Days Of Our Lives Thoughts On The Week Of June 25-29.

The week opened with Nicole opening up to Daniel. She was waiting on his desk to show him the downward pointing arrow she’d painted on her baby bump. “Now this is why I got into medicine!” he exclaimed. After he showed her what his shaky hands can do, she popped off to bustle around town. She managed to get it into her head that, since the Salem PD was as impotent as ever, she had to take matters into her own hands. She went straight to EJ’s lair and pretended to faint. After lecturing Nicole about how she could never be trusted, Elvis bought her convenient swooning without a second thought and then swanned off to hunt down her food fix. She took the time to hunt for clues and found a bunch of bullets. Meanwhile, Rafe and pregnant Carrie sat on his desk. Smooth customer that he is, he’d heard through the grapevine that it was the best place to seduce a pregnant woman. They resisted their urges. The fact that the hotel potpourri she was chewing on hardly masked the scent of morning sickness no doubt helped.

Meanwhile, Will was out of the closet and eager to climb back in. At least, he was eager to get into EJ’s closet. He was sure that he could find some skeletons in there. Little did he know that he was more likely to find a collection of scarves and some surprising DNA. Although William nearly got his hands on EJ’s paternity papers, Elvis snatched them away before he could read them. Will drifted around town. He was harangued by his parents about getting back into bed with EJ. They thought he needed protection. Sami knows a thing or two about what happens when you fail in that department. When she tried confronting Elvis, however, he merely threatened to give Will her job. After all, William is about as qualified to do it as she is. Astoundingly, this shut her up. She went back to playing house with Lucas. Apparently, most of his clothes haven’t been shipped over because he was wearing hers. At the rate he’s going, he can soon join Carrie in her muumuu shopping sprees.

Over at Titan, Madi was shocked when she caught Brady drinking a bathtub full of protein shakes after his morning jog. She’d been wanting to talk about this for days. He’d been leaving strangely scented trails of eggy whiteness around the halls and had a crusty blob forming around his mouth every night as he snored. When she found him doing push-ups on the salad bar at Chez Rouge she decided it was time to confront him. To his horror, his drug test revealed that he was stoned. First came denial, but it didn’t last. Brady had been sober so long that it took him weeks of being stoned to notice that he was actually high. And then came anger. He lashed out at Ian, kicked his furniture, drew moustaches all over pictures of him and blew enough raspberries during their ‘conversation’ that Abby and Cam could have been picking them up for months.

Down at the station, Agent Spencer had only been around for five minutes but he’d already noticed that for nearly twenty years, everything in Salem seems to be running on recycled scripts. He worried that Roman and Rafe couldn’t be objective. Roman insisted they could be as long as it didn’t involve Marlena. Nicole showed up with the bullets. The cops were sure they must mean something. “EJ doesn’t shoot blanks,” Nic reminded them. Blank stares. She went off on a date with Daniel. He tried to impress her with his yodeling. She was amazed he was tolerable while she was sober. Over at Chez Rouge, Lexi’s friends and family drank to remember her. They recalled her past as a vigilante, but avoided her affairs with half the men in Abe’s family. Only Sami was willing to point out, to EJ, that the only woman in Salem who was a better liar and blackmailer than her was the dearly departed Dr. Carver.

Lines of the week:

Spencer: Stefano’s death is history repeating itself.

Daniel: I like it crazy

Brady: We’ll be sad today. Sad day. Then fun weekend. Crazy!

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  1. From dc

    well, it is for sure daniel cannot sing. and i really can’t see this thing between him and nicole going anywhere but being something bad for daniel. i can only see nicole going back to ej, eventually.
    and poor brady, he is gonna make a bad decision by buying drug and going to a motel. hopefully noting will happen but if it does it will probably mean another character gone. he would probably go back into rehab. i really thought he and john were gonna make a go of basic black.
    when is ian (mr creepy) leaving? i sure hope it is sooner rather than later..

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