Days Of Our Lives Daily Update For July 5.

Sticking Around.

Ian runs into Kate in the square and asks her to join him for champagne. She needs to meet Brady and Madison. He groans. She asks him again if he’s been doping Brady up. Ian says that addicts relapse. Kate seems unconvinced. She gets a call from Madison and rushes off. He makes a call to one of his minions and orders them to keep a close watch on Brady Black.

In her room, Madison tries waking Brady up. That doesn’t go too smoothly. He can’t even hold his coffee. He explains that he’s coming down and he doesn’t even know from what. Brady blames Ian but Madi doesn’t buy it. They bicker about this and she tells him to stay there and pull himself together. When she leaves, he goes into a cold sweat and tries calling Maggie. She doesn’t pick up. He begins twitching and arranges to meet a dealer. They make the deal outside the square. Ian’s minion spies on them and snaps pictures. Meanwhile, Kate arrives at the office and sees how on edge Madison is. She questions her about Brady and Madi claims he just has a bug. Kate tells her to face the facts. She explains that both of her children were addicts and it was a struggle. Kate urges her to take action before it’s too late. Meanwhile, Brady heads to a motel and gets a few lines of coke ready.

Abby and Cameron have been playing baseball with Ciara and Theo. As they start making out, Ciara tells them they’re as bad as her mom and dad. Theo doesn’t want to go home so Cameron reminds him that they need to look after his dad.

Abe is at home, sadly looking at a photo of Lexi. Kayla has just packed his fridge with food. He asks her to stay and keep him company. She assures him it will get easier. Abe needs to get a job. As she tells him that her marriage with Steve is really kaput, Abby magically appears to overhear this. She takes her aunt outside to discuss it. In the garden, Kay tells her that she’s finished with living in limbo and it’s time to move on. They discuss Cam and Abby says what they have doesn’t mean much because he’s leaving town. Kayla thinks she should make sure Cameron knows she wants him around. Abby worries that she’s been screwing relationships up like crazy and she’s afraid of what might happen. Kayla pushes her to try anyway. Back inside, the kids tell Abe they saw kissing and then hop off. Abe tells Cameron that he approves. They discuss Abby and then Theo. Abe goes on to tell him about how selfless Lexi was and how she was his one true love. Cam hopes he can find that kind of love one day. “Maybe you already have,” says Abe. A call comes in for Cameron as Abby and Kayla arrive. Kayla and Abe make themselves scarce. Cameron explains that he has a new job starting tomorrow. Abby assumes it’s in Chicago. He explains the job is actually in Salem. They start smooching.

Gabi is shocked to discover that Andrew has been keeping Mel captive in his cellar. He reminds her that they are in this together and threatens to tell Chad unless she keeps her mouth shut. Gabi can’t go along with this. Andrew points out that she could lose Chad forever if he lets Mel go… and they could end up in prison. Gabi backtracks. He promises to take good care of Mel. She doesn’t like the sound of that. He urges her again to take advantage of the situation. Gabi keeps telling herself that she’s the best thing for Chad.

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  1. From dc

    after reading the two “new” people coming to show, it appears they are bringing in characters from other soaps.. tell me why??..
    i am still in an uproar about bo being let go.
    and it appears when nick comes back he is gonna make trouble for melanie (if she ever gets away from creepy andrew). andrew kind of reminds me of ian (akes me shiver)..

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