Days Of Our Lives Daily Update For July 9.

Huff And Puff.

At the pub, Daniel tells Nicole that she’s crazy and he’s crazy too. “Want to have some crazy fun?” he asks. He wants some ‘ball play’ right there and then. She’s not so sure until he points to the basketball game in the corner. She’s reluctant but he talks her into it. He teases her as she loses so she challenges him to up the ante. She offers to buy him a surf board if he wins and she will take whatever she wants if she does. The playing resumes and she beats him. He accuses her of hustling him and she drags him away to extract her reward. She forces him to massage her feet in public and then they race back to her room.

Kate gets some papers delivered to her in her office. Ian shows up as she locks them away. He asks her what the delivery boy brought. She fobs that off and heads to a meeting. He tries breaking into the locked cabinet. One of his minions calls and Ian orders all of the ‘materials’ used for Brady need to be disposed of. Later, the minion arrives and explains that all of the evidence has been removed. He hands him a box of it and leaves. Kate shows up and sees Ian holding it. She assumes it’s just a protein supplement and decides to try it. As she stirs it up, Ian stares before kissing her and deliberately spilling the drink. She grabs a file and heads back to her meeting.

Brady is at the mansion telling Madison that he hasn’t lied to her. She’s having a hard time believing him. He reminds her that she lied to him before and he got past it. Once more, he insists that he hasn’t been using and explains that she’s the reason he’s remained strong enough not to. Brady repeats that Ian is after them. He goes on to tell her how he became an addict in the first place. His mom’s death left a void in him and he used women and drugs to fill it. They made him feel free for the first time in his life. But the void in his life disappeared when he fell for her.

Austin walks in on Rafe and Carrie talking at Mandalay. They claim they’ve just been discussing work. Austin coos about her and the baby. Rafe tries not to gag. Austin takes his wife to their room to feed her fruit. He fusses over her and then talks about house hunting. They start looking at house tours on his tablet. As he feels up her belly, she imagines for a moment that Rafe is with her and is happy. Austin snaps her out of that.

At the station, Roman sends Will and Spencer off to question EJ. Elvis tells him he can huff and puff all he likes. Spencer and the polygraph administrator arrive. As they get things ready, Will second guesses whether this was a good idea. “It’s scary to be on top,” EJ points out to him. Roman takes his grandson aside and asks why he’s jerking around with EJ. He think they need to have a serious talk about this later. The testing begins. The first questions are all about EJ’s name and who his father is. Elvis gulps and then gets angry, barking at them to ask him relevant questions. Rafe arrives and EJ lectures him for being late. Roman thinks EJ is deliberately trying to mess up the results. Everyone bickers until the administrator says they need to begin again because the results have been compromised. The questions start again. Once they’re finished, the results soon come in. Roman and Spencer explain to EJ that he failed. The test shows that he did kill Stefano. EJ tries to smirk. Meanwhile, the administrator nervously meets with a gloved person outside of the pub and takes a bribe.

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  1. From dc

    well, i just can’t get into daniel and nicole together.. daiel should listen to victor when it comes to nicole. i truly liked daniel better when he was with jennifer. with jack leaving maybe they could make another try of it..
    and i am wondering who the man in the black gloves is, maybe ian (mr creepy).. stefano could still be alive in italy and has ian doing his dirty work.. ian is leaving, maybe to go to italy to report to stefano. or maybe there is someone new they are bringing in to be the bad guy against ej..
    my skin crawls when i hear austin talk. just something about it. i assume something will be known soon to let us know when and why carrie and austin will be leaving..
    and brady and madison. madison is gonna be gone soon. what will brady do?? he is suppose to be working with his dad..
    ya know, i wish they would bring phillip back..

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