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Budding love was my theme for the week as new couples seemed to pop up out of nowhere. Nicole and Dr. Daniel on “DOOL” were generating some heat, kind of. But why? I’ll put this one on pregnancy hormones. Also progressing on “DOOL” were Abby and Cameron, who I am not really sold on to begin with. And who was Will’s friend who stepped up with an alibi? According to him they had been out together a few times. Interesting. On “GH,” Ewen and Liz finally had their date, no thanks to Jason, and Starr and Trey shacked up and bickered like an old married couple. We all know what that leads to. Adam and Chelsea grew on me on “Y&R,” but Hope and Liam still have not made it to the altar on “B&B.” Let’s see what else happened last week on Daytime.

Deconstructing Days:

Poor Melanie. And poor Chad. Talk about having a rough week. He lost his dad not too long ago, his sister dies and his girlfriend runs off to Europe to avoid him. Why is no one thinking how crazy this is considering all the trauma Chad has gone through. Melanie comes off looking like a selfish brat when she’s really being held captive by a wannabe stalker. As for Carrie, she has much more at stake than her marriage if she fools around with Rafe. She could also be into some torture by Kate with a dagger. Christine says, “Friday had Kate telling Carrie to stay in the right bed, proving she hasn’t lost her flair for the dramatic when she noticed the clandestine look Rafe and Carrie gave each other and responded by purchasing Carrie a lovely silver dagger as a warning. So creative but Carrie’s weak. She’ll have more issues trying to keep her skivvies on in the weeks to come.” Read more at Days Of Our Lives Weekly Blog.

Restless Rant:

Yikes! Creepy Ricky continued to make everyone uncomfortable , especially Daisy. My ultimate OMG moment for the week was when Daisy opened that file on Ricky’s computer. I was as shocked as she was watching Ricky murder his ex on film. I truly felt her fear and am really scared for her. Great job.  Candace says, “Ricky, realizing what she’d seen, hightailed it somewhere too, leaving us wondering – did he kill Daisy, did he not find her, or did he find her and force her to leave town and frame someone for murder? Hmm. In other happenings, Chloe was freed from Carmine’s trunk by Abby, who then decided to go along for the ride herself. Did she do it knowing he’d get in huge trouble for kidnapping Victor Newman’s daughter, or did she do it because she just likes a sexy bad boy? Whatever her reason, I loved it, and was quite happy to see more of Carmine. This was one of the best Friday episodes in a while, ending of course with Daisy seemingly disappearing and Michael finding a scarf… Yep, looks like there will be another whodunit.” Read more at Young And The Restless Weekly Blog.


B&B Breakdown:

Another week, another week Hope and Liam are not married. Bill worked it perfectly, yet again, and Deacon did his part, despite looking tortured throughout. Back home, Taylor and Stephanie gabbed about it all, making for some funny scenes. Candace says, “Liam continued to look stunned as Hope gave him an enthusiastic account of meeting her father and trying to get to the church. Liam’s reaction was that everything was not fine, and everything had changed – rather cryptic. Hope glossed right over that, and told him to get dapper again – they’re going to be married on the bluff. Egad. Methinks Liam is in a tizzy because he and Steffy hit the sheets before Hope got there – anyone else?” Read more at The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Blog.


GH Rundown:

Sam said goodbye to her baby, which hopefully is only a temporary situation. At least she is getting back into real life and working with Spinelli. She needs some constancy, and he can give it to her. And, hello abs! Shirts were certainly optional last week, and there were no real losers. Hollie says, “Now, if I had to compare my favorite set of abs between these two, I have to go with Todd. He does not have the benefit of time like Trey does, but he certainly is much more fun to watch. Needless to say Todd is going to be keeping a very close eye on him. Meanwhile, an unconscious Luke is keeping two ladies waiting very anxiously for his return, and when Tracy went to look for him finds Anna, waiting for him with another romantic dinner. This should get interesting, although I have a feeling after Lulu’s little talk with Anna about how Luke likes to avoid problems at all costs, it will be quite a while before people put two and two together about this caper.” Read more at General Hospital Weekly Blog.


Matt’s Musings:
A sad week in Salem as we saw Lexi pass away, and I was crying like crazy. Matt says, “After what felt like an eternity, Lexi finally passed away. It was in the flower garden Abe had been tending in their yard. She was amazed to see the five by five swamp back there looking so good. They talked about old times and, before he could open the picnic basket, she was worm food. Her ghost quickly started running around, condemned for an eternity to be wrapped in a cardigan. Apparently Isabella got one of the last flowing white robes they have on the other side. Lexi’s demise unleashed a festival of cuddling. Abe hugged EJ, he hugged Theo, he hugged Cameron, he hugged Celeste, he hugged John and Marlena, he hugged Bo and Hope, he even received a hug from his deceased wife.” Read more of Matt’s take at Matt’s Musings.

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