The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For June 4-8.

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Hope tried on her wedding dress and hoped that Liam had managed to say goodbye to his marriage. She called him to make sure. He was saying goodbye to Steffy at the time. That wasn’t easy for him, so she just handed over the ring and gave him a goodbye kiss. Brooke rushed to her daughter and promised she’d get Ridge on their side. The rest of the families were anxiously waiting for news about what Liam had decided to do. Bill dropped in on his son the next day to find out. He was appalled that Liam had let Steffy go. Bill lectured him and told him to actually do what felt right for him. He ran back to work and threw himself into bringing Deacon to town.

Steffy broke the news to the others. Hope felt bad for Steffy but got back to planning the wedding. Steffy moped around the office. Stephanie showed up to say that love doesn’t go away. That didn’t cheer her up. Down the hall, Ridge offered to be at Hope’s wedding. She worried that it would upset Steffy and didn’t want that. Alone with Brooke, Ridge told her that Hope needed her real father. Brooke was not happy to have Deacon keep popping up in conversation. At that moment, Bill called the warden and told him to go ahead with their plan. Katie and Liam popped into his office. Liam asked his dad to stand up for him at the wedding. Bill grimaced a little but agreed. Liam skipped along and bumped into Stephanie, who told him he didn’t have to go through with the marriage.

Steffy told Brooke that she ended things with Liam, not the other way around. Brooke advised her not to cling to any fantasies. She stomped off and caught Stephanie advising Liam against marrying Hope. They argued. Meanwhile, Hope went to see Bill. He wasn’t thrilled by her calling him “Dad.” He only agreed to be civil to her and nothing more. She went off to see Steffy and asked her to put the feuding behind them. She even asked her to stand beside her at the wedding. Steffy turned her down, but when Bill learned of the offer, he advised her to do it in case something changed at the last minute. He went off to call the warden to spring Deacon. Meanwhile, the family boarded the Forrester jet. They were surprised that Steffy was suddenly going with them.

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  1. From Missy

    heat up in salem ej sami ? meant to be together. love to see him be good, do the right thing change him, not being a dimera. move in w/ sami. bring rafe w/ a new love. not Carrie. Pleaze.

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