The Bold And The Beautiful Poll: The Wedding.

Going ahead.

Now that Liam seems poised to enter into another marriage, how would you like to see this wedding end? Happily? With a twist? With an explosion? When he marches down the aisle, what will be waiting at the other end?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From Lorrie

    Liam needs to stand up and tell the world that it’s HOPE he loves. ONce and for all out a stop to all the nasty nay sayers. Deacon should out BILL

  2. From Glo

    However, I do want him to be with Steffy, I just think that a bomb or something crazy should stop the wedding. I can’t stand Hope the muskrat!!

  3. From ALISHA

    I am really sick of this storyline..we all know he belongs to Hope from the beginning before sneaky Steffy and Bill interferred. For once and for all Bill needs to be exposed and then maybe this young couple can build a life together. Steffy needs for find her own man…Bill perhaps, because Katie is too good for him.

  4. From Syyw

    Well I think we can all read between the line… He is not going to marry hope , the story will be Liam will reunite with Steffey, that’s what the story lines aways ends with ….. And supposedly live happy ever after …. Dahhhhh . Boring boring boring it’s getting if this happens soaps story lines end this way when it goes in and on and on. Steffey though does look three times older than Liam and hope they look like young kids really. , any way will read in another months time, and it will be all about Liam and Steffey reuniting as hubby and wife …. Catch u in a months time

  5. From Erica

    He should be with Hope. That’s who he was in love with first before Steffy started trying to break them up.

  6. From Leanna

    Well, we know what will happen but if I wrote the show, I’d have Hope dumping his sorry arse at the altar, have Bill exposed right there at the wedding and Liam getting engaged with Steffy after Hope dumps him (again). Katie would dump Bill (he deserves it) and Liam would catch Bill and Steffy together, talking shenanigans again. Liam would dump Steffy (again) and grow a spine.

  7. From Diane

    This story line has gotten ridiculous. Hope and Liam need to get married already. I would love to see a scene where Hope and Liam’s love for each other is so incredibly apparent that even Stephanie and Taylor have to admit they were touched by it and leave the couple alone! Selfish Bill Spencer needs to be exposed for what ever it is he is planning by Deacon. It would be great to see Deacon sacrifice himself in order to show Hope that she does have a father that loves her.Then maybe Liam could finally see that his ass of a father is self serving and should never have been given another chance to screw things up for Liam and Hope. AND another thing… when are we going to find out that Bill is not really Liam’s father?

  8. From lissy

    he and hope belongs together, dont be hating ppl…..

  9. From Tanee

    I hate this show, I won’t watch it anymore (I’ve watched since day one) the story lines are boring, I now turn the channel

  10. From venita

    I think you should let Liam and Hope get married they have waited a long time, Steffy should find a good looking Itialian and take over the business. Bill should be exposed for the butt head he is. Deacon should get a heart and give hope away at her wedding. Katie should give Bill a divorce when he gets home and take the baby with her., Let Bill be alone for awhile and change his attuide. Let Brooke and Ridge get married along with Hope and Liam let it be a double wedding. Let Steffy be happy with a man of her own the sweet Itialian..

  11. From azia

    its about time steffy and her family win brook destroyed her family and hope is so spoiled she wants something she gets it and still has not been told that liam did not sign the divorce anolment paper, she cant worry about anything, spoiled brat i am a steffany an steffy fan, hate brook and her side of the family

  12. From wanda

    Well i think that hope will go off the scale again making Liam really think about marrying hope,… Yes he did get together with hope 1st, but life is always changing, the way you portray it, Liam seems to have deeper feelings towards Steffy, Hope is still a little girl at heart, ( which is ok to be that way ) but has not matured enough yet, she shouldn’t even be considering marriage at this point in life…Hopefully you’ll write it in as Liam realizing that he cannot go through with the wedding since his feelings are split & that he should just take a time off from both of them go on a vacation somewhere to sort out his feelings & them bring him back in the show when he has finally realizes who he relly loves the most, (it also gives him time off from the show to have his own vacation).. :)

  13. From charisse37

    I’m done watching this show now. I’m sick of Hope with her needy self and I really like the fact that Steffy has matured & she isn’t as evil as she used to be. I think her & Liam have a chemistry & they can laugh & have meaningful conversations. Hope is clueless!! Anyway I won’t be watching anymore, I’m done.

  14. From Dittyo

    Liam acts like a little BOY when he is with Hope. He acts like a MAN when he is with Steffy. Hope is just like her mother, it is all about HER!!!

  15. From Gloria Burnside

    I’m tired of them dragging Hope and Liam’s wedding out!! Does everyone remember when Bill had the affair with Steffy? And she knew he was married to Katie and she also loved him, so why would anyone want Liam with Steffy? They need to let them get married like they should’ve already been if Steffy and Bill hadn’t plotted to spoil it the first time!! They need to get a new story line and lay off of Liam, Hope and Steffy. I’m about ready to quit watching it, I’ve been waiting for months for this wedding to finally happen and it’s getting old!! I like Steffy, but she does have baggage that I don’t think a normal man would want, and that is she splept with her husbands father!! ex-husband, but really what kinda situation would that be like in real life?? Let them get married and on with their life without Steffy being in it!!

  16. From Missy

    get William & Hope Married let Bill & Deacon, Steffy take a hike.

  17. From baglady

    I’m sooooo sick of this taking forever. Liam should marry hope just to shut Bill up. Steffy is not the innocent party like they are portraying. She is a conniving spoiled brat who interfered the first time. It would be nice to see justice prevail. The good girl wins… thats Hope. At least for a while then they can imitate their parents and start a love triangle. Writers should try to come up with something new. Getting old real fast.

  18. From Missy

    bring Liam & Hope, get married this wk. bing down Bill & Steffy ?

  19. From SANDY

    In all my years of watching soap operas for entertainment this was the longest storyline that made absolutely no sense. Shame on B&B writers for taking advantage of their fans (lazy writing). I was pro Hope and Liam because of the positive message for young women and men but that totally got lost and all I did was tape the show and end up fast forwarding through most of it. Whether you like Hope or not Steffy and Liam are misfits. Hope should have dumped Liam and Steffy should have moved on to something more her speed. Whatever the outcome no one really cares anymore, just please let it be over or I am done with this soap.

  20. From Patricia

    All of you that say Liam should be with Steffy. What is your problem. Liam is naive and soft hearted just like Hope. Rather you hate her or not, he loves Steffy but he’s in love with Hope and is to naive to know the difference. Can’t you tell he’ naive by how he listens to every bodies advise. Steffy needs someone who has lived life as she has. He’s in love with Hope.

  21. From Patricia Rucker

    Tell the writers to stop writing Brooke as a saint and acting like she ia sacrificing something for Katie. She did the greatest betrayal she slept with her sister’s husband. Not a new thing for her, but stop writing it as if she’s doing something good. She’s low. Hope should have gotten
    Liam and Steffy should lose her baby. God beat the devil so good will always beat evil.

  22. From Patricia Rucker

    Tell the writers to stop writing Brooke as a saint and acting like she is sacrificing something for Katie. She did the greatest betrayal she slept with her sister’s husband. Not a new thing for her, but stop writing it as if she’s doing something good. She’s low. Hope should have gotten
    Liam and Steffy should lose her baby. God beat the devil so good will always beat evil.

  23. From Patricia Rucker

    I have no idea how you get things to the writers of the Bold and Beautiful but I’ll tell you. How can you write Brooke’s character as unselfish, loyal by giving up something for her sister when what she did was the greatest betrayal. She slept with her sister’s man! Also Hope should have gotten Liam as in life God beat the devil. So good should always take out evil. think about it. You keep writing like this and I will have to stop watching, me and my friends and family in St. Louis MO..

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