General Hospital Poll: The Baby Switch Storyline.

Good, bad or indifferent?

Last week on “General Hospital,” with Heather’s urging, Todd switched Sam and Tea’s babies. Now, Sam is led to believe her baby is dead, while Tea gushes over the living baby she mistakenly thinks is hers.

What are your thoughts on this development? Are you riveted? Turned off? Bored by the familiar storyline? Tell us by voting and commenting below.

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  1. From Missy

    love jason w/ elizabeth, bring jake bk to gh, bring them as in a supercouple, let sam go, PLEAZE ?

  2. From shannon

    Sam needs to stop putting all the the blame on others for the things that happen to her.Jason told her to leave Hawaii and go back Carly.
    after the so called rape he tried to help her and get her help.She would not let him and she chose to leave him when get the answer she wanted right away and she made it about Jason for a while.

  3. From Ab

    I like Jason w/Liz, and John w/Sam. It reminds me of Anna & Robert, and Felicia and Frisco looking for the next adventure. That’s when GH was at its best. There was always one adventure after another and you were along for the ride. NuChristina needs to go away.

  4. From marion estees

    Can not stand the new characters on General Hopsital. And the story line. How many times do we need to have a baby swap…It is really getting old…

  5. From KSABIN

    Jason and same belong together.Liz and who ever but not Jason.

  6. From tracy

    Although story lines and plots don’t make sense on soap operas with incest, battering of women, kidnapping, tragic events especially involving women and children, and preposterous stories that belittle our intelligence, and don’t keep our interest, they persist. The DID and baby switch, plus new actors i.e Christina, the reality producer, etc. have bastardized this soap. If GH is clinging to a thread hoping not to get canceled they should re-think the current stories and use creative imagination that doesn’t wreak of dark themes. I don’t bother to watch but catch up now and then…it’s a real turn off. Heather and other crazies such as Helena aren’t necessary to capture an audience. The new Kate isn’t Megan and we miss Kirsten as Maxie. Too many changes can be counterproductive. The Zachara murder and Johnny’s involvement is another bizarre twist that doesn’t cut it.

  7. From Jill

    If they actually pair Todd and John with their true mates then they would have a better show. I loved John and Natalie. But I can’t even watch him with Sam. Its just gross. He would never cheat on Natalie. Give Sam back her kid and let her move away. She is the most annoying character on the show. Liason and Jolu PLEASE!!

  8. From chelsea

    they need to give sam her baby back and let her know that it is jasons baby. cause she already lost her daughter now she has to loose her son too that is just not right. this baby swiched thing is getting old done it so many times. i know so many people who have stoped wacthing it bacause they are getting tired of the same storylines over and over again. cant the writters come up with something good without using the same ones

  9. From DEE

    they promised no dead babies. i peed pff they killed victor jr off. why cant the have him alove and alsion messing with victor saying tea didn’t want the baby so she has it now….

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