replies here, you’ll just say I’m them again, and therefore couldn’t keep my promise. I wish I could prove to you I’m not them, but oh well. Maybe they won’t respond here, but that could also prove that we’re all the same person, too.

  81. From Kat

    Great two Babies on the way, and both due before Christmas.

    My very best friend in the world, is French, from Montreal, she lives close to Hartford CT.
    I drive over there a lot, hopefully again this summer,.
    We all live before in CT, when my husband worked in New York..
    I always enjoyed my trips to Canada, beautiful country…
    Like SandyGram said, St. Martin’s is just stunning, I had also looked it up on the computer.
    Steffie sure did not move today, wonder how much fun they all had filming the episodes….LOL
    Anything Gabi is in, I FF anymore…

    69 nancy, I have never seen Joey since Kayla’s return, but who know if the involve Her with Abe, we might get to see him to play with Theo.
    Kate was very good today, hope that Stefano gets to “See and Hear” All the
    mourners…. then he will know for sure, that Nicole’s baby is EJ’s and of course
    in my Mind, his grandchild…

    Great job by EJ, all his emotions,
    what an Actor James is….powerful IMO.

  82. From JiBi

    I also agree with you Debbie that the villains are what brings the spice to the show and it provides excitement for me as well but I love them so much and I will nerver have been interested to the show if it was not for them.

    I did not watch the show yet but like you some time I’m picky with the details too lol and that Lexie wears high heels sound weird to too.

  83. From TerriK

    JiBi- well big congrats to you!! What an amazing gift to become a Mommy when you didn’t think you could. I’m a little over 12 weeks along. I already have 2 boys- Ryder (6 months) & Dominic (3 years) and ill be 35 on the 7th of July. :)
    Congrats again, there’s nothing better in this world than having a child look into your eyes with nothing but love & adoration

  84. From Just Moi

    Patty, I was in NS this past weekend, Parrsboro area. 4 girlfriends and myself so every year for a girls gettaway weekend. Beautiful place. Maybe I should of found out where you are and we could of met for coffee lol

  85. From Just Moi

    hmmm are we having delays with posting again? I just posted twice and still nothing well at least my captcha’s are easy lol

  86. From TerriK

    Patty- well now it makes things difficult for me to not like you lol. You are too close to don’t have to answer, of course, that’s your choice but you must be up north? I have a lot of family in Bathurst. I’m assuming you are up that way..or Miramichi area…could be completely off & you live in Saint John. Who knows.
    I just want all this bickering to end..

  87. From JiBi

    Yes Kat It is Great :) but they told me that I’m due for January 8, 2013

    Thank you Terrik and big congrats to you :) I can not wait than having my child look into my eyes with nothing but love & adoration :)

  88. From MAB

    OH HELL NO! Say it isn’t so that Bo is out! I wonder how he will leave. I hope it’s death, because I can’t imagine he & Hope ever parting. Then maybe he’ll return one day like Steve did, and Stefano will be behind it. There is NO way Peter can be replaced. They tried that w/ Robert Kelker Kelly and it was a horrible idea. It never worked, not for me anyway. There are some characters that just can’t be replaced, and Bo is one of them. If the actor is going, then let the character go too. What is gonna happen to Hope now? I’m afraid it will only be a matter of time before she leave too (even tho she just signed on for another year).

    I don’t think Marlena meant it like she knew who shot Stefano. I think she just meant she knew it wasn’t Will. But Abe? I don’t know…him saying it seemed a little more mysterious??

    #52 & 62 Dyeing to be Blonde – “More recently “multi-author blogs” (MABs) have developed, with posts written by large numbers of authors and professionally edited”. I thought you were including me in what you wrote. I was not poking at you, just was trying to understand what you were explaining, and assumed I was being included in your Wiki explanation. THAT was my only point, and I apologize for the misunderstanding. But then again, after reading the other nasty things you actually DID say about me, I think I’ll just retract that apology, since you decided to be crass about it. I never said I didn’t like you? For one, I don’t know you to make that assumption, and second, I don’t care that much. I do discuss the show, but when I see my name mentioned, I’m gonna address it. I always have and always will. So if you don’t like it, lump it, or better yet, just leave my name out of your posts altogether and you’ll never hear a peep from me again.

    #53 TerriK – sorry for your loss too, and I know exactly how your husband feels. And yes it’s like a wound that never heals, even when you think it’s getting better. So many people were affected by my Mom’s death, and my niece has a 3 yr old daughter who will never know her great-grandma and what an amazing person she was either.

    #54 JiBi – I know, it’s very hard to watch, and I don’t know about you, but I find I view death differently now on Days than before. And yes, all we can do is live w/ it. I think they only salvation for me is my faith in God, and knowing she’s in a better place now. I hope you can find that comfort too, and I’m sorry for your loss as well.

    #70 TerriK – I love Kate too, for the most part, and will very much enjoy her tearing into Carrie’s @$$.

    TerriK & JiBi – congrats on your little ones to be! Keep us posted.

  89. From TerriK

    Just Moi- that happens to me often..then I come out looking like a big ol’ repeater because it posts twice lol
    JiBi- you sound like a sweet person! Again, very happy for you!

  90. From TerriK

    MAB- I’m literally sitting here giggling at you. You sooo tell it how it is :) the retraction of the apology did it. I didn’t see her knocking on you (but that’s because I was paying too much attention to the regular offenders) You’re a firecracker and I think its great :)
    Same about Kate- for the most part- she has had her moments where I’ve wanted to shake her..but she’s 100% dedicated to her role as a villain and never changes for anyone.
    I don’t want to see Bo go..that’s a love story DOOL should never end..maybe the old replacement Bo will be back in his place?

  91. From Cougar

    Enjoyed todays show; they got the level of emotions just rifgt for everyone, not too over the top or understated. They have been writing the Sami character better lately. She is still the same little weasle but with out all the immiture over reactions and a little mellowing around the edges.

    Every one is right about officer Kent. From day one she has been shifty-eyed every time they focus on her. I a smell mole. But Roman strikes me as off lately too. I swear hes either a clone or brain washed.

    Interesting pointing the finger at Caroline for the shooter. We see so little of her any more. If Peggy MacKay wants to retire from DOOL they could “retire” her in prison.

    Bo go, say it aint so. A prison term coul be a write off for him too.

    Though Lexie is starting to look realistically ill. I do hope at a few points in time she comes back a a ghost to guide Theo or Abe such as they did with Isabella.

  92. From patsy

    Hey what happened to Nicole???? last week she was flat as a flitter this week she looks like she swallowed a basketball .WHY is she always holding on to her stomach Is she afaired the padding will shift She did look pretty today but come on a pregnant woman would not ware a dress that short come on lets be a little rilistet .

  93. From Cougar

    See they gave Nicole a baby bump today, is Ari Zucker really prego?

    Spoilers about her & Dr. Feelgood doin’ it on his desk. Please no, I NEED TO COVER MY EYES!

  94. From MAB

    Debbie – I’m watching Dallas tonight too. I watched the original which was a great show, and I’m not expecting the new Dallas to top the old Dallas, mainly because I don’t think it can, but I’m willing to give it a try. It looks like it’s gonna be good from the previews. JR was the meanest snake ever, just like Stefano if not worse, and I love those type of characters…they are what makes a show work!

    BeenWatching – hmm, just couldn’t keep my name out of your lengthy boring post could you? You are certainly not worth the time to go back and filter thru posts that I wish I hadn’t read in the first place just to prove a point. Like I said, it’s there for all to see, and most everyone already did. And yes, unfortunately everything you say sounds familiar because you basically repeat yourself over & over. Last week’s page had post from yesterday afternoon on it, so the reply was current, not from last week. Or can you not remember that far back? Also, I’m not trying to shut you up or get your off here. You can say what you want, just don’t include me in your rants. You reveal yourself w/ each word you say of who you really are, and everyone knows it. I certainly don’t have to bad mouth you in that aspect, you do that all on your own. Oh, and your post was so long, I lost interest and stopped reading, so I have no idea what else you rambled about. So I’m done.

  95. From Cougar

    Patsy we must be in telepathic sink as I read your post immediately after I sent mine.LOL

  96. From MAB

    TerriK – I wanted to point out that I misunderstood her and apologize for it, because I do admit when I’m wrong, but instead of explaining it wasn’t about me, she decided to be crass, so I just to hell w/ it. Why bother! Regarding Bo, he & Hope were the best love story Days has ever had, and the only 2 that could ever replace Tom & Alice, which is what I was hoping for, but instead of what should happen, he’s leaving. I just can’t fathom it. To me, there can’t be a Hope w/o Bo, and vice versa. I’m so disappointed about this. I don’t see why they can’t just weed out the characters that aren’t worth it, and keep the ones that really matter.

    I thought Lexie has been looking ill for the past couple of times we saw her, like the other day when Jack & Jen dropped by. I think they were trying to show it gradually.

  97. From Shani

    Misunderstanding or not, is it o k to begin a reply to another poster saying what the hell are you talking about?

  98. From Cindy

    Patti: I worked with a young woman once who always wore short skirts and continue to wear them after she got pregnant. The farther along she got the shorter the skirts got. It was quiet the topic of conversation! Alas, this was back before sexual harrassment and all men were in charge, so no one complained. Haha.

  99. From MAB

    Shani – again thought you gone? Or is that you only want to chime in when it has to do w/ me? I admitted I misunderstood DTBB, and apologized. More than you’ve ever done, and the same goes for her since she had to get nasty about it instead of pointing out my misunderstanding. She likes to correct people’s grammar, and you like sticking you nose into people’s business, since this obviously didn’t concern you in any way.

  100. From grandma to many

    today was just a teaser of Lexie’s death her talk with Theo was very hard to watch I thought it was sadder than anything said to “dead ” Stef Lexie made a comment about Stefano wanting to be buried in Italy and I immediately thought what a great way to get him to investigate the jewelers info about the coin I’m sure the body would be flown on the Dimera jet wiyh no outsiders to see a cigar smoking man aboard

  101. From TerriK

    Mind you business Shani. Seriously. Take your witchyness elsewhere like you promised you would.
    Anything to say about the show or are you just fishin for trouble as usual? Do you have an unfullfilling life? You need us to stay lively?
    Crap. I said I wouldn’t dothis but gees you push my buttons. Back off of MAB

  102. From Shani

    Maybe you should tell her to back off from other people. Her what in the hell are you talking about starter is probably what DTBB was responding to. Come to think of it, #97, this wasn’t any of your business, either.

    About the show, Stefano looked the best I’ve ever seen him today! But it must have been hard for Joe to lay there so still like that.

  103. From Arlene

    Hi Kat. I’m sorry to hear that you don’t receive Rush Limbaugh on the radio. I listen to him whenever I get a chance. He tells it like it is and exposes the people who are trying to tear down our country. So crucial too since an election is coming up. I think he has so many listeners because people trust him. We’re tired of hearing the lies of the other newscasters out there. Well maybe, one day, he’ll come back in your area. Hope so anyway!

  104. From TerriK

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but #97 was you Shani. Thank you for taking the words right outta my mouth. This indeed was none of your business. Lmao you really are too simple to argue with. Waste of time.

  105. From NeeNee

    Arlene & Kat:

    I’ve listened to Rush daily since 1992, and after 20 years his predictions and research are dead on. His style is more “schtick” than anything, which irritates many. But if you get beyond that you will find him warm, generous and knowledgeable. Once a year he does a “donate for lymphoma research show” and starts it out with several hundred thousand dollars. Since my only sister died of this dread disease 30 years ago, it’s a cause close to my heart. I see few politicians, especially liberals, who give that much of their income to charity.

    If he’s not in your area, it is possible to get him through your computer. My reception at the antique shop is awful and I do several talk shows on demand via computer.

    Once I get caught up on Days, I actually could watch it, too, online, no? Can only dream of that!

    P.S. I have decided to confine my comments here to evenings after a day of selling antiques & listening to radio. Thanks for the heads-up about Peter Reckell. It will be interesting to see if it’s a temporary leave-of-absence or permanent.

  106. From SandyGram

    #78 patty
    We’ve never been big travels unfortunately, although Canada does look very inviting.

    Since Ian is leaving sometime this summer it doesn’t give the writers much time to conjure up a good story line between him and Elvis. To make it sensible they will need some serious air time together. And, yes EJ’s hold on Will has got to go. When all this ‘who done it’ is over, maybe several loose ends will be taken care of. I’m sure the writers can come up with a way to handle Will shooting EJ in the Church and all the bad deeds he has done for EJ up until now; Sami shooting EJ in the head; EJ kidnapping Sydney; the whole Rafe being held in the DiMera basement debacle and RoboRafe; EJ/Stefano blackmailing Will; Rafe, Bo and Hope holding RoboRafe captive, etc., etc., etc. If Stefano is alive and gets a clean slate for helping the CIA, then all slates should be made clean….Fair and Balanced that’s the way it should be.

  107. From Debbie

    After watching today’s show I’ve got to say that Nicole’s speech to Stefano confused me a bit. I really thought she was going to say that she’s glad he’s dead but was surprised to hear how glad she is that she’s carrying EJ’s child and hopes her baby has his characteristics. Is the only reason why she’s keeping this baby from him is his feelings for Sami? Would her feelings towards him change if she learns how alone he feels now that he’s not really Stefano’s son? Whether he’s a DiMera or not, he still possesses the characteristics she supposedly admires in him so other than Sami, why can’t she get back together with him? It’s obvious to me that she still has feelings for him but can’t get past knowing that he still has feelings for Sami too. Tortured souls, both of them are.

    Wow, but am I impressed with the Dallas premiere! It was so good that I watched it twice. The betrayals, blackmails and double crossings make DOOL look like small potatoes. Was the original show this good? I’m looking forward to next week and am sorry I didn’t follow it the first time around.

  108. From Asia

    I’ve pretty much stopped watching Days since we found out Lexie is dying. I just can’t do it. I just can’t watch her die. =(

  109. From Shani

    TerriK, aren’t you clever. As you know if you have been on here any time at all, & you seem to be ALL the time, the post numbers change when other posts are added above the last posts. I had no intention of arguing with you, or anybody. You showed up going at me after I questioned beginning a reply with what in the hell are you talking about. I think DTBB was correct that it was insulting. If you think MAB was in the right to say that to her then fine. Freedom of speech I guess is always the excuse. At first I thought it was nice that you offered a possible fix to the misunderstanding.

    Debbie (107 right now) I was surprised at Nicole’s talk beside Stefano, too. If she is protecting her child from EJ & the DiMera way of life I go along with that, but if it’s just out of spite because of Sami I think it is wrong.

    In my book, Rush Limbaugh is terrific!

  110. From Cougar

    Yes Debbie Dallas was that good. I was a die hard fan. Group interviews of the cast had them stating that this was first script that cams along that got it right. Appearently sever offers over the years have been made for movies & TV shows, some with completely new casts some with the old.
    I thought it was very good and captured the same spirit of the old show. That old JR is just like a little old black spider quietly spinning his web for the unsuspecting fly that gets caught in his web. Young JR – chip of the old block. Drilling on Miss Ellies sacred South Fork, trecherous1. Why how dare they break the promise made to Miss Ellie. Cant wait for the next episode. my DVR is set up.

  111. From MAB

    Great Wed show! Most of DiMera driven, and that’s the way I like it. I enjoyed everyone’s last speech to Stefano. And I’m glad the kids were involved. Kudos to Sami for bringing them over to see their father and explaining to them about Stefano, as parents. There was nothing wrong w/ Johnny talking about being a DiMera, because he is. And there was nothing forced on him to talk about his family name. Even Sami said it’s running thru his blood, of course, it was probably said only to make a point of the issue that EJ supposedly isn’t a DiMera, and then they wouldn’t be either.

    EJ was fabulous, as always! And so was Kate. I was almost ready to Stefano to sit up and start talking back to them. Nicole’s speech didn’t confuse me one bit. It’s always been obvious (to some of us) that Nicole’s only problem w/ EJ is his feelings for Sami. If it weren’t for Nicole’s jealousy of Sami, she’d be right there by EJ’s side, ready to bring her child up as a DiMera. Lexie definitely looking more ill, but most of it looks like she just isn’t wearing any makeup. I hand to the actresses who will go w/o makeup when the s/l’s & scenes require it. Lexie is doing it now, and Sami & Nicole has done it more than once. I wasn’t surprised Chad went after Will, and if they’re such good friends, then why didn’t Will call Chad and try to explain things to him?

    Maybe EJ & Will will come to an agreement and EJ won’t tell anyone Will shot him, and Will won’t tell anyone EJ is not a DiMera (although I hope that proves to be wrong eventually). Then they’ll be even and Will will be out from under EJ’s thumb. But I hope Will remains under EJ’s thumb because it’s the only time I enjoy his character. Otherwise, he’s rude & crude, just like he was, again, to his mother yesterday at Marlena’s. I think his relationship w/ Marlena is sick & disturbing. He acts like a big baby around her, and she is far too interested in him for my taste…while she ignores her failed relationship w/ her daughter and the rest of her grandchildren.

    Shani – I sure won’t back off until you STOP calling me out. What I said was NONE of your concern, and I admitted I was wrong for what I said to DTBB…like I said more than you’ve ever done.

    Debbie – I agree, I really enjoyed Dallas last night! JR made the show tho, for me, and I don’t think he’s missed a step since the old days. He’s will take down anyone, including his own son, if that puts him back on top & in control. No doubt JR is way worse than Stefano. Those kind of characters are synonymous w/ great shows like Dallas & Days, and the show’s wouldn’t be as popular as they are w/o them.

  112. From Arlene

    Neenee, you are “right on” about Rush Limbaugh. He knows a ton of history and facts about our country and what is was founded on and how to properly run it, so that is isn’t run into the ground with a ton of debt, like we are incurring now. I feel, if people really want to hear what bad things are really happening in our country, they should just try it and listen to Rush for a few days and you will know what shape this country is really in and how to try and get back on top. Thanks, Neenee for your comment!

  113. From kat

    NeeNee and Arlene, big mega dittos….
    More… later….

  114. From Maryl

    About Nicole
    So Nicole is happy that she is having EJ’s child because she admires the “fierceness and strength” of the DiMera men and wants her child to inherit those traits–just not the name?? I am now certain she is toying with EJ, because of her jealousy of Sami and her need for revenge. She is planning on using her pregnancy and the fact that EJ thinks he loves her, to the fullest extent. That’s our Nicole! She is willing to use the baby to get what she wants. All this whimpering and crying around Rafe and Dan is just part of her act. Any crying she has done legitimately, (when she is alone), is not because of her so-called fear of the DiMeras–it’s because she knows that EJ still has feelings for Sami that she can’t wipe away and that’s what is tearing her apart. Her keeping this child away from EJ never has made any sense because, in the past, she wanted a child with him so badly that she kidnapped and deceived him with Sami’s child–just so she could hold on to him and they could be a family–a DiMera family–no problems at all with that at the time.
    I still hope the baby is not EJ’s! there are some questions left for us viewers about the paternity test switch–so the writers still have some room to write in a big twist.
    I love the character of Nicole. I just can’t see her with EJ. There is none of that electricity like there is with EJ and Sami. That’s of course, just my feelings and opinion. I have always liked Nicole with Brady, however, if Eric comes back, that could be a beginning of a new romance for Nicole. If Greg Vaughan plays Eric, (as has been rumored), I think those two could have great chemistry together!

  115. From Arlene

    Hey, Kat, A big mega dittos to you too! Have a great day! (Gee I sound like the lovable little fuzzball!)

  116. From TerriK

    Shani- I’m not arguing with you any further. I was trying to prevent an arguement & you saw that and still jumped at MAB knowing exactly what kind of response you would achieve from that. This is the only site I ever visit so yes I’m on here often..and only because there are a few people I enjoy chatting/comparing story lines with. MAB happens to be one of those people, so when I see an unnecessary dig at her I do feel the need to step in. It always seems to be you making those jabs. And why shouldn’t there be someone in her corner when there’s always the same 3 people trying to give her crap. I see that as bullying and just plain childish.

    I missed Dallas last night! Totally slipped my mind & ended up renting Sherlock Holmes 2- as handsome as Robert Downey Jr. Is – I’d like those 2 hours

    I wish I knew more about why Peter is leaving the I said…unless they plan on pairing Hope & John..which would just be weird..I don’t get it.

    Question- Even if EJ did reveal Will shot him, since Lucas already served that time can Will be prosecuted? If so you’d think Lucas would be looking at quite a settlement from the government. LoL

    Did anyone else find it awkward when Melanie & Gabi did their “Midol” commercial. I never cared for Gabi’s acting and her “cramps” just topped it all off- her storyline might work if she wasn’t such a bad actress.

  117. From MAB

    Maryl – ditto to everything your said. Oh, and I’m totally on board w/ Greg Vaughan playing Eric. He’s no Jensen Ackles, but close enough to pull off playing Eric. I still want Nicole w/ Brady, but could see her w/ Eric again too, her first love when she came to the show.

  118. From MAB

    TerriK – thank you! It’s nice to have people like you who see things, or should I say people, for who they really are. They blame me for (bullying, etc.), but in reality it’s what they get off on doing to me, and everyone else that have a different opinion than they do. The simple thing would be for them to stop addressing me in any way, and that would solve the problem, because I try to skip their posts at all costs.

    I absolutely adore Robert Downey Jr. and went out Tuesday and bought Sherlock Holmes 2. I loved it myself when I saw it when it came out in the theaters. I have most of his movies, not too much he does I don’t like…like Johnny Depp.

  119. From SandyGram

    Peter Reckell (BO) leaving update, excerpt from days of our lives dated June 13th:

    Quote “An inside source reports that Reckell is scheduled to tape his last scenes on July 22, keeping him on the air through Fall.”

  120. From Kat

    MAB and TerriK,
    Well we have been accused that We forced them off this blog, now they are back, Did We force them back on….
    I think we all know by now, that everybody has free will, and what ever they decided to do, go or come, or whatever, Is their Decision to make. The “Victim Card”, one of things in this country, and for the way “biggest part”, it turns me off.
    So abused anymore..
    Take responsibility for your Own actions and word.
    Chad sure is upset, and prob. feels guilty for ignoring his Father, Lexie used to try to tell him all the time, that Stefano was ill and maybe could go at any time….but not like this.

    TerriK, I would think that Will could be tried again, he did the Crime,
    however, didn’t Lucas kind of confess to cover for Will.
    So I don ‘t think there is wrongful prosecution, but I could be wrong.
    Maryl and MAB, great blogs, I agree so much with the Way you two/and Terri see the happenings in Salem.
    115 Arlene, Yes little Fuzzball, I am the little Cotton ball thrower, but some don’t get my “gentle” meaning, to bad.

    I am just starting to watch Dallas, DVR,
    to many interruptions, but I will get to it. Like it so far….
    What happened to Pam, I don’t remember…

    I agree about Nicole, is she really planning on letting Rafe raise the baby,
    I thought She wanted a child like EJ and Stefano, was does not fit here…LOL

  121. From kat

    119 SG, well there is still plenty of time – before the 11th hour -
    in the meantime a lot of good publicity for the show, a lot of Fan outrage, and – the contract will be settled for everybody,
    I hope, but again, I could be wrong. I guess in the end it is Peter’s choice, if the money is Not enough for him, and he can make more some place else… It’s most times about the money.
    Not for Renee/Lexie, I guess she is just gone, good for her, enjoy, relax…..usw, usw,

  122. From TerriK

    AB- Maybe I need to watch it a second time. I love Robert Downey Jr. And also own most of his movies. He is an amazing actor & is very easy on the eyes. Also, a huge Johnny Depp fan. He blows my mind with the roles he takes on & masters. From 21 Jump Street on..Are you like a long lost sister or what? LoL. I can’t even count the amount of times I watched the first Sherlock Holmes..I guess the second one was just so different. Oh, and since I’m all over the place right now, Id also like to say Mark Wahlberg is also on my list of favorites.
    You don’t have to thank me..I have no use for bullies and I. Can certainly understand your frustration.

    Show today was kinda boring so I really have no comments on it aside from Jenn’s hair looking amazing. And obviously the writers plan on bringing Abe & Kayla together. Not a bad match, Kayla like Lexie is also another soft hearted soul with a little bit of fire underneath it all. I know we had our hearts hoping to see Steve come back, but who knows maybe this will be a cute love story as well. They did bring up Melanie I have a sneaky suspicion she will be making her return. I’ve been following her on twitter waiting for some sort of clue, so I guess we’ll see. Maggie & Victor- Please let this go and return to being the cute little couple you were. Maggie, you knew what Victor was like in the past so you can’t hold it against him..

  123. From Shani

    MAB #111 whatever you say if you call that backhanded apology an apology. Feel good!

  124. From TerriK

    Sorry MAB- didn’t mean to call you AB lol

  125. From TerriK

    Wow mistake haven today…I meant they brought up Stephanie

  126. From kat

    Forgot one more thing,
    to use the word bully on here,
    IMO is making a mockery out of Real Bullying Victims out there in this world.
    We have/ not real “Victims” here, sitting home/safe by their computers, spitting it out as good as it gets, but if somebody returns it, They are being bullied, what a crock anymore.
    MAB, your friends know you all the way and like and respect you,
    Please, just don’t give a hoot about the rest, like I said before, they are jealous because you are one of the great communicators on here.
    I think just can’t help but try to annoy, it’s like a life line for them..

  127. From Shani

    kat that is actually a very good point about the use of the word bully. MAB & TerriK have both used it. I never have. I don’t remember about others. I had a friend of a friend years ago who committed suicide from being bullied so badly in college.

  128. From TerriK

    Internet bullying is very real..and talked about on the news often..just sayin.
    Not a threat, I agree. But thos who run in packs are questionable at best. Bully’s to me are attention seekers..who feel the need to be rude at any possible chance.

  129. From Kat

    TerryK and MAB have been “accused”of being Bullies, they are NOT…
    never have been…..
    There is nobody on here in all honesty, that would qualify as a “Bully” in the sense of The Real dangerous Bullies” out there….
    But the name calling has been out there, and we know by who…
    I like MAB, TerriK, and trust Me,
    I would Not, If I thought just for one minute that they were or are bullies… Never happen,
    but some like to use the word and throw accusations around….

    If #127 does not remember the word being used, go back and Read your “friends” blogs again. …

  130. From Kat

    If anybody missed DALLAS,
    check your program guide for TNT, they are having ENCORE presentations on Friday and Saturday, don’t know the time, but please check Daytime also….
    . When JR opened his eyes, wow, He is Back…. Star of the Show, just like Our Stefano, without Them, Nothing…

  131. From TerriK

    Kat- first thing out of hubbys mouth this morning- “You made me miss Dallas!” Hahaha not that Dallas fans have a certain “look” but you’d never expect him to be a fan..he hates DOOL and anytime he happens to be home in the afternoon he moans, whines and complains about having to watch it lol But don’t mess with Dallas lol Ah well…can’t have it all I suppose

  132. From MAB

    #120 Kat – “did we force them back on”…LOL too funny!!! On Dallas, Pam, they really don’t say what happened to her, but I assumed she died.

    #122 TerriK – oh, yes Robert Downey Jr. is an amazing actor, and way too easy on the eyes. I agree the first Sherlock Holmes was much better than the second one, but I still liked it. I went to see The Avengers opening weekend, and it is SO good. If you haven’t seen it, you should do so. And Johnny Depp is just too awesome for words. I’ve loved them both since the days of the ‘Brat Pack’ fame, when all those young stars were up & coming. I felt like I grew up w/ them all, as I’m the same age as most of them. I also like Mark Wahlberg as well. Hey, maybe we are long lost sisters. LOL

    For me, I just can’t imagine Kayla w/ anyone other than Steve, just like I can’t imagain Hope w/ anyone but Bo. These couples are just too vital to the history of this show.

    #123 Shani – yada, yada, yada.

    #126 kat – ditto, and thanks again. The world is a much better place w/ people like you, TerriK, Maryl, kass, Jibi, and many others on here, w/ the exception of a handful. And I don’t give a hoot about that handful.

  133. From Shani

    kat what I meant was that MAB & TerriK have used the word bully to accuse others – bullies, bullying, etc. I agreed with you about the use of the word.

    Brady offered his protein drink today to prove he wasn’t using. Would be good if someone somehow would drink it & suffer his same symptoms. Creepy stuff between Ian & EJ & between EJ & Will. Gabi was so deceitful today to keep Chad from apologizing to Melanie.

  134. From JiBi

    Thanks Mad this is very kind of you! I really like reading your post as well like Kat, TerriK and others that are respectful! But I prefer reading then writhing lol because you are all so much better then me for explaining your expression about DOOL :) I’m so a DiMera fan that what you say it is just what I want to say and so entertaining :)

    And yes Terrik I think I’m a sweet person lol But you too you seem sweet and fun person :)

  135. From JiBi

    Shani please, we all know that you don’t like Mad so just stop and change your subject. You are so boring…

  136. From kat

    The Minute I “Hang up”, remember something else.
    Brady is sitting there with his almost empty Protein Drink, why isn’t he getting High…. how long does it take before the drugs kick in…..LOL
    Doesn’t he drink that stuff all the time, so why is he not High all the time, I don’t get it, so if Madison would have taken a sip, it did not seem to affect Brady as we saw…..
    I like to move forward, let’s put all things to rest…
    however, I know it won’t happen, human nature.

    MAB, speaking of Kass, the last time she was on, she told us that she Was Back….. what I wonder did happen.
    She should be having her baby around this time, if I remember correctly.
    TerriK, hope you get to tape/see the Encore presentations of Dallas on Friday/Saturday, for Hubby of course.

  137. From Kat

    JiBi, “little frenchie” don’t worry about your writing, I/we understand what you are saying, just let it rip, you are just fine… That’s what I do, but then again, I have been at it a lot longer than you….
    You are among friends, and friends don’t mind how you say it, just talk to us anyway it comes out. None of us are judges here, just bloggers…

  138. From MAB

    #134 JiBi – you’re writing is fine…we would all love to hear more of your opinions.

    #136 kat – not sure about kass, hopefully we’ll hear from her soon.

  139. From JiBi

    Thanks to you two!!!

    I don’t think I can see Kayla with Abe, It will look strange IMO

    About Brady, some thing it is not right, he use to know what drugs effect is so why he don’t realise that some thing is off every time he drink is Protein.

  140. From carol

    i’m really hoping bo don’t leave the show, i just love bo and hope together,please don’t put gabbi with chad, there is nothing there ,
    and hope with the cutting of the cast you please don’t let john and marlina go again, the rest of the new comers i could care less about , brady don’t belong with that ian wife , brady should get a good girl in his life, and as for ian he should of stayed on the soap he came from can’t stand the guy,i’m very sorry to see lexie leave i really liked her part, sorry they didn’t let kerri and austin have a better story line then letting her get samis husband, never seem to get writers with good ideas of there own, always have to use the same story,
    over and over thats what make it so boreing,and you all know steffie will raise again cause he has to fright abe for his grandson when abe go’s on his drinking , all in all i wisheveryone who is getting the axgood luck and hope better things comes your way, your all good acctors and actress, god
    bless you all i enjoy you all only sorry the writers didn’t give you all better parts and story lines,

  141. From TerriK

    JiBi- I thought that about Brady too. How could you not know if you were being drugged! He was acting kind of high when he was hugging Madison..strange. they could do so much more with his character and yet they just seem to be letting him fade away..he is intended to be the next John Black after all..he has such potential to be a very powerful guy..let’s hope the new writers also see that

  142. From Leana

    Ian killed Stefano. It is the only thing that sense. He did it for Kate. His plan isn’t complete without her. He is the only one in Salem that is that cold hearted to walk up to a body and touch them to see if they are still breathing. Now with Bo leaving maybe they will pin it on him and give him death. But it’s highly unlikely.
    I could careless about Chad, Mel and Gabi.
    I am upset that Carrie is even thinking about being with Rafe. Poor script writing.
    EJ is super hot!!!!

  143. From Clear

    Hate to see P R as Bo go and hope they recast him. Wonder why he is leaving because we need them for a stable super couple!

    I like talk radio too because most of them give sources and articles with stats we can check and not just a lot of garbled figures and disinformation. I even like to listen to the high priest of the church of the painful truth. LOL!

    About Stef–witness protection maybe/CIA.

  144. From grandma to many

    why is everyone ignoring the elephant in the room ? why did EJ ditch those black gloves in the back alley dumpster ? even though Sefano was seated I always thought the shooter appeared tall as the seemed to point the gun very low to shoot is this a tease where we now see everybody getting rid of black gloves ???

  145. From ejfanfrlife

    GIVE ME A BREAK! When DTBB told “Mad” it was none of her business JiBi told her it was a public blog….and Kat and TerriK cheered and agreed….BUT when it comes to “Mad” then the SAME people say that Shani should mind her own business….Really…LMFAO

    Kat you want SOOOO badly to be liked by the people that you think are the “cool girls” on here it is just SAD! You can not even make a post without saying what good friends you and “Mad” are. SO very sad, I bet you have no idea what her real name is…..Friends…Really….LMFAO

    TerriK, you say you have been reading the blogs and just started to “blog” becausse you could not take the way POOR KAT AND MAD where being treated..Yet you knew the ONLY way to get in good with what you think is the “Cool Girls” is to come out swinging at the “Nice Girls” knowing that they will not fight back….So YES, you are a BULLY, but then say that you do not like Bullies….REALLY…LMFAO

    “MAD” sweet “Mad” you take pride in saying what you want and if people do not like it, you let them know thats too bad for them. YET you are THE BIGGEST CRY BABY on this page. I said I was sorry, but then I tak eit back because she was mean to me…cry cry cry…she shoudl have asked me why I said that…cry cry cry…OH NO, I should not have asked her what she meant, she shoudl have asked me and she didn’t so now I am not sorry….cry cry cry….REALLY…LMFAO

    Look ladies, it is clear to anyone on here that 1. You DO NOT HAVE A LIFE. Who has the time to post EVERYDAY, 5-10 times a day. Get a job, visit your grandkids, find a real friend, one that you can go to lunch with or SOMETHING. 2. All 3 of you show all the signs of the girls that wished they were popular in HIGH SCHOOL, but sadly never were noticed, at least not in a good way, so you make up for it by telling yourself that you are popular by how many nameless, faceless friends you have online. SO SAD!!! and 3. You will say how mean I am…cry cry cry…you will try to tell me how popular you were, and what wonderful lives you have, how much you are loved…YADA YADA YADA, BUT just as it has been your whole lives, the only one you will be fooling is yourselves. Because NOONE will believe you, and you will be forced to tell each other that it is EVERYONE else and NOT that you are just SAD, LONELY SOULS looking for someone other then their cats to love them… you can all begin to CRY CRY CRY, but just know that I do have a real life so I will not be back on here today so the 3-4 of you can tell each other how great you are, how well you THINK you tell people off, and how mean everyone is to you…LMFAO at you SAD SAD

  146. From Barb husband has become a fan,even if he won’t admit it,he programs the tv to come on for DOOL and also has it on if I’m out and don’t get back form the beginning.He won’t admit it but every once in a while he’ll ask what happened if he misses an episode! Also,I’d like to see Nicole back with EJ,while they were working on the election they were so good together and when he proposed I was so happy for Nicole,but of course that all blew up!She was good with Brady but there’s more fire with EJ.Brady needs a good woman,not Madison,but unfortunately there is none for him right now on the show,once Ian leaves how about Brady and Kate?Wouldn’t that be something!

  147. From SandyGram

    #143 grandma to many
    In my Posting #13 in the This Weeks Spoiler Section I also addressed EJ throwing away the black gloves. Not to mention it is obvious someone will find the gloves, or even someone could have seen him throw them away. But the gloves would only have gun residue on them so unless the SPD Lab can tell from which gun the gun powder residue came from…so what if they find the gloves. EJ looks more guilty just throwing them away.

    The shooter did look tall, but the hand that felt for Stefano’s pulse looked small. But then we could be mislead with the feeling of the pulse, this could be the shooter or someone that came in later and found him already shot.

    With this story line being affected by the first writers fired, the most recent writers fired and the newest writers, heck like someone else said in another Post….Stefano could wake up and say ‘I just had the strangest dream’. But Lexie would still be gone.

  148. From kat

    My question again,
    Brady with Protein Shake in hand, almost empty,
    why isn’t He acting High right now, when he was with Madison and Kate….What I am missing,
    he drinks those shakes all the time, so why is He not High all the time…. Confused …
    JiBi, I really don’t see Kayla and Abe as a couple, as friends, yes.

    I agree, Austin and Carrie coming back, was a big yawn fest, at least for me..No imagination by the writers for a good Story…
    TerriK, I agree about Brady, the writers are wasting good time, they don’t seem to know what to do with Him…

    142 Clear, Ok I’ll bite, who is the
    high priest of the painful church….

    Watched Dallas, you got to love JR, the devil is back, very intriguing so far, it got my attention, and John Ross, another JR in the making…
    And of course Bobby, still the little goody two shoes, great characters to play of each other. Hope the SL stays sharp, we could have another winner.
    Our Stefano, about the same age as JR, looks sooooooooo much younger, better and more handsome

    Hope Stefano get’s back soon, not the same without him, there is a cloud of boredom hanging over Salem.

    Wonder what all the Elite are doing,
    now that They think they don’t have Stefan to kick around any more……

  149. From SandyGram

    #146 Kat
    I would venture to guess the Elite’s without Stefano around are:
    - Enjoying their lives
    - Not being ticked into going to far away places under false pretenses
    - Not worried about being kidnapped
    - Not worried about having a chip put in their brain
    - Not worried about being blown to bits
    - Not worried about having poisonous gas pipped into their hospital room
    - Not worried about having their organs removed to save Stefano’s life
    - Not worried about their daughter having to give up her life to end a vendetta
    - Not worried about being brainwashed
    - Not worried about having their grandchildren taken to a foreign country
    - Not worried about having to go into to protective custody
    For just a few…….ETC, ETC, ETC!!

    But at last as we all suspect these ‘not worried abouts’ could be short lived if the Phoenix rises!!

  150. From Libby

    who cares what fat lowlife Rush says. He is full of it. ANyone listening to that pig is low too. He is tearing this country down and you are too. You know who you are.

  151. From cassie

    who cares what fat lowlife Rush says. He is full of it. ANyone listening to that pig is low too. He is tearing this country down and you are too. You know who you are

  152. From TerriK

    SandyGram- You forgot “not being possessed by the devil” hahaha. He does make the show quite exciting.

    Barb- I hear ya. He always pretends he hates it, yet if I change the channel during commercials, he always asks “well are you gonna tur. It back??”

    Maybe there were a few shooters working together? Perhaps that’s why its so confusing.

    Well I’m off to a hair appointment, for the first time in a year, compliments of my Mom :) So ladies – Happy Friday :)

  153. From TerriK

    Oh. And Libby/Cassie are you having an identity crisis? Multiple personalities? They have meds for that.

  154. From Shani

    OMG 150 Libby-151 cassie that is hilarious! But you know what whichever you are, I didn’t used to like el Rushbo either just listening to what some others said about him. But I started listening to him to see what it was all about & I became a follower.

    All good in 149 sandygram. I look forward to Stefano coming back if there will be something new for him & not the same old thing all the time. His fake death is new now & has us guessing. When we find out what really happened it may not be any of the things we think. I think more than just Stefano has to be involved. Maybe several others. I would like him & Kate to reunite.

  155. From Kat

    SandyGram, yes – you listed all the things they don’t have to worry about, but my Question was,
    what will they do everyday for excitement without Talking/blaming/interacting/ etc. with old Devil himself. It will be so boring for them…. So let’s see all the exciting Plots/stories for them without Stefano in it…
    But thank God, we know he will be back……

    145 ejfanfrlife,
    Are you trying to tell Me, that you don’t Like Me,
    how can I go on with my sad life, knowing that You think so little of me and My Blog Friends. “Devastated” in PA

  156. From TerriK

    Shani- Totally agree about Kate & Stefano. She and him were really cute together

  157. From SandyGram

    SPOILERS Excerpts…Down The Road Ppreviews from Soap Central:

    - Gabi finally gets what she wants from Chad (This must be a romp in the hay. I guess then would be is this before or after Melanie leaves?)

    - Alice’s secrets from the grave continue to unfold (How long will this unfolding go on? To long for me!)

    - A man named Santo shakes a certain Salemite to his core (This is the Santo we’ve heard about in the Comings and Goings)

    - Melanie’s time in Salem comes to an end (Molly’s last film day is today June 15th so we should see her into September. There is a nice Interview with her on dated June 15th)

    - A wayward son returns to Salem (Just gotta be Shawn, keep your fingers crossed. But then there’s no mention of Belle and Claire Bear)

    - The Phoenix rises again (And again, And again, And again! Maybe this is the earth shaking event in August)

    - Nick Fallon returns to Salem (As we’ve read in the Comings and Goings)

    - Huge events rock Salem in August (Didn’t we already have a huge event September 26, 2011 for Salem which resulted in the writers being fired; the next set of writers being fired when they couldn’t untangle the mess the first set of fired writers made; leading us to the newest set of writers who we should start seeing their stuff in August. My idea generator is so ‘dis-combobalated’ (my own word) I can’t even come up with speculations on this one)

  158. From NeeNee


    Let’s defame Rush Limbaugh, at the same time using two identities. Your feeble attempt at subterfuge failed . . . isn’t karma a b*tch??

    Thanks for all the spoilers, SandyGram. These new writers certainly have their work cut out for them, no?

  159. From SandyGram

    Hey EJAMI Fans you want your socks knocked off, go over to Daytime Royalty and see the new
    New Publicity Photo of James & Ali posted June 12th.

  160. From SandyGram

    I just remembered, the wayward son mentioned in the Spoiler is probably not Shawn, but Eric Brady since we’ve already read the role of Eric is being recast.

  161. From Kat

    158 NeeNee, another give away for Multiple Name users is,
    look at the date and time they posted, but their post does not show up until the next day.
    145, 15o, 151, were not on June 14 at all, but did show up today June 15th. So pitiful when they do Not have the courage, to post Under their own Name, now that is being a Double Coward, none of us know who they are on their Orig.Name, but now they have to cover that one up too….. and some claim, they have a Crystal Ball to know what is going on in our daily lives.

    I am so amused……
    154 shani, good for you listening to Rush, one can never learn enough, keep you mind Wide open, and you shall receive..
    Ignorance is so sad….. to live a one sided life, sad…

  162. From Lisa/St. Louis

    EJ ditched the gloves because he fired three shots into the wall behind Stefano and he didn’t want to get caught with them to be test for gunshot residue.

  163. From Lisa/St. Louis

    I’d rather see Gabi leave the show than Mel. Molly turned out to be a good little actress.

  164. From LadyLumps

    My opinion on Rush Limbaugh is, hmmmm I guess I’m going to be in the minority here (except for Cassie/Libby LOL) I just think he is an absolutely horrible person. He has made so many racist remarks over & over again. He doesn’t seem to like women a whole lot either. Look at what he said to Sandra Fluke, he is just so nasty he makes me shudder. I like to be open-minded, I consider myself a liberal but I certainly am open to hearing a conservative viewpoint as long as it’s from a sane person… and I don’t think Rush is sane. Just my little old personal opinion folks… don’t hate, ok?

    As for DOOL, wont this be like the 3rd time Melanie has been kidnapped now? So predictable. I’m sorry to see her depart the show because I think she’s a great little actress. I didn’t like her at first but she grew on me. I will be sad to see Peter Reckell go too. Glad to see Ian & Madison go. All in all I am enjoying DOOL for the most part now. Still would like to see more Ejami hotness!

  165. From MAB

    Madison = idiot, not giving Brady the benefit of the doubt and not thinking that slime Ian could be responsible for what’s going on. And who does she think she is treating Brady the way she is?? She is a manipulative b!tch who lied to him from the get go about nearly everything, and now she acts like that one incident at the pub is the end of the world, and a reason to question him, their relationship & upcoming wedding?? Dump her Brady, she’s not worth your time! She has never been good enough for him, never will, and I’ll be so glad when she is gone…and Ian too!

    Kate looked lovely yesterday. I loved her hair, makeup, and outfit. She should dress like that more often.

    EJ handled Ian very well, just like a DiMera! I just hope whatever happens between them is short-lived, since Ian will be gone soon enough.

    Wow, EJ was full of himself w/ Will…very smug and knowingly has the upper hand on the lad. But again, Will got himself into this situation, so he’ll just have to tough it out. Yet, one minute Will seems scared of EJ, and the next he acts like he’s not. Makes no sense, but still, Will being around EJ is really the only time I enjoy watching his character…probably because it’s the only time he acts somewhat mature. Oh, and I’m glad EJ explained to Will what would happen if the law found out he tried to shoot EJ. Will thought he couldn’t be tried, but apparently he can. It would probably be left up to the DA, and if he decided not to charge him w/ shooting EJ, he would definitely use it against him in the charges against him for shooting Stefano. Either way, he’s screwed if he doesn’t watch out. So Will, I guess when EJ says jump, you will say how high. LOL

    TerriK – so right about Brady. He is primed to be the next John Black. The writers need to move him to the front (like EJ) and give this guy a great s/l, and a real woman. This thing w/ Madison was a waste of time.

    No disrespect to anyone, but the Bo character cannot & should not be replaced. If he’s leaving, he should just go out w/ a bang! Again, they bring back Nick Fallon, but can’t keep Bo Brady???

    EJ getting rid of the black gloves is no different than Marlena getting rid of her raincoat. They all look guilty, and apparently the writers want them to. Yet, we all know it will turn out to be someone who we never saw at the mansion that night. I still say it’s either Ian or Celeste.

    ejfanfrlife – LMFAO, uh, it’s obvious you have NO respect for anyone when you ‘purposely’ spell their screen name wrong, and turn it into something that feeds your sick sense of humor. If you can’t get it right, don’t include me in your little rants. LMFAO, what you say is of no importance to me whatsoever, but don’t think I’m gonna shoot it right back at you. LMFAO, it’s obvious you’re just another disgruntled person who apparently isn’t happy unless your bad-mouthing people you don’t know, and in a post that is so long and doesn’t include ANY talk about Days. LMFAO, oh and your post was SO lengthy & boring, I stopped reading half way thru. LMFAO, just don’t have the time for that much ignorance. And did I forget to say… LMFAO!

  166. From LadyLumps

    SandyGram I went to Daytime Royalty but I can’t figure out how to find the photo. There are way too many links. Which section is it in?

  167. From TerriK

    ejfanfrlife- thanks for your post lmfao you just made yourself look like an idiot. If you know how often we are on here and pay such close attention to the things we say then apparently it is you who needs a life. Wow. You sure put us in our place. The DTTB thing- never did Kat or myself tell MAB it wasn’t her business. I’m honored you would spend so much time writing a comment like that to us and paying attention to our every move on this site. Stalker?

  168. From kat

    I was waiting for Maggie to ask the big question, LOL, Who Is Daniel’s Daddy…..???
    I thought they want to clear everything up,…?

    With Bo leaving, and Hope and John still being married….
    maybe Marlena will leave also,
    and the New couple will be Hope and John, or if Marlena stays,
    the Three of them will become the New Salem Threesome, who knows, maybe they even have a Child out there……Not EJ, he is to old….for Hope..
    But EJ could belong to John with somebody else….
    LadyLumps, you don’t like Rush, that is no problem for me, I respect that….
    however the Other TWO, having the same right, but the Name calling and insinuating that all of us that listen are “pigs” and tearing down the country.
    IMO, they are, what they are trying to call Rush and his “listeners”.

  169. From SandyGram

    #166 LadyLumps
    I’d love to give you the address but that’s against the guidelines on this site, so let me see if I can help you get to the Picture:

    Search on : Daytime Royalty
    Click on:
    Daytime Royalty and then click on:
    Days: News, Spoilers and Discussions

    You can also go straight to Days: News, Spoilers and Discussions from the results of your original search.

    Go down to the Thread titled:
    New Publicity Photo: James & Ali
    Open the Thread

    Let me know if this helps.

  170. From Debbie

    Okay SandyGram (and LadyLumps) I must be too dense for this, but I’m trying to find that phote of Jim and Ali on the Daytime Royalty site and can’t find it. I followed your instructions from #169 and am on the page but just see posts and some pictures but none of those two. Where am I supposed to be looking?

  171. From SandyGram

    #166 LadyLump and #170 Debbie

    Try this:
    Search Yahoo or Google:
    New Publicity Photo: James & Ali

    Then click on Daytime Royalty it will take you right to the photo.
    You might have to Click on Page 1 once you get to the Thread on Daytime Royalty.

    Let me know if this works!

  172. From patty

    On the left side of your screen if you go down on Daytime Royalty you`ll find New Publicity Photo;James and Ali and click on that , then you have to click on Posted Image written in small red letters. Hope that helps.

  173. From Kat

    SandyGram – I found it…thank you….

    1. Google for “Daytime Royalty”
    2. click on: “News, Spoilers and Discussions” then scroll to where it says “Title” it will show you all different subjects to click on,
    Page (1) about half way down, the subject will be:
    New Publicity: Photos of James and Ali, click on that…..

    The have so many subjects that you can click on, page 1 through I believe more than a hundred or so…
    Good Luck.

  174. From SandyGram

    #173 Kat
    So what did you think of the picture ….???

  175. From Kat

    The are a beautiful couple… Sami and EJ,
    but of course they are stunning as Ali and James.
    Wow, those shoes, I don’t wear them like that, heels yes, but Not like those, I prob. would trip myself into La La Land, …. No wisecracks please.
    Who is Dr.Dan’s Daddy, Maggie, please ask Victor, get the whole Mess cleared up…. Wishful thinking
    Big yearly Family Golf outing this weekend in Ohio, incl. grandson of course.

  176. From MAB

    #167 TerriK – stalker (funny), no doubt!

    Double WOW!!!!!!!!! I love that pic of James & Ali. They look AMAZING, and look amazing together. These 2 were made for each other! A match made in heaven (or hell) LOL. I hope this is an indication of things to come!! If you can’t view it on Daytime Royalty, you can on the Salem Spectator website. Just Google new publicity photo: James & Ali Salem Spectator and you will find the link, and the pic will come up automatically. No searching necessary.

  177. From mykol

    What was the deal with the blatant MIDOL product placement? And what’s with all the sexual tension between Will & EJ?

  178. From Richard

    What if?? Lexie brought Theo over to the mansion to visit with his Grandpa. Theo saw the gun that Abe left behind and started firing, as if he was playing his video game and killing aliens. He accidently shoots his Grandfather, who he didn’t know was in the chair. He could hear the music playing, like the music in his game. Lexie took the gun from Theo and checked the pulse and learned that her father wasn’t breathing. After everyone learned of the accidental shooting, several left their fingerprints on Abe’s gun, so that Theo couldn’t be involved in the shooting. I remember that Lexie was believed to be upstairs when Abe returned from the mansion and they have been talking an awful lot about Theo’s video game playing lately.

  179. From SandyGram

    #175 Kat
    Those types of heels are way to much for me. The way Ali was standing was she was having to lean on James to hold her up and she wasn’t even standing up straight.

    At my grand-daughters recent 8th grade graduation some of the girls worn these types of heals. The students chairs were set up on the artificial turf on the Soccer Field and it was all they could do to walk out to their chair. A few girls took them off, but then the turf was hot so it was more like they ran to their chair. Oprah use to call these heels her 15 minute shoes!

  180. From Richard

    It is my opinion that Victor is actually Dan’s father and the reason that he married Maggie.

  181. From LadyLumps

    #176 thanks MAB, i finally got it. I just couldn’t find it on daytime royalty even with everyone’s help. Great photo! Oh the hotness!!! Drool! But did you notice all the negative comments below the photo? Maybe more Ejami fans should chime in on that website.
    #188 Kat, yes I agree that Libbycassie went too far because she did directly insult all of RL’s fans which was not cool. If we all liked the same person what a boring world that would be! :-)

  182. From LadyLumps

    That was supposed to be #168 Kat. Now back to my book, 50 shades of grey. I picture Christian Grey as EJ (heehee)

  183. From patty

    Wow! If anybody read the comments for EJ/Sami pic at Days Royalty, pretty interesting. 31 pages of opinions on James grimace to Ali’s looks to abusive relationships, even comparing them to the characters in the book Fifty Shades of Grey. A little over the top but great discussion until staff intervened.

  184. From BamaDan

    I’m not happy to read Joseph Mascalo is leaving. I had almost stopped watching Days when they finally brought Stefano back. I know Stefano has “Died” countless times, but I hoped this was short term and he would be back. Not sure if I’ll keep watching if he’s gone for good.

  185. From kat

    SandyGram, I agree, that’s the first thing in noticed, she was like Leaning tower of Pisa, leaning on EJ.
    Ok Richard, I know you don’t like me,,, but here it goes on your theories and all I am trying to do is discuss possibilities, because some of your thoughts get my attention…
    Theo picking up the gun and shooting at the chair, ok, but what about the hand in gloves we saw pulling the trigger and then checking the pulse…

    All the Fingerprints by our Elite were left on Abe’s gun before Stefano retired to the “Music,Cigar and Brand Room”, or am I wrong there, ?????
    the shooting I think happened after all the gun touching,
    Stefano was still alive when they did it.

    I hear you about Theo’s video games, etc.all that talk,
    then of course Marlena’s Red coat,
    EJ’s gloves, Will and his stupid gun that he fired, thus powder burns,Lexie leaving her note,
    what am I forgetting that looks like
    somebody might be guilty.
    I think none of them will be, all this is part of the ongoing big drama, smoke and mirrors to make us think somebody might have done it.
    Typical Soap Opera Drama.
    So please Richard, keep it coming, I truly would love to converse with you about all these theories and plots, they are and could be endless…
    It’s just a pity, that we had Soooo Many different writers, otherwise just think how great these SL’s could be, if all the writers knew exactly all the plots and could follow through on them.
    I agree, Victor most likely is Dr.Dan’s father, but to get that out of them, will prob.take quite a while,
    what will Maggie do then with Her little “Deceiver Husband”. It’s so funny…..

  186. From Marion

    Hey for guys here who love James Scott the guy playing Ej on Dool and who have twitter i would love for you to do something for me ( i know you don’t know me but it is a little ‘service’ and actually it is above all for James and people who like watching him act on-screen).
    So Bret Easton Ellis (one of my favorites american writers, he wrote some awesome and edgy, complex stories like American Psycho, Glamorama, Less than zero ect..) is working on a movie project to adapt Fifty shades of grey with awesome writer Paul Schrader (who wrote some cinema masterpieces like Taxi Driver, Raging Bull ect..) and right now they are working on the casting..Of course they have already some names, famous names in talks and they don’t know daytime actors obviously so if maybe you could tweet to Bret (yep he has twitter) to show your interest in casting James Scott it would be awesome.
    Thanks anyway, i am sure it will not change everything but Bret is curious and like to do unespecting things so maybe he will check James’s work (even if it is on a daytime soap) and he will be intrigued who knows..stranger things happens..And if we can help James’s career it would be great, no ?! lol

  187. From kat

    180 LadyLumps, thank you….
    I like it, that you and I are cool, took at bit, but we got there, and I like that…
    I read some of those comments,
    that’s the first type of blog I saw, so negative,
    most other stuff I come across is so positive, go figure….
    183 BamaDan, He will be baaaaaaaaaaaack,
    Keep the faith, DOOL without Stefano is like a world without Ketchup…..As a matter of fact, Stefano and his Son EJ, are better than Ketchup.
    Rafe is Handsome, but he needs better Story Lines, the writers are
    are tying his hands behind his back, now how many disagree,
    give the man/actor a chance to show he can act, make him interesting, I think even Galen would appreciate that….

    There goes Kat again, but what is 50 shades of grey, help me out here….
    Having as always more fun, than I am allowed to have…. says Who ????

  188. From patty

    The book Fifty Shades of Grey is being compared to porn for women. It’s all about sex, sex and more sex. The abusive and degrading kind imo. Here’s what the plot is about:

    [The plot traces the relationship between recent college graduate Anastasia Steele and manipulative billionaire Christian Grey. Steele is required by Grey to sign a contract allowing him complete control over her life as well as a non-disclosure agreement, something that he's required from all of his previous submissives. Upon learning that she is a virgin, Grey agrees to have sex with her in order to prepare her for later encounters, fully intending that the contract would be signed. As she gets to know him, she learns that his sexual tastes involve bondage, domination, and sadism, and that childhood abuse left him a deeply damaged individual. In order to be his partner, she agrees to experiment with BDSM, but she struggles to reconcile who she is (a virgin who has never previously had a boyfriend) with whom Christian wants her to be, his submissive and a to-do-with-as-he-pleases partner in his "Red Room of Pain".]

    Definetly not for everyone. Not my cup of tea, I get pissed just reading about it.

  189. From Richard

    Kat, I don’t dislike anybody on this site. What I do dislike is cutting someone down for their opinions or trying to get someone else to see it their way. I only state my opinions and don’t expect to spend the whole day trying to explain them without satisfaction.
    I noticed that when a lot of the people came by and touched the gun, they were using flashlights to find their way around. That would mean to me, that the mansion had a power failure. Since Stefano was listening to his music when he was shot, this must have been after he had been shot.(IMO)
    If Theo did accidently shoot Stefano, then EJ would fire the gun to change the projectory of the bullet, so that a child wouldn’t be a suspect in the shooting. What we have here is the absence of a timeline. Marlena could have been the one checking for a pulse and got Stefano’s blood on her red raincoat. EJ could have been the one to fire the gun and got rid of the gloves because of residue. He would bail out Will, because he knew that Will was not guilty. They all approached the gun in various ways as to not disturb other fingerprints. The gun was not where it should have been(by the glass doors). It was out by the front door. Again, you have no timeline to tell you in what order everything happened. Why would EJ fire his gun several times around the room, if not to cover up something? Either EJ is protecting Stefano from his enenies, protecting Theo or elimenating himself as a suspect, by shooting a gun other than the murder weapon, around the room.

  190. From Marion

    HA ha the book is not really great (bad writing actually but hey daytime soaps are not litterature either..whereas Ellis knows how to write..) but the story has potential, is complex and above all the Christian Grey character is a fascinating, complex, tortured and yep sexual character..something James Scott can plays perfectly..just watch Ej..ha and with artists like Ellis and Schrader on board this could make actually a great, edgy, dark maybe controversial movie..right now you have names like Ryan Gosling, Alexander Skarsgard or Ian Somerhalder in talks is not a weak project..

  191. From Kat

    18i8 Richard, now we are talking,
    I see what you are saying, things that maybe I did not pay to closed attention to, but when you bring it up,
    you get me thinking, I am now intrigued to go back and watch some of those episodes over again…. I have mentioned before, that this could even be some kind of Orient Express, they all did it, and Not….
    Thank you, that’s all I wanted from you
    engage with me, even the first time around
    when you thought I was trying to badger you, all I ever wanted is engage in talks,

    however, even now, if that is not what YOU want, no harm done, I will respect that, and I would have done that the first time around, if you only had made it loud and clear then….that no matter what, you do not want to engage with me about nothing….
    Thank you, I have really been baffled about our past….
    Always open to new thoughts and ideas….

  192. From Richard

    One other important thought. This was Stefano Dimera, so how did the shooter know that one bullet would do the job?
    Someone should be looking for Agent Harmon, because he could look just like Stefano now and dead as a doornail.

  193. From LadyLumps

    The important thing to remember about the book Fifty Shades of Grey, Patty #187, is that the characters are all consenting adults… willing consenting adults. No reason to get pissed off about that.
    I agree, the book is poorly written – I even caught a typo. But their steamy encounters are described in intricate detail…. lots & lots of fun. And those who read the book know that the BDSM theme is talked about more than actually practiced by the main characters. They have dubbed it “mommy porn” (very very soft porn, if you can even call it porn at all) and it has been on the bestseller list for a long time. Lets face it, they wouldn’t be making a movie if it wasn’t a huge success. I haven’t read the other two books in the trilogy yet but I just bought them on eBay.
    I do picture Christian Grey as EJ, but I do not picture Anastasia Steele as Sami.

  194. From NeeNee

    Oooh, Richard . . “Someone should be looking for Agent Harmon, because he could look just like Stefano now and dead as a doornail.”

    Couldn’t you see the Brady Bunch & Salem’s finest finally figuring out that Dead Stefano is a decoy? And maybe they will exhume his body to do a DNA test and realize that, as you said, it’s actually Agent Harmon! At that point, I will expect to hear Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” and see Stefano wearing his opera cape, conducting the music and ending with “I’m b-a-a-a-a-a-a-ack!”

  195. From Arlene

    Someone earlier asked why Bo was leaving. I seem to remember reading somewhere that Peter Reckell was going to help his wife with her career. Did anyone else see that written somewhere? On another note, Lexie with Theo was tremendous acting, oh what a tearjerker, her having to speak to him about going away and not coming back. I hope she is nominated for a soap opera award because of such great acting scenes as she leaves the show. She deserves it and will be missed. I am so curious how they will bring Stephano back from the dead, since the spoiler on Days Cafe said his death isn’t what it seems. I’m surprised he isn’t retiring because he is in his 80′s and he sure deserves a break. We would all miss him, for sure.

  196. From Richard

    #194 NeeNee
    They can’t exhume the body. It was sent to Italy.

  197. From Richard

    Stefano had his glass ofr wine in his right hand. They showed the glass on the floor on the left side of the body. Before he was shot, Stefano had his hand over his heart, but when they showed the body, his hands were on either side of his lap, I believe. It looked as if someone was put in Stefano’s place before the shooting(probably already dead).

  198. From AnnieQ

    Oh boy,I feel i have to say Imight have set off the Rush Limbaugh brouhaha by commenting on Neenee’s remark to Kat.I then responded that he spews hate speech,and i stand by that.Ladylumps, I also am a liberal but I do try ,like Kat to keep an open mind. I even occasionally listen to The Factor but, for me, I dont ever want to be openminded to racism,homophobia,complete disrespect of women and all of the vile things that come out of his mouth but, thats just me!And believe me he knows his audience and gives you what you want to hear.Noone is asking my opinion, but I think it is always wise to avoid the hot button issues of politics,race and religion.They have no place on this board and no one ever changes someone’s opinion on these issues,right? Ok, I’m done..too upset to think about DOOL now so will post on that tomorrow/Goodnight all, just had to get that off my chest!

  199. From grandma to many

    grandma judy where are you please come back I miss you doesn’t it seem mighty convenient that Stefano is being buried in Italy probably transported on the Dimera jet with no one to notice a cigar smoking opera listening passenger except loyal Dimera pilots and staff (or thugs ) hmmm makes you wonder perfect way to visit with the Italian jeweler with no one the wiser after all Stefano is dead right ? righttttt

  200. From SandyGram

    SPOILERS Excerpt from Days of Our Lives Weekly Preview for Week of June 18th:

    Quote: “EJ asks Will to take him through everything that happened the night Stefano was shot. Will does, and EJ is shocked by what he has to say. What does Will tell EJ? And is it enough to clear him, or convict him?”

    EJ is shock by what Will has to say, well let’s look at some possibilities:

    - Stefano was already dead when Will arrived the 2nd time.
    - Will saw who shot Stefano.
    - Will shot Stefano.
    - EJ was surprised to hear Will went to a Gay Bar and was with another man.

    I surely hope the writers don’t make EJ the one who could clear Will of any suspicion of shooting Stefano. It would just give him more leverage to continue to control William’s life. But most of all I hope EJ doesn’t do something to get Will to take responsibility for the shooting even though he didn’t do it!

  201. From lloyd

    Kayla and Dr. Dan! That would be a good match. No sense in Dr. Dan getting involved with Nichole. She still loves E.J. and eventually will go back. Especially if he gets arrested for murder. Still don’t understand why Roman or Rafe are not looking at a Russian mafia connection in Stephano’s murder. This may why he chose to fake his death and hide for a few months after exposing the gun deal. And what happens when Chad realizes he’s the head honcho now.

  202. From TerriK

    Lady Lumps- I also heard 50 shades of grey was a good read. Nothing wrong with a little smut lol all in good fun. :)

    Mykol- I thought the midol thing was stupid too. DOOL ooccasionally throws in a commercial..must be getting low in funds lol but that scene sucked to say the least

    MAB- I can’t stand Madison either. I didn’t like her when she first arrived so ill be happy to see her go. She deceived Brady from the beginning and now she’s so jealous Kate has her claws into Ian that she obviously wants him back and in my opinion is just looking for an excuse to leave him. Its too bad him and Melanie never got together. Now that would have been a sweet match. Those two had great chemistry even as “besties”. Why Molly must you go when you have captured all of our hearts!!

  203. From Janiebell

    With “Lexie” gone and Kayla and Steve/Patch seperated I sure hope the writers do not put Abe and Kayla together. Good friends yes, a couple NO.

  204. From Arlene

    okay, let’s set the record straight on Rush L. He is a conservative. He speaks his mind on conservative issues. He doesn’t belittle all women, just the ones that act like idiots or sleezeballs. The founding fathers who believed in God, went and prayed to God for his guidance in bringing about the constitution of the U.S. Many liberals have come along and try to undo our founding constitution. He is one of the few people who stands up for the way this country used to be, prosperous, grateful people who respects and honors God and his rules. Conservatives don’t hate homosexuals but we believe God’s word when he calls this lifestyle a sin. God made man to be with a helpmate, a woman, not another man. God’s natural order of life was man and woman who would then create children. Conservatives also are tired of hired the race card played every time something doesn’t go the way some think it should. We can have opinions on things without being a racist. But people just love to throw that race card around as an excuse. Come on, we are way past that and it shouldn’t be used as a crutch for some people anyway, Get over it and live for today and make the best of yourselves for today. These are things that Rush believes in. I’m with him, I want a better country, not one that owes TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS in debt which is the situation we are in today. People need to wake up and Rush is one of those who does speak the truth. Instead of spewing hate towards him, just listen some time to him for at least one week and you will be greatly enlightened on what is going on his this country and what can be done to try and make it a better place to live. We used to be no. 1 in the world and we have become just like a 3rd world country. I say, give Rush a chance like others have and you will hear things that you don’t hear on the liberal major news networks people watch. You ned to hear both sides of a story, not just a liberal side and Rush will give you that other side if you just listen to him. Enough said on this topic.

  205. From LadyLumps

    No offense to you Arlene, you are entitled to your opinion. Mine is that Rush is a racist, sexist, homophobe. Sandra Fluke is a college educated young woman, not an idiot or a sleezeball. I wouldn’t give RL 5 minutes let alone a week.
    Tomato tomahto. Conservatives are not going to change the minds of Liberals and vice-versa.
    Also, God made gays… And He doesn’t make mistakes.

  206. From Kat

    Hi blog buddies, checking in from Ohio, My game is lousy so far,
    I need a glass of Merlot. My Grandson lost his cell in the pond, Not yours Maryl… LOL

    Arlene, Lady Lumps, good blogs,
    I am with you Arlene, I wish we could get Rush back on the Radio….

    however Lady Lumps, I respect your take on Rush,
    yes He should not have called Sandra Fluke a Name, but He did apologize, which is more than some of other liberal TV/Radio personalities have ever done, some of them are so raunchy – it turns me off so badly.

    I don’t care for people that get personal about Anybody, like
    calling Rush a “Fat Pig, etc.”.
    it’s just like on here this great Blog,
    People get annoyed, and they lash out and get so very personal, like what’s the name the forever EJ fan or whatever.
    Whenever people start to go after somebody, but use their appearances etc. I am done with them, because IMO they have Nothing to say, just spit poison, so they will always be nothing to Me.
    I respect people that can listen/see both sides and not go into the gutter, to Knock Rush in such a nasty way, to me is knocking millions of Americans that listen to him and then Make up their Own Minds…. that’s the way it should be. Same with “The Factor”,
    another No. 1 show in America, the majority of people tune in on TV, and then hopefully make up their own mind, isn’t that what an open minded intelligent person does anyway……
    That’s what I was taught in College in Germany, never close your mind to anything, anybody, process the knowledge and come up with Your Own conclusions.

    Well the crew is coming in, time for Dinner and Teases, because today was not a good day for me…. Maybe tomorrow.
    Later, Kat.
    Gram Judy, get back on this blog, you
    had enough time off,
    but I hope seriously, that nothing is wrong in your life, that is keeping you off, or I’ll have to smack myself for being a little “Snot”….. plain and simple, Bloggers/your friends on here Miss YOU……

  207. From Vivian

    Someone mentioned earlier that maybe Victor was Daniel’s bio father…can’t be –that would make Daniel and Philip half-brothers and Philip married to his niece Melanie….

  208. From michele

    I have been a Bo and Hope fan from the time they joined the show. I do not like that they are letting Bo leave. Also I agree, I do not buy anyone else as but Peter as Bo Brady. I hope they make him a better offer to stay on the show.

    #195 Arlene, with all do respect those same The “founding fathers who believed in God” owned slaves and raped women. I doubt that was what God wanted them to do. Also as I I have said before that God created my daughter and made her gay and I agree whole heartedly with post #204 by ladylumps. If you are taking the bible to mean that God said it is wrong, then you would also have to be ok with your husband have other wives, you would also have to believe that women are not equal to men, there are many things in the bible that people that the same people that use God to say being gay is a sin, do not follow or believe in.

    Kat, I am sorry but to me Rush is not a respectable person, & he calls people names on everyone of his shows. He is a racist, sexist, drug abuser that believes if you do not think the same way that he thinks then you deserve to be insulted. I do believe that noone should follow anyone blindly, and that everyone shoudl be well informed and should listen to all sides. You can get all the conservative, republican, liberal, democrate opinions from someone that does not refer to women as sluts. Yes, he did say he was sorry, after advertisers pulled away from his show, not because he was sorry. If there is one man that does not respect anyone else’s opinions it is Rush.

  209. From Shani

    Rush got hooked on prescription drugs when he was taking them for pain. It happens to many people. The important thing is he got off them. Elton John would be surprised to hear Rush is a homophobe. Elton is one of Rush’s closest friends & was happy to perform at Rush’s wedding a couple of years ago. Racist? Rush’s sidekick Snerdly is African American & another close friend of Rush & is his show’s call screener & one of the adminstrators of the show. Not to mention other African Americans, Latinos, Mexicans, etc. who are friends of Rush. Having a difference of opinion with people of another race does not make a person racist. Rush apologized for what he called Ms. Fluke. He was frustrated & infuriated, like so many of us, but he should not have called her that name. I don’t think much of Ms. Fluke for making a deal with Nancy Pelosi to testify to congress & try to turn a religious issue into a fake women’s issue. I said before I did not like Rush when I only heard about him but after I listened to his show for a while I do like him.

  210. From Shani

    201 lloyd Kayla & Dr. Dan could be good. Maybe she would settle him down once & for all. She will have to be his patient first. lol

  211. From Arlene

    #208 Shani. You’ve explained it very well regarding Rush, thank you.

  212. From Kat

    207 Michele, I respect your opinion, you must have been a long time Rush listener to gain all that knowledge about him….
    I have not heard Rush in years, not on here, but I don’t remember prev. ever been annoyed with him, he made me laugh, he is funny, he is an entertainer…. with very good thoughts and points…
    208 shani, boy Do I agree with you, great job, you are right on…
    Now here we see, how people Hear/See/Read the Same thing, but
    come away with different conclusions, Just Like on This Blog….

    P.S. you forgot Clarence Thomas….
    Got to run, Happy Sunday

  213. From TerriK

    I would have liked to have seen Brady & Melanie together. They had great chemistry just as “besties” but they ruined that with Nathan. Could def. see Stephanie & Chad hooking up if she came back to the show.

    MAB- HATED Madison from day 1..she’s just a girl who wants malle attention from all sides.She doesn’t love Ian..she just doesn’t want him with Kate or anyone else for that matter.

    As far as Fifty Shades of Grey goes- I can’t wait to read it lol nothing wrong with a little smut book once & a while. Was actualy discussing it with the ladies at the salon Friday..not for everybody..that’s why we can choose to read it or leave on the shelf.

    Kat- Hope your game gets better! As long as you are having fun :) and obviously you are in good company! I’ve never listened to Rush but id give him a chance. Howard Stern is another one who catches a lot of flack. Yes in the past he was a big pervert..but if you listen to the guy he actually has a lot of intelligent things. Say. Been enjoying him on DWTS.

    Well I’m off to BBQ- Happy Fathers Day everyone!

  214. From SandyGram

    Great Grand-Daughter Chloe Bell made it into this ole world June 15th at 7.2Lbs. Can’t wait to meet her in person.

  215. From Anna

    I don’t get why Nicole get away with everything, she switched paternity tests and take away once again a child from Ej, plot, flirt outrageously with his worst enemies and other docs..and what Ej does whereas for once he is not so gullible and suspects her schemes..he begs her, he is nice to her, he still pines for her..what a BS the real Ej would already seak revenge in a major way..Sami did far less than her and Ej became doesn’t make any sense..EYEROLL to this bad writing

  216. From Richard

    Nicole could truly be hiding facts from EJ.
    We don’t know what lengths she went to in getting EJ elected Mayor.
    It could be that there is a possibility that EJ may not turn out to be the father.
    She believed that she could not have gotten pregnant, so she may have slept with anyone, to get and keep EJ.
    There is really no other reason that she would keep the baby from EJ.(IMO)
    If EJ had left Salem with her, then there would be no reason to prove paternity. EJ would have been willing to raise the baby, no matter what, and the baby would have the last name of Dimera.

  217. From MAB

    LadyLumps – yeah I noticed the negative comments below the photo of James & Ali. I visit that website often, but don’t leave comments. I think they’re worse over there than here, and it seems the same people post there all the time. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s some of the same people from this website that dislike EJ.

    kat – about the pic of James & Ali, not sure if she was leaning because of her shoes, which I think are awesome, or just leaning on EJ because she wanted too!! Also, depending on the meaning of the pic, the photographer may have asked them to stand that way. Either way, I loved it and hope it means something for the future of EJ & Sami.

    I think Maggie was over the top w/ Victor. For one, she couldn’t stop interrupting him. Let the man talk so he can explain himself. Second, I found his explanations completely plausible & very honest. Yes, he shouldn’t have lied to her, but he didn’t want to loose her over something he did years ago before he even knew her and something from his past that cannot be changed. He was a different person back then and was just trying to help his friends have a child. Maggie should’ve never married him if she was just gonna up & run out on him at the first sight of trouble. I mean he’s Victor Kiriakis for pete’s sake. She should’ve known that there may be seedy things from his past she may find out she didn’t like. She knew that going in, so I don’t feel sorry for her one bit. She needs to get over it & move on.

    Yes, it would be nice for Renee Jones (Lexie) to be nominated for her recent performances, but I doubt it. Days always gets snubbed, like Bo & Hope when Zack died, Nicole when she lost her baby, and Stefano & EJ for anything!

    I think the discussions on politics/race/sex/religion should all be avoided on here. It’s not the place for it, and everyone has their own opinion. It just causes arguments. Hell, people can’t get along on here now over a fictional soap opera, we certainly don’t need to be talking about real life issues that will cause even more friction. And those topics should also be avoided when talking about the show as well, because the same rules don’t apply to Days that apply to real life.

    It sure looks like they’re setting up Kayla & Abe. I don’t like this idea. I like the friend aspect, but not a couple. I think Kayla’s explanation for it being over w/ Steve was ridiculous. And her & Daniel, no way…yuk! Their age difference is way off. ! IMO, she’s old enough to be his mother!

    TerriK – I agree about Madison only wanting male attention. I don’t like the kind of woman she portrays, and don’t like anything about her. I’m elated she is leaving the show.

    As far as the differences in how EJ has reacted to the deception by Sami & Nicole, I think EJ is trying to take a different approach w/ Nicole than he did w/ Sami. I think he’s trying to learn from his mistakes w/ Sami. With that said, I think EJ loves Nicole in his own way, but I think he’ll always love Sami and want her more than any other woman, including Nicole.

    Here are some of my thoughts on the night Stefano was shot:

    -There was no indication of a power failure at the mansion, else Stefano couldn’t have been listening to his music. Stefano was preparing to retire for the evening. I believe the lights were shut off in the great room (which is what most people do when they retire for the evening). I just think the writers wanted to create the illusion of everyone sneaking around in the dark.

    -I don’t think there is anyway Theo would’ve or could’ve killed Stefano, nor Lexie. I still say it was someone we never saw at the mansion. And my money still lies on Celeste, Ian, or Agent Harmon.

    -The person who checked for a pulse wore all black, so unless Marlena changed, it wasn’t her, and I doubt it was since she returned home in the red raincoat. There is a possibility tho that she found him dead and checked his pulse and got blood on her raincoat, although there is no indication of that at this time.

    -I do think some or all of them may have found him already dead when they returned to the mansion, before the police arrived.

    -It’s obvious EJ got rid of the gloves because there would be gun powder residue on them since he fired his gun into the wall, but that doesn’t mean he shot him, and I don’t think he could of gone thru w/ doing it.

    -EJ already said he bailed out Will because he knew he wasn’t guilty. What that really means, who knows.

    -This is such a classic soap opera murder s/l…way too much to speculate on, and not enough facts to know what really happened. It’s hard to tell what is what right now, except for what we’ve been shown. There is no timeline for anything, and no specific order of how things went down. Looks like we’ll just have to wait to see how this all develops over time.

  218. From Anna

    If Ej is trying to learn from his mistakes with Sami he should try to make things better with SAMI not Nicole by for example not blackmailing once again Sami’s son. His behaviour towards Nicole is totally out of character, pitiful and above all doesn’t make any sense.

  219. From MAB

    MY opinion still stands as is. EJ is trying to do things right w/ Nicole instead of how he did things w/ Sami. Of course, if it wasn’t for these women trying to keep his children from him, then maybe he wouldn’t have to try so hard. And they no longer have excuses for reasons why they want to keep EJ’s kids from him, because that reason is dead (Stefano – supposedly). And Will, he was the one who decided to act tough and take on the DiMeras. He got himself into this mess, then he will have to pay the consequences of his actions.

  220. From Janiebell

    John and Hope are back in Salem “with their loved ones”, but will the Princess Gena and the Pawn ever be over and that forced “marrage” be over.

  221. From Cougar

    Just looked at the publisity photo oF James & Ali. Ali – smokin hot!Gotta say I tried a [air of those shoes on once in a store for a laugh. Seriously how in the world can any one navigate in those shoes? I had to hang on to my friend to stand let alone walk!

  222. From MAB

    EJ fans – Google Days of Our Lives, and find a great photo galley of James Scott!

    What happened to Lexie making recordings for Theo? I hope the writers didn’t drop the ball on this. It would be nice to see these recordings be used throughout Theo growing up, to remember his Mom and be able to get advice from her anytime he needs it.

    Not surprised spoilers say Rafe & Roman tell EJ that he’s the primary suspect in Stefano’s murder. Rafe wants to nail EJ so bad that he’ll no doubt screw up this investigation by hounding EJ, instead of searching thru the evidence to find for the real shooter.

  223. From SandyGram

    #217 MAB
    Terrific Posting!

  224. From tb

    Who even reads mads boring novels,who made her the boss here anyway?!?! yawn!!!

  225. From Kat

    #217 MAB, same here, terrific Blog.
    SandyGram, Contratulations for Chloe Bell.

  226. From amber

    i think that Ian is the one who shot Stephano…he did mention to EJ that they are the two most powerful men in Salem now…and he might have been mad enough to do it because of what Stephano did to Kate….

  227. From AnnieQ

    Well todays show was a little slow.Feel so sorry for Brady.He is going to freak when the drug test results come in. That all will send Madison packing.(lol)
    My main suspect in Stephano’s shooting is still Ian. We still don’t what his purpose is in Salem,why the Phoenixwas on his cane.Just know that he’s a bad guy. Since he’s leaving the show this will probably tie up his storyline. It also could involve Agent Harmon. I also like the Stephano faking his own death cuz this means he’ll be back!I’m thinking there’s something that made him feel that he had to test his loved ones and have them prove their loyalty. Probably ties in with EJ not being his son.(or maybe he is after all)
    Lastly,any of the “usual suspects” that touched the gun and left could have returned with gloves and done the ‘dastardly deed” But I hope not.
    Don’t like the pairing of Abe and Kayla although she could use a love interest.
    Richard, you have such a mind for detail.Thats great you should have been a writer.Unfortunately,don’t think the TPTB are that meticulous, but keep them coming.Has anyone noticed that Tuesdays and Thursdays
    are more juicy? So I look forward to tomorrow.

  228. From Anna

    I don’t get your way of thinking MAB; i mean if Will has to pay the consequences why Nicole doesn’t have to too ?! And Nicole’s actions toward Ej are FAR WORSE than Will’s actions ? To me it is totally out of character for Ej and quite destroy his character but of course we can agree to disagree, not a big see that is frustrating but it is just a soap at the end of the day.
    p.s: Ali Sweeney is ‘bootylicious’ on these pictures..reminds me a certain Jennifer

  229. From AnnieQ

    Mab,Glad you also agree we should not discuss those hot button topics on this board so, after today,I’m done.Being new to this board I would say that while I do enjoy reading your long,juicy blogs,you do seem to have an edge that many people have taken issue with.It may be your writing style. It is hard to read the intent behind the written word. I would just say that if my name always came up in controversy,at some point I would have to look at myself and wonder what I was doing wrong…Just saying..
    Kat,after today no more Rushbo. I guess i feel disapponted.Don’t know you but after reading this board for about 2yrs you get into trouble sometimes but unlike your buddy, you are quick to apologize,have a kind word and a great sense of humor. I love people that make me laugh. While you are funny,I never find Rush funny unless I enjoy making fun of different races religons, the poor and needy, and even the handicapped.
    I remember when the gay Will story was coming out and this board was in an uproar, you wrote a couple of blogs that seemed heartfelt and well thought out about your own efforts to grow and evolve although you weren’t on board with it.I was impressed and like to think that your words helped to calm down the “furor” lol
    Just wanted to tell you that. Now,no morepolitics ..back to DOOL.Yay!
    Oh, just watched Dallas over the weekend.It was supergood,loved it!

  230. From Sam

    well guys Peter Reckell aka Bo Brady is really leaving, he tweet about sucks, he was the only ‘good guy’ i liked on this show..

  231. From Shani

    I have not seen politics on here mostly but sometimes on weekends people get away from Days and have other fun. Having said that & it is Monday, kat, do you also like Bill O’Reilly like I do?

    I was disappointed they didn’t get to Melanie’s kidnapping today. Tomorrow I guess. I don’t think Maggie should have given Victor such a hard time. I am glad she softened. Brady is helpless in Ian’s scheme. I don’t blame Madison. It would be different if Brady didn’t have a history of being an addict. I guess she would think he had another medical problem of some kind. But he does have that history so I think it is natural for her to wonder about his actions & drugs. If I were her I probably would. Too bad the test will show drugs in his system so no matter what he says the proof will be there & hard to argue against. I doubt anyone will think of someone drugging him. At least not before it is too late for him & Madison. I don’t remember anything being said about Madison being with anyone else but Ian & now Brady so this will be a real relationship blow-up in her face. Abby & Cameron are sweet but they don’t really have a storyline and are boring. I hope that will change.

    I still feel sorry for Will. He got his own self in trouble with the DiMeras but he is young & no match. Maybe when he finds out EJ is not Steffie’s son, he will have it over EJ.

  232. From MAB

    Kat & SandyGram – thanks!

    tb, if you don’t like my posts, and think they’re long & boring, then why did you read it in the first place???? You just wanted to chime in and make a smart @$$ remark…acting like I’m the ONLY one to have a long post. This is something everyone does, or has done, not just me. Get over it, or better yet, skip over my posts and there will be NO conflict.

    AnnieQ – I hate that Brady will find out his tests will come back positive, but I’m happy that it will send Madison packing. As far as the Phoenix on Ian’s cane, even tho it was mentioned in the spoilers, I’ve never seen them show it, nor has anyone else that I know of. Do you recall ever seeing it? Also, the reason my posts are long is because I usually only post once a day (unless I reply back to someone like I’m doing you now). I never post at night or on the weekends, just Mon-Fri. Yes, I’m well aware some take issues w/ my posts, and that is their choice. I’m here to give MY opinion on the show, the way I see it, just like everyone else. I don’t expect anyone to agree w/ me, or even like it. I look at things from all sides, and maybe that does set me apart from some, even tho there are several people on here who agree w/ me most of the time. I don’t understand why you think I need to look at myself like I’ve done something wrong, because I haven’t. I post opinions like everyone else. I can’t help if I ruffle a few feathers. I can’t control people’s reactions, and don’t want to. The only problem I have w/ anyone on here is when someone takes things to a personal level, and that’s when the controversy begins. Like I always say, you can take it for what it’s worth, or just skip it if you don’t like my views. That’s what I do.

    Anna – I get what you’re saying about Will. I didn’t say tho that Nicole shouldn’t pay the consequences too. She should for trying to keep EJ’s child from him. I just think Will bit off more than he could chew when he got involved w/ the DiMeras. And it would’ve never happened if he hadn’t been so cocky going over there trying to blackmail EJ in the first place. So as they say, you make your bed, you lie in it.

    Madison can sit there and warn Kate about Ian, but she doesn’t think for one minute Ian may be behind what’s going on w/ Brady??? She’s an idiot! I bet Maggie will think something is off, when he tells her what’s going on.

  233. From SandyGram

    #224 tb
    If you frequent this board and read everyone’s Postings you know that I am not one to engage in conversation (for the most part) other than to discuss the show. But your Post #224, I don’t know just kind of got to me since I thought you were responding to my Post #223 where I commented to MAB about her Terrific Post #217.

    So I just have a few questions for you… quote “Who even reads mads boring novels,who made her the boss here anyway?!?! yawn!!!” First of all it’s MAB not mads, if your going to criticize a posting get the name right. Second who made you judge and jury on any Posting on this site? What makes your posting any better than the posting you are criticizing? And, third, How do you personally feel after your crass comment? Did you get it all out? I for one am extremely tired of the personal attacks toward any member on this board. It’s also against the Posting Guidelines for this Fan Site, if anyone needs to be refreshed they can be found under FAQ.

  234. From Shani

    I disgree & do not think Madison is an idiot. Brady has an addiction history so I just think that someone drugging him is not a conclusion anyone whould jump to right off the bat. Today Maggie thinks his symptoms are just cravings that show up sometimes. I like Madison so I give her the edge on this. Like I said in her place I could feel the same & red flags could go up about this man I am in love with & what is going on with him. Poor Brady will be devastated at the test results. My sisterinlaw could use & not remember. Taking someone down this path like Ian is doing is an awful thing.

  235. From SandyGram

    Episode June 18th:
    Victor and Maggie – Thank You to TPTB for not splitting up Vic and the Magster. I surely hope the promise to be the man she wants him to be (where have we heard that before) doesn’t take all the wind out of Master Kiriakis sails. He’s just gotta dabble now and then…..or bring back Philip to do his dabbling for him. Then ‘A Little Afternoon Delight”….Delightful!

    Madison and Brady – It must be that I know she is leaving the show, but I just can’t get into them anymore other than to express my dislike for TPTB taking Brady down the drug road again. So for me, their conversations are short on substance and long on being long! Now Ian…..Bye Bye as soon as possible and take Madison with you!

    Abbi and Cameron – Charming! But for me it was all filler today and setting up that Cameron will be in Theo’s life after Lexie is gone. I just don’t get it or we haven’t been given enough to know what danger Celeste see’s around Abbi.

    I was kind of curious, or I have missed something along the way, when Brady and Daniel got to the Kirakis Mansion why did Brady ring the door bell? Doesn’t he live there any more?

    Victor and Daniel – Actually I was kind of offended in the way Victor talked about Nicole today, especially since when he was hooked up with her years ago he was more than dabbling in the dirty deeds.

  236. From kara

    This show was so so so boring, Maggie and Victor : what a bore..i understand why we don’t see them much often they are borefest..Abby and Cameron : the same boring cheesy stuff, Abby was more interesting when she was a little lolita bad girl..Madison and Brady borefest too and Brady is always written as a fool, he was great when he was angry and alcoholic and with Nicole the gold-digger (the few times i like Nicole by the way) and Victor is right she is a slut, it is just the truth, it is not the worst..the worst is when she is an hypocrite about it like right now with her lame scheme baby nonsense with Ej and Ej is a pathetic fool about it..ewwwwwww
    To sum up : boring boring episode like Friday, thankfully tomorrow there is the lexie and Will stuff, more interesting and entertaining or heartbreaking (Lexie scenes) !

  237. From Anna

    Yep Victor is totally right about Nicole, and why do they always write male characters as some stupid fools about Nicole in order to make her schemes is pretty contrived and pathetic imo, and of course boring.

  238. From patty

    Day ahead Spoilers! A very sad day today as Lexie dies peacefuly in Abe’s arms. Get the tissues ready.
    SandyGram, I agree that Victor has a way of getting offensive when he talks about women like Nicole and Chloe, calling them sluts and gold diggers and being very insensitive to Brady’s and Daniel’s feelings towards these women. I just wish Maggie would slap him upside the head when he does that. lol!
    I agree Shani, what Ian is doing to Brady is an awful thing. I only hope this doesn’t lead to another long struggle with addiction for him.
    Interesting that Billie offers Rafe her help with the investigation on EJ. She seems to think he’s the guilty one in Stephano’s shooting.
    Neil tells Sami,Rafe and Carrie Will was with him at a gay bar the night of the shooting. It looks like Carrie’s services won’t be needed for long.

  239. From Shani

    tb’s comments were not nice. I spoke out a couple weeks ago & maybe I shouldn’t have but the name calling back then was not nice either.

    I was hoping Victor would tell Dr. Dan how Nicole tried to kill him.

  240. From SandyGram

    Must See…RED CARPET INTERVIEW: James Scott at the 39th Annual Daytime Entertainment Creative Arts Emmy Awards, Posted June 18th…….

    Great Interview …. Quote “WE LOVE SOAPS TV caught up with DAYS OF OUR LIVES star James Scott. We talked about EJ’s relationship with Stefano on DAYS and what an EJ/Will ‘relationship’ might do to Sami.” James also addresses whether he shot Stefano.

    Yahoo or Google Search on We Love Soaps…..then click on Interviews, there’s also an Interview with Lauren Koslow (Kate).

  241. From Mopy

    Just catching up on last week’s shows. They snuck a COMMERCIAL IN THE SHOW?? Ummm… Very icky, guys, very icky.

  242. From Cougar

    I kinda thought awh shucks how cute, cheesy and quaint, Abby & Cameron going berry picking. Then I had a good laugh seeing them come back with 2 full baskets of berries looking fresh as a daisy. Narry a hair out of place and only one smudge on Abby’s face. As a country girl who has picked black berries my whole life and still do for pies, jam and wine. Tromping through the weeds, battling bugs, getting thorns in your fingers and doing it all in 90 degree plus heat. I come back exhausted, hair all awry, sweaty, tired and looking like someone pulled me through the bush backwards. Really not for wimps. You gotta really want the berries; end result has its rewards. I love black berries so much I acrually think I eat more than I pick!

  243. From Cougar

    Poor Brady, this isn’t the first time someone slipped him a mickey. Didn’t Nicole try it once or did she back out at the last minute? At any rate it is an assault charge and taken very seroiusly in court. What I think is odd is that he recognizes craving another fix but he doesn’t recognize experiencing the high.

  244. From Clear

    Cannot post! Trying again. Kat it is Neil Boortz on talk radio. He is retiring soon, so he is really on the edge lately!

    Victor surely gave Doc Dan the scoop on Nicole, but I think it fell on deaf ears!

    I do not like writers letting dirtbag Ian drug Brady! Hope he finds out and gets rid of the Ian character period!

  245. From Shani

    clear 243 we don’t get Neil Boortz here but I heard Herman Cain is taking over his show. I would like Ian to leave because he was blown away but I would not want Brady to get caught as the one who did it.

  246. From Maryl

    Cougar–You are so right about berry picking! You don’t come home looking neat and pretty after a day out in the hot sun searching for the little rascals! I have done plenty of berry picking and I never thought it was fun– actually more like hard work. Also looking out for snakes was not fun either, however, we always thought the berries were worth every effort that we had to make! We are just crazy like that! Ha!

  247. From Cougar

    Maryl, it is hard work and good one about the snakes. I absolutely go bonkers when I spot a snake. You ALWAYS step carefully through that tall grass because you never know when there is a snake in the grass. Kinda like DOOL! LOL

  248. From SandyGram

    Excerpt from daysofourlives Comings and Goings, dated June 19th:

    Molly Burnett (Melanie) taped her final scenes as Melanie on June 15. “To the best cast and crew and fans a girl could ever ask for. I’m humbled and excited and nervous and ready to read the next chapter,” she tweeted on the emotional day. Burnett’s last air date is September 27.

    Ian Buchanan (Ian), who was let go as Madison’s manipulative husband, Ian McAllister, makes his final appearance on August 22.

    An inside source reports that Days is working hard to lure a very popular, former leading lady back to the show. Despite talks, the two sides have been unable to come to an agreement. (I would venture to guess this is Eileen Davidson (former Kristin)

  249. From MAB

    #232 SandyGram – I appreciate your comments about me.

    And I say to all that continues the controversy on here, stop making personal remarks about people you don’t know, and talk about the show for a change. And if you dislike someone’s opinions, skip over their post, otherwise when YOU call people names & make childish remarks, expect to get the backlash.

    I’ve never seen the Phoenix symbol on Ian’s cane, even tho it was mentioned in the spoilers a while back. Has anyone else seen it?

    Yes, red flags should go up about Brady, and those red flags all point to Ian. Madison knows what Ian is capable of. I find it stupid on her part for not thinking Ian could still be messing w/ her life, which is exactly what he’s doing. Instead, she postpones the wedding, and questions everything about the man who is supposedly the love of her life. Yep, I call that an idiot! If she loved him like she says, she’d give Brady the benefit of the doubt instead of making accusations. And if she was so concerned about him, why didn’t she go w/ Brady to get the tests? I would have. Did she ever think it could be something else? Daniel did. He not only did the drug test, but additional blood work to see if something else was going on…again giving Brady the benefit of the doubt, unlike her. Hopefully Nicole will step up and be the woman Brady needs to get him back on track once Madison is gone & out of his life.

    I actually enjoyed Cameron & Abby a little yesterday, although I found the berry picking a little corny.

    Yes, please bring Philip back! We need someone to run Titan!

    Billie was trying to get EJ to go against Stefano, and now she thinks he’s the one who shot him? She is an idiot too, and certainly not ISA material. I guess it’s ok for her to work for the ISA and no one thinks it’s a bad idea, but Kayla can’t get past Steve working for them?? Makes no sense.

    I’m so glad Maggie finally came to her senses about Victor.

    Did anyone check out the photo galley of James Scott I mentioned above? There is another pic of James & Ali together, but this one is from an appearance they made together. They always look so good together, even as their real selves.

  250. From SandyGram

    #248 MAB
    I’m with you I have never seen a scene with Ian’s cane showing the Phoenix emblem and I have never found another fan on any other site that has. Other than someone mentioning it here and I can’t remember the Board Members Name. It was either a bad spoiler, it’s on the cutting room floor or a visit to the eye doctor is needed. Since Days tapes 3 months in advance maybe the spoiler came out and soon after it was disclosed Ian was leaving so it ended up as a nice thought but cut. And of course who knows with all the firing of writers.

    I did look at the photo gallery of James Scott. A very handsome villain in deed.

  251. From michele

    #227 Anna, I agree with MAB that EJ is trying to learn from his past with Sami. I also feel that EJ is being so kind to Nichole because he believes he is the babies father and that she will come back to him once she gets over being mad/hurt. I believe that if Nichole trys to keep his child from him once the baby is born, then EJ will not be so nice. MAB and I may differ on who EJ should be with Sami or Nichole, but we both believe that EJ truely loves both of them and is trying to change. I believe that he is truely bothered that he hurt Nichole, but like I said if she continues these games after the baby is born I believe EJ will say enough is enough and make sure he gets to be a part of his childs life.

  252. From Kat

    SandyGram, thank you for setting some blogger straight, it’s hard Not to respond when you feel put down. I will always defend somebody, like I said before, it is in my nature….
    Clear, Neil Boortz, don’t listen to him. Thanks for the info.
    I have never seen the “Phoenix” on Ian’s walking stick.
    Hope that they are talking about Eilleen Davidson/Kristin/Susan, maybe coming back. If Bo leaves, they can pay his salary to Her…
    The Black berry picking episode, wonder if they washed the berries first….
    Love the Snake remark, Kate or our Reptilian friend Ian, might slitter around, feasting on the berries…
    248 MAB, good stuff again, I agree.

    Did any of you catch Brady’s remark,
    I had No Drugs, since The Day I got out of Rehab…did he have some on that day as a Farefull Goodie…?

    I think that Melanie will be back again,
    like so many others that have left. They might even bring back Carly and Nicholas down the road, if the SL will ask for it. I also read Bo stating, that he is open to making random appearances, so how are they going to write him out of the Story right now.

    243 Clear, Dan –and Vic’s remark on deaf ears, so true, it won’t get to his big brain that way, the little one is in control..LOL

    I Loved the Moment, when Victor “gave up”, told Maggie she could have her divorce,
    boy did Her Tune ever change. More Men should try that, don’t beg and plead, just give up and walk away, and then find out, do they really want to leave you, or are they just playing a Little Power Game, “some” women are good at that.
    Maggie should know, that there is sooooooooo much more, that she does Not know about Vic,
    she married him knowing all that, Now Live with it…you made your decision…
    Who is Dr.Dan’s Daddy, Maggie go Ask Victor,
    I am baffled that Maggie or Dan don’t want to know….
    TerriK, miss your blogs…..

    Later, kat

  253. From Kat

    250 michele, I agree with you and MAB about EJ and Nicole/Sami.
    This lying about his children is getting a bit over the top, and yes, enough is enough, He loves his children, love is love and the Mothers don’t have a monopoly on Love.
    I still think, something is up, Stefano (our Stefano) would never have done to EJ what he did, it’s not his style, not the way he did love Tony, Kristin and Peter, blood or no blood. Hope the upcoming SL’s are good.

  254. From Debbie

    Lexie’s scenes were so sad today but they were nicely done in an understated way in the garden. It was a fitting send off for Renee. I wonder if we’re ever going to see Theo watching those tapes she made for him. Hope there was time to make more than just the one she did.

  255. From Barb

    At least Lexie went peacefully,sorry to see her go.Now that Stefano is “gone”,can’t EJ afford to pay the light bill?The house has been dark since he left!

  256. From MAB

    SandyGram – I’m hoping the idea of Ian having any link to the DiMera family is out the window. Yes, the photos of EJ are awesome, but it also made me realize how much I miss Tony. The pics of EJ, Tony & Stefano were so good that they looked like a real family.

    Michele – yeah no doubt EJ loves both Sami & Nicole. Yet it’s these same 2 women who put EJ in the position to take drastic measures just to be w/ his children.

    Kat – “I had No Drugs, since The Day I got out of Rehab…did he have some on that day as a Farefull Goodie…?” Too funny! I also agree about Maggie. Here she was giving Victor all the ultimatums, but when he “gave up”, she changed her tune.

  257. From jolie

    I am so far behind on watching DOL and reading all the blogging so please forgive me if I stumble and repeat questions. Did anyone else think Bo and Hope are getting ready for the other shoe to drop after their talk with Marlena? It just seems like they are setting up for his leaving. Will he go out as Stefano’s killer and go to jail, will he be killed, will he and Hope blow off their love forever again? And I think I did read that Bo (Peter the actor) is really leaving right? Sorry again for not being able to keep up right now but in a time crunch and you all are my best way to keep informed and I thank you for it!

  258. From Shani

    Lexie passing so sad today. It was well done & excellently acted out. Could see her slipping away bit by bit all through the show. It was wonderful acting by Abe when she passed & that is what made me cry. Such a peaceful garden setting for the scenes. I will miss Lexie’s character.

    The rest of the show was pretty predictable through spoilers. I really don’t like what is happening to Melanie.

    254 Barb pretty funny about the light bill! Don’t know why they are keeping it so dark in the mansion.

  259. From Maryl

    Today’s episode–
    My eyes and nose are red from crying–hope the redness fades before my husband gets home and wonders what the heck is wrong with me. Lexie and Abe were wonderful today. So sad, but yet so beautiful. The writers have done a wonderful job of portraying Lexie’s last monents of life. To fade away in Abe’s arms in that beautiful garden was so touching, comforting and peaceful. So much better than having her die in a hospital bed. I will miss
    Lexie–she was always one of my favorite female characters. She is so beautiful.

    On another note–am I overly imaginative or did anyone else think that Rafe and Billie looked dang good together?? Both are in law enforcement so they share something in common. I believe she would “spark” better with Rafe than with Daniel. IMO

  260. From SandyGram

    #255 MAB
    Seeing the picture of EJ and Tony together brought back some really good memories of when Thaao Penghlis was on the show. I would still like TPTB to bring back Anna. With Carrie leaving it’s probably less likely she would return. She could also put a kink in EJ’s getty up at, least temporarily, she could cause him some angst.

    This is a poll on daysofourlives posted June 18th:

    Which DiMera would you like to see back in Salem?

    A. Eileen Davidson as Kristen
    B. Jason Brooks as Peter
    C. Thaao Penghlis as Tony
    D. All of the above; the DiMeras rule
    E. None of the above; I’m not a fan of the corrupt clan

    It would be interesting to know if any of these Polls are seen by the TPTB of the show?

  261. From SandyGram

    #258 Maryl….
    Ditto, Ditto, Ditto on everything you posted. Loved Billie’s animal print pants, how professional is that, no one would suspect her of working for the ISA. And, Rafe and Billie could be very believable mates working side by side in law enforcement. Maybe not the next Bo and Hope, but it could be fun. Then I’m thinking with the Daniel/Nicole thing coming up, Billie may be off Dr. Dan’s radar. I keep saying TPTB are mixing all the characters up so much, they should all take a room at the DiMansion and just cross pollinate at their leisure.

  262. From SandyGram

    Episode June 19th:
    If anyone see’s on the news tonight there was a loud explosion on the West Coast today, that was me screaming off my back deck down in to the woods when I heard Carrie and Rafe say they wouldn’t have a problem working Will’s case because they are ‘professionals’. Sorry Rafe buddy, but when that Cat is around you turn into a Dawg and all ‘professionalism’ goes out the window. They could barely get the word ‘professional’ out of their mouths.

    Congratulations to the Hair Department today, Sami’s bangs looks 200% better. In fact Sami look extra beautiful today. Not to mention how dashing Justin and yes even EJ looked today in their dark suits. Lucas should have been there while Sami was meeting with Will’s Lawyers? It will be interesting to see if Sami, Lucas or Will share what could be Will’s motive for shooting Stefano with Justin or Carrie. And if Carrie in particular learns of Will shooting EJ at the Church can she keep client confidentiality and not tell Investigator Hernandez. But then now that I think of it, Will was a young boy when the EJ shooting took place and Lucas sent Will to Switzerland to live with Carrie and Austin, could they already know? Would Will of shared that with them way back then?

    Now on to the kidnapping. Did we here a ‘what was that’ when Andrew text Chad that Melanie was ‘going to Europe to be with her Mother’. What would Andrew know about Carly? Just a thought! Andrew does have me intrigued, to bad he was brought on as a stalker.

    Oh one other ‘Ah Ha’ moment from Yesterdays Show, Cameron when talking to Abby about staying in Salem said “I’m thinking about seeing if they have any openings on staff in this hospital”. Now would someone explain to me if he’s not on staff how is he working with patients at the Hospital? I know he said earlier he was covering some of Lexie’s patients, but wouldn’t he have to be employed at least temporarily to have Hospital privileges?

    Although we didn’t hear the details of what Will told EJ about the night Stefano was shot, I’m thinking he did tell him about being in the Gay Bar with Neil and friends. I understand why Will hasn’t told anyone like Roman about being at the Gay Bar since he’s not totally out to his family. And I think this is the first time EJ has heard Will admit to him he was gay. He may have suspected it but Will has never confirmed it to EJ. So now I’m thinking EJ is advising Will to bring that piece of information out to clear himself. I could be wrong, EJ could just be letting Will dig that hole deeper to make Will more dependent on him. This one time I’ll give EJ the benefit of the doubt…

  263. From Cougar

    Today was a 4 hanky day on Dool with Lexie’s passing. It was all done so well. Not only did Renee shine but it showed how under used Abe has been some might fine acting done on his part too.

    Sany Gram I loved your cross pollinating comment you really cracked me up!

    Comments on the dark shasows in the DiMira mansion. I think it was an attempt at placing adramatic flair and sinister edge to the mood. But Barb’s light bill comment really cracked me up and dispelled the drama to humor!

    Carrie and Rafe working togehter . . . AGAIN?!?! Absurd.

  264. From patty

    Get the box of tissue ready for today’s show, you will need it. Good show all around, lots of hugging and feel good stuff. We even get to see cutie pie Sonny . :)

  265. From URL

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