The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For June 25-29.

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Once he corners Bill, an irritated Ridge questions him about Deacon conveniently showing up at the last minute to throw a wrench into the wedding. This conversation doesn’t get very far. Back at the hotel, Deacon has a conversation with Alison about what Bill’s next move will be. However, Deacon may not be able to do much. Bill doesn’t want him anymore and gives him the final part of his payment.

Although still a bit shaken, Hope and Liam plow ahead with the wedding. They make it up to the altar this time and tie the knot with their family watching. They jog off to spend their first evening together as a married couple and recollect all of the chaos that crowded around them on their wedding day.

Back in the States, news of the eventful wedding day starts to spread. Steffy fills Eric and Stephanie in about what happened before she stares into space and recollects her own wedding to Liam. While she mopes, her brother starts getting more serious with Caroline. And Katie takes a momentary break from worrying about her husband’s shenanigans when she finds out about the real nature of Danielle and Karen’s relationship. The couple is eager to come clean with Bill about it too, but Katie is soon distracting him when she has the chance to find out what the sex of their baby will be.

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  1. From Velma L. Richardson

    I am so very glad that Liam and Hope got married maybe they might have a little while of happiness, but believe that Liam foolish quick move sleeping with Steffy is going to cause Hope heart to be broke I believe Steffy is going to come up pregnant, and Hopes is going to be destroyed, thats not fair at all Liam was Hopes from the begining, until Steffy came on the scheme Bill is still inlove with Steffy but if he can’t have her he wants his so to have her thats nasty thats incest. To me Liam is green he don’t know what hes doing Liam loves Hope and the love has for her is real pure genuine its innocent, and as for Steffy Liam lusts her she hot shes a freak so Steffy is cunning smart beautiful high maintinance she spontaneous, experienced, but Hope has givng Liam something that Steffy could never give Liam her virginity and Steffy and no one else can tp that, thats pricely and pure and real. Thats real love.

  2. From Anna

    I couldn’t have said it better than than velma Richardson, Liam was with Hope first and Stephy broke them up, she seems to always be interested in what is not her’s, just like with Bill. I want to slap Stephany when she ditches Hope it seems like they have all forgot who was the intruder, STEPHY that is who. I hope they don’t make Stephy come up pregnant, I want to see Hope and Liam make it past what happened before they got married and have a happy life. Make Stephy go away, she is a problem for anyone who has a mate. I also hope having a baby may make Dollar Bill soften a little bit.

  3. From leeann

    i think Hope will find out what they did she will leave liam and she will be the one pregnant the whole ridge brooke and taylor story all over again

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