Days Of Our Lives Daily Update For July 6.

I Don’t Play Hard To Get.

Madison tries calling Brady after he’s been gone all night. She leaves worried messages but he’s not picking up. He’s on the floor in a motel bathroom staring at his coke. Finally, he throws it on the floor. He sweeps it up in a bag and then dumps it down the drain. Meanwhile, Madison runs over to the mansion to see Maggie. She feels lost. Maggie tries to be positive but Madi worries that she may have undermined Brady with her lack of trust. The redhead understands and explains that Brady will always be an addict. She asks Madison if she loves him enough to be there for him no matter what. Brady walks in. Madison runs into his arms. Maggie leaves them alone and Madison tells Brady she will love him no matter what. He starts apologizing. She demands to know what he was doing. He only vaguely explains. She needs something better than that. Brady explains that he went out to score some coke. Madi freaks out.

Daniel and Nicole are rolling around in her bed. He decides that she’s the sexiest pregnant woman around. “I don’t play hard to get,” she tells him. They tell each other that this ‘is what it is’ but nothing more. Rafe starts banging on the door. She gets a robe on and sticks her head out the door. Rafe hands her some stuff from the pharmacy. She won’t let him in and he wonders why. Daniel listens and looks miffed. Eventually, Rafe leaves. Daniel decides he should go too. He pulls on his pants and she guesses that going from naked to dressed in thirty seconds means he’s annoyed about something. “I’m no one’s back-up plan,” he tells her. She doesn’t understand. He explains that he thinks she has something for Rafe and he expected more honesty from her. Nic thinks she has been honest. “That’s hard to do when you’re not honest with yourself,” he says. He heads to the pub. Nicole later shows up and awkwardly walks over to him with coffee. She tells the doctor that she forgets to breathe or swallow around him. She drools. He starts laughing.

Will and EJ are doing paperwork at Casa DiMera. Having him around is annoying Elvis. They talk about the ‘ins and outs of doing things’. EJ warns him that people are never more dangerous than when they are backed into a corner. Will tells him he should take the polygraph so that it will make his business partners at DiMera Industries more comfortable. EJ thinks he’s being adolescent. They keep bickering about the test. EJ doesn’t want to give any ammunition to ‘Rafe and his band of merry men’. Will continues to prod him, claiming that passing the test would force the cops to get off his back. “Maybe,” EJ relents. Will orders him to do it. Elvis does not like that. He threatens deadly retaliation if Will ever uses what he knows.

Carrie is restless in bed with Austin. She fantasizes about having Rafe climbing all over her. She licks her lips and then stares at Austin in disappointment before climbing out of bed. He wakes up and tries dragging her back in. She says she needs to get to work. Over at the station, Rafe and Spencer sit and ponder the case. Spencer wanders off. Carrie bursts in with her sex fantasies still kicking around in her brain. They tensely talk over a case. Before she can head out the door, Rafe reminds her they were supposed to steer clear of each other. She can’t do that. They go out for coffee. “If it’s so hard for us to be apart, maybe…” she starts. Austin shows up and eavesdrops as Carrie tells Rafe she doesn’t think she can stay away. Back at the station, Elvis and Will arrive. EJ declares that he’s decided to take the test after all.

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