Days Of Our Lives Daily Update For July 2.

My Husband Or Yours?

Marlena and Carrie are in the square hyperventilating over baby clothes. Sami walks by and asks what’s going on. From the baby clothes, she guesses. Marlena tries to keep things cool but Sami starts sputtering about being the last to know. Carrie wishes she’d told her sooner. “Who is the father? My husband or yours?” Sami asks. Carrie avoids answering but her sister won’t relent. “I don’t live like you. I don’t have to look at the calendar to figure it out,” Carrie explains, insisting she never slept with Rafe. Sami accuses her of stealing her husband. Carrie reminds her she boffed Elvis. She rubs this in her sister’s face. Sami tries storming off. Carrie wishes the baby were Rafe’s. “You would deserve it!” she says. Marlena has to stop Sami from pounding on the pregnant lady. The shrink lectures Sami for being a crummy sister. “She still has to go through labor. That’s a lot worse than this,” Sami complains. Her mom orders her to act happy about the baby. Sami doesn’t want to join Team Carrie. She rails at both of them and storms off. Her mom trails after her but Sami power walks away. Carrie plays with a teddy bear until her mom returns. Carrie admits that she may have helped ruin Sami’s marriage. Marlena says the only thing that matters now is making things work with Austin.

Will joins Sonny at the pub. He talks about how he’s no longer front page news and Sonny tells him that people now assume EJ is guilty. Sonny wonders if Will is making the same assumption. “Whatever the secret is, he’s keeping it secret,” Will says. His friend worries about him and wants to help. Will insists that this is his fight. “I just wanna be by your side,” Sonny says. Will runs across the room and welcomes Brian as he walks in. He introduces the men. “Haven’t seen you around The Spot since the night old man DiMera was killed,” Brian says. Sonny listens to them talk about that. Brian wonders why Will let the charges hang over him for so long. He doesn’t know why he would go to such extremes to hide being gay. He gets a call and walks off. Will complains to Sonny, who explains that some people might interpret how he’s been acting as shame about being gay. After Will walks out, Brian returns and asks Sonny why he hasn’t been harder on Will. He thinks William is messed up but Sonny says they should cut him some slack. Brian guesses he wants Will as more than a friend. He gets that because he’s hot but warns that he has a lot of baggage.

Spencer and Rafe head to Casa DiMera. Spencer is not happy about what Nicole did. Rafe thinks they just need to play their cards right. EJ opens the door and sighs. Rafe smirks. Bickering begins. Elvis feels harassed and suggests that the Salem PD can only eat bagels and blame DiMeras. Spencer watches the two men taunt each other. EJ threatens his job and says that this is a witch hunt. The men continue issuing threats to each other. They each threaten to leak stuff to the press. Rafe pushes him to take a lie detector test. EJ sarcastically agrees and points out that the test would be inadmissible anyway. He doesn’t trust the Salem PD at all and asks them to leave. Rafe asks him if he has a gun. This enrages EJ, who insists that he doesn’t own a gun. Once the cops leave, Will shows up. EJ shoves his secret paper in the desk. They start bickering about blackmailing each other. EJ prefers to call it ‘teaching’. He threatens to drop him as a friend if he doesn’t stop annoying him and orders him to stop smiling. Elvis leaves him alone to do some work. Will finds the paper. “Oh my God!” he gasps as he reads it. Meanwhile, Spencer and Rafe return to the office. Spencer orders Rafe to run his plans by him in the future, but says he did a great job at backing EJ into a corner. However, he still thinks they should focus on other suspects too. After Spencer leaves, Sami storms in and asks Rafe how long he’s known that Carrie is pregnant.

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  2 responses so far...

  1. From dc

    well, carrie was right about what she said to sami. sami broke up her own marriage with rafe by having sex with ej.. carrie never slept with rafe (although i think she wanted to).. sami deserved eveerything that carrie said. it was all true..
    and sonny really has feelings for will. this brian character seemed like a real jerk..
    ej is gonna finally agree to the lie detector test.. will is gonna find out ej is not a dimera and blackmail ej..

  2. From SandyGram

    #1 dc
    As much as Carrie was right in everything she said to Sami. Sami did get the best line today when she said, “Carrie wished the baby was Rafe’s and that comes from her heart”. And Marlena she needs to go therapy to learn how to help her daughter. Maybe Lara Horton can come back and counsel Sami and Marlena. The writers need to do something I really dislike Sami’s continuous brow beating of her Mom. Sami’s not a little girl anymore the writers need to get her past her childish ways.

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