General Hospital Weekly Summary For June 4 – 8.

Baby swaps, forgiveness and realizations.

Tea made her way to the cabin after Todd and Heather tried, but failed to save her baby. Sam and her baby were also there, but Sam was passed out. Todd followed Heather’s advice and switched the women’s babies. Todd took Tea and the living baby to the hospital, as Jason found Sam. He discovered the dead baby and held it realizing he could have loved it. Once she woke up, Sam insisted the baby Jason found wasn’t hers. Jason took them to General Hospital, where Sam grieved, but still didn’t quite believe her son had died. Jason started to tell Sam he could have been a father to her son, but she wasn’t very receptive because after a vague conversation with McBain, Sam figured out he had been beaten up, right when she needed him most.

Meanwhile, at GH, Tea was told her son had a potentially serious blood disorder, which was prominent in Greek and Italian heritages. Tea was confused considering she was Puerto Rican, but relieved her son, whom she named Victor, didn’t contract hemophilia, which ran in her family. A panicked Todd took Tea and the baby back to Llanview. At the same time, Dr. Lee told Sam they discovered her baby had hemophilia, but died from respiratory failure. All this went down as Heather secretly held Sam’s baby’s paternity test, which revealed Jason, not Franco, was the true father.

Before he left town, Todd filled Starr in on Kate’s confession regarding Cole and Hope’s accident. Starr visited a guilt-ridden Kate to tell her she understood about DID, so she didn’t blame her. However, she pointed out that Kate will remember what happened one day, so her punishment will be living with it.

Memories of Lisa’s murder flooded Matt as he and Maxie tried to enjoy their wedding night. He couldn’t get past the fact that it wasn’t self-defense. He just randomly killed her. Maxie tried to console him, but he felt too guilty and left while she slept to confess what he did to Dante.

In other news, Mac and Felicia grew closer, Anna took the police commissioner job and Carly gave Johnny another chance.

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