The Bold And The Beautiful Poll: Something Else?

A different sort of story.

For months now, almost nothing has happened on “B&B” other than Liam not making up his mind about what to do and his father doing his best to make up his mind for him. Does the show need to lurch in a dramatically different direction than incessant romantic meddling and indecision? What would it take to liven things up?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From The Leading ETV Through Internet Site on the Net

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  2. From Lynn E.

    This show has gotten so BORING! They never use any of the other cast , are they not under contract anymore. The writers need to get an idea about what the viewers want to see. Use the other cast members and get some new story lines going…soon. Or they will be going off the air to.

  3. From Kelly

    Have Steffy go off in the other direction, with both Liam and Bill still longing after, put Deacon with Steffy wouldn’t that blow the lid off of everything. Look at how many directions this could lead in or to! Stffy could run into Deacon and it will begin the new B&B

  4. From cheryl

    This is why Young and the Restless has been #1 for so long.They bring up past events.but they dont keep playing the same story into the ground.My god is B&B BORING>They could have such great stories.I miss Thorne and Felicia and Kristen.They just keep rehashing the same Garbabe brooke ridge taylor now with all the kids.who cares get new stories or new writers it’s so stale it’s worse than month old bread…Please I cant watch anymore.But keep Deacon he is awesome.I can watch him all day long.Let him and Hope have a relationship.Let Deacon get Bill for what he did.Have Katie take the new baby and leave.Give these Charachters a backbone.

  5. From Ronnie

    Let the truth be told, that Bill actually wants Steffy for himself. Allow Hope and Deacon to have a real Father/Daughter relationship. I could see what Kelly was saying — put Steffy with Deacon! Yes, that would really create a stir!!! Llam needs to be alone – he needs to grow up and be able to make a decision and stick to it. Bring some other men into the mix, so that Hope and Steffy can stop re-enacting their parents lives. Stop the triangle relationships — it has played out! Need something, ANYTHING new.

  6. From Jill

    I used to love B&B, now I am getting ready to turn the channel and watch another soap. It is getting so boring, tired of Liam not being able to make up his mind and how thoughless Hope and Liam are to Steffy. It is also unreal that a person would go as far as Bill does, no person would or could do the things he does. Bring back some of the other cast memebers, before you lose all your viewers.

  7. From Kelly

    Liam needs to get a backbone and leave Hope and go back with Steffy. As a matter of fact I hope that Steffy is pregnant with Liam’s child and he gets back together with her. Too bad for poor little innocent stupid Hope and her slut of a mother. I used to love Brooke but the insensitivity she has shown to Steffy and her own husband is ridiculous. Let Steffy have Liam! Come on! And I say also bring back Deacon. I read that they are done with him. They should include him in the story line for a while and let Hope become even crazier.

  8. From Karen

    Liam and Steffy were hot but I would love to see her become a very strong and powerful woman. Would love to see Hope get tarnished and crazier and would love to see Deacon stay and reek havoc.

  9. From ty

    Yes that’s good stuff if liam and steffy have an affair and she ends up pregnant and he chooses to be with her that would be a good ending to the hope and liam madness but it has to be soon I’m tired of hope and liam I want him with steffy I keep tuning in waiting for it to happen please ASAP

  10. From Peter

    I don’t know how to say this properly. I agree with ALL of the above comments. I have been glued to this soap since it began, so many years ago! At this point, it has gotten SO REPETITIOUS, SO BORING! I’m shocked that it is remaining on the air. Major changes are needed. I have reached the point at which I find it difficult to continue to watch. My God! The most boring portion of any soap that I”ve eveer seen has been the daily barage of NOTHING going on in Italy. The story line is off-the-wall-inconceivable. I hope the writers make some very major changes–before this formerly-wonderful daytime drama (aka: “soap”) is pulled for good.

  11. From Steph

    I hate this whole stupid story line. Hope and Liam were happy why make Stephy and Hope relive Brooke and Taylor’s past. So dumb they should have just let Liam and Hope marry and found a guy for Stephy that would be only hers. So totally stupid this whole show has been of late. Really does anyone want to see more of Bill trying to control everyone?

  12. From ineedu4me

    MORE OF BILL>…NO WAY..He is scum. I cant believe that anyone would support this gangster…Ok More of Bill..but he goes to jail like the criminal he is. He has HURT so many people in MANY WAYS..a Liar a Cheat a Criminal he is.


    The DEATH Of Liam Spencer is what we need to see.

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