DOOL’s James Scott Red Carpet Emmy Interview.

“EJ will get married.”

“Days Of Our Lives’” James Scott (EJ) talked to’s Deanna Barnert on the red carpet about who he thinks deserves a Daytime Emmy this year and about the most exciting work he’s done for some upcoming cliffhanger scenes. Watch Soap Opera Fan Blog’s video interview now…

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  7 responses so far...

  1. From paul

    So EJ will get married?

    james if your serious i am hoping you mean to Sami not Nicole we want Ejami i will tune out if i have go through another round of Ecole.

  2. From paul

    James please if this is true you mean EJ getting married to Sami because its Nicole i will be tuning out we want Ejami.

  3. From Lois

    I hope that Sami doesn’t get back with EJ I like her with Lucus. Nicole and EJ will probably get back togeather after all they are having a baby.

  4. From Bored

    Yes, please let Sami be Sami, she doesn’t need ej.

    Nicole and ej make better team. Dr Dan shod hook up with Kayla. Not Abe !!

    Pls, Brady was looking smart for a bit! Let him be happy, Madison rocks.

    I think lexie killed her dad. Or at least tried to. Enough of the Phoenix and John black.

    Hire new Salem pd. Rafe is golden!! But boot cari and Austin.

    Dr dan should hook up with Kayla.

    Wil controlling ej is ridiculous. He over acts with that smile.

  5. From janice

    please not Sami. she must be getting worn out having so many babies with so many men. Nikki looks so fabulous with EJ and it is his baby…they are a “smashing” looking couple.
    when is Stephano returning…the script needs more excitement. is Dr. Rolph going to be back in the lab soon so he can bring him back from the dead? do all of you faithful remember him?

  6. From Bonnie

    I love watching Sami and EJ together. I hope its Sami even though I hate seeing Lucas get hurt he needs to hook up with someone nice

  7. From jan

    when or when will Nikki find out that EJ is not Stefano’s son so that they can get back together again. “the tramp” is after him again. my gosh, hasn’t she bedded enough guys…EJ yet again I know it’s mutua.why bring Lucas back to be hurt by her again? so who is running the business that she was so proud to be running? how about the kids…any that aren’t Lucas”s?

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