The Bold And The Beautiful Poll: How Long Will It Last?

Is time on their side?

Now that Liam and Hope are finally married, just a year after he married Steffy, how long do you think this pairing will last? Will he start cheating on her? Will she get bored and cheat on him? Do you even care?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From Lala from Dallas

    Im do sick of the hope and Liam story. He should be with steffy!

  2. From Jamie

    I really wish that Hope and Liam will work out and be happy it is how it was supposed to be before Steffy got involved, but if its not meant to be I wish they would just get it over and be done with it. It’s like the Brooke, Ridge and Taylor storyline all over again. Boring!!

  3. From Juanitta from Detroit

    I’m so sick of Liam and his back and forth between Stephie and Hope. He’s just another Ridge. I would rather see him stay with Hope than to go back to Stephie who’s like her mother and grandmother are nothing but master manipulator’s. Just like Stephie caused marriage problems with Katie and Bill, so did Taylor, cause whem Ridge and Logan were married the first time, Taylor used her master manipulative moves ( sponsored by Stephnie) to ruin Ridge’s and Logan’s marriage. Just like I don’t understand this stupendiouly stupid move to of getting on the Taylor and Stephie bandwagon crappolla. It is absolutely possitivly dump and stupid. Why would you support anybody who recks and interferres with someone else’s marriage or relationship? It is obvious that pretty much most of this country has absoulutely no respect for the santity if marriage anymore. Everyone, including the writer’s themselfs obviously don’t respect marrige, and they also think that everyone wants to keep seeing this miserable dabocle of a man going back and forth from one woman to the next. It’s positively sickening! Get over it already! By the way, I’m not just defending Logan, cuz Logan contributed to messing up her marriage to Ridge also, but it did’nt help when Taylor and Stephnie added their fuel to the fire by contributing to destroying Logan’s and Ridge’s marriage.

  4. From hillbilly

    I would like Liam and Hope stand marrige and I would like Hope come up pregnant!Iwould like Steffy go find the doctor sort time later Steffy come’s up pregnant with doctor baby!I would like to see Katie ask Bill what he did and why he didn’t tall the truth to her.

  5. From Kathy

    Hope & Liam need to stay married. If it was not for Steffy and Bill, Hope & Liam would have been married. Steffy went after Liam because she always wants what Hope have. Look back at the story line. Liam needs to man-up and stay with Hope, the one person who had his back with helping him find his father, the evil baby plot by Amber, the deceitful marriage Steffy set-up and Hope never had a self interest through it all. Hope has been through a lot and Liam is lucky to have someone that loves him so deep!
    Plus, Steffy is self-centered, after awhile Steffy will become selfish again. Look back at the story line. Hope is a better person than Steffy & her mother. Brook needs to stay out of Liam & Hope’s marriage. And it would not supprise me if Steffy tries to have an affair with Liam – she had one with his father, Bill. Steffy deep down has no real morals when it comes to getting what she wants. Steffy had to play the nice person because Liam would not have her as a friend if he thought she would contiinue her evil plots. Once Steffy sees Liam is not interested in her anymore, the real Steffy will return. And – Bill needs a good kick in the butt for what he has done to both Liam (his own son) & Hope.

  6. From Beth J.

    Hope is a child in every sense of the word. She doesn’t know what it takes to stay married and in a committed relationship. Look @ her dreadful role models for goodness sake. Deacon for a father and Brooke for a mother. She may as well have been born to John Edwards and Rielle Hunter! She is all about the fairy tale. She doesn’t do reality well. And heaven forbid there are obstacles. Then right to popping pills for Ms. Virginity. She isn’t a grown up at all. Poor Hope. He ruined her perfect day. She is going to ruin his life. A day seems like a joke doesn’t it in the big scheme of things?

    Liam needs to be with a woman. I don’t think he should be with Steffy because she needs a man’s man. She doesn’t need a wimp like Liam or her father Ridge. She needs someone like Bill or someone who will challenge her and be a real partner. If only Katie had died. Which I hope she still does with the impending arrival of that Satan baby! LOL!

    Hope and Liam are Ridge and Brooke all over again. Hopefully Steffy has learned that running after Liam like Taylor did Ridge is only going to bring heartache and pain. And what a complete waste of your life going after someone who loves you, but isn’t IN LOVE WITH YOU! How bloody droll and lame is that nonsense?

  7. From misstaylor12

    I voted Liam will walk out in a few weeks. maybe he will do what is right and divorce hope and stay away from both women. let liam realize he is not ready for marriage and go out with other ladies and not hope or steffy either.

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