Days Of Our Lives Daily Update For July 4.

I Own You Now.

At Casa DiMera, Will confronts EJ about not being a DiMera. After a long silence, EJ tries to talk his way out of this. Will smirks, revealing that the letter from Alice is gone. EJ twists like he has ants in his pants. “You’re on thin ice,” he tells Will, who guffaws. EJ acts like nothing has changed so Will hammers home how damaging this revelation could be. Elvis asks him what he wants. Will makes it clear he’s not giving up the letter. He wants his car and apartment back. EJ kicks him the keys. Will wants a salary now that his internship is done and he wants power. He wants to have another person’s fate in his hands. “I want to be you,” Will explains. EJ’s flattered but doesn’t see that happening. Will wants to be his right hand man. Elvis can’t give him what he wants because he knows that, at his core, Will is no DiMera. William reminds him he’s no DiMera either. He thinks that two non-DiMeras running the empire would be great revenge on Stefano. This infuriates EJ. Will explains that the letter is already in someone else’s hands with instructions to send it to the cops if anything happens to him. They rehash their past blackmail schemes and Will challenges him to call the cops. Will knows that EJ can be self-destructive, but he’s sure he’s not stupid enough to cross him. “We’ve taken our relationship to the next level,” Will says, before adding, “I own you now.”

Gabi and Chad sit in the square. He moons about Mel disappearing. “I can’t lose her too,” he says. She badmouths Mel. Chad sighs and starts talking about her moving out on her own again. Meanwhile, Andrew brings Mel some herbal tea and magazines in her cell. He offers to make her a new mp3 mix. She rolls her eyes. When she opens the paper, she sees that Lexi is dead. She panics and begs to be released. He can’t do that. She chucks the scalding tea in his face. He yelps and chloroforms her. Chad suddenly runs in, decks Andrew and wakes her. That’s just a dream. Outside, Gabi shows up and bickers with Andrew. He tells her that he has some ideas for the next ‘stalker’ event. She doesn’t want anymore rats but wants it to happen today. When she admits that she’s been living with Chad and he still won’t make a move on her, Andrew starts laughing. She panics. He assures her that Mel won’t be a problem. She notices he’s staring at the door so she looks through the peephole and spots Mel. “What did you do?” she demands.

Rafe bumps into Carrie outside the square. They want to tell each other something. They discuss their run-ins with Sami. He says what Sami thinks doesn’t matter and wishes he’d told Carrie the truth about the baby sooner. Rafe knows he’s being unfair and she should be focusing on her family. She’s having trouble getting past her feelings too. Carrie becomes distraught and declares that she can’t face him anymore. It’s too hard. He offers to step aside. They bid each other goodbye and he walks away.

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  1. From dc

    the scenes today of will and ej were really good. i really enjoyed the show today.
    glad gabi found out about melanie but i am guessing that she will work it to her advantage..
    hated seeing carrie say good-bye to rafe but it had to be since she and austin will be leaving the show soon..

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