The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For June 18-22.

Wonky wedding.

Ridge tried to comfort a distraught Steffy, but to no avail. She ran off to see Hope and told her she couldn’t stand attending the ceremony. Ridge wandered off to see Liam, who was in the middle of being lectured by Bill about what a mistake marrying Hope was. Bill ran back to his hotel to get Deacon ready for the next stage of the plan. Meanwhile, Hope moved the ceremony to the church and tried on her dress. When she was left alone, Deacon showed up. She was overwhelmed. He explained why he’d stayed out of her life for so long. She assured him she could handle having ‘selfish jerks’ in her life now. Hope wanted him to walk her down the aisle but he said that was a bad idea.

Liam and Bill waited at the church. Brooke tried assuring everyone that her daughter was just taking her time. Bill called to get rid of the car waiting to drive Hope over. She walked out just as it was speeding off. Thinking fast, she leaped in the back of a truck going by. Over at the church, everyone was getting restless and worried. Calls were made to Hope but kept going to her voice mail. Liam trudged off to look for her. Bill started making calls. Alison told him that Deacon stalled Hope as long as he could. Bill wanted more so she got busy with the next plan. Meanwhile, Hope jumped out of the truck and ran to the church only to discover the groom was gone. At that moment, Liam arrived in Hope’s room and discover a note from her (really written by Alison) that said she couldn’t go through with the wedding. He was furious and sent Hope a nasty video message. As he moaned, Steffy found him. He complained and then his dad called. Liam told him he was right about Hope. They planned to hop on the jet and leave. He kissed Steffy. Hope showed up a moment later to explain why she was late. She insisted that nothing had changed. He showed her the note. She explained that it wasn’t from her but he still wasn’t sure he could go through with the wedding.

Back at Spencer, Katie walked in on Marcus telling Dayzee that Bill and Justin were up to something shady. She interrogated him. He tried to keep his mouth shut so she called her husband herself and ordered him not to interfere with the wedding. In Italy, Brook and Ridge heard about Deacon mysteriously showing up to see Hope. They wondered if Bill had something to do with that. Bill was busy ordering his pilot to take his guests to Turkey. Alison informed him that Hope was now with Liam. Bill started to worry. Alison told him it was time to stop trying to live his son’s life for him. Bill didn’t appreciate the advice. He wandered off, bumping into Ridge, who confronted him about Deacon.

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