General Hospital Weekly Summary For May 28 – June 1.

Babies, bullying and reality TV.

In order to avoid testifying against Matt in court, Maxie married him. Matt and Maxie both went free, but Spinelli was left devastated.

After getting arrested for Franco’s murder, Jason called Liz to bail him out when he couldn’t get a hold of Alexis. Once free, Jason went straight to McBain’s motel room to accuse him of sending the cops after him. After some words, Jason ran into Sam in the hallway and shared his theory that McBain ratted him out. Once Jason was gone, Sam faced John, but believed he had nothing to do with Jason’s arrest. As they talked, she went into labor and John was forced to help her give birth. Once Sam held her baby boy in her arms, John left the room and encountered Jason’s goons. They beat him up, dragged him into the storm and relayed Jason’s message that McBain go back to Llanview.

Carly learned everything that happened with Franco in Hawaii from Jason. He also told her about Sam’s closeness with McBain. Carly urged Jason to let his anger go, forgive Sam for keeping secrets and get his family back. She took her own advice and agreed to talk with Johnny when he called.

Todd found Tea passed out in a parking garage. He helped her to his car and started driving to the hospital, as she went into labor. Todd drove down a blocked-off road and got stuck in the storm. He was forced to help Tea give birth, but her baby wasn’t breathing. Tea ordered Todd to leave her there and bring the baby on foot to the hospital. Todd obliged and ran into Heather who was trying to bury Anthony’s body so Luke wouldn’t be accused of his murder. Todd asked Heather for the keys to her car, but Heather just wanted to see the baby. Heather tended to him, but it didn’t look good.

Dante and Delores showed up at Johnny’s with a search warrant. They found Anthony’s phone with a message from Tracy about meeting at the boathouse where his blood was found. Johnny further pushed the cops in Luke and Tracy’s direction by telling them Anthony feared they were trying to kill him. Dante and Delores headed to the boathouse where they found Luke and Tracy trying to dispose of a gun. Luke and Tracy were hauled to the station, where Luke privately confessed everything to Lulu.

Kristina filled her family in on the new reality show she was starring in called “Mob Princess.” Despite her parents’ insistence she put an end to it, she acted out in front of the camera, letting Alexis and Sonny know it was payback for them twisting arms to get her into Yale.

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