The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For June 11-15.

On location.

As the wedding party flew to Italy, everyone worried about Steffy. She kept insisting she was okay. When they landed, she started sobbing as Liam and Hope ran around making PDAs. She tried to avoid them, but the giggly blonde and her bearded boy kept popping up everywhere. Eventually, Steffy cornered Hope alone and told her she couldn’t stand up at her wedding. Meanwhile, Ridge was horny but Brooke managed to get him to keep his mouth busy with olives.

Bill flew off to pick up Deacon at the prison. He teased him for being so grumpy. As they flew to Italy, Bill assured him that he didn’t hate Hope, just the idea of her marrying his son. He dropped some threats so Deacon would know how serious he was about this. When they landed, Bill left him at the hotel. As he drove around, he ran into Steffy. She wanted to fly home. He refused to allow it. Steffy encouraged him to face reality but Bill assured her that she would have a pay-off coming her way if she stuck around. They went to join the wedding party. Bill acted like everything was fine and Ridge offered to walk Hope down the aisle. Steffy continued to mope. Stephanie called her and encouraged her to stay strong.

Hope and Liam ran off to find a place to get married as Brooke and Ridge went hunting for olives. Brooke was shocked to find a ring in one. He popped the question. That reminded her that they weren’t married so she happily agreed before the climbed up a tree to get nasty. When they climbed down, she ran into Steffy to break the news of their engagement. Steffy was still moping. Meanwhile, Deacon was getting tired of being a tool. Bill ordered him to behave himself or else. Then he went off to glare at Hope and Liam as they made kissy faces all over the city.

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  1. From Yawnie

    Liam is flakier than a confused woman. He got into this mess because he didn’t keep Steffy away the first run around to the altar with Hope. Hope seen kissing Steffy, left her ring on the mantle. What did Liam do? Cried like a baby, slipped the ring on the skank’s finger & then bedded her. Second time around, he gets duped again thanks to his pukey father and what’s the first thing he does? Cries on Steffy’s shoulder, kisses her and, yes, you can bet it (even though we didn’t see it) he bedded his ex-skank again. Hope deserves so much better! But then, she’d find someone worthy of her, and Steffy-skank would start trying to seduce the new guy….just because he belongs to a Logan. Like mother, like daughter….pathetic!

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