General Hospital Weekly Summary For June 11 – 15.

New partnerships, hook-ups and memories.

Kristina tried to back out of “Mob Princess”, until producer Trey reminded her how her parents humiliated her. She brought the cameras to Sonny’s who turned the tables and put on the charm.

Lulu planned to sell The Haunted Star, but ended up only selling half to Johnny Zacchara. While the mobster informed Starr she would be singing at the casino, Lulu and Dante fought about her new business partner. However, after Dante confronted Johnny, he returned home for make up sex with his wife.

Tracy told Luke she wanted him back and kissed him, but he wasn’t ready to commit to her again. However, he was ready to take things further with Anna, as after pampering her at the end of a long day at the station, they kissed. The old friends initially decided to remain friends, but ended up in a more passionate smooch.

Jason appealed to Sam for forgiveness, but she kicked him out of her hospital room. Jason ran into Liz and filled her in, causing her to pay Sam a visit. Liz pled Jason’s case, but Sam declared they were over. However, Liz noted she was still holding on to the symbolic dragon. Meanwhile, Carly convinced Jason not to give up on Sam, but when he returned to the hospital, Sam was gone.

McBain paid Sonny a visit to confront him about his sister Theresa. Sonny relayed that Theresa worked at one of Joe Scully’s strip clubs, which Joe’s son Joe Jr. ran. Theresa was afraid of the younger Scully and Sonny tried to help, but Joe Jr. shot and killed Theresa. He then pointed McBain towards New Orleans for answers on Joe Jr.’s whereabouts.

After Ewen received a clean bill of health from Patrick, he kissed Elizabeth, who was very receptive. Upon his release from the hospital, Ewen visited with Kate, who turned into a teenaged Connie. He learned that Joe Jr. raped Connie, who got pregnant, which is why she didn’t run away with Sonny so many years ago. She feared Sonny would kill Joe Jr. which would lead to Joe Sr. killing Sonny. She was sent off to have the baby, but once she gave birth, Kate left her son and Connie behind.

In other news, Matt was sentenced to five years for killing Lisa and Todd returned with his sights set on the Port Charles newspaper.

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