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Some of the most classic soap storylines involve swapped babies, fudged DNA results and deep-rooted daddy issues. Last week we were treated to all of that and so much more on all of the Daytime stories. And really, what would we do without all of that overwrought drama? I know who the father is to my kids, so I can stand the dose of daily drama. So let’s get into it.

Deconstructing Days:

So there were eight sets of prints on the gun. Really? And more than half of them were by seasoned professionals who know, at the very least, not to touch a gun. Sure. Also love how Sami couldn’t believe Will was capable of shooting Stefano. Hello? He did the exactly same thing to EJ not that long ago. Gabi’s stalker routine is also getting really old, and I really can’t stand watching her gasp and sound scared any longer. And what is up with the sudden hot-and-heaviness of Daniel and Nicole’s relationship. How odd that he just swapped the results for her. Christine says, “We learned that Daniel not only still gets off on getting his hands and his lips on his patients but now, he seems to have forgotten that doctors generally are also frowned upon for switching paternity tests for a patient. With everything he went through with Chloe, there is no motivation for him to do this, especially when he has no history with Nicole. Nicole told EJ “lab tests don’t lie,” making me roll my eyes. I’m surprised EJ didn’t bark out a laugh. In Salem, everyone and everything lies.” Read more at Days Of Our Lives Weekly Blog.

Restless Rant:

Nothing like a quickie wedding to throw some drama into high gear, and that is exactly what we got as Phyllis moved to make it legal between her and Nick before her bump got any bigger. Too bad it seems her real motivation is to get Nick on lockdown before her past comes back to bite her int the butt, thanks to Ricky’s meddling. Candace says, “Back at the penthouse, Phyllis inexplicably dismissed Avery and Lauren, thereby leaving her alone for Daisy’s fateful visit. The scenes were intense – a whirlwind of bitchiness and drama! The concept of Phyllis seeing her past self mirrored by Daisy and having to confront it after all this time is truly soapy excellence.” Read more Young And The Restless Weekly Blog.


B&B Breakdown:

Well, if anything proved Bill’s case that Hope is not stable enough to be married to his son, she certainly gave it to him by asking Steffy to stand up for her at her wedding to Liam. Seriously? The ink is not even dry on the divorce papers, the two of them share strong feelings for each other and she thinks it would be good to just shove Steffy under his nose the whole time? Bill’s right. She is not able to handle normal situations without losing it. Add to that her asking to call him “dad” and this girl needs another pill. Candace says, “You don’t see people showing up to try and ‘bamboozle’ Dollar Bill, now do you? Of course Hope gave it a shot. What a train wreck that visit turned out to be. Another couple of rounds with Blunt Bill and Hope will be back on prescription meds. Or perhaps she already is – what else could explain her going to Steffy and asking her to be in the wedding? No words.!” Read more at The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Blog.

GH Rundown:

The great baby swap is underway, and no one is happy about it. Except Heather, who is simply having too much fun for someone who should be kept under lock and key. But Todd truly seems tortured in his decision, mainly because there is no way out. I really think that if Tea had not wandered up to him at the moment he was holding Sam’s baby, he would have never done this. Now he is in too deep. Plus, now we know Heather’s reach goes even deeper with the results of Sam’s baby’s paternity. What else are we about to learn about her past?  Hollie says, “Meanwhile, puppet master Heather is gloating over the ease at which she has gotten away with, well, everything. And why shouldn’t she gloat? She has been incredibly busy, not just last week, but evidently at some point in the past when she switched the DNA results for Sam’s baby. But pride always comes before a fall, and I have a feeling Heather is in for a big one. ” Read more at General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:
Stefano’s death is a true comedy of errors, the likes that can only be found on Daytime. No less than eight people fingered the weapon that shot Stefano, but I can’t help but think the real killer wore some damn gloves. As for the investigation, who actually takes notes with a notepad anymore? Matt says, “Before you could say ‘Agatha Christie’, the Governor called Roman to announce that he would be sending in his own agents to investigate. Now that Stefano is dead, he’s not in his pocket anymore so, for some reason, he’s worried about conflict of interest. In a move that would only make sense to someone who has been on the SPD for decades, Roman re-instated Rafe and put him in charge of investigating the man who abducted, cloned and tried to kill him. That didn’t stop him from doing the preliminary questioning himself, even though it was almost entirely of his own family. To keep things kosher, he employed a shadow to make sure he was dotting all of his ‘i’s. Considering that I don’t believe we’ve ever seen Roman actually write a sentence, that was probably a good idea.” Read more of Matt’s take at Matt’s Musings.

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