General Hospital Weekly Summary June 18 – 22.

Trespassers, manipulators and movers.

Heather decided getting a job would be a good way to impress Luke and blackmailed Todd into hiring her at the Port Charles newspaper he acquired. Along with the paper, Manning also gained control over Crimson and a few other entertainment based holdings.

Jason found Sam at her baby’s gravesite and tried to reconcile, but she wasn’t able to forgive him. Meanwhile, Spinelli retraced Heather’s footsteps the night of the storm and ran into a state trooper who recalled seeing her that night. He informed Spinelli she was with her “husband.” Spinelli enlisted Sam’s help in the investigation, since she needed a distraction from her baby and Jason. They found a link between Todd and Heather and broke into Todd’s room. As Sam snooped, she found an article about the death of her baby.

After Anna and Luke slept together, they decided to pursue a relationship. All Luke had to do was tell Tracy first. Before he could do that, Heather told him she stashed Anthony’s body so Luke wouldn’t go to jail. When Luke started to call the cops, Heather knocked him out. Tracy and Anna both waited for Luke with romantic meals, but he didn’t show up to either one.

Maxie put an ad in the paper for a roommate and both Starr and Trey showed up for it. As they bickered over who would get the spot, Maxie was flooded with memories of living with Spinelli and told them they could both have it. She was moving to Matt’s place. Maxie then ran into Spinelli, who yelled at her for being self absorbed and declared that he was quitting her. She then learned from Patrick he had gotten rid of Matt’s place, but he and Emma invited her to move in with them.

In other news, Mac and Felicia decided to reunite, Kate told Sonny everything and Johnny had visions of Hope.

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