Peter Reckell Leaving Days Of Our Lives. (Updated.)

Leaving town?

Updated: June 21.

Peter Reckell has told Soap Opera Digest that he will be shooting his final scenes as Bo in July. These will likely air some time in early fall.

Updated: June 18.

On Twitter, Peter Reckell (Bo) has posted this message for his fans: “‘Days of Our Lives’ has been my home, my life, for almost 30 years. Bo is a character that developed From my soul, and has touched many lives, but none more than my own. I took my place in the hierarchy of the show, in the storyline, moving others aside, in the 80s. Now others have moved into the place I once held. I have been very fortunate to have had such a long, meaningful, run. But now, with a torn heart, I have to say goodbye to the people, family, the character, that I love. You have to know this has not been easy. I do not want to give up Bo, and with luck, in the future, will be able to return to the character that I fought so hard to preserve. Thank you for being the most supportive, forgiving, loyal viewers there are. You have given me strength in difficult times. You are the reason ‘DOOL’ is still standing and will continue for years to come. Thank you for all you have given me and the character I love!”

Updated: June 13.

Last night, Reckell’s wife, Kelly Moneymaker took to Twitter to confirm that the veteran “DOOL” would be leaving the series. She tweeted, “Hard to say goodbye to characters who’ve been on forever!! Hard to believe Bo will be one of those shortly!”

The actor’s final air date has not yet been released, but Soap Opera Fan Blog will keep you informed as we get further details.

Original article: May 2.

Soap Opera Digest is reporting that “DOOL” vet Peter Reckell (Bo) has been telling his castmates that he is leaving the series. “We hope that Peter stays with ‘Days Of Our Lives,’” a spokesperson said in response to these reports. No official statement has been made about the status of the actor’s contract and what his future might hold.

Soap Opera Fan Blog will keep you informed with more information as it is released.

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  1. From jenn

    NOOOO!!!! I really hope this is only a rumor. I hated when he left last time and they replaced him with Robert Kelker Kelly!

  2. From dc

    i am like you jenn.. i sure hope this is a rumor..
    why would he leave?? the new writers? or has he been planning it for awhile like lexie??

  3. From brighteyesrose

    OOOOhhhhh NOOOOO!!!! I sure hope this is a rumor also. The main reason I continue to watch Days is because of Bo & Hope. Should this be true, I will not continue to watch Days. There have been to many longtime soaps removed from the air. I would think that the show would really want to try to keep as many of its longtime viewers as possible in order to continue to stay on the air.

  4. From brighteyesrose

    OOOOOOhhhhhh NNNNOOOOO!!! I really hope this is a rumor also. The main reason why I watch Days is because of Bo & Hope. Should Peter leave the show, I would not continue to watch. Days is really the only show I continue to watch on TV because I am familiar with the characters. You would think that Days would try to keep as many of its viewers as possible considering the demise of all of the previous soaps. It would be a real shame should Days go downhill from here…;o(

  5. From Precious

    If Peter Reckell is leaving, it’s probably of his own accord. You can’t expect someone to stay at his job forever IF he wants to retire or get on with his life…it’s just plain silly that some of you would stop watching the show because of one actor leaving.

  6. From Dawn

    I would really hate to see Peter Reckell leave. I love Bo and Hope, and I remember being so happy when they came back! But, Peter has to do what makes him happy. I truly hope he is staying, but, support his decision if he’s choosing to move on. I’ll miss him like crazy. :(

  7. From kim

    I would hate to see him go. However, these actors are all aging, and like Renee Jones, I’m sure some of them are getting tired of working and getting ready to retire. There are rumors that in addition to Lexie, we will lose Stefano to retirement as well. Bo, Hope, Roman, Stefano, not to mention John and Marlena—all these actors are aging. Josh Taylor is 68, Joe Mascolo, he is 83.. .it’s just time. Sadly, the loss of these people will probably be part of what will end the show.

  8. From Pensgirl

    Hope it isn’t true- if he leaves, I stop watching…after 40 years. Have loved Hope and Bo (Peter is the only TRUE Bo) since their beginning.

  9. From Robert covington

    If peter reckell does leave then the only other person who could really play the part is ROBERT KELKER KELLY

  10. From Daysgal

    I would rather have Bo leave Salem than have Robert Kelker Kelly play Bo again. I read somewhere that it had to do with contract negotiations. If that’s true, I hope it can be worked out. Peter Reckell is the only true Bo!

  11. From ephnit

    Yay bring back Robert Kelker Kelly.He was and actually still is my favorite Bo.

  12. From dinky

    I do love Bo and Hope. However, I was watching yesterday and it seemed like Peter was not into his role. He just seemed like he was done. He seemed bored. Blowing up the safe house, whatever. How many times has this “gang” been in peril from Stefano. It just seems contrived. Bo/ Peter had this look like we have done this type of scene a gagillion times. blah blah blah. I love Bo and Hope but I feel like they need to move into a supportive role similar to Doug and Julie. Same with Marlena and John. Love the characters but they need to be supportive no longer the main story line. stefano was great with kate but now that you have broken them up it is time for him to go.

  13. From James

    I can understand when an actor gets tired of the same old thing. He has been with the show since 1983. That is 29 years on and off. He has left twice before. Now at the age of 57, he would probably like to spend some time with family and take it easy.

  14. From James

    I can understand when an actor is tired of the same old thing. He has been on the show since 1983. That is 29 years on and off. He has left twice before. At the age of 57, he would probably like to spend some time with family and take it easy.

  15. From vicky wood

    come on… i hope peter reckell stays… i love bo and hope.. they have been thru so much to be together…my favorite couple…so keep them plse tks big fan of boandhope!!!!!!!!!

  16. From Mike

    Would rather see Bo and Hope become recurring cast members–they are the heirs of the Tom and Alice heritage, have them slowly grow into the honor.

    Bring back Shawn and Belle, Kloe and Kiriakusk, develop Will and Sonny’s circle of friends, even if Stefano exits, think the stage is set to prove Stefano actually is EJ’s father.

  17. From JJ

    I love this show. Its sad to watch it fade away. It seems as though the actors see the shows days are numbered too. Peter (Bo) kept me watching and if its true that he is jumping ship then it’s just a matter of time before Days is replace with another talk or reality show. Those types of shows are cheaper to produce and people just aren’t into soaps as much as the used to be.

  18. From paki

    OH NOOO! is right! It will be a sad day indeed if it is true…..

  19. From katie

    I hope that this is a rumour. Bo, please stay. I hope the show exec’s convince him to stay. It would be best to let him just take a break and then return.

  20. From Blin

    I hope this isn`t true. If it is due to contract negotiations, shame on you TPTB, In this economy no one wants to work for almost half their pay. If Bo leaves, I leave. Bo, and Sami are my two favorites, and the way they have been writing Sami, especially when she was with Rafe, I can`t stand to watch her anymore.I hate the character of Rafe. I think there are a lot of other ways of trimming their budgets than letting main characters be pushed out. And before anyone says, how they can afford a pay cut, put yourself in their shows, how would you like having to take almost half of your pay check cut in pay, and still try to support your family. I wouldn`t like it, and probably would tell them to shove it.JMO.

  21. From Brenda

    We all get old that is why we love the actors getting old with us. All new people is just not “Days”.

  22. From Brenda

    What did I do that blocks me from responding to this? I did once notice a Brenda that I had not posted. I wish you would research this for me. Before if I did not understand the caption right I could do it again. Is this the reason. I really am not sure about this one either. Thax Kay

  23. From Shirley

    Did they really just kill off 6 actors!!! Or did they find a safe place in a trap door that may have been under the rug!

  24. From favorite soap

    Ok,let stefano retire, enough with getting away with everything. If you want to save money, here’s a few more to be rid of. Jen and Abby need to go with Jack. rafe and Gabi have always boring. I like Carrie and Austin 20 years ago, but sorry they are boring too. Kate and Ian do all us favor get rid of them too. Billie looks as old her mom,send her back to England to take care Chelesa. John needs to stop acting like a robot. Marlena go to work. Love Sami w/Lucas also EJ with Nicole. Please find Brady and Daniel a new love. Where is Victor and Maggie, I was really enjoying their storyline. Bo and Hope I;m so tired of them breaking up and making up, can’t they just be happy. Or anyone for that matter. Send your kids to daycare, not always grandma Caroline or Julie.

    Make Ej John kid with Gina. I watch this show over 26 years, so you new writers learn the past of DOOL. Most of us remember Santos and Collen story, We are not dumb.

    Writers please don’t kill our soap, learn history of our characters.

    Oh get rid Celeste she stinks and stop bringing in so many new faces that we really don’t care about. Like to see nathan come back with Melody, her romance stinks with Chad. Sorry guys I know your dating.

    That’s my opinion and it’s late so I don’t care about my grammer.

  25. From forrealwoma

    Renee Jones.. can’t you just replace her?? Why make Abe a widower and poor lil Theo motherless. Doesn’t the child have enough to deal with?? Now Stefano leaving all I got say is Hip Hip Hooray!!!! So Tired of him. Take Abigail, Carrie and Austin too while you at it. Let Chad and Mel have a good life together (my goodness). I thoght we were getting ready to see another who done it with Stefano. Let’s face it Harmon, EJ, Will, All the Bradys, ISAs, FBI’s everybody wants him and the winner gets a Trophy for taking away Salems no#1 villian!!

  26. From MsDredd

    Well I’m gonna call it … somebody’s gonna try to kill Stefano! Everybody in Salem except Ciara and Theo have threatened to kill him, and I betcha somebody’s gonna try. I mean come on, somebody talks about killing him every day for the past few weeks … it’s coming, who shot JR, I mean Stefano!

  27. From Kay

    Bo needs to stay. He & Hope are staples of the show. Get rid of Ian. I’m glad they are getting rid of Carrie this time. The part she is playing does not fit who she has always been. I do not want a new Bo – some characters cannot be properly replaced. I hate the gay storyline. Will acts like an untreated mental patient. Rafe is a good guy and this relationship with Carrie does not fit his decent personality. I do like Lucas. Both he & Rafe are good with Sami. One of them needs to have another partner who is also nice.

  28. From Heather

    please bring robert kelly back him and hope look better together then the one u have now please bring him back

  29. From MagNam

    Plz let this not be true, this is one of the perfect couples in the whole show, OMG, I will just hate the show for good, if he goes!!

  30. From Margaret

    As a retiree myself, I know that as people age, we want to spend more time with our family and do fun things while we still have our health and energy. I don’t blame Renee Jones,or Peter, if that is his reason for leaving the show. We can’t slow down the aging process, not even for the older characters of Marlena, John, Roman, Stefano, Maggie, Roman,and Victor. All I ask is that please bring younger characters in slowly and make them as interesting as the older ones. I love Will, Melanie, Abby, Chad, Gabbi (despite her new nastiness!)little Giani is adorable, as is Allie! But, Sydney acts as if she needs an energy drink-no emotions from that child actress.

  31. From Watching4years

    Hope its just a rumor. It’s bad enough that they are writing off Carrie, Jack, Austin and Lexi, with Peter gone the show is going to lose a lot of their audiance. Hope without Bo, no way.

  32. From patti

    Bo cant be leaving….how is it going to work with Hope….is she going to be alone????no Bo cant leave….cant imagine how they would write a new story line for Hope….Bo, PLEASE stay….

  33. From Valerie Mcguire

    Plzzzz say its not ture Peter with out you there is no bo and hope if he leaves I leave bo and hope are the only reason I watch the show been watching bo and hope from there first moment on the show so if he leaves I have been watching for over 40 years peter plzzzzzz don’t leave I have to have my bo and hope every day people plzz do what ever it takes to keep him plzzzz don’t mess up the best show on daytime plzzzz I love you bo and hope

  34. From jan

    NOOO…don’t get rid of Stephano he is the only one that makes this soap exciting. in fact, bring back Vivian…what a gal! if Peter wants to go…go! bring back Robert Kelly! hated Carrie in this role and Rafe as well. won’t miss Jack, Austin, Carrie, Ian, Abbie, Gabi,

  35. From From Sue

    There is no
    Day’s of our Lives with out
    Bo and Hope. how could he leave.
    I hope he or the writers sees this.
    I have watched Days ever sence it ffirst aired.and that has been alot of years.and Bo & Hope were jjust kids at the time,and i new tthen.then they were majic and tthey still are.

  36. From soleowner

    Robert Kelly made a good “stand in” for Peter. However, No one can really fill his shoes. The only way I could agree with him leaving if it were to make the made for TV movie, The Rod Blogoavich (However you spell it) story. I think Peter could play the role very well. (No, I haven’t heard that there are any plans for that, I’m just saying….

  37. From Stephanie

    Bring back RKK! He was my favorite!!

  38. From ROSA LEWIS


  39. From Barb


  40. From monila

    Keekp Bo please… I don’t think my heart and your story line can survive without Bo [Reckell]
    Brady. Bo and Hope is the nextAlice and Tom Horton. You really don’t have any adult couples that has continually been on the soap except Bo and Hope… All the new comers cannot take the place of Bo and Hope.

  41. From marty

    I hope Bo is not leaving Days but usually when they take to friends like this cast is to each other it indicates they are considering it and the reasons are usually more than just a desire to retire. In this case I sure hope that it is not because he or a family member are sick. You can’t replace him. He has held that spot to many years so what would Hope do. Would we lose her too????

  42. From Debbie Brewer

    I have watched Day’s since they show has aired,and really hate to see Bo go. Hope would never be a match with anyone else,Please stay with us Bo we love you a bunch.

  43. From patti

    Bo(Peter)….NO….DONT GO….have watched you since day one and am a HUGE fan….you and Hope are the best together….dont want Bo no.2….want you….but if you have to we will “man up” a go on i guess, but it wont be the same….anyway, good luck with what ever you go to next….will miss you

  44. From dawn

    SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. From maggie

    you need to keep him on he is good for hope and ehe is good for him they belong together

  46. From Bonnie

    Bo (Peter) he can’t leave Hope and Bo belong together, Days can’t lose all the great actors it won’t be the same. I’ve grown up watching Days and feel like it’s family. I laugh with you and cry with you so please don’t let the best ones leave I’m sad that lexie is leaving . I’m a Huge Fan of Days and always will be I just hope not to see Bo leave to.

  47. From karen

    I think Bo has to be there for HOPE, they seem to be there for each other, only what she tells him what to do.
    He is a very good actor, but has to be in the backgound now, not himself.

  48. From karen

    Hope is pulling more strings than Bo, it only seems to be what she wants, I do think, Bo feelings are there

  49. From Heather

    I am going to miss Peter Reckell. Are they going to cast a new Bo or kill him off? It seems everyone I love is leaving even Joe Mascolo(Stefano).

  50. From marylou

    Hey Bo s leaving don’t let this happening the show will never be the same without him. How and why this has to happened before other year. Please peter if you read this make fans happy for other year.

  51. From Gina

    I agree with Daysgal>> Peter Reckell is the real BO Brady and he connects so well with Kristin Alfonso they have real passion. As for firing 5 actors im surprised but then again days if full of surprises. I’ve been watching DAYS sine i was 5 and meet them all several times. I stand behind all the changes they make as longa as they never go off the air!!!

  52. From Valerie Cattai

    PLEASE I hope this is NOT true He is the main reason I watch the show!

  53. From dee


  54. From jodi

    Oh I have been watching this show for years. They are taking all the good actor’s off. That is not fare, but they have their family and life too. It is their choice to do what they deserve. I will wish you the best and it was nice to had watch days from being to end. Take care and god bless..
    Your Days Fan

  55. From becky

    Please KEEP BO!!!I have watched DOOL FOREVER!!!Almost 40 yrs.Bo and Hope are the only TRUE COUPLE..They should be the next “Alice and Tom”….Pay Bo whatever to keep him!!

  56. From Patti

    I have watched this soap since the very beginning. I’m 53 years old. Before I was old enough to start school, my sisters used to make me watch it and report to them when they got home from school. I hope it continues forever. It has been my security blanket for a long time. I hope they continue to combine the old with the new and remember to keep the family ties and familiarity.There’s nothing wrong with getting older. Older characters are just as interesting as younger.

  57. From Kay

    If Peter wants to work less, he could still be on part time. A good replacement for him can not be found. Bo & Hope are a staple, and I surely hope they don’t do a death story as with Lexie. I am glad Hope is staying, and he needs to be there too …. even if he is “out of the house and at work out of town” a lot.

  58. From jenn

    I’m sad. I hope he is leaving because of his own will and not because of unsuccessful contract negotiations. I wish you the best Peter, you were always my favorite. I will miss you tremendously.

  59. From dc

    ok, why is bo leaving?? retirement like lexie?? or is he being forced out??
    sure would like to know.. no one can replace him, so writers don’t even try..
    since hope is staying, things will never be the same without bo by her side..

  60. From Ericka

    This cannot be true! I can’t imagine Days without Bo! Hope without Bo? No way! They are writing off too many of the veterans that people want to watch. I don’t care about Melanie, Chad, Gabbi or Abby. I care about the characters I’ve watched for 30-40 years.

  61. From Kimmah

    Does anybody else think this answers who killed Stefano? I can’t imagine them having another good reason for him to leave without Hope. Disease is out due to Lexie, and murder is out due to Stefano. I’m sure it’s retirement. almost 30 years on a show, it’s probably time. Sadly, I think a lot of the older ones are going to go soon to retirement, which will probably be the death of the show. But as for this exit, so much for a murder mystery!

  62. From Kimmah

    I’m sure it’s his choice. But doesn’t anybody else think this will be tied to the murder? Bo going to prison sounds like one of the only reasonable ways to leave Hope behind, although Jack’s leaving without Jen, so who knows. . . alot of the long time players are retiring. That’s why Stefano left. It’s been 30 years. I will miss him. If it weren’t for John and Marlena being back, I don’t know I’d watch.

  63. From Don

    Makes me wonder if Bo shot Stefano – then he can go off to jail. This way, the door is open for him to return or to recast after a while…

  64. From Lynne

    I have been watching since about 1985. I never cared about Bo and Hope either way but I hate when they break up the “super couples” Either send Bo off to help Shawwn D. or something. Don’t break up Bo and Hope. Then I hear they may break up Kayla and Steve. They have always been my favs. Just because Steve isn’t on the show. After I read that, I tried to read if Stephen Nichols was leaving Y&R with some hope he would come back after they fired former Kristen/Susan from Y&R (sorry don’t watch it to know her character name)I ended up on Youtube watching all the old Steve and Kayla scenes. OMG! I now remember why I loved them and I know its just a soap but I really will stop watching if they start Patch bashing and break them up. Personally I would rather watch the vets instead of the newer people. Victor is hilarious! The only young character I like is Will. The actor who plays him is truly amazing. This show will end getting rid of all these vets. Just my opinion.

  65. From Cliffdiver1119

    Bring Robert Kelker Kelly back – he’s HOT!

  66. From BETTY


  67. From cynthia

    I wish they had let Lexi go on a vacation and then replace her instead of her dying. I don’t think i like the starwart Abe turing into a drunk. I wish the old Celeste was back… she had a definiate pizzaz that’s hard to duplicate. With Stefano gone (after all he is about 84) who will the bad guy be?

    i don’t care for Gabi… but i do like Rafe. i wish Rafe and Sami would start to get along better…. maybe that will happen with Carrie gone. Is Nicole pregnant in real life? she needs to get back with EJ. Will needs to find out he really isn’t a homosexual… just confused. his life is really a mess.

    there’s so much they could do with this show, besides floundering around like they have the last couple years.

  68. From Pat

    Bo, Hope, Marlena & John, Stefano, Sami, rafe, & others are the heart and soul of DAYS. Please keep them. Dont bust up what is the greatest soap there is.

  69. From Margie

    I love Robert Kelker Kelly. Hope he come back. He’s my favorite Bo.

  70. From Jamie


  71. From daysgal

    Whatever you do Days, do NOT bring Robert Kelker Kelly back. There is only one Bo, Peter Reckell.

  72. From Krys

    I’m sad that he will be leaving, but wish him best wishes in his future.

    I didn’t mind RKK as Bo, and so I hope that if PR is leaving of his own accord, that they will get RKK back in as Bo.

  73. From bettyg

    This is just sad. But I can’t blame Peter for leaving, either. The writers have given Bo as little to do as Melanie. No wonder he acts so bored. I have always loved Bo & Hope-real chemistry there. Pretty soon there will not be enough characters for a decent story at all. Is this the beginning of the end?

  74. From John

    Wow.. I am shocked.. My biggest crush Melanie and now Bo.. why watch?

    Then they bring Farrah back.. dool is doomed….

  75. From maggie

    please keep him on the show it wont be the some if he leave all the good stars are leaving what is happening to days.

  76. From Jo

    Please no keep him, won’t be the same…

  77. From Judy King

    I agree with every word Lynne said about Steve and Kayla. The character the writers created would NEVER leave Kayla. I realize that Stephen Nicholls is never coming back and if they want to keep MBE, they have to do this. I foresee them pairing Kayla with Abe. Please don’t do this. I would rather have the writers have him die in an insurrection than leave Kayla.

  78. From CM

    If they pair Kayla with Abe then they might as well just turn off the lights and put a fork in the show…that would make the Kayla/Shane pairing look like a brilliant decision. Hope without Bo, Jen without Jack, Kayla without Steve…good grief, I honestly don’t think the show will last much longer at this rate. It’ll just be Will’s struggle with his gayness…maybe Bravo will pick up that riveting show…Gays of Our Lives. (seriously, I’m really bummed about Bo leaving, plus Steve/Kayla are my all-time fav couple…I HATE the way they wasted Nichols’ return a few years ago…total blown opportunity due to…shocking…a crappy storyline.

  79. From CM

    You know, it’s kinda sad when things going on “off screen” sound more exciting than what they’re showing. Steve and Shane in the ISA…THAT sounds like something worth watching. They honestly need the 4 core couples of John/Marlena, Bo/Hope, Steve/Kayla, and Jack/Jennifer (or sub Shane/Kim for one of those)…everyone else could be fired. I think this is the lowest point ever for the show. Sad to see it.

  80. From NLM

    I agree with “CM” on who should stay and go. I’ve been a fan of DOOL from the start back in the 1960′s. The love story with Doug and Julie was the best written, so I thought. Bo & Hope’s wedding was recorded and watched over & over. Tom & Alice Horton were the true foundation of the family. Todays story lines read as short relationships/marriages and our young people as whores and skeamers Writters, your short comings has to do with family values… is still out here. You make family as if all cheat and lie. I haven’t seen any characters with the comedy and mischief that Jack/Jennifer or Tony/Anna got into, years ago. These where your lively characters .

    Old fans, the REAL fans have lost faith in your thinking these last years.This is one reason for loosing viewers

  81. From sam

    bring back steve,vivian, and get rid of gaby,ej,chad,daniel,abby and stop rehashing old storlines that were bad 20 yrs ago

  82. From Brenda

    once again the ones I watch the show for are leaving….if this continues I won’t care if they come back or not as I will no longer be watching the show…the young ones are going ok but you need the stables to keep the show going….

  83. From rose castillo


  84. From Lucy

    After reading today’s update of what Peter wrote on Twitter doesn’t sound like he wants to leave any more than the fans want him to. I read he was ask to take a ridiculous pay cut after already doing so a few years back. Then boooo to DOOL for not doing every thing they can to keep him. Get rid of some of the incidental characters to keep him. This show is not worth the stress that it puts it’s fan through with all this cast cutting and poor story lines. I’d rather see them roll up the streets of Salem and cancel the show than to keep on the path they are going.

  85. From dc

    yea lucy you are so right.. there are alot of characters leaving (madison, jack, carrie, austin and ian). incidental characters, never thought about that but it sounds good.. stefano is dead (we don’t know if he will return or not). lexie is leaving (retiring).
    hope is staying, the writers need to keep bo. i wish there was something we could do..

  86. From Cindy

    Please keep him!!!! I just returned to watching DOOL when they brought some of the veterans back. Now more are leaving. I want this Bo to stay.

  87. From Pattypat

    No again, why are the main chacters leaving and thye are birning in new ones. Please reconsider and keep Bo and I understand Melanie wants to got another route, but dont’ get rid of the main ones. Days will not be the same without Peter and I did like rKK, but he is not the original Bo to me. It was sad to hear Lexie is gone, but pleae, plese do not pair Abe and Kayla. Not a good storyline. Let them be friends. Please!!!!

  88. From Cheryl

    I hate what they are doing to this soap. I’ve watched it from the beginning, I hate to see the characters I love being killed off or let go, I hate the shows that are replacing all the soaps. TV is taking a turn for the worse. Please leave our shows alone!

  89. From John

    WTF that doesn’t sound right.. sounds like they are forcing him out. not a good move and the ratings took a huge hit last time and they will again.

  90. From kjs

    OOOOOH NOOOOO…..WHY????? Please reconsider…..

  91. From daysgal

    If you would like to keep Bo on the show, please sign:

    It’s worth a shot, right?

  92. From femroc

    NOOOOOO – please please say it isn’t so……we can’t lose Bo/Peter. He’s the best thing that holds the whole thing together – such a powerful presence and such a great man. I love him – he and John are my favorite characters.
    Don’t go Peter, please, not yet. You’re so gorgeous and hot and sweet and talented. I just watched your scene with Abe in the garden – gosh it made me cry. NO ONE else could have done that scene with him as well. WE need you Peter, please don’t go. Please stay and show the young ones how it’s done.
    What I love about DOOL is how there are so many levels of generations – it makes the show more real. Please don’t go.
    Days would not be Days w/o you.

  93. From Paki

    We will miss you dearly Bo Brady. Hopefully you will come back again some day.

  94. From Glenda

    Can anyone convince Bo not to leave. He has been my favorite actor since I first saw him. Please, Bo don’t leave.

  95. From Glowinggirl72

    So many great actors are leaving dool.I hate that they are leaving.Dool really needs to step it up before the show gets axed. Peter Reckall has always been one of my favourites. Maybe they will ask Robert Kelker Kelly back again.He reminds me alot of Peter Reckall.He was a great recast last time. I use to watch him on Another World. Have not heard of him since he left dool. It would be great to see him again.

  96. From dinky

    Beginning of the end. I hope not but believe so. Based on Peter’s response it sounds like he does not want to become a supportive role like ( doug/ julie) so unless he is the main story he is out?? I get it he has been doing this for 30 years. Bo and Hope are my favs as well. But they should move into a supportive role. Bo/ hope and John/ marlena these characters/ actors will not give up their crowns to the next generation. help suppport the next generation or DOOL will die. be supportive!

  97. From dinky

    By the way, Peter you have done a great job! I have watched since 1987 and will always love the bo and hope story. true love and romance on the small screen. it seems that the writers are not doing that anymore.

  98. From Tammy

    I will not watch Days of our lives anymore. Bo and Hope are the main reasons I still watch days. After 35 years, I’m done!

  99. From CM

    Days has been trying to force the “next generation” on fans for the past 20 years. Guess what…we do NOT want the Melanies, the Chads, the Wills, the Sonnys, the Jeremy Hortons, the Chelseas, etc. Maybe remember how the Jack/Jennifer pairing was brought to screen (the last great Days’ pairing in my book…haven’t given a da*n about any “new” couple since then). Hope without Bo is worthless. If the show can’t afford to keep its 5-6 core actors employed, then just shut the doors and turn off the lights. Is Deidre Hall’s salary demands sucking money away from everyone else? She’s being paid a heck of a lot to be the “pro gay supportive grandmother”…which is basically all she’s done since she’s been back. Just call it “Gays of Our Lives” and move it to the Bravo Network and be done with it.

  100. From Tony

    Very Very sad. When I saw Bo starting to grow the beard and hair I was hoping for the return of the rebel I grew up with! To this day Bo (Peter) holds his beer cooler than anyone on TV or movies.

  101. From elaine

    I have watched DAys of Our Lives since the early 70′s. If Bo leave I will also not continue to watch it. There have been many changed throughout the years on Days. Lately there have been to many and the show is not like it use to be. If Bo leaves so does a lot of viewers.

  102. From Caroline

    I just can’t believe it’s true.
    Trust me I understand that some actors need to move on and maybe when they hopefully bring him back, they will not have destroyed Bo & Hope. I’ve been watching Days for Over 30 years since I was a young kid and every time Bo leaves my heart sinks. I was in the Peter fan club when I was 13. LOL He will truly be missed. Much Love!!!

  103. From Janice

    I watched Dool from with the exception of a few yrs in the ’90′s. I quit watching because I was sick of Stefano coming back to life. Pure sci-fi. But if Corday does not get his act together and give Reckell a raise instead of a cut in pay, I, once again will leave this show, NEVER to return. Hope Stefano is DEAD FOREVER.

  104. From Travis

    If this is what he wants, I wholeheartedly support his decision. I’m wondering why he is leaving and what the writers will do with his character. Is Robert Kelker Kelly still working? If so, he could be suitable to portray Bo again. Personally, I don’t think Bo and Hope have been interesting for the last ten years, which, of course, is no reflection on the actors themselves but the writers. Hope’s last interesting storyline was her post-traumatic stress after being kidnapped by Larry Welch…in 2002.

    Best regards to Mr. Reckell.


  105. From arleen whalen jean

    wishihg the very best in the next chapter you do but playing Bo fo all those years has been a delite for me i have been watching days for all of those 46 yr’s Rememberingthe frist day when alice and micky horton came in through the front door I was only 21 and now I’m67 su Bo (peter) enjoy the rest of your days Thanks for the great job playing Bo Brady a great fan of dool Arleen Whalen Jean

  106. From arleen whalen jean

    so so sorry u r leaving u have been such a big part of days it will be agreat lose to the show I have been watching days for all of the 46 yr’s I was only 21 when I watched alice and micky horton coming through the front door of the horton house and when u came in as Bo and fallen in love with hope u will be missed by many watcher so I will say my you and your family enjoy the rest of you days thanks again Arleen whalen jean

  107. From Margie

    Wow, wow it want be the same without Bo and Hope. I hope they will not do away with you part. This is hard to believe. I have watch days for so many years I almost can’t count any more. Best wishes Bo.

  108. From debbie

    no no no don’t get rid of Bo please!!!! he and Hope make the show!! these young actors can’t hold a candle to him!!!!

  109. From Barb

    He leaves, I leave!

  110. From Ty

    Why not just close up shop now?? Lexie is gone, Stefano is gone, the story lines are ridiculous and now Peter Reckell is leaving! You have killed off so many great characters and just sent others off into the sunset with no explanations.

    If you think this young group of actors that you are pushing on us will carry this show…your sadly mistaken. I have been a long-time DOOL fan and watcher, but without Bo, the REAL Bo and some of the others that have left or will be leaving, I’m finished.

    DOOL has loyal fans, appreciate them and stop getting rid of critical characters!

  111. From Debra

    I been watching DOOL over 30 years, I guess since Bo leaving show there is nothing else to watch anymore; going miss Bo and show.Very sad.

  112. From Randi

    Good Choice Peter! I do hope to see you back here and there, but the writers have done nothing for your role or that of Hope in a long time.
    Yeah they brought in the EGG, but no real reason then to pass some time.


  113. From Nancy

    Looks like they are going to put Kayla and Abe together????? Where the heck is “JOEY”

  114. From Bfrenda

    once again we go losing a main and truely loved character….so I guess with Peter leaving and others leaving as well …some of whom we have enjoyed coming back….I guess I will say my goodbyes to this show as well…and I am not alone…our group who gets together to watch the show will also be leaving….writers really you need to get your heads on straight…

  115. From Brenda Gonder

    I am sorry to hear that Peter Reckell is leaving the show as Bo. I’ve been watching him and Hope for years and now he is leaving. That’s sad. I also don’t like the storyline with melanie and that andrew. He is a creep! Would like to see her and Chad together again.

  116. From Brenda

    I would like to know who the writers are for DOOL. They need to finish one storyline first. They have too many going on.

  117. From Pat Gallagher

    Friday the 13th….I feared something would happen to ruin my day, and reading just now, that Peter Reckell is leaving will put me right over the edge. I have watched “Days” since it’s original episode and have suffered through the loss of some key actors. This one is heartbreaking…Kristen Alfonso without him just won’t work. So sad am I….

  118. From angelsons4


  119. From Cassie

    To the Robert K k fans, he and Hope didnt get alone so she might be right behind him if he leaves. Robert said that he and Billie had lots of chemistry. Remember, that’s who Bo was with most of the time during the RKK days.

  120. From Cassie

    Nancy, Abe’s azz should have left when Lexie died. He should have packed his and Theo’s bags and went to the same city where his son lives. There will always be Kay and Steve. They are putting another person together that has no chemistry.

  121. From From Glenda

    I have watched Day’s for over 45yrs. I watched Bo & Hope from the first time they started out. If Bo has reached a time in life to retire, so be it. If not he is being let go. Then I say let Bo&Hope be together from here on.Let them be like Doug&Julie. Be on special times.

  122. From Carly

    I do wish that Bo would stay. I like the old timers much better than the new people. Please do not put Kayla and Abe together.
    Would rather keep some of the older ones and let the younger ones go. I like Will but not the gay storyline. If someone has to go, let Gabbi, Chad, Abby, Cameron, Sonny go. Would like to see more of Justin and Adrian.

  123. From Prairie

    It saddens me that Peter Reckell is leaving but it saddens me more what Days has become. I am sick of the teen story lines that have been a focus for too long. There was an increase in ratings with Victor and Maggie’s romance but they seem to think viewers find the teens relationships more fascinating. To me, they are boring and predictable so I do not watch the show every day. It seems no matter what writing team they have the writers are incapable in writing rich story lines for adults. Just because you get older doesn’t mean that you stop living or having feelings. Sadly, the middle age crowd just have not had good storylines for some time now.

  124. From Tazzy's Mom

    Sure hope Days “gets a clue” and negotiates to keep Bo. You’ve made so many in the past. Don’t add giving up this key actor to your list. For once, listen to your fans.

  125. From Stetsongirl

    I quit watching DOOL when he left the last time and started again when he returned. I’ll be leaving DOOL when Bo is gone. I probably won’t be returning! The constant change in writers, firing and hiring of cast members, is much too frustrating. Some of the story lines are preposterous!

  126. From Annie

    I am bothered by the fact that DOOL keeps cutting the old cast members. I started watching 35 plus years ago and now it i will be tuneing into another station.
    Adults have been watching this show for years not teens and tired of all the teen drama.

    Think about it! What is your target audince. Kids or adults

  127. From Cindyder

    Peter…hurry back soon!!!

  128. From Daysallmylife

    I, like everyone else would love to see Peter stay. I love Bo! I love Bo & Hope together. I truly understand needing a change of pace. I am a DOOL lifer. I remember when he burst onto the scene! Him being the rebel and Hope the spoiled li’l princess. Good times in soap world.
    Change is inevitable. So sad to see Lexi go, must hv cried the entire week. Stefano not so many tears, over him years ago. TIRED of Nicole being passed around to all the men in salem. GABBY GOTTA GO! Please how come no one can see thru her. I believe 1 of the other fans made mention that the new writers need to do the homework on DOOL. Yes Tom
    & Alice were the founding couple but there was so please dig deep. So many other avenues to take.
    I currently fast forward thru most of the show…Most of it is unbelievable or down rite annoying.
    THANK YOU PETER for bringing My Bo to life. I enjoyed ur work over the years. God bless u!

  129. From Ann

    It takes me about 10 minutes to watch Days. Need New Writers!!!!

  130. From margaret krizmanic

    I want my stefino back.He is the
    phonix. He is gorgous, evil interesting.I can’t belive they killed him off.WHY did the kill him off? Stefino come back

  131. From Linda Stoltenborg

    Peter Reckell is Days of Our Lives. I am 64 years old. I have watched since day one. You are making a BIG mistake when you take out a well loved actor. You would think soap writers would learn from past mistakes but they can’t .

  132. From debra hootman

    It is the money money money… every one is having to bite the bullet when it comes to the blasted annihalation of our country’s ability to trust anyone. Our confidence in any leadership has become obsolete. Somehow I thought NBC would stand above ABC.. No one is immune. Peter Reckall toured my town… with the man who played Pete. I will miss his character immensely.

  133. From Angela J. C.

    I’m calling it for Days … I pretty much called it when Stefeno & others started dropping like flies (& my Bo & Hope never got back together *tear*). I think these “NEW” writers are making some BIG mistakes too! DOOL has been on air since way before I was even interested in anything other than cartoons, hehe! However, when I did begin to watch, I became capitvated by the story of Bo & Hope & they became my FAVORITE couple … & if anyone pays attention, for a soap opera, DOOL also had a byline/plot that you could actually follow (unlike some soaps, they stories followed a course, they ended what they started (in some sort of fashion) &, history was always being built for that character. This also caused it to be my favorite soap (& in the end the only soap I continue to watch/record.) I would think if they polled the “Bo” character would come up to be one of the MOST popular characters on the show, up side of “Hope” and maybe 1 or 2 more, but I guarantee he’s #1/2 in my book & definitely in the #1 couple!!! (well, you know, when they were/are/were/will be a couple again! :-) ) … EITHER WAY, HE WAS A MAIN CHARACTER! Do you not negotiate a little harder with MAIN characters than you do with supporting characters/staff?????? There has NOT BEEN ONE, not one person to play “BO” as well as Peter has done. He developed the role fully, & IMO, sounded & looked like what “Bo” would look like after having that character’s history built in my mind’s eye. I remember in the 80′s, specifically, he even looked like the boyfriend/husband that “Hope” would have. Peter was just the perfect actor for that part.

    I wish Peter great luck in all of his endeavors. I certainly enjoyed the character that you nurtured on the screen and played SO well. Oh, and you are SO good-looking too, honey! ;-) I REALLY do think that the originally people that cast you for the part did a wonderful job & SOME things just can’t be replaced once they’ve been perfected. SORRY fellas.

  134. From kat

    Peter/Bo wanted to leave to enjoy his very young daughter, and his wife, to travel all around the world.
    The door is left open for him to return at any time…
    So let Peter have his Family Time and then maybe he will return again us Our Bo….

  135. From daysgal

    That is not what I read Kat, I read it had to do with his contract. His pay had been cut by 45% due to budget cuts. I thought his twitter message pretty much confirmed that.

  136. From sam

    the show will survive with out bo once again like it did in the early 90′s,steve or shane should replace him or both would be better,days does a good job balancing young and older charactors thats a strong point of the show,we just need more adventures,passion and comedy to make it a powerhouse it once was in in the

  137. From Vicki

    i hope this is a rumor. I have watched Bo and Hope for years and years. My mom got me into watching DOOL in the 80′s. Bo was one of the reasons I got hooked on the show. now, it won’t be the same if he leaves. i’m his number one fan.

  138. From Lily

    Please Bo don’t go!!!! You are one of the main reasons I watch DOOL I love the energy between you and Hope …..take a break ok fine but don’t leave for good…..

  139. From stephanie jackson

    please don’t leave the show will not be any good anymore if you do please don’t gooooooooooooooo.

  140. From Linda

    No he cannot leave!!!!!! I have been watching Days for fourty plus years. I dvr it every week and watch it at night. Bo and Hope are some of my favorites. Everyone needs a break but…don’t leave for good!!

  141. From Linda D

    Peter Reckell has made days of our lives what it is with the teamwork of his fellow cast mates.

    The show won’t be the same without him and needs him for it success!!

    Negotiate his contract

  142. From Paula Whiteside

    Bo and Hope belong together,, after tearing them apart then putting them back together and now tearing them apart again sucks,, This show has had some really sorry story lines but the constant was always Bo and Hope.. I think they are one of the original character couples from the beginning of the show..

  143. From Klee

    Peter, I grew up watching you and Hope. You are Bo! One of my favorite scenes is when Hope came back to you (not the other actor). It is unfortunate that writers/producers are looking for rating shares to keep the show alive. Which means revoloving actors for excitement. I wish you well with your next project!

  144. From Cassi

    I’ve been watching Days for over 40 years. Peter Reckell has always been gorgeous and a great character. He and the beautiful Kristan Alfonso are wonderful together. If money is the anwser, getting rid of Gabi would be a good start. The show has already axed many characters, so this should allow for Peter to stay. We never see Caroline anymore, either. Something could be worked out, if indeed he wants to spend more time with his family. I don’t think this is the true reason. The fans have expressed their opinions. Hopefully Mr. Corday will listen. Please DO NOT BRING Robert Kelker Kelly back. He wasn’t good as Bo then and would not be again!! Your target audience is the older crowd who purchases the products that sponsors your show. You’ve finally gotten John and Marlena back, and Maggie happy with Victor (mostly), so do all you can to keep Peter. I’m sad Molly Burnett is leaving! I wish she would stay. And one more thing—please DO NOT pair Kayla and Abe! It just won’t work! There is no chemistry there. I love DOOL and want it around many more years, as I’m sure the other cast members wish as well!!

  145. From Donna

    oh my gosh, how can this be? I love this guy and what is Hope going to do without him? Is he being killed off? Replaced? I really hate for him to go. Other actors should go not BO! It just won’t be the same. I am 54 years old and have been watching Days since I was 13 years old. It’s just a shame he is leaving.

  146. From trish

    I think Robert Kelker Kelly and hope have a lot of chem together.

  147. From Trish

    Please start a campaign to get rid of Gabi. She is a terrible actress. I love Nichole.

  148. From Trish

    If Christine is coming back please bring back Peter for Jennifer.

  149. From vickie

    well,i have to say,Gabi does need to go,But bo needs to stay,send him and hope on a boat to visit Shawn,i hope he comes back, he is what that show is about long with Abe,Julia,Doug,maggie,Victor& on & on…..But dont kill him off, always leave that door open…..

  150. From melanie

    Peter you will be missed.I have been watching u sence i was 5 yrs old and you are like alice horten.All of you are very good for what u do.I wish you the best of luck in life.Whats going to happen to hope and the daughter?

  151. From Jan

    I have watched this soap from it’s beginning. I will miss Bo like others who have left before him. But I wish him luck in his future.

  152. From Jan

    I have watched this soap since it first begin. I will miss Bo as much as I missed others who have left before him. Hopefully somewhere down the road he will be back. But I wish him the very best in his future.

  153. From lisa

    oh you can’t leave!!!! it just wouldn’t be the same with out you been with Hope!!!

  154. From Kathy

    I am so disappointing in Peter leaving the show, it will not be them same without him. Please reconsider, and stay on Days!!

  155. From Linda

    I have been watching DOOL’s for over 30 yrs. Started watching the show with my Grandmother when I was sick and stayed home from school. Bo and Hope have been a staple and much valued couple since I have been watching the show. DOOL’s will never be the same with out Peter Reckell. He made the part so real. Do what ever you need to keep him so the show value stays in tack.

  156. From Seles

    Please i’ve been watching DOOL’s for 30years and BO and HOPE are my fav couple…I quess I have to start looking for another soap because all the good ones are slowly leaving the show…God Bless you Peter for all your decisions and Good Luck to you and Family Itz very sorry to say Good Bye to my fav DOOL’s:(

  157. From DaysFan

    Maybe if the writers had a jaw dropping storyline for Beau and Hope they would still be on top, but they have not had anything interesting happen to them in a while. Maybe if they left and came back it would be better. I will sadly miss them. I have been watching Days since my mother used to watch The Doctors. over y

  158. From Anne

    I have been watching Days for over 40 years. It is the only soap I watch. I love Peter Reckell as Bo and considered not watching when they had the other Bo. They just brought back John and Marlena. I was looking forward to some great story lines. I cannot fathom Days without Bo (Peter).

  159. From mary

    no Peter you cant leave the show i only watch it for you and Hope.. you guys are the best please dont go i will never watch it again.. you guys make the show i have watched you from the beginning.. i love you guys what will hope do without you. what will i do with out you guys..please dont go. please dont go.

  160. From Becky

    I wish Bo would be able to stay, the show won’t be the same without him. I think they are taking off to many of the old stars, they made the show what it is today, leave them alone.

  161. From Catherine

    I have been watching DOOL for over 30 years, and Peter is part and parcel of that show. If DOOL loses him, one of the best actors, who will be next??? Its obviously that DOOL don’t know what they are doing. If Peter leaves, the show will go further downhill. Keep the best actors I say and get rid of the deadbeats!!

  162. From Tracy

    They could recast him but I do not know if they will do that. Who wants a recast? Catherine (post 161) who are the deadbeats?

  163. From Mary ellen

    I keep wishing that Peter will stay on days as we need Bo and Hope to be the Tom and Alice Horton of the show. They show that love survives all obstacles. Please, please bring Peter back to Days. It is not the same without him – I already miss him.

  164. From Marilyn

    I think Bo should have been involved in the plot more. No wonder he is leaving. Shame on you writers!!

  165. From Grace

    I’m very upset that Peter is leaving. I’ve been watching the show since 1983 just about the time that Bo and Hope were introduced. I always loved them as a couple. As we’ve seen in the past many characters do come back and I hope that Peter is one of them. I saw something in the SOD that upset me. it was about the Bold and Beautiful thinking of recasting the charachter Ross? and they brought up Peter since he had just finished taping Days. I hope that isn’t so because what Peter said in the SOD about wanting to spend time with his family, missing his daughter grow up, I can understand, but taking another job on another soap, is something I hope is not true. It would make his story about leaving all untrue.

  166. From tom march

    Glad to see the diva go. What a whiner, almost as bad as his second rate acting. You had your day, loser, and now go ride your bike. If BO comes back, at least recast someone with some decent acting ability.

  167. From nancy

    The guy never could act. Recast the character with a real actor instead of some big ego baby. “Oh, I’m not the center of the action anymore” grow up and get over yourself…it wouldn’t take much.

  168. From Rocket

    I’ve been in denial with myself for a long time about Bo, trying to like him as much as I did in the beginning. But the truth is that I’ve disliked the character since he chose to marry Billie over Hope. Since then, his lack of passion, his tendency to be fickle with his attachments and his habit of running off after any damsel in distress that wafts past him have had me more turned off than on for him. I’m glad the character will be off the storylines, and I hope that Hope meets someone who will finally match her capacity to love. No negative feelings directed toward the actor, he was only reading the lines given to him after all.

  169. From margie

    Hope Bo doesnot leave!!! Writers I hoope you are not kicking him off.

  170. From Beth

    O holy stuffings! I’ve watched you ride into Days on your bad a** motorcycle into Hope’s life and swept her right onto your sailboat for other ports to be explored. You were such a hottie and bad to the bone and so was I. Now I’m retired and looks like your day job is retiring you. Days won’t be the same without you but I wish you all the best life has to offer. I hope you leave days on that same motorcycle! Awesome! Seriously, sail on to your next exciting port wherever it takes you. I hope Hope is staying but if not then you and Cierra sail on to your next port to call with her. Thank you for all the great work you did for me as I watched staying loyal to Days even since the storyline has turned to poopoo. Sie la vie!

  171. From rosa lewis




  173. From Mari Gibbs

    Days needs to get Peter back for the part of Bo. The soaps cant afford to lose any more viewers! And every time you lose a good actor, you lose viewers! Bo and Hope are one of the few couples we enjoy!

  174. From rhonda fowler

    i am so upset that bo is going off bo and hope has always been my favorite i have watched them for years i dont know why bo is going off its very sad but i wish him the best of luck u gotta love bo and hope u will be diffently missed

  175. From rhonda

    days of our lifes will diffently not be the same i love bo and hope i dont think im going to bew watching it anymore those are my two favorite but i wish him the best of luck love u guys

  176. From Jeri

    Listen up, Tom March & Nancy -if you 2 want 2 b heard, send your posts mmore than 4 mins apart! You clearly can’t have successful relationships if you think Peter Rickell can’t act. How on earth can you read facial expressions & not think this guy is an actor. Name one SOAP actor who does better?


    Days of Our Lives has lost so many viewers since the airing of ‘Will and the youngest Kiriakis’ kissing scene. After being a loyal fan since 1966, I was 10 yrs old, I have definately now seen too much. I am proud for ‘Bo’ leaving the show. Days has sunk to a new low, just to ‘fit in’. I’m done, like so many other past fans.

  178. From Jennifer

    I will miss seeing bo on days… I wish he would not go and stay on days….

  179. From karen

    NO NO!! BO cannot leave. It wont be the same. BO and Hope are the story line as far as I’m concerned. Please change your mind! We love you!!

  180. From Elizabeth

    I started watching Days when the show began as a young girl with my Mom. Bo and Hope are my favorite characters. I don’t think the show could ever be the same but certainly do respect his decision and wish Peter all the best.

  181. From MommaPru

    We don’t want Bo to leave. Let him take a break then maybe he will come back. everyone else works that way .

  182. From paula blackson

    I hope it a rumor please dont go i grew up watching this show and still do til this day DONT LEAVE PLEASE..

  183. From Skopos

    DOOL is making a GRAVE mistake by
    letting Bo go. They should say
    bye-bye to Marlena & John Black
    as they are so sickening and bring nothing of merit to the show.
    They should let Nichole go as she
    has played out her time BUT….
    maybe DOOL needs a few NEW & GOOD writers.


  184. From Dianne

    Letting Peter Reckell leave is a BIG mistake for “Days”. You would think as much time as he has been there that the writers and producers would have the common sense to work with him on whatever it is he needs to stay. But then again, we are talking about writers and producers who both now and in the past think that killing off babies and children is a good story line. It makes me sick.

  185. From SnowyKat2

    This is no rumor, as some of you know by now.. Bo will be departing DOOL as he and the show’s producers could not come to an agreement over a new contract.. This is really sad and puts an end to my watching the show..

  186. From Mary Ellen

    My heart is sick with the new the Bo is finally leaving the show. I’m 71 and started watching this show from day one, some characters come and go, but BO has been one of the anchors. Please reconsider, or at least some back again real soon!

  187. From CharZ

    It is going to be very hard to see Bo go but I hope in time they bring him back. Hope, I would have rather seen her go. She is not as important to me. Everyone things Bo and Hope are forever but I always wanted Bo with Billie. A wild side of Bo came out and it made me love him even more. Bo, hang in there and I can only pray you are brought back real soon. The show is not the same without you. I love you. I have watched this show since it started. Many care about you and want you to return.

  188. From Terry

    Really bad move!!! If this is a contract dispute, DOOL needs to reconsider. Bo is a staple of DOOL and will affect my loyalty to the show!

  189. From Mrs. Diane

    From the way it looked today, it seems that was Bo’s last day. I have been watching this show since Sept of 1966. Bo and Hope have been a main stay in the show. Just is so hard to think he won’t be there anymore. Loved it when him and Grannie Horton would put there heads together, and all the story lines he shared with others. Loved watching him grow up, from the long haired ridding motorcycle hunk to the mature cop he became.He will be missed so very much.. Days lost a great actor and will miss the wipe of his lips after he kissed funny.
    Best of luck to him now and always.

  190. From lori mcgregor

    omg. bo cannot leave dool. i have been watching this since i was a young girl as my mom got me started. lol. i may never watch the show again if this happens. bo makes the show and has been on it so…..long. how can this be? is it money??? if so give him what he wants. you guys are crazy to let him go………..leave him alone…….

  191. From Regina Weathers

    I am 39 and I’ve watched Bo all of my life on this soap without him and hope I really don’t see the show going anywhere. Please don’t take him off and if it’s his choice please try too keep him. I honestly can’t say I’ll watch the show any more if he leaves. I know the show isn’t based on one actor but he plays a very big part of it for me. I just think the show want be the same. PLEASE keep him he is one actor that does not need to be lost r replaced. Please stay Bo please!!!!!!!

  192. From Deanna Aslin

    In 1983 I was 15, babysitting my little cousin who was watching DOOL, I saw this incredibily gorgeous man. Bo Brady . I fell in love with him and the show and have never stopped watching since that day almost 30 years ago.I watched Bo Brady leave , which made me cry by the way, so in his leaving the show I now will also be leaving and will no longer watch. Thankyou Peter Recall for 30 years of watching you as Bo !!I will miss you !!!!

  193. From Beverly Thompson


  194. From linda

    Get rid of John & Marlena. Dumb story line. Bring back Bo. Bo & Hope are the backbone of the show since Tom & Alice have passed.They are really the only true Brady couple left.

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