The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary For June 18 – 22.

Lauren bought a gun, Daniel overheard a secret and Abby was kidnapped…

Daisy overheard Michael talking about how Paul suffered injuries from a hit and run in 1994 – the police never found the rental car driver. Lauren blamed Daisy for Phyllis losing the baby, bought a gun, and asked Paul to stay quite about it. Ricky ranted to Daisy about something Phyllis did in 1994 and a rental car receipt. Daisy privately confronted Phyllis and accused her of running down Paul and Christine – and Daniel overheard! Daisy vowed to keep the secret if Daniel stayed with her. Phyllis insisted to Daniel she only meant to scare Christine. Paul rushed out and Phyllis couldn’t avoid hitting him. He agreed they needed to get rid of his wife. Avery found a way to have Daisy charged with manslaughter and shared it with Heather. Phyllis feared Daisy would tell her secret and claimed she might not have cried out for Daisy’s help. Daisy asked for Ricky’s help in leaving town with Lucy. While he stepped away, she saw a video on his laptop of Ricky handing his ex wine, in a bubble bath, insisting they weren’t over. After Daisy saw Ricky push his ex’s head under water, she rushed off and called Michael, who agreed to meet her. Ricky realized Daisy had seen the video then deleted it. While Daisy was waiting for Michael someone appeared. Daisy never ended up meeting Michael, and Ricky returned home holding his head.

Tucker told Harmony he wanted to be with her that night, even though he loved Ashley. When Tucker found Genevieve ready to pawn jewelry to pay her bill at the club, he covered her expenses. Later, Kevin warned the password to Genevieve’s Swiss account had been changed.

Nikki and Sharon refused to be friends but dropped the charges against each other. Nikki argued with Victor over Sharon, who argued with Adam over Chelsea. Later, Adam told Victor he planned to propose to Chelsea.

Angelina, who was opening for Danny’s tour, cancelled her gig for Chloe and Abby’s gala. Harmony and Tucker managed to book The Wanted. On the day of the gala, everything started to go wrong. Carmine wanted revenge against Chloe for taking him away from Angie and stashed her in the truck of his car, wanting to take Chloe away from Kevin. Abby witnessed this, let Chloe out and took her place. Chloe alerted everyone to the kidnapping.

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