Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For June 28 & 29.


Nicole shoves the bullets she finds at EJ’s in her purse without him noticing. They eat cake and he gropes her baby bump as Junior Jr. kicks for the first time. Although they reconnect, it proves to be momentary and things quickly turn bitter. She walks over to the station to hand the cops the bullets she found. Things are tense over there since Agent Spencer isn’t exactly shy at pointing out the Salem PD’s ethical problems. The cops stare at the bullets and wonder what they could have been used for.

John, Marlena and Kayla do their best to support Abe as he struggles to prepare for Lexi’s memorial. After watching a DVD left behind by his wife, Abe asks Elvis to be a pallbearer. EJ promises him that they will always be family. Everyone heads over to Chez Rouge for the service. Speeches are given, toasts are made, poems are read and then the dancing begins. Cameron sobs to Abby about never really knowing his sister. His mother looks on in revulsion. EJ and Sami curl up in a corner to recollect his sister. Johnny interrupts and prompts them to hit the dance floor.

Brady is stoned and angry. He lashes out at Ian and accuses him of stealing away his sobriety. Ian treats Brady like something he walked in and assures him that no one will believe his drug addled moans. Meanwhile, Nicole and Daniel have a post-sex date which is actually fun. And across town, Bo and Hope finally hear about Kayla breaking up with Steve and are shocked.

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  1. From Julia

    I vote a big FAT YES, these Salem Brady and Hernandez cops are so incompetent and biased, pitiful, they are not better than the ‘bad guys’ they so called chase.

    I am fed up with Ej being always duped by Nicole, i hate this relationship, stop it right now, Ej is pathetic when he is involved with her, STOP IT RIGHT NOW !

  2. From SandyGram

    Well according to the Summary Nicole didn’t plant the bullets in EJ’s apartment…so there is still the question…who did?

  3. From dc

    in my opinion ian may have planted those bullets or maybe even ej forgot he had them in the apartment. ian will be gone soon anyway (thank goodness). why not let him be blamed??
    nicole is playing ej to get evidence to ut him in jail to protect her and her baby..
    i guess this andrew character is gonna keep melanie locked until her last day on the show. would hope they would give her a better exit..
    brady is gonna go after ian. would hate it if brady is gone fro the show. ian (mr creepy) the sooner the better..

  4. From Sandra

    So, I haven’t watched DOOL’s in months. But being a life long fan, I still keep up with what’s happening on this site. I stopped watching because the show started running storylines that was of no interest to me, plus being offensive to me, as well. I remember the “Day’s” when, if a person on the show “died”, or married, they would gather at the church. The one thing that always impressed me about DOOL’s back then was they always were true to the reality of when you have a death or you are in great dispair, you can always reach down deep & rely & depend on your faith to see you through the hard times. That, apparently is no longer the case – since Lexi’s “memorial” will be held at a restaurant. Really? Ask me if I’m surprised. Good grief. My grandmother told me many, many years ago that the day would come when people who are intrinsically conservative, morally, will be perceived as evil and will be looked down upon, hence, discriminated against. That day is here.

  5. From Kat

    #4 Sandra, very good thoughts, I like and agree.

  6. From Shani

    4 Sandra I also agree. I had Nicole as one of my suspects who would plant evidence against EJ but now I am glad it sounds like it wasn’t her. Now I’m going with Ian or Will.

  7. From SandyGram

    Episode June 27th:
    Your all going to be very surprised and please today, I have very little to say about the show.

    For me, with the exception of EJ and Nicole and EJ and Chad there’s really not much to comment on. In the scene’s with these folks again EJ showed his more compassionate side, if only momentarily with Nikki and totally with Chad. When she faked the faint and went down, EJ was there and showed honest concern. Then with Chad he was a brother, I think he even surprises himself being able to comfort Chad. Just maybe EJ will turn to Chad to be his next best friend.

    OK that’s it for me….Prayers for all the folks affected by the storms and floods on the east Coast and the Gulf and the fires in Colorado.

  8. From Michelle

    Nicole is disgusting. Not because she’s having sex with her best friend’s {who we are supposed to forget exist} ex-husband, not even because she’s lying to EJ about his baby {can’t wait till that storyline is over}, but because she used Lexie’s death as a way to get what she wants. Reminds me of Arianna’s death. She has no shame. Of all the things that EJ does, he knows his faults. But these characters who claim to be against EJ and all that he stands for are just as bad as him and I’m a little tired of his the stone throwing at his direction.
    I never thought I’d say it, but Nicole needs to mature, get on Sami’s level. haha.

  9. From Michelle

  10. From jolie

    #4 Sandra, I am with you lady. Very astute observations.
    Sandygram, I would be surprised but never pleased that you didn’t have much to write about. Your postings are always good to read to get a fair viewpoint of what is going on. I think you spread the wealth and are really never too far for or against a character and if you criticize a storyline, you never criticize the actor. I too am praying for the flood and fire areas. Oh that the extra rain could come out West right now.
    Back to Nicole…I am just so ill at the writers on what they are doing to my NicNic. I do love her and she has been thru so much. Yes, much of what she has been thru, she brought on to herself but she is a survivor and fighter and I just love the range of the actress. She is believable no matter how the writers are slaying her character. Yes, Nicole would do anything to protect this baby but I don’t think Nicole is such a nympho that she’d jeopardize her pregnancy to have sex on a desktop with Dr Feelgood. And I just don’t think Nicole would go down the path of hiding her babydaddyship from her babydaddy. I think she’d be holding it over his head and demanding that he treat her like a queen. That is the Nicole I love. This whole storyline of Rafe being the stand-in babydaddy and now Dr Dan in the middle of this muddle is ridiculous. Give me back my strong Nicole.
    Nicole taking the bullets out of Elvis’ apt and to the Salem Po-Po. Well, there goes your chain of evidence and those can now be used for…NOTHING. They can suppose whatever they want but for all they know Nicole is a p.o.ed wife and is trying to get even with her husband for whatever reasons. Those bullets mean nothing now that she touched them. And once moved, the evidence becomes nothing more that smoke. Even the SPD can’t scratch out a case out of that. If the writers are going to shove Dr Dan and Nicole together, I’ll try to get behind it but I want true love for Nic and I think it was Elvis. Not sure if that boat has sailed but then this is a soap so I think not.
    If Brady doesn’t go into a drugged up spin and whack Creepy Ian, can I have a go at that character?? I just can’t stand Ian and what he has done to Brady. I blame Madison because she should know what Ian is capable of and should have whacked Ian a long time ago. And I know John is all tied up in Marlena, Hope, Bo and who shot Stefano but why the heck is he not catching on to what is happening to Brady?? He should figure out that Brady is addicted to protein shakes and get to the bottom of why. Then John can go give Creepy Ian a whack.

  11. From SandyGram

    #8 jolie
    Thanks for the compliment ‘jolie’. Sometimes it’s hard to keep perspective that’s, let’s say, fair and balanced when the writers are moving around so frequently. For me, Days has a great bunch of actors and for the material they are given they portray their characters remarkably. Now there are a few actors/story lines that are not my favorite, but it appears they are short lived on the show. Then their are storylines that are not my favorites, then I try to remember there necessary to keep the show balanced between good and evil and very evil.

    I’m with you on Nicole…beautiful, strong actress and the best at what she does. Then the Rafe/Carrie thing…just a few weeks and these doe eyed lovers will be over, for now that is….Hopefully if Carrie returns at some point Rafe won’t be in a new relationship that she comes in and interferes with. Not to mention this would lead to another story where a child would be taken from it’s father if Austin didn’t return also. Thanks again! Now off to get my ears lowered and come back to watch today’s what will be a sad show at Lexie’s memorial.

  12. From SandyGram

    Reference should be to Post #10 jolie.

  13. From Sam

    Why Nicole should be happy when she deceived all other people and them when they deceive they don’t get their happy story/end (it is a soap there is no end) and Ej NEVER loved her really, she was always second best if you so want her with somebody who loves her it is NOT and NEVER will be Ej, get real !

  14. From Lulu

    When Nicole was stepford wife to Ej the ‘devil’ Dimera she was strong seriously ? He even tried to kill her and she let him mourn a child who was not his, come on Nicole lovers, you seem almost as much delusional as her..finally Daniel (who saved her more than once) seem to treat her better than others and far better than Ej.

  15. From SandyGram

    Episode June 28th:
    Tender, loving video from Lexie to Abe. And like I’ve mentioned in other posts, John does compassion and support to his friend very well. Great family moment between Abe and EJ, but for me, it will be a fleeting moment. It will only be a matter of time before Abe and EJ become estranged again. And when they do, at that time I will say to bad EJ didn’t have it in him to hold on to the very thing he is so desperate to have, a family.

    As ‘jolie’ pointed out in Post #10 chain of evidence is crucial with evidence. Nicole even touching that box of bullets in EJ’s apartment ruined them from ever being used as evidence to anything. As much as I like the Rafster, he is way out of bounds on this one. Even if the bullets were found with a warrant, because there in EJ’s kitchen drawer doesn’t mean he’s hiding them, nor does it mean the one missing bullet from the box is the one that shot Stefano. I would imagine many people have the same caliber of gun as Abe’s. Circumstantial at best, proof of nothing. I can understand Rafe’s anxiety at this moment. With all that EJ has done to him personally and to the ones he loves and has loved it’s logical he would want EJ to take the fall for killing Stefano. But in this case, for me, it’s just wishful thinking. Here’s a thought, why have we not heard the Investigators ask Abe where he got the bullets from that was loaded in his gun and was the gun loaded?

    Finally #14 LuLu
    My comment about being strong is in reference to the actress Arianne Zurker not Nicole the character. Nicole is just as manipulative as EJ, Ian, Kate, Sami, Rafe, etc., and Arianne plays that so well.

  16. From Kat

    15 SandyGram, good one, I like and agree.
    Bullets in EJ’s Kitchen drawer mean Nothing at all.
    Abe’s gun was loaded, wasn’t it….if it was empty, than are they trying to say, EJ took one bullet, put it into Abe’s gun and shot and killed Stefano….
    From what we hear, it will be EJ, that defends Abe against Stefano, trying to take Theo away from his father, so I think the promise is holding up for quite a while…
    Rafe, no matter what, it’s about time that he becomes an investigator without personal bias, if He Can Not Do That, Do not investigate people that you have personal issues with, get yourself recused, please.
    Roman, just at the moment that I think you got it, you get sucked in again by Rafe/Nicole’s personal agendas…. Roman when are you ever going to get Smart in your own way.
    Once and for All, Salem PD etc. extending arms, learn a final lesson, if you want to take down the bad guys,
    play by the rules all the way, other wise, it will not happen, because You Will Always loose by DEFAULT, get it yet, any of you….

  17. From joni

    Who ever mentioned the memorials used to take place at a church was so right. This restaurant thing is so out of character for the people of Salem.

  18. From bella

    I take Spencer as an addition to the Salem pd over rafe please. Rafe character is so on dimensional, since he first got to salem its always been “i know he’s hiding something and Im gonna get him” get over it and move on, better yet move away and take your sister with you. He’s a lousy cop / FBI/ISA agent and a bore!

  19. From bella

    I’ll take Spencer as an addition to the Salem pd over rafe please. Rafe character is so on dimensional, since he first got to salem its always been “i know he’s hiding something and Im gonna get him” get over it and move on, better yet move away and take your sister with you. He’s a lousy cop / FBI/ISA agent and a bore!

  20. From Shani

    17 joni Marlena & John today at the restaurant assure Abe that the service for Lexie at St. Luke’s was beautiful. But I wish they would have shown the church gathering.

  21. From patty

    Bella, Rafe is right when he says EJ is hiding something because he always is and I think he’s hiding something this time too. Look at all EJ’s done and has never been held accountable for so you can’t blame Rafe for wanting to “get him” after all he has done to him and his family. Any cop has some big criminal he wants to nab and the Demiras are the ones the SPD wants really bad. They are after all Salem’s worst crime family.

  22. From Shani

    21 patty well said about Rafe. I don’t think he really believes EJ is responsible for Stefano’s death but he knows he is hiding something, which he is.

  23. From dinky

    I agree Lexie’s memorial should have been at church. Days of our lives used to b every rooted in the church. The name of the show is from a bible verse. “Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever” Psalm 23:6

  24. From Kate

    And why Rafe would care if Ej hide something not related to the murder ? It is not his business, get a life Rafe Hernandez (i can’t stand the actor’s voice be the way, it is worse than Roman’s..shudder)

  25. From Shani

    We don’t know everything about the so called murder. EJ could be hiding something related to it even if he didn’t “kill” Stefano. Rafe does have a life and it is being a detective.

  26. From ShellT

    Well said Dinky!
    I think the writers have forgotten the foundation this show was built on. They’ve written away the very reasons we have watched all these years. In the past, there was loyalty, super-couples who fought adversity and stayed together against all odds, sense of family, morals. Today, there is not one couple who’s survived the test of time, no good vs. evil, no loyalty. Its sad to have watched this show decline – and yes – its the writing / storylines. The actors are still quality but they don’t have much to work with story wise.

  27. From ann

    I think Lexi killed Stefano,EJ found out and took the bullets from Abe’s house and hid them in his apartment. Remember the note Lexi left Abe that night, saying she was in bed, Abe never did go check on her

  28. From Kate

    Rafe and Roman being in charge of some investigation concerning Stefano or the Dimera in general is ridiculous, at least on Y&R you have different people than the core families to play the detective (i like Ronan by the like that it is a little less unrealistic and hypocritical..Rafe being a so called ex-fbi agent is a big joke, did these writers ever watch tv shows about fbi agents or what ?!!

  29. From pam

    I too think Lexi may have shot Stefano. For all Lexi stood for, her father took her life and left Theo with a mother – very good motive there. I think Rafe should end up pairing off the Nicole and yes she is a great actor no matter the storyline. EJ has been in love with Sami since he first rolled into Salem as EJ Wells, race car driver. I would love to see them pair up. Maybe EJ will turn out to be John’s son – after all Eileen Davidson was playing a dual roll at the time. That could prove to be very interesting. Good bye to Gabbi, Ian – horrible actors. Jack as well. I would like to see Jen back with Daniel – those two had very good chemistry together. Was not happy seeing Will as gay, but whatever…I can’t really see any good storylines coming out of that.Maybe they could blame it on being mixed up, his age and just experimenting. Kayla and Abe have no story line whatsoever so they can go too. There are way too many peripheral characters. If Shawn & Bell come back it can only be Jason Cook and Kirsten Storms. Martha Madison has no acting chops at all.
    Sara Brown is a good actor, but no storyline.

  30. From susan

    oh god no…three English accents on one show. no thank you.

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