Days Of Our Lives Daily Update For July 3.

On Top.

At Casa DiMera, Will discovers Alice’s letter and gasps. EJ strolls in and asks him to go and fetch a package. It’s money from one of his shady deals. Will starts making vague statements and says he can help him more if he knows more. Elvis tells him just to be grateful and sends him off. After Will smugly walks out, he takes the letter to the pub and locks it in the safe. Sonny walks in and Will excitedly offers him a free meal. Will acts like he’s just won the lottery and assures Sonny that his relationship with EJ is going to be very different from now on.

Sami barges into Rafe’s office and demands to know if he is the father of Carrie’s baby. He repeats that he and Carrie never slept together. They rehash their mistakes and she still puts the blame on him. She forces him to admit that he had a part in the destruction of their marriage. He apologizes for having feelings for Carrie. “That’s it?” she asks, guessing he didn’t knock her up after all. “I never got her pregnant!” Rafe blurts out just as EJ walks in. Elvis demands some answers. Rafe says he’s talking about Carrie, not Nicole. He orders Sami out. She won’t budge. He argues with EJ and then they bicker about his test. Once Elvis leaves, Sami worries to him about Will’s relationship with Elvis. Rafe offers to talk to Will. He tells her to stay out of other people’s business and shows her the door. Meanwhile, EJ returns to Casa DiMera. He gets a message that Will hasn’t picked up the package yet. He calls to bawl him out. Later, Will arrives and he still hasn’t picked up the package. His boss warns him to be careful. “I think I’m going to be the top,” Will says, announcing that he will be calling the shots from now on. Elvis thinks he’s delusional. “I know that Stefano is not your father,” Will says.

Carrie sits with her teddy in the pub until Austin arrives. She’s not hungry. He worries she has morning sickness but she says it’s Sami making her sick. She explains why. He understands the problems of dealing with her sister. Carrie makes it clear to him that she never slept with Rafe. Austin knew that. She rehashes the feelings she had for Rafe and suggests she doesn’t deserve to be forgiven. He guesses her feelings for the other man haven’t gone away. However, he’s sure she can get over them so he’s okay with that. She thanks him for being so understanding. They go off for the ultrasound and then coo at the picture. When he heads off, she turns around and bumps into Rafe.

Nicole wakes up in her bed and is surprised that Daniel stayed all night. She’s happy about it though. He says he’s making the best of being ‘up to his eyeballs in her mess’. They go at it until his ‘head almost blows off’. He gets some oxygen and offers to take her out for brunch. After they go at it a second time, they head to Chez Rouge. He admits that Victor said she was a gold digger. She says a lot of people have bad things to say about her. He asks her if she’s ready to raise the child alone. She knows it won’t be easy but she’s sure she can make it happen. They awkwardly discuss their situation. She bluntly asks him why he gets involved with his patients. He claims it was just a phase. “That’s a crock,” she says. She thinks he’s still looking for complications. The doctor admits he may have crossed a line by sleeping with her and making things complicated. “I think you like complicated,” she says. Nicole likes spending time with him and the sex is incredible but she doesn’t want to put a name on what they have. He agrees with that.

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  1. From dc

    the look on ej’s face when will told him that he knew ej was not a dimera was priceless.. just hope will does not get in over his head..

  2. From SandyGram

    #1 dc
    I think Will not getting over his head is way beyond wishful thinking now…it’s going to be painful how EJ is going to treat him. We can only hope he comes out with his head on his shoulder for the evil EJ is going to rip his heart out.

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