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Last week was all kinds of fun on Daytime. Maybe because we were shorted a day on most of the shows, we were able to truly appreciate what we were given the remaining days that much more. Sam and Tea both gave birth on “GH”, setting up a total baby-switch scenario. Anthony’s body is still hanging around too, adding the right amount of comedy. Hope’s day is about to make a return on “B&B,” and as Bill’s puppet, it can only mean great drama for the whole family. On “Y&R,” Ricky dug quite a bit deeper into Phyllis’ past. And hello? Stefano was shot! What a week. Let’s get into it.

Deconstructing Days:

Lots of classic soap goodness in Salem last week. Lexi overheard Abe accuse Stefano of causing the tumor, which was a devastating blow. And after setting up everyone with a motive and a gun, Stefano was shot. And of course, Nicole got busted pulling a DNA swap. No surprise there, but EJ is going to be so mad! Christine says, “Nicole switched the DNA samples so Rafe will appear as her baby dada but that won’t deter EJ. I was surprised Daniel pulled a Rafe and let go of his ‘good man’ persona to allow her to commit the ‘Sami Brady’ of all crimes – the DNA switch. The random kiss shared by Daniel and Nicole didn’t fit into the scene and though I’ve enjoyed their chemistry maybe three months ago, I’m pretty sure they’re not a good fit personality-wise. We all know Nicole likes to manipulate to get what she wants. Daniel’s a ‘nice guy’ so I’m not sure how it’ll work and besides, Brady’ll be single again soon…” Read more at Days Of Our Lives Weekly Blog.

Restless Rant:

Who is up for a pool party? Everyone in Genoa City was last week as they all gathered at Jack’s for an impromptu, yet entertaining, barbecue.  This led to all kinds of awkward encounters, eye rolling and tense situations. In other words, I loved it. And nothing was stopping Ricky from his one-man crusade to take Phyllis down. Candace says, “As Ricky’s mission continued, he visited Tim Reid, who all these years later keeps his old client files in the middle of his living room. Seriously? As if he even would have been allowed to keep them. So there they were, and lo and behold, Ricky found Phyllis’ file in the very first box he opened. Gah. Over at the Club, Paul was fit to be tied over the suspicious death of Craig Hunt and was about ready to slap Christine, who’d decided it was the right time to play devil’s advocate.” Read more Young And The Restless Weekly Blog.

B&B Breakdown:

With Deacon about to enter the scene, courtesy of Bill, we can only assume the worst considering the horrifying reactions Brooke, Eric and Co. had regarding the mere mention of his name. And can Liam drag out his decision any longer? Not only that, he has set the scene for a total seduction for Steffy, yet something tells me he is only stringing her along until midnight as well. Candace says, “Brooke and Ridge crossed paths long enough for her to extract a promise from him to walk Hope down the aisle, and to remind him that Steffy is second-best, just like Taylor. Later, Taylor and Stephanie showed up at Forrester to pow-wow with Ridge over what Liam might do now that he’d called Steffy over to the house. Brooke and Hope indulged in more talk about the beautiful wedding in Italy. Back at Liam’s, he and Steffy talked in circles, but she still didn’t get an answer to her question about their marriage. Honestly, midnight can’t come soon enough for any of us!” Read more at The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Blog.

GH Rundown:

Anthony’s body is gone, but certainly not forgotten as Heather drrove him off somewhere to be buried. Let’s hope Luke appreciates it as much as she thinks he will! One thing no one wants to see is another baby die on “GH,” so here’s hoping that Tea’s and Sam’s babies both make it. We can already assume they are going to be swapped, but hopefully, both will be healthy. And it is about time someone talked some sense into Jason instead of coddling him and agreeing with his totally lopsided version of how things have been playing out with him and Sam. So kudos to Carly for being woman enough to set him straight. Hollie says, “The best thing to happen all week though was Carly’s straight talk to Jason. She made it very clear the only person holding him back from a relationship with Sam was himself. Sure, McBain says it was BS, but coming from her it finally sunk in. He might not really even believe it, but it was enough to push him into action. Let’s hope it isn’t too little, too late.” Read more at General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:
Among all the death, dying, murder and lies in Salem, young love managed to grow as Cameron and Abigail continued to gravitate to one another. And in the biggest breakthrough on perhaps any show last week, Sami and Will finally talked to each other, even if it was a few months overdue. Matt says, “Will admitted he was the one who tipped off Rafe. Claiming that the screams from the mansion were just the local banshee could only convince him for so long. Taking a page from the Brady playbook, Will blamed Stefano for it. When William ran into Elvis, he accidentally told him the same thing. EJ blamed Stefano for ruining his marriage. Generous soul that he is, he dumped some blame on Will too and then took away his penthouse. Does this mean that Will will have to hit the streets looking for men instead of waiting for them to come to him while he lays around flipping through Craigslist and watching “iCarly” re-runs? Livid, Will ran off to get a gun in the sketchy part of town. Like porn and PBR, guns in Salem come in little brown bags.” Read more of Matt’s take at Matt’s Musings.

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