Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For July 23-27.

Blowing up Horton Square.

Carrie says a sad goodbye to Rafe. He can barely face her departure. She joins Austin at the pub and then they leave Salem together. Across town, Cameron continues to settle in as he tries to keep Abby distracted from worrying about her missing friend. He gets her to help him plan a party in honor of his sister. He also winds up spending quite a bit of time convincing Jack that he has honorable intentions.

Sami is furious when she learns that EJ is not a DiMera. She lashes out at him for keeping this from her. Lucas has a bee in his bonnet about her Elvis obsession and gives her an ultimatum. While she thinks that over, she stomps off to see her son and lecture him about keeping secrets. He defends his boss and she admits to him that she’s made a back-up copy of the surveillance footage. Meanwhile, Ian is thrown off when Brady and Madison declare that they are tying the knot immediately. Madison is startled by how much this upsets Ian. His day gets worse when Lucas shows up to gab about EJ’s arrest and the surveillance footage. Ian sends his man off to take care of the loose ends. At that very moment, Elvis sends William off to hunt down the surveillance footage. As soon as Will and Sonny curl up to watch it, the footage is magically deleted.

Rafe continues interrogating EJ, who is doing his best to convince his old enemy that he is being framed. Sami drops by to see Elvis. He tells her how hard it was to come to terms with not being a DiMera. She decides to let him have the surveillance footage. When Chad arrives to offer his brother his full support, Sami heads off to see a lawyer but is attacked on the way. She limps home to Lucas and avoids explaining what she’s been up to. After she insists to Lucas that she is not choosing EJ over him, Will calls and asks her to bail out Elvis. Lucas is pissed. She shows up to bail out EJ anyway. This sticks in Roman’s craw. The cop soon gets a tip that EJ is planning to jet out of town. He gets ready to re-arrest him. Will gets wise to this and warns Elvis. He claims he had no plans to run. Sami tells him it’s the last shot he’s got at freedom. She helps him get ready to go. Will brings him the children so they can say goodbye. Before EJ can go, Roman and Lucas arrive. Roman nearly takes a shot at EJ but Sami gets in the way. An explosion hits. The cops are knocked out and Sami nearly falls through the ground to her death. EJ manages to grab her at the last minute, but can’t hold on when the second explosion comes.

Elsewhere, Daniel’s nose is out of joint when Nicole tries distracting him with a romantic dinner. She thinks he needs to take a breather and eat but he runs off to continue searching for Melanie. Daniel goes to see Victor, who lays into him for lying down with Nicole. She is summoned over to the mansion. Victor makes it clear that he does not want his ex-wife in his godson’s life. Daniel defends Nicole and Maggie tears her husband a new one.

The cops question Gabi some more for clues but nothing is making sense to them. Hope thinks they should start using hypnosis to get some answers. Down in the tunnels, Mel manages to catch Andrew off-guard and grab his phone. She calls Chad when her captor’s back is turned. She tries telling him where she is but the connection sucks and then Andrew catches her and takes the phone away. Chad manages to glean that she’s under the city. Brady just happens to walk by and overhear the conversation. He guesses she must be in the underground tunnels and they run off together to search. Gabi is also snooping around in the tunnels. Further along, Mel has been bickering with Andrew as they move further in. It’s dark so he lights a flame, resulting in an explosion. Gabi approaches them. Andrew and Mel are confused by the blast. Gabi and Andrew bicker, making Mel even more confused. Gabi tries convincing him to run but he won’t budge. Mel freaks out when she sees sparks. Andrew is about to tell her about Gabi’s role in her abduction when another explosion hits. The debris knocks him out. Gabi tries to help him escape. Brady rushes in to rescue Mel and Chad is on the verge of attacking Andrew when the next explosion hits and Horton Square falls on top of them. Meanwhile, John and Ian have it out as Madison anxiously waits for Brady to show up for their wedding. The wait comes to an end when another explosion hits. Across the square, Nicole collapses in pain as the ground gives way and Daniel gets caught in the falling debris.

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  1. From SandyGram

    Oh My! That reads like enough excitement for us to think about over the 2 week Olympics when Days won’t be showing.

    It just touches on almost everyone. It sounds like Carrie and Austin get off ok. Why would Sami be angry EJ is not a DiMera, this is exactly what she should want for the kids? Now we have Sami trying to help EJ run, there goes LUMI! Then the surveillance footage that Sami just happens to make a copy of is missing and at some point Will and Sonny find it but it appears to be deleted…ummmm…sounds like Young William at work. If he’s trying to bring EJ down he wouldn’t want there to be any video clearing EJ. Sami gets attacked that’s obviously Ian trying to get his hands on the footage. Gee all déjà vu of another video where Arianna ended up dead. Now Ian is starting to show his true colors with Brady and Madison trying to get married immediately, this is really going to ruffle his feathers and Kate will see right through it. Come on there Kate let the Snake kick in and kick this guy to the curb.

    I’m really thinking here that Rafe has some doubt about EJ being guilty if he’s still asking questions when Roman is so sure EJ shot Stefano. Now the explosions start….it sounds like Sami may fall through a hole….so the question will be who saves Sami? EJ not being knocked out will try, but Rafe will come to and save them both! Then finally down in the tunnel goes the HTC along with many of our major characters, including Miss Gabi. Now Melanie finds out the Gabster and psycho Andrew know each other. So my speculation here is that Andrew dies and Melanie doesn’t tell anyone that Gabi was involved! Here’s what we were all were hoping wouldn’t happen, Nicole goes into pain as the explosion occurs. All so exiting, except for the part about Nicole. I’ll be waiting with pins and needles for the Olympics to be over.

  2. From Chickie

    I hope Chad grows up, but Mel does too. Andrew needs to purish in the debri falling. Gabi needs to find another interest. How about EJ to mess with Rafe. EJ and Gabi maybe. Daniel needs to find a love that last awhile and so does Niki. Niki’s the most beautiful female on the show and I’m on her side. Maggie would be a great influence on Niki. Lucas and Sami have always been a great couple. Gets under Kate’s skin. It’s about time Roman finds a romance. Maybe someone from past shows. Could Maggie have a sister that find;s her and Roman We all know that EJ’s John’s and Hope’s . Let him know. Interesting.Bell and Shawn need to come home. Philp and Cloe and baby need too also. Rafe will resue Sami. Ej and Gabi side by side in the ER with EJ confronting Gabi and helps her cover up. Never know in Salam.

  3. From dc

    me and you both sandygram..
    and today gabi is lying out of her teeth..
    and from what they have said above, there are alot of explosions going on around town and it is gonna be hard to wait 2 weeks to see who makes it and who does not..
    we know carrie and austin are leaving this week.. and it won’t be long until ian is gone.
    i’m thinking when everyone finds out that ej is not a dimera it will not ake any difference how they feel about him after all he has done over the years.
    i will be glad when melanie is rescued and gabi is exposed for what she has done..

  4. From Richard

    Do you reckon that EJ will get injured and someone will have the same blood type?

  5. From dc

    good point richard.. guess we will have to wait until after the olympics to find out..
    just read where dayscafe may have something to read while the games are going on.

  6. From Clear

    I know Days is going to be preempted, but I have to say one more time put the Olympics on the sports channels!

    I don’t want to see anyone killed, not even Andrew. I also do not want Nicole to lose her baby!

    I can see a fundraiser coming to rebuild the Horton Square. Maybe the writers will take one of our ideas of a fancy masked ball or talent show, or maybe both? I think either would be cool. I kind of hate to see Austin go, but Carrie’s wishy washy personality can go to Switzerland any time. I know the actress that plays Melanie is leaving, but why can’t she be recast? Gabi’s fingerprints are going to be found, so what excuse will she give then?
    The John and Hope being married has not been resolved. Maybe when Kristen/Susan gets to town she will have a clue about how Alice knew EJ is not a Dimera. Anyway with all the subterfuge, how could Alice be sure then that the sperm cocktail wasn’t Dimera? Did they even do DNA then? Was the assumption based on blood type then? It will be cool if John is the baby daddy!

  7. From Lynne

    Wow, sounds like things are finally getting interesting. I think they will kill off Andrew so no one will find out Gabi’s part in it. They may kill off Melanie because she is leaving the show. I hope not for Maggie and Daniel’s sake. Maybe Madison? She is leaving the show. I can see them killing her off since she is about to marry Brady. How would they then have her leave town? EJ possibly being John’s son. That would be a good story. It would mean he is still a Demeira BUT that would also make him blood related to Sami because that would make him a Brady also. Who knows but at least things are finally getting interesting

  8. From Sam

    Ok it seems actually exiting..and well i am not a big fan of Nicole but i don’t want her to lose her baby, first because two miscarriages is too much even more for Nicole who does awful crazy things when she lose a baby..secondly with her own baby she will stop this Sydney/Johnny creepy obsession and finally she should have had a child with Brady or they should have made an adoption storyline for her and Daniel or Brady..oh well, i hope Daniel will save her and her baby..and SandyGram i hope Rafe is not in Ej/Sami story, enough is enough with this guy, the triangle between her and Lucas/Ej is far more entertaning and interesting.

  9. From Arleen

    If EJ is hurt and does need a blood transfussion, and lets say that John is a match and then proves to be his daddy, then wouldn’t that automatically make EJ a Dimera afterall. John and Stepheno do have the same father.

  10. From Arlene

    Gee, maybe Melanie will live and move in with Carly. That would leave it open for her to come back some day, if she decides that she would like to return to Days. Also, there was a few years when I didn’t watch Days, when Eileen Davidson was on the show. Can someone explain how she came to Salem and an explanation of her role on Days. I understand from reading comments that she also played a dual role at some point on ths show. How did she leave. I read an article where she said that by the time she left the show, she was exhausted due to playing both roles.

  11. From Maryl

    When people find out that EJ is not a DiMera, I think it could make a difference in how people feel about him. Especially if he turns out to be the long, lost son of John Black DiMera.
    Everyone knows that John was programed by Stefano to do his bidding–the Salemites may come to the realization that EJ, since his childhood, was also controlled and groomed by Stefano to be his faithful prodigy and to do his bidding. Stefano may have used different techniques with John and EJ, but in the end, he was in control of both of them so the results were very similar. If EJ is ousted out of Stefano’s cocoon and introduced to his real father, John, who knows what might come of it. All depends on the new writers who are about to be unleased on us in August with their complete takeover of the SLs.
    Need to add that EJ has an 80% approval rating as mayor of Salem,
    so it appears that some people must like and approve of him. HA!

  12. From grandma to many

    wow it sounds like excitement is really picking up I can hardly wait this will be a good way to have some characters leave I don’t want Melanie to die too hard on Maggie and Dr. Dan Andrew probably no reason for him to stay Madison could be a way to break her and Brady up for good Ian too evil to die h@ll is not ready for him yet let Nicole have a crisis but don’t let her lose the baby this could be how she tells EJ he’s the father bringing them back together Sami having her memories wiped out could create a 3 way fight for her hand ( EJ , Rafe and Lucas ) maybe Stefano will arise from what appears as the bowels of H@ll to return from the ruble ok my imagination just got caried away I guess tune in next time for the continuing story of DOOL

  13. From dc

    hopefully they will just send melanie out of town, maybe to stay with her mom.. to get away from nick, she is suppose to have a few scenes with nick.. their encounter before did not end well.
    i just hate that chad is left behind. i am wondering what they will do with chad’s character..

  14. From Audrey

    I have been wondering when this was going to happen. They have also not started the “Who’s EJ’s real daddy” storyline yet either. I really think we are going to find out that EJ belongs to John and Kristen. If you remember back in the day when Eileen was playing Susan/Kristen, John was involved. Really going to be interesting so EJ may end up having part dimear blood after all but hopefully the good kind like John!!!

  15. From SandyGram

    #6 Clear
    At first thought I too say put the Olympics on the sports channel. But I think the two weeks off will give all the fans a chance to regroup and remember what they love about Days. I’ve read a lot of fan sites and there has just been so many hate comments for actors, story lines and disgruntled fans over all, like the McDonald song says ‘we deserve a break today’. Two weeks off cheering for our teams just seems to fit the bill at this point in time with the change over to the new of the newest writing team. Gives the writers a little more time to start fine tuning Days future story lines.

  16. From Clear

    Sandy, you may be right but most people probably will think the same in two weeks. The hate comments for actors are out of line, but I do intensely dislike some of the characters. I do NOT however want any of them to die.

    I would like to see Melanie back and like her with Chad. I liked the young Dr. Horton with her too, but the Stephanie character ruined that. It wouldn’t be so bad when they have a love triangle if the winners didn’t leave the show. Lately that seems to be the resolution for happy couples or together couples in Carrie and Austine’s case. Though I will not miss the Carrie character. The actress is good and better than they let her be in this last story line.

  17. From missy

    loven me some EJ and Sami… cant wait for the cliff hanger.EJ saves Sami…. i hope they keep EJ and will close, i really like them 2 as friends.. Lucas go home…. you are no match to EJ… i don’t want Nicole to lose her baby but i don’t want it to be EJ’s. i love Rafe and Nicole together,, reminds me of Luis and Sheridan from passions…

  18. From PT

    If ej cant hold on then that means ejami falls together and gets traped together ..awsome there may be a we’er gona die love sene perhaps!!!!jacks out dan&jen leaves nicole&rafe unless eric comes back.without mel chad becomes bad…bo leaves when hope becomes princes gina /ejs mother…other wise theres no good way to have bo leave ????need new people how about autum for broken hearted lucas …cause sami is finaly with ej…..abe and kayla..roman and kate for a bit and kristen could cause trouble with marlana and john…mayb their ejs parents after all….no matter what..ejami ejami woohoo…its gona get good…..

  19. From grandma to many

    Grandma Judy please come back I miss your imput sigh !

  20. From Anna

    grandma to many the worst thing who could happen to Ej is a reunion with Nicole, the girl once again trash him right now by keeping him from the ‘child’, trying to frame him for his father’s murder ah and trying to make Rafe the baby daddy..therefore ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, i hope Ej will never ever be close to her, moreover she seems to find a good match with Daniel.

  21. From Lisa

    Let’s hope Ej save Sami’s life, i want to watch this scene !
    Do something good for once Days !

  22. From Sam

    But the baby has to be actually Brady’s for Daniel to save him, Brady after Madison’s death will need a child to cheer him up anyway..LOL

  23. From Interested

    This is what i believe, Ej is certainly a DiMera!! He is the legit son of Kristen, and John. John is a DiMera, So in a full circle here Ej is really a DiMera!! Whatever happens here, its gonna be revealed closer to the end of October probably. Now as for the explosions – there will be 3 deaths for sure, Andrew, Madi, and Ian. Just in time for there departures in august right after the Olympics are done. Mel believes Gabi and Andrew knew each other, but after his death, its just gonna work out that Gabi was also kidnapped or that’s how Mel is going to see it as Andrew was the “original Stalker”, because that’s all Mel is going to hear after their rescued. Whoever saves Sami is the one whose her choice, end of story, Glad to see Carrie and Fake Austin(who looks like he’s carries dad) Gone from the show, and i cant wait to see why Kristen is coming back to the show, didn’t care for her character on Y&R. Everything else doesn’t really interest me.

  24. From SandyGram

    #17 grandma to many
    I am 100% with you on this one….I too miss Grandma Judy and her insightful input. We can only pray everything is ok with Judy and her family and she’s just on a very long vacation enjoying the summer.

  25. From Dolly

    It has taken forever, but just maybe the writers are getting it right. Ej Saves Sami.
    Nicole looses the baby.
    Will tries to save Ej.
    Rafe realizes Ej is not guilty.
    Ian will be gone.
    Andrew will be gone.
    Oh I hope it is realized that Gabi is sick.
    Just let Sami and Ej have a honey moon together!!!!!!!!!

  26. From Samantha

    Whe Gabi was with Will – boring couple as hell.
    Good or bad Gabi – she’s is BORING.
    She bored me to tears.

    Why she’s still on the show, just get rid of her already.

    P.S. Bring back Matt Ashford, he’s avery good actor.

  27. From patty

    I also wish Grandma Judy would come back. This place is not the same without her.
    As for Days, just got caught up and I might be in the minority here but I say go Lucas, John and Salem PD! Time for EJ to get a taste of his own medicine. Whether he shot his father or not, he will see what it feels like to get framed and accused for something he didn’t do. I love to see him get hot under the collar. And stupid Samantha falling for his lines again, having sex with Lucas one minute and panting for EJ the next. Yuk! It will be good to have a two week break from those two since they seem to be on daily with the same old arguments and lines over and over. Even better if Sami’s stuck in a hole , maybe that will keep her quiet for a change. If EJ manages to save her, that would be a first and I’m sure it will come with strings attached as is his way.
    I hope Nicole doesn’t lose her baby and that nobody dies in the explosion. I would love to see John take over as a Demira before Stephano comes back .

  28. From SandyGram

    #22 Dolly
    Where does it say Nicole looses the baby?

    #24 patty
    I’m with you on your post. Yesterdays show was so much Carrie and Austin and now supposedly her and Rafe have their last good bye. How many good buys does one need and there’s no mention of Carrie trying to make up with Sami. If they could both just swallow their pride and agree they both contributed to Sami and Rafe’s break up especially since Carrie is now not planned to return any time soon.

    The Comings and Goings of Days of Our Lives has two former characters returning, both good news:

    Brendan Coughlin (‘T’) will be back…I can only imagine he will be the same toward Will as he was Sonny when he was last on screen. Maybe he will have scene’s with Gabi also.

    Aloma Wright (Maxine) will be back in August at University Hospital probably to help out with all the injured from the gas explosion.

    Plenty new stuff coming…what I’d really like to see is less negativity by the fans overall about the show. I’m hoping these 2 weeks will calm things down. I’d like to see more postings about what is and not so much about what was. When the show returns after the Olympics we should start seeing more of the new writers story lines, but I’m sure it will take some time to purge some of the old stuff or at least change it to something more enjoyable. But then that’s just me!

  29. From Clear

    I think the actress that plays Gabi is beautiful though they mess her hair up regularly, and she has great potential. They have made her character awful. She used to be so honest and loyal to her family. Bring her back from the dark side and keep her!

  30. From Clear

    Glad to see Maxine back. Give her a story line too. She’s great and can be so funny!

  31. From kat

    Tunnels under the city,
    wow, thought they were only under Stefano’s Mansion.
    And they have toxic gas,
    must be All Stefano’s fault again, guess what Stefano, you just blew up Salem Square, LOL.
    Could it be that just like the City, (EJ is the mayor, let’s blame him) Stefano was not aware about the Toxic gases underground.
    I still think, blaming Stefano for Lexie’s death was reaching a bit to far…..

    Just like patty said, “I might be the Minority”,
    those are MO.
    Surprised, the Salem Press is not having a field day, about the “Mayor’s Wife”, pregnant and “slutting” around with a Salem Detective and a prominent Doctor.

    Sorry to say, but I can not take Austin and his – sweet as pie – act anymore.
    Carrie, enough said. What a messed up SL
    that was, and living in a Hotel room for nearly a year, LOL. That alone would be a hefty down payment on a house, but it’s a soap. Every so often, got to remind myself of that fact.

    Well Grandma Judy, I invited you over for Merlot,
    many others have also asked you to come back, or at least let us know, that all is ok in your life.
    It is totally your choice of course, to stay away.

    The Olympics should go to the Sports channel, IMO.
    I don’t need cooling off time,
    I will feel the same way after, it always depends on the stuff I see on the screen, and let’s face it,
    it is different for each of us, so time out, makes no difference IMO.
    They keep Gabi, but let Jack go. Please…..

  32. From Randi

    I agree Clear, the olympics should be on the sprots channel—but NBC is broke so they think this will boost their ratings. Instead many will change the channel!

    I must say the storyline is an awful way to get rid of Mel. She deserves better than this. Why did they even hire her yet refused to give her a decent role–although she has many relatives in salem. Yeah the actress wants to leave for better roles–but an horrible way to get of her—intrigue us for weeks and just kill her.

    This show should be retirled EJAMI AND FAMILY!

    Both actors have grown old in their storylines and it has become obnoxious and lacking entertainment quality! Sorry folks!

  33. From Delores

    Is this the writers way of saying that this is the END of DAYS altogether?? I think it just ought to be since this story line has sucked badly for the past few months any way.
    If nothing else..PLEASE get rid of GAG-i!!!!!!

  34. From jannelle

    I love Rafe. What a good guy he is. And it is so nice to see EJ. Under fire. Meh is a slimy person and I am so happy he will be busted to everyone that he is not a Dimera! Ha ha ha. Go crawl in a hole EJ. Sick of you and slutty Sami. I swear how many guys will that whore sleep with? Ugh.

  35. From Clear

    They will not kill off Mel will they? I didn’t see any spoilers that say that, did anyone else? I hope not!!

  36. From MAB

    Doesn’t seem to me Will is trying to take down EJ. He calls Sami to bail EJ out of jail, warns EJ the cops think he’s skipping town, and fetches the children to see their father before the police arrive, even tho EJ says he had no intentions of leaving town. Also, the surveillance footage Will has apparently is what Ian sends his goon in to take care of. Sami has made a back up copy, which she gives to EJ.

    I really think Kate is working to catch Ian at his dirty deeds, and I also think she knows Stefano is alive and may be working w/ him to bring down Ian. Like I said all along, Ian is the one the cops should be after, and should’ve been all along, but they can’t get past their hard-on for the DiMeras. It looks like to me it will be the DiMeras who bring down Ian, and then Rafe, Roman, and the rest of the village idiots (as EJ called them) will be end looking stupid, yet again.

    I’m looking forward to explosion! I love when the s/l involves most of the cast…it always makes for good TV. I haven’t read anywhere that Rafe saves both EJ & Sami. I read that EJ saves Sami. And the only reason some are saying they hope Nicole don’t loose the baby is because it says Nicole collapses in pain, which obviously means what happens puts the baby in danger. I’ll be surprised if she has this child at all.

    Not everyone thinks EJ is John & Hope’s son. I think it’s possible (if Stefano really isn’t his father) that John is, but I still think that’s a bad idea in the end because it will also make him part Brady, which would make him & Sami distant cousins…and that shouldn’t be since they share kids. But whether it’s Stefano or John, EJ will still be a DiMera! As far as who his mother is, I think it will turn out to be Kristen, now that she is returning to the show, especially if John is his real father. I’d still think it’s best if they leave well enough alone and continue w/ Stefano being EJ’s father.

    I’ll be glad once Carrie & Austin are gone…sick of her crying to Marlena about Rafe and sick of Austin treating her like a princess and being blind to her feelings for another man.

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to recast Melanie. If she’s leaving, just end her character one way or another.

    It’s rumored that Madison will die in the explosion. I was hoping she would just leave Salem! So if she dies, Brady will be grief stricken and go around moping all the time, or really get back into drugs. Either way tho, I’ll be glad when she’s gone for good! If he looses her this way, maybe the writers will change Nicole’s baby’s paternity to Brady and he will have a reason to move on w/ his life. No way should EJ & Nicole ever get back together whether the baby is his or not.

    I agree Maryl that some could possibly change their opinion of EJ is John is his father, and not Stefano.

    I know what they can do w/ Chad’s character. He can take his rightful place in the DiMera family and make his character interesting again.

    I know all fans complain about the show. This is really nothing new. For years fans have always complained because not everyone can be satisfied, so break or no break, that will not change the minds of some. And some need to stop hating & blaming the actors. If you’re that unhappy w/ the show, turn it off, or complain to TPTB, and lay off the actors. They are only doing their jobs.

    kat – I wouldn’t be surprised if the gases underground where Melanie is would be blamed on Stefano too. I agree, I still say Stefano was not aware of the gases in the tunnels, and how would he? Andre is still the one who kidnapped Lexie and put her there, even tho Stefano blamed himself, it wasn’t his fault. Maybe Salem USA needs to address the underground gas problem. Lexie died from being exposed to it, and now a lot of them will suffer during the explosion.

  37. From Richard

    Everyone seems to be camping out in the SPD offices, these days, helping themselves to everything available.

  38. From Gentzy

    I started watching the new Dallas – these writers should be hired by the producers of DAYS – these writers KNOW how to write a storyline, how to make it interesting and peak you interest without dragging it out from one week to the next next.
    I can’t believe the stupidity of these so-called ‘new’ writers – they suck as bad as the last 2 batches of writers. IF they can’t do better, maybe they should take the show back to 30 minutes!!!!!

  39. From Jae

    I agree, I hope EJ ISN’T John’s. That would make him & Sami cousins…not cool. Maybe they will find out that Stefano really is EJ’s father sooner or later. Will Stefano even be back? I read that he plans to retire.

  40. From jolie

    #28 Kat, Salem is sort of like that town the Simpsons live in…toxic! #29 Randi, the reason NBC is broke is all the reality and basic talent shows they shove at us instead of true drama or comedy. I can barely stand it. I watch the History Channel!
    Monday’s show…did anyone else think that Kate was a bit wary of Mr Creepy. He called her ‘my love’ and maybe said ‘love of my life’. She barely looked his way. She was thinking about Stefano. I am sort of thinking she knows the old fox is still around. By any estimation, she is tired of Mr Creepy. But then so are we. And I mean that in the context of the character on the show and not the actor. Ian…CREEPY! And I hope John Black goes into soldier boy mode and kicks his CREEPY little butt for getting Brady back on drugs. That is just the worst thing to do to a body.
    #32 MAB I read your post after I wrote some of the above. I am with you on Kate.
    Roman was particularly obnoxious this week while investigating Elvis. I wish the writers would do poor Roman better. He was once a great character. Just like the do Lucas. They make him silly. He needs a better story and personality.
    Please don’t let Nicole lose her baby. I don’t mind if it is Brady’s but don’t see that happening.
    Sami and Elvis..yawn. They have done it, done it badly, done it again and just as badly. So get over it and find them a new storyline.

  41. From MAB

    Gentzy – bingo on Dallas. This show is great, just as good if not better than the original. These writers/producers know what it takes to get the fans hooked and keep watching.

    I’m still hearing that Stefano is returning, but I don’t know if it’s been confirmed. I hope he does come back, at least long enough to settle all that was left up in the air when he left.

    jolie – ditto on everything you said, except for the part about EJ & Sami. But you know me…I love them together no matter what, and anytime they’re on screen together is the best part of the show IMO.

  42. From grandma to many

    I seem to remember years ago that there were tunnels under Doug’s Place can’t remember what they were used for but I think they some how connected with the water front maybe illegal liquor shipments during prohibition ?

  43. From Maryl

    EJ and Sami–Cousins sharing children??

    In order to remove the “cousin” factor from EJ & Sami, the writers need to go back in time. If John will be revealed as being EJ’s real father, the writers need to eliminate the Brady part of his blood line. They could do this by going back to Colleen. She could have been an adopted child of the Bradys. Her background is open to a twist such as that because we do not have any definite info on her history. Therefore, this could be written in. If colleen wasn’t a true blood Brady, then John would not have Brady blood in his veins–neither would EJ. Sami resembling Colleen could just be another twist of fate–somewhat like a reincarnation of Colleen. (Very possible in a soap! Ha!) Santo and Colleen were two star-crossed lovers who left behind a lot of karma. They never had a chance to share their love and live a life together–so now maybe they can through Sami and EJ.
    The only other way to “uncousin” these two, IMO, is to remove John from the prospect of being EJ’s father, but if Stefano is not EJ’s real father, then I find it hard to place anyone other than John in that role. The fact that EJ seems to be a reincarnation of Santo DiMera just makes sense that John is most likely his real father.

  44. From Clear

    It doesn’t matter if they are cousins. It would in my mind if they were aunts or uncle to the other, but cousins is really not a problem. Anyway, the gene pool is so shaky in Salem that they all need DNA and blood tests before they can be certain they are not related it seems! LOL!

  45. From Kat

    43 Maryl,
    how about if Colleen is a Brady,
    but her brother Shawn is not not, he could have been adopted, and so Roman and Sami etc. do not have any real Brady blood, and it is ok for John/EJ to have Colleen/Brady Blood.
    Shawn’s real parents could have been O’Reilly’s.
    But it would be ok for EJ and Sami to be together… Should it turn out that John.. and Not Stefano is EJ’s Fatha.
    As long as EJ is a DiMera, I am happy.

    For me, it is getting pretty boring without Stefano …
    EJ acting with Will, fine, but it’s much better with Stefano.
    Will needs to start getting his own life again.
    To bad his parents, etc. have No Idea what a talented little Black Mailer that boy is…
    Maryl, on the other blog # 4, I also mentioned about EJ and Sami, maybe living the life, that Santos and Colleen could not..

    I also agree with jolie, MAB about Kate, she knows more than she let’s on.

    Hope we are right, and a big set for for Ian is in the works.
    Wonder why he is here and what his Real angle is for doing all these things.
    Still think Agent Spencer and Ian are two almost look/act A-Likes, maybe they are also working together.
    Agent Spencer, perfect In Side Man for Ian… Both of them out to get Stefano and now EJ.

    Poor Lucas, like a kid on the loose in a Candy Store, look, look what I got.
    Yey Lucas, you got Your Son’s Meal/Perk Ticket LOL.

    All it said in that letter by Alice,
    Stefano, I am sorry to tell you that EJ is not your son… No Proof, no blood test results, of course No DNA, they did not have that when EJ was little….
    Please somebody give the Look Alike of Santos a DNA Test.
    John and the rest, think for a moment, All of you saw the picture of Santos, with his mustache, let the light bulbs do something for you.

    I guess, EJ put on his gloves, shot Stefano, took the gloves off, and made sure he touched the murder weapon…..
    And of course, to shoot the scones, he made sure he had gloves on.
    Test the bullets shot at the scones,
    2 0r three, I forget, test them that they did not come from Abe’s gun,
    and we all know that Stefano was killed with Abe’s Gun.
    Wonder, how all that will turn out, wonder if the writers know yet…
    Give us lots of EJ and Sami, I enjoy those two.

  46. From tee

    Not sure what happened to my other post it is not showing up so If I double post sorry. I just want to say I agree with Kat Stefano is blamed for everything even when he is not around. It upset me to see Abe so readily supporting John in his takeover attempts after his promise to EJ. EJ made sure to tell Abe he was gonna hold his end and even had Abe and Jens charges dismissed for Lexie. EJ is nowhere near as bad as Stefano. I see him as being genrally good but we must understand Stefano was molding him and he so wanted to please fatha. I do remember the times he went against Stefano, usually for his kids or Sami. Before we knew of Alices letter claiming he was not Stefanos son we seen EJ mainly trying to change the Dimera name he took being mayor serious cause he wanted his kids to not be like Stefano and clean up the name a bit for them and maybe even Sami. I will now start with Sami she really wants her mothers approval and love. Marlena hates the Dimeras and Sami though she wont admit it probably denies her feelings for EJ because of that reason. Just look at how Marlena backed Carrie in the whole Rafe thing. It was wrong for Sami to cheat with EJ on Rafe but very wrong for her own sister to fall in love with her sisters husband. Marlena did not care that Carie just did that to her sister and her own daughter and Marlena is noone to talk she was in a situation many times with Roman and John. Sami is responsible for her actions but at the same time she is how she is partly because of Marlena imo. She is trying to hold onto her mother though she acts out and pretends she is not. What will Marlena say when EJ turns out to be Johns. Now if they are gonna change the story on EJS paternity etc it will be hard to make him not A Dimera as he is identical with Santos Dimera as Sami is identical to Coleen. So he is realy Stefanos or Johns. It would not make sense any other way unless Ian somehow could be the father. I love EJAMI but understand we all have our fave couples and I respect everyones choices of that.
    I am tired of Gabi. She needs a real story not with Chad. I hope Mel and Chad stay together but I am not sure since she is leaving the show. I think it would be great if Brady was Nicoles baby daddy also. I like her with Dan but Rafe not so sure we have not sen them romantically together really yet.
    Rafe and Sami are over in my opinion. I think he has not shown one thread of evidence he even still cares for Sami. If they try to push that Again it will be wrong cause they would be making Sami second best. He has seen her react with EJ and Lucas and other then going after EJ he has shown no type of remorse for his feelings for Carrie or anything. We must remember he had feelings for Carrie before he knew of what Sami did. He can say all he wants it is Samis fault but it is all their faults. Sami had sex he fell in love both are wrong. Carrie fell in love with her sisters husband that is very wrong. Marlena sickens me supporting Carrie in it and not Sami. I am curious how Bo will leave maybe he will go to Carly though there is no evidence to show in the show he will. I dont know

  47. From Cougar

    Sandy gram #24 I hopw your spoiler about Maxine is right. I’ve been prayin’ that they bring our fav nurse back. They can keep Horton Square blown up as far as I’m concerned. A little more back to the hopital please. Get Kayla back in the hosp. Get Maggie out of the spa biz and back to Chez Rouge. I know we all laughed at the Salem s\hosp only seeming to have one floor and one hosp room but I think it offered up better sl than the lack luster Horton Square.

  48. From Cougar

    Going to love all the action coming up. Pre-empting Dool for the Olympics will be the moher of all cliff hangers to wait for the return of the show. Rather eil of NBC. I do have a respect and appreciation for the Olympics but with all the coverage hours for the duartion of the games I dont know why they cant do a partial premption of Dool. Rather than a total black out of programing.

    I agree with a previouse commet posted about why did they bother creating Mel if they would kill her in the explosion. I expressed similar sentiments a while ago about the investment and evolution of making part of the family through Maggie.

  49. From SandyGram

    Another New Arrival from Daytime Royality:
    Jill Remez, who played Juanita, the woman who terrorized the citizens of Harmony and who caused Tabitha to become good and give up all of her magical powers in the series finale of “Passions”, appears on “Days” next week as Mrs. Perez.

  50. From Clear

    SanyGram, who is Mrs. Perez?

    Cougar, it seems I always agree with your posts. Though I am greedy and want the hospital and Chez Rouge. We haven’t seen the spa lately. I liked Quinn and would have liked him to stay and be the undercover ISA agent though I did not like what happened with Chloe?

    I still think Rafe’s backstory with Emily is a loose end. I was thinking that Rafe’s is about the only man besides Brady with no children of his own.

  51. From Maryl

    Kat–Your right, Shawn may have been the one who was adopted. I thought of that too, but didn’t feel like writing that much last night, so I went in the direction of Colleen only.(Ha)! But, I so agree that one of them, Shawn or Colleen, may not have been true blood Bradys. Wouldn’t that be a good soap twist! I do wish they would do something to explain away the cousin situation between EJ and Sami if they intend to reunite them as a family. It would appease those viewers who may have a problem with cousins being married to one another–although, it was practiced and was considered to be a preferred and acceptable marital union in the past and still is in some parts of the world. I personally do not have a problem with this scenario, but I just hope it doesn’t become an argument for keeping EJ and Sami apart. Which is too late anyway since they already share two kids.(Ha!) If EJ and Sami are cousins, maybe that explains why they are so much alike in the way they think and act. Whatever the case may be, I am just hoping that the writers will use their heads and let Ejami happen for good this time! This is one of the best situations for a great love story that is available to these writers and the soap. I hope they use it!

  52. From SandyGram

    #50 Clear
    Mrs. Perez….that’s all the article told us, no details as of yet.

  53. From Richard

    For all of those worried about the cousin connection between Sami and EJ, It could just easily be that Roman is not the real Roman Brady, but a clone put in place by Stefano, when he first met and married Marlena.
    Mant times, Stefano has captured, killed and controlled Roman and Marlena. He abducted the twins(Sami and Eric). He could have changed DNA and blood samples during those times.
    If you are looking for someone who is not himself, I would look at Roman Brady.
    We really didn’t know that much about the original Roman(Wayne), before he married Marlena. He could have been just like EJ, when he arrived in Salem and controlled by Stefano.

  54. From jolie

    My reflections on yesterday’s show:
    Rafe is being pulled a bit too thin. He is involved in or on the sidelines of several different storylines so he is only giving his sister a courtesy bit of attention when she could really use an adult’s attention. Her stories would fly very thin in the face of adult scrutiny. OK, I know Bope is on the job but they are focused on finding Mel and apparently Gabs is safe now so they are missing big puzzle pieces in Gabber’s story that normally someone would examine more deeply. Not blaming Rafe…the writers are to blame..not the characters. Rafe has a script that he is following.
    Nicole is being pulled too thin. Poor NicNic. Why can’t she just be happy with being preggers and not have to be thrown in the middle of Rafe and Dr Feelgood? She is obviously attracted to both Rafe and Daniel. They are both attracted to her. Would she have ended up doing the tango with Rafe rather than Daniel if Carrie had not been in the picture? Possibly. And Rafe sure has moved on from Sami (who I have lots to say about as well). I know this is a soap and we have a very short shelf life on most stories so things have to move along. Well, except for Mel being held by the loony Andrew and this has gone on way too long with Gabs right in the middle. But Nicole is so sweet and funny and has grown as a person over the years. Let her have some friends. Let her find a home and some semblance of a family. Don’t play her as a slut because Nic is a survivor and will be whatever it takes but she isn’t just a slut. She loves, not well, but she does love.
    Lucas is being pulled very thin. Why did they bring him back? He started out sort of standing away from the fray, seeming to have learned some lessons, seeming to have grown up a bit, seeming like he would be a good friend to Sami and be there for Will at a point that Will really needed him in his life and in his corner. Well, that is out the window. He is now Sami’s current and probably short-lived boy toy and current caretaker of Sami’s kids. He is back to barking at Elvis which makes him look silly. Lucas was running a division of a large company in another country. He is not an idiot so why write him like that. I don’t see Lucas grabbing up Alice’s letter and taking it to show the SPD or John and Marlena without thinking it thru and talking to Will. Why does Will have the letter? How did he get it and what does it mean in his relationship with Elvis? But no, he runs off to do some big damage. Again, the writers are making Lucas out to be silly. I do not like it. Lucas should have grown up by now so let him. And he has again jumped right on to the Sami bandwagon and she is starting to toy with Elvis so I guess Lucas is in for more Sami heartbreak. Gee whiz, we have been there and done that and done that and done that.
    Sami is being pulled very thin. Why is she with Lucas? Why is she with anyone romantically? Yes, she should be with Lucas as her very best friend who always comes to her rescue. Yes, they could eventually become a great couple but Lucas is being duped, again. Sami is letting Elvis get under her skin. What woman would really go back to a man like that? Yes, Sami is supposed to be impulsive but she ain’t stupid. I think the Elvis boat should have sailed for Sami. I see Sami as a survivor of almost the same proportions as Nicole. She has children who depend on her but they can’t really depend on her because she is so over the top. Sami and Nicole have so much in common. I always wanted to see them as friends because if that had happened…look out Salem. But instead we still see them after some of the same men and again, we have been there, done it, done it again. Now we’re doing it some more with Sami and Elvis and Nicole carrying his child. (So sorry to all of you Sami/Elvis folks. I love the characters but just tired of the dance. And it is just an opinion and we know what they say about those!)
    Abe sure has turned on Elvis after promising to be family during Lexie’s funeral. I was very disappointed in his actions. Yes, he and John have long been after Stefano, and yes Elvis has picked up some of the slack for Stefano and has done some dirty deeds. Lexie expected Abe to be a help to Elvis and to maybe guide him to the light. Abe was all on board last week but now he is derailed. That was quick. Too bad the Mel kidnapping wasn’t as quick.
    John sure took Brady’s new venture into drugs with ease. He started ranting about Mr Creepy Ian and was right back to taking over the Evil Empire…I mean Dimera Enterprises. Why didn’t he go immediately to see Brady, to see where he was and how he was. No, he just starts ranting. Of course Marlena did have supper in the crockpot and we know how good that can smell.
    Ok, I’ll try to get in a better frame of mind and better humor when watching today’s episode. I just feel like some old friends are being done badly by the writers and most of it is not entertaining at times.

  55. From Cougar

    Clear, Went back this morn and had a chance to read most postings – internet in our area has been plagued with being down frequently for long periods – and it does seem we are on the same wave lenght! Great minds think alike; lways thougt you were a bright one! LOL

    I think with all the writer changes they have left a lot of loose ends in regaurds to Rafe’s past that we could see some really interesting story lines if they chose to follow and develope it. There’s the fiance Emily. They could bring her back to complicate things in his life. Lets say a staged death per chance. Then there is the ever absent Mama Hernandez, kind of reminds me of the unseen Maris, wife of Niles from the old show “Frazier”. I mean really we didn’t even see her when her daughter Arianna died. She apparently drops her children and leaves them to their fates in Salem. S house cat has more maternal feelings that she seems to.

  56. From Cougar

    Jolie i agree that they have not played Lucas as very smart. The whole thing about the Alice letter is that everyone takes it on face value that it is proof positive of Elvis’s legitimacy as a DiMera with out check facts blood tests & DNA testing. This whole debate could collapse if for example the baby & the bath water were thrown out literally if the letter is a fake or a forgery concoted by Stephano; remember he’s always one step ahead of the game in chess.

  57. From Cougar

    Previous post did not go through so if this is a duplicate I apologize.
    For having such a strong & devious mother, Kate, they portray Lucas & Asutin as duffases. Usually when rattle snakes reproduce they breed more rattle snakes not fuzzy headed bunnies.

  58. From Just Moi

    Jolie, I agree with you about Lucas, if I was the actor I would be embarassed to have to play such a weak character and to be looked at as such a fool. And I too am tired of the Eel J/Sami dance, I wish they would just dance right off the screne, boring and been there done that way too many times.

    If Eel J turns out to be John’s son I hope there is as much outrage at the fact that he and Sami would be cousins as there was when Max was dating Stephanie. Max and Steph were not related by blood and we had some yelling incest all the time. At least Max and Steph never had children.

  59. From MAB

    Kat – I agree I’m not convinced Spencer isn’t shady. I wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t working for Ian, like Harmon was working for Stefano. And I agree about Lucas too. He acts childish when it comes to EJ. I hope the letter backfires on all of them. The letter is no proof who EJ’s father really is until tests are done. I also agree about the evidence they think they have against EJ. Don’t they find it odd that EJ would shoot w/ the gloves on then take them off to touch the murder weapon? SO enjoyed EJ & Sami together again yesterday, and cute how she opened the door in her undies to see him standing there. He seemed to like it!

    tee – great post! I agree Abe automatically siding w/ John after he promised Lexie to make peace w/ EJ. I am tired of Marlena & Sami not having any airtime together when they’re not arguing. She is so understanding of everyone else and their faults, but not when it comes to Sami. Marlena has never been a real mother to Sami.

    I kinda like Daniel & Nicole now. Looks like she’s gonna be in a triangle w/ Daniel & Rafe, so I guess that means no Brady for her, but if it keeps her out of EJ’s path, then I’m ok w/ it. I also think Rafe & Sami are over, and I couldn’t be happier. These 2 never belonged together IMO.

    If Bo is still leaving the show, please don’t let him go back to Carly. That would be a slap in the face to Bo & Hope’s love story, and to the fans. The writers better come up w/ a reasonable s/l as to why he would leave Hope, or the fans aren’t gonna buy it.

    Maryl – if EJ turns out to be John’s son, whatever the writers do, they just need to come up w/ a way to not have EJ & Sami related.

    Jolie – I also agree about Lucas. He was supposed to come back more mature…a changed man. Well, he seems to be right back where he was before, acting childish and being jealous of EJ & Sami’s relationship. Like I’ve always said, Lucas & Sami are better off as friends ONLY. They aren’t even exciting as a couple. He needs a real love, something he’s never had before. Every woman he’s ever been always ends up having a thing for another man. And you’re so right about Lucas barking at EJ. He just looks silly. And as far as Will, Lucas sit right there and said he’s worried about him working for EJ, but he didn’t think twice about Will when he took off running to John and calling Rafe to meet him about the letter. All he was thinking of was himself and how he can get EJ out of Sami’s life.

  60. From SandyGram

    Spoiler excerpt from Days Cafe”

    “Sami and EJ discuss the heat between them. She will at first not admit there is anything that draws them together, but he almost seduces her to prove a point and she leans in for a kiss. EJ then pulls away, pleased he proved his point and there is indeed something between them.”

    Let’s see EJ seduces her to prove a point, pulls away when Sami leans in for the kiss and and EJ is pleased when he proves his point = Master Manipulator. Love and Romance or NOT!

  61. From Just Moi

    Yep SandyGram and silly Sami falls for it = Most Manipulated. (or most brainless lol)

  62. From Lisa

    The posters will win whine about Ej and Sami and call them ‘manipulator’ ‘manipulated’ make me laugh..When Ej seduce Nicole in order to make her a ‘nanny with benefits’ was one of the most manipulating thing he did..but of course all is well for that..whereas Ej seduce Sami in order for her to admit her attraction, far less manipulating actually..

  63. From jolie

    #60 Sandygram, all the more reason for Sami to stand on her own 2 feet and stay out of Elvis’ clutches. He is using her. He can’t rely on himself for too long so he needs to drag her back in. Heat between 2 people doesn’t mean those people need to be together. It just means there is attraction. Well, she also causes heat with Lucas, with Rafe, with Brandon, with Austin, with Franko, who did I leave out. Sami is beautiful and a nutjob. I would think she would be smart enough to be sworn off the men in her past who have led her nowhere but to heartache and headache. She hasn’t had a go round with Dr Feelgood yet. Maybe she’ll break an arm and need it reattached. Dr Dan will drop Nicole in a heartbeat because she doesn’t really have a medical problem. He’ll be holding Sami’s good hand while sewing the other arm back on. OK, sorry for all that. Anyway, if Elvis started playing games like that with most grown women, he’d be slapped into next week before he could blink his eyes.

  64. From Realitycheck

    Just Moi : what about Nicole who always comes back to Ej while he treates her like TRASH again and again and again and always saw her as some prize consolation..lmao..who is the most ‘brainless’ already ? yep..

  65. From Maryl

    #46 tee–great post–I agree with all of your thoughts–from Abe’s reaction to John taking over the empire from EJ, to the prospect that Sami and Rafe are hopefully annihilated forever. My thoughts are in synch with yours.

    Richard–that could be a possible scenario–Roman not being a Brady. That would finally give Roman a much needed SL.

    MAB–ditto to your thoughts as usual! Glad you’re back from your vacation!

    Did I understand Marlena correctly when she was telling Abe that she would love John just the same if he were Stefano DiMera?? I believe Abe asked her what if John was Stefano? This woman should then understand Sami’s attraction to EJ. If EJ is John’s son and this will soon be revealed, I can hardly wait to see the expression on Marlena’s face.

    #18 PT–I agree with you–it sure would be fun to have Sami and EJ trapped together after the explosion for a few days! And please writers, let EJ do the rescuing!!

  66. From Penny

    EJ AND SAMI : HOT HOT HOT that’s all i have to say.

  67. From SandyGram

    #62 Lisa
    By Jove I think you’ve got it….EJ is the Master Manipulator because he manipulates everyone at many different levels. Thanks for clarifying that for us!

  68. From jolie

    Really good posts, everyone. Great give and take of ideas. I like Richard’s idea about Roman and remind all that Richard has always maintained that Roman is not who he says he is or maybe even who he thinks he is. And yes, wouldn’t it be great to get Roman back into the picture?
    Ok, what is this is the scenario: John is not really the Dimera but Roman is. John might be the father of Elvis- no problem there- but Roman is the offspring of Colleen and Santos and that is why Stefano originally messed with him. John was just in the way and available for Stefano’s nefarious purposes and was used for that. John could be Elvis’ father and Roman still be Sami’s father. John is an Alamain and something else and not a Brady nor a Dimera. I am making things safe for Sami/Elvis offspring here.

  69. From Just Moi

    #62 Lisa, glad Sandygram and I can make you laugh and yes you just proved our point that Eel J is the Master Manipulator, thanks.

    #64 Realitycheck, maybe we can have a Days contest on who the most brainless of them all, line up all of EJ’s women and take a vote lol ;)

  70. From Kat

    Today, finally, EJ and Sami, getting closer, fighting it all the way, at least Sami, but we know that there an attraction between those Two, from the Moment they first saw each other.
    EJ came to town, and Sami was done forever, like it or not, admit it or not, it’s there.
    EJ nor Sami have the same attraction towards anybody else, just each other.
    Every other man or female is second best and always will be.
    Nicole and Lucas have that figured out a long time ago.
    Manipulator or not, EJ has got it, and the women do not seem to mind, to get under his spell. LOL
    Whatever the deal, I just plain love to watch EJ and Sami on the screen, they make the show, regardless of the SL.

    John and Marlena, Bo and Hope, Jenn and Jack, etc. they all had it once upon a time
    but EJ and Sami take I my mind… First place.
    PT and Maryl, would love to see Sami and EJ trapped together, away from everybody,
    “Taming of the Shrew”, whatever,
    I would love to watch something like that.

    Hope Rafe is a thing of the past for Sami, never saw any real sparks there, just sex, sex, without that real from the gut fire…
    Lucas, just Not enough Man for Sami, more like a Boy Toy for afternoon delight.

    Sami is a red hot blooded woman, all woman, she needs a full blooded man like EJ, To Rock Her World….
    With all the men in Sami’s life, I have never seen more love, romance, sizzle, fight, denial of feelings, tenderness, SEX, friendship at times, looking out for each other at times, somehow always longing for each other, but not admitting it.

    Today, EJ finally made Sami face the fact, that She does want Him…… now how will our Sami deal with that revelation. The flame is burning strong and getting bigger and bigger.
    This Love/Romance story is soooooooooo long overdue…
    We sat through Rafe and Sami, now Lucas and Sami, etc…. finally give us the true Love story, so many of
    Us fans have been waiting for…..

  71. From Just Moi

    Kat you said “EJ came to town, and Sami was done forever, like it or not, admit it or not, it’s there.” I don’t think it’s a matter of “like it or not, admit it or not” It’s the way some see and and other don’t. You see it your way others see it their way, no need to get all “in your face” about it. I admit, I LOVED EJ and Sami at first, I was a big ejami fan. But after all they’ve been through, forced sex, shootings, kidnappings, lying, cheating, the back and forth and they are both guilty of most things on the list. I just don’t see the chemistry anymore, I just see the writers beating a dead horse. You see it your way, I see it my way. It is just not there for some of us. :)

  72. From Maryl

    EJ is forever called a manipulator–no matter what he does. All I can say is WOW!! EJ you can come manipulate me anytime you like!! When a guy has as much charisma as EJ does, he doesn’t need to work too hard to succeed! Ha!
    I would like to add that there are a lot of manipulators beside EJ running around in Salem who aren’t getting branded just because they aren’t EJ. If EJ even talks to Sami, he is already being accused of manipulating her—now that’s what I think is really funny!!

  73. From NeeNee

    When Belle was born, were not DNA tests done then to make sure she wasn’t Roman’s? I’m positive it clearly showed John to be the father. So if Roman & John were at all related, I’m sure some of the “markers” would have been shared. Unless the lab didn’t think to compare John & Roman, rather than just Belle/Roman, Belle/John.

    Back in the 1870′s, my husband’s great-grandmother had children with her sister’s husband (her hubby was off in the Wyoming gold fields). After 3 years gone, hubby telegraphed he was coming home and Ruh-Roh . . .she had two children with sister’s husband to explain. She tried to sell them on the black market but couldn’t, so my husband’s grandfather and his brother were kept in the cellar for six months until Great-Grandma broke it to her husband. What this means today for my husband is that our last name should be different. Cousin who’s doing genealogical work took DNA swabs of hubby and several men descendants of the great-grandmother’s sister. Would you believe that ever so often we get emails from the lab showing a “34 out of 35″ match for my husband and various people in the USA & Europe??

  74. From NeeNee

    And I agree about the Horton Square set . . . that damn white couch is just ridiculous! All last winter we were supposed to believe that people were willing to sit around freezing their arses off, sometimes in nothing but sweaters.
    Not to mention just how do city sanitation workers keep said couch so spotless? Apparently only tidy adults sit on it!

    Oh, and does anyone remember what Peter Reckell’s last air date is? Perhaps he will be one of those killed off in the explosion. Although I would think writers would keep the possibility of a return for the Bo character who has been with us 30 years.

  75. From Cougar

    As EJ put it “there is something between us whether you like it or not.”
    Todays episode is a reminder what we watch soaps for! Kat your comment about The Taming of the Shrew really struck a chord. Its been a long time since they have done a fantasy period piece. We touched on it a long time ago that the Brady DiMira thing was like Romeo And Juliets Mantgues and Capulets. So Shakespear it is. I could see Sami getting knocked on her noodle and faster than you can shake a speer she
    s dreaming. Either one of those Shakspearan plays would be the perfect foil for Sami & EJ. The could use the silly costumes that they had Rafe and Carrie decked out in for Syd’s birthday party.

  76. From Cougar

    Wow NeeNee thats quite a story! Now theres a plot for a sl! Proof that truth is stranger than fiction! They just cant write that stuff!

  77. From grandma to many

    this is kind of far fetched but what if Mr. Creepy Ian is also a Dimera son of Santos isn’t Stefano supposed to be a 7th son ? could be Ian is EJ’s father making him still a Dimera but allowing no relation between EJ and Sami EJ is not one of my favorites but Ian as a father gives me the creeps shivers down my back and a lump in my stomach yuck

  78. From MAB

    Sami breathing heavy when EJ kisses her just shows how hot these 2 are together. No one makes her feel like EJ…she never acted that way w/ Rafe or Lucas, so it’s pretty much obvious who gets her blood pumping! And how could he not? He has the it factor. And their scenes are definitely not boring. They make the screen sizzle! These 2 are the total package, they share every emotion possible…love, romance, attraction, hate, sorrow, friendship, etc etc. They just get each other. The writers need to do what should be done and capitalize on this dynamic duo!

    Kat – ditto! And yes, after all they’ve been thru, good & bad, they’re still in each other’s lives, and that is saying something. All this is classic soap opera material and has been for years! EJ & Sami are no different than some other couples who’ve been thru it all together and still have what it takes to be a supercouple!

    So what if EJ was trying to get Sami to kiss him to prove a point. Was he manipulating her, no, just getting to the truth!

    Yeah, Lucas really understands Sami. He’s no better than Rafe trying to tell her what to do and run her life. He’s just jealous, like Rafe was, and can’t stand that she’s never gonna get EJ out of her system.

    I’ve been saying all along Will isn’t going after EJ. He’s not gonna ruin what he’s got going, with EJ, providing all those perks for him.

    Rafe & Carrie aren’t innocent by no means in all that happened. EJ & Sami did wrong, but so did they.

    Oh hell yeah, I’m all for EJ & Sami getting trapped together so their true feelings can be revealed. They always have to pretend because of her family, his family, and all the naysayers who say they can’t be together.

  79. From MAB

    The Horton Square is indoors. This has been discussed many times. Which is why things stay clean, and they’re not out in the weather.

  80. From MAB

    Maryl – ditto on EJ! He can manipulate me anytime! There has never been a more charismatic character than EJ.

  81. From Richard

    We keep talking about 1, but there were 2 letters from Alice. The last one must have come from Alice, confirming that EJ was not Stefano’s son. The first letter, Stefano laughed off!

  82. From jolie

    Since we seem to be able to discuss and disagree, here goes. I think Sami is all hot and bothered by Elvis because he is sort of forbidden fruit. She has always wanted what someone else had, what was not exactly proper, or what was not hers to take. She likes the wild side of life because it drives her mom crazy. So she knows she shouldn’t want to be with Elvis since she broke her marriage up by being with him, since they have such a sortid history including that sort of forced sex thing, since she has told her son NOT to work for him, since she knows everyone would tell her no or see it as bad if they were together. Sami is like a bug to a light when it comes to doing exactly what she shouldn’t do. And if she were with Elvis, she’d be doing the same thing with Rafe or Lucas. And have you never kissed a bad boy like that? Oh yes, it is so sweet. You know you shouldn’t but you do it anyway and it thrills you. In past days, we’d kiss then know when to stop. I guess now there is no stop to it and it makes it less apparent that chemistry like that is in the head and all in how you feel about it. And Sami knows she shouldn’t.
    NeeNee, that is the wildest thing I have ever heard and no doubt old great grandma was a rounder of epic proportions! Thanks for sharing that one.

  83. From kat

    71 Just Moi,
    I am not trying to get into Anybody’s Face, “Like it or not, admit it or not”
    is a figure of speech, and had nothing to do with any of you Bloggers personally, so please,
    re-think you comments to me.
    I have had enough of trouble on here, do any of you really thing I am stupd enough to start something.
    No thank you.
    All I stated is what I like, see, dislike, etc.
    So please, Just Moi, read it again, and believe me, you did not understand what I meant to say..
    To me EJ and Sami sizzle, it is after All a soap, here to entertain us every day, and maybe it’s time for us E/Sami fan, to get a piece of the pie.
    Had to sit through Rafe and Sami, Lucas and Sami,
    and now hopefully we get EJ and Sami.
    MAB, so right on, Nobody gets to Sami, the way EJ does, he legs could hardly hold her up today. I remember how that feels, only one person can do that to you, the one, that your have THE IT with.

    Ian being a DiMera, and maybe EJ’s Fatha, I wouldn’t wish that Serpent on anybody.
    Don’t know how Kate can stand being near him.
    Hope so much, that Stefano is alive, and she knows it, and is working with her Husband Stefano.
    I like them together, and they love each other.
    I still like to believe that Stefano, is smarter than the Rest of the Gang, is many steps ahead of them,
    and He did a lot of Set ups for whatever reason,
    hopeful we’ll find out soon. Make it good writers.

  84. From Dayzfan36

    Why does everyone keep forgetting that while John is a Stefano’s half brother he is also half Brady did I miss a rewrite somewhere? If they make John EJ’s dad then Sami’s and EJ will be related through Shawn Brady’s sister!!!! If I missed something where they changed that whole storyline someone let me know or are we supposed to not care about the incest?

  85. From Richard

    I can’t help but believe that Ian has dirt on EJ.
    EJ has bumped into Ian several times and he seemed to be visually upset about something.
    I seemed to remember when EJ was sitting in the Brady pub and he kept checking out the window. He sat down and stared at his shaking hand. When he walked out, he ran directly into Ian and mumbled a few words to him and then proceeded back to the mansion, where he poured himself a glass of liquor and then discovered Abe’s gun, that he handled with his bare hands.
    EJ didn’t want to throw the gloves in the dumpster, it was as if he was being forced to.
    I now believe that he will be forced to destroy the surveillance film, after he finds out that the footage exists. It may show him and Ian together.
    I’m not a big EJ fan, but I believe that he is being set up and is well aware of it. He stays close to Sami, because she has CW and Ian is out to get it.
    I may be wrong, in the order of how these events occurred and my memory, is sometimes not so sharp.

  86. From SandyGram

    #81 Richard
    On Feb. 17, 2012 when Stefano left HTC before it was announced EJ was Mayor and returned home. He opened the manilla envelope from the safety deposit box, but in review of the You Tube Video today I only saw him take out one piece of paper. Were the 2 letters you mentioned in #81 from the manilla envelope or did one come from somewhere else? It’s all confusing we did see two pages today for the letter Will had. I thought I remember seeing two documents from the manilla envelope one portrait like a letter and one landscape like a certificate. Now that could all be me building in my vision of a Birth Certificate and a Letter.

  87. From SandyGram

    #84 Richard
    I do remember your paragraph above and have even commented on it in previous posting regarding EJ going into the Pub and looking out the window as if someone was following him, etc. And now that you mentioned it, EJ did hesitate before tossing the gloves as if to say ‘should I or should I’ toss these gloves?

    Spoiler: The surveillance film,when Will and Sonny finally get their hands on it and sit down to watch it, is blank. I was speculating earlier that Will had something to do with that, but the spoiler does make it sound like Will is surprised. And I’m not scoring so high for one of my speculations to come true. Another hurry up, wait and see!

    How did you like Roman’s good-bye to Carrie today? If he’s not the real Roman his acting today was sure of a father wishing his daughter well as she moves back to Switzerland. It was a very emotional moment.

  88. From smoke

    hi i dont like lucas or ian wish they would go but not before police find out that ian killed stefano and got brady back on drugs

  89. From grandma to many

    yes Richard and SandyGram there was a second letter to Stefano mailed with Alice Horton as the return address that was the letter he laughed about . the one in the saftey deposit box he stalled for a long time before opening and was devastated over

  90. From SandyGram

    Big Spoiler excerpt from Newtwork 54 Days Ahead:

    Tomorrow will be a sad day for EJ fans:

    The phone rings.
    Roman – You’ve got the results … okay … thank you.
    Rafe – Don’t keep us in suspense here.
    Roman – Stefano and EJ’s blood types are not compatible. Alice Horton was right. There is no way they could be father and son. EJ maintained all along he couldn’t kill his father.

  91. From kat

    SandyGram, the plot thickens, but as we know, Blood Tests etc. – specially in Salem can be tampered with.
    Maybe Ian is a step ahead, or somebody wants to make sure,
    that for now, EJ is not A DiMera, or at least not Stefano’s son.
    Anything is possible.
    I like that the Sl is getting more and more interesting,
    everything is up in the air, but we all know,
    that means nothing in Salem,

    Stefano or John can still be EJ’s fatha, but all that will take a while to come full circle.
    EJ did not kill Stefano, that is almost a given…
    but all the cat and mouse games, make it so much fun to watch.
    I am not sad, only contrary, I like the new developments, finally intrigue,
    double cross, framing, false arrests, that’s what we wanted from the writers… A Story Line with Twists and Turns, great plots, smoke and mirrors, you name it, I am in…
    Let the Keystone Cops have a little fun, they are so due, but it won’t last forever, because the “Master of the Games”
    will be back, and he will be Grrrrrrrrreat again.

  92. From patty

    I agree this wouldn’t be as much fun to watch if EJ was really the shooter. The fact that he is being framed is what makes it interesting since it’s usually the other way around and he’s the one setting somebody up. As for his continuous cat and mouse game with Sami, that is cringe worthy and almost painful to watch. Here she is at EJ’s house after playing like a she cat in heat when her father and husband show up to arrest him followed by Lucas and Will. Have fun explaining yourself Sami! Then she learns that EJ’s not a Demira. Ha! Now that should bring on a bout of heavy breathing you stupid girl!

  93. From Lucy

    Patty don’t be so bitter, Ej and Sami are hot, get over it..ha ha ha.

  94. From Maryl

    Ditto #91 Lucy! Sami and EJ together, no matter what sort of game they are playing with each other, are sizzling hot! Not at all boring to so many of us viewers!

  95. From patty

    Oh I’m not bitter, just waiting for the real sparks to fly… like when they start shooting at each other again. Ha! Right now, I can always fast forward when my stomach can’t take it.

  96. From Richard

    Will Sami’s thinking about EJ be any different when she learns that he has no authority over CW?

  97. From patty

    I wonder Richard. She sure was quick the other day to remind Lucas to be nice to EJ since he’s footing the bill for her place and thought he was their boss.

  98. From kat

    When did EJ ever shoot at Sami…..
    “Like when they start shooting at each other again..”
    We saw Sami do it, but EJ.

    We all have done FF when our stomach’s could not take it,
    in My Case when Rafe was with Sami… and then Carrie, and Love Sick Austin.
    Now Ian with Kate,
    and when Marlena had her Stand up Orgasms, her sighs and bedroom eyes, here’s looking at you John.

    92 Maryl, you are so right, no matter what EJ and Sami are doing,
    just watching them together on the screen, makes up for some of the other boredom that is part of the show.

    Richard, I guess we will see what happens about CW, if John does take over, I doubt very much that he will take the job away from Sami. After all, she needs to support herself and the children.

    Wonder who is running Basic Black right now,

    Brady in Rehab, and before always hanging at Titan, and now John busy trying to get the DiMera Empire.
    I thought they were going to work their buns off, to get Basic Black going again…

  99. From kaths

    the fact that the new writers start as of july 23rd means that they are going to try to give ejami a chance. personally i think they are sizzling hotttt together on tv. no one does it like they do. can’t wait for more eps with them on it

  100. From Debbie

    If Thursday was the last time we see Carrie and Austin, then good riddance to them. I hate how the talents of these two actors were wasted on their big return. It was nauseating today to see Carrie say goodbye to Rafe…what a stupid stupid idea it was to go there in the first place (their relationhip). This pitting sisters against each is so old. I wonder why the show has changed writers so many times in the last couple years. No one seems to be researching the characters’ history so there’s been no continuity with the storylines. I’ve been extemely disappointed but I look forward to the new stories of John being EJ’s father and EJ being set up to bring much needed excitement to the show.

    And I agree with others regarding Grandma Judy. Where are you GJudy? We miss you and your insightful comments. And also, where has Gerri gone to??? Gerri, I hear more about Shirley MacLaine than you nowadays. Are you still around? We need your insights as well.

  101. From Tee

    Hey everyone hope everyone is enjoying the show lately. I know I am. I am loving the EJAMI scenes. I wanted to say on them being cousins well if John is father they will not be related cause John is not Samis father etc. I know some believe Hope may be his mom but I am saying it is either Susan still or Kristen. Stefano is probably the father though I know it says the dna wont match but we all know the body they have that died is not Stefano at all but someone he prepared to look like him since he will rise once again. He is prone to using plastic surgery to make people look how he wants. I am still stumped on how Bo will leave and I have seen nothing nowhere yet. I have speculated it could be with Carly but with the current storyline that does not fit. As far as the survellience on EJ and gloves it is Ian who has that erased not Will but Sami was smart and made a copy. I seen EJ contemplating on throwing the gloves away as just wondering if it is such a good idea and maybe remembering why he is throwing them away. I dont believe in any way he is in with Ian. I would like to say has anyone seen Ians eyebrows (wow) lol. They Irk me. I see EJ just wanting his beloved Samantha to admit that they cant keep playing cat and mouse they need to admit they belong together and stop with the denial games. I am loving it. I know we all dont agree on it but that is how it goes, and it is what makes the show what it is cause everyone has their fave characters and couples and we can come together and talk about them. Tomorrow is looking really good but next weeks shows will be great

  102. From Tee

    I forgot to add even if Hope was Elvis’s mother technically Sami and EJ would not be blood related as Hope is a Horton not a Brady. She is Brady by marriage and well she is not really married to Bo she is married to John who is no relation to Sami but supposed stepdad but once again his marriage to Hope complicates that. Problem solved either way. I also wanted to say I think most characters have flip flopped around between lovers at some point or another. Some of the older ones have settled down now and it is time Sami and EJ and their age group do that as Bo and Hope Marlena and John etc all have for the most part. I just wanted to add that since I seen some people comment on Samis flip flopping. She is not doing anything that most characters have not. I think Hope has only had 2 relationships well 3 if You count John. So shes on the lesser numbers of lovers then most. I cant think of many more off the top of my head except maybe some of the older ones who are dead or gone from show

  103. From Just Moi

    Allison (Sami) is such a great actress she can be in a scene with a lamp shade and still sizzle. The hotest scene EVER was the locker scene with Rafe. Sami was so breathless she needed an oxygen mask lol.

  104. From Maryl

    Just Moi–I’m sorry but I can’t recall a sizzling hot Sami in a locker scene with Rafe? Must not have been very memorable to me. I only remember the many times she has been sizzling hot with EJ and really breathless. There have been many of those kind of incidents happening between them over the years. Rafe is still sort of a newcomer to the show, so he hasn’t made Sami sizzle as much as EJ and I don’t think he’s capable of keeping up with EJ in that department. HA!

    Tee–Ian’s eyebrows are definitely not his best asset–kind of like Rafe’s–not his best asset either.

  105. From patty

    Sami gets hyperventilates when any man gets close to her, not just EJ. Just Moi, I remember that scene and it was hotter than anything EJ and Sami have ever put out.
    Just Moi, the Fundy coast was awesome with great weather to go with it. It’s an absolutely beautiful place , I love getting close to nature. Those trails are so much fun with breathtaking views. In a couple of weeks, Cape Cod, Mass. USA.

  106. From patty

    That was meant to say Sami hyperventilates …or whatever, that thing she does. Sounds like she just ran a marathon. hehe!

  107. From Fiona

    Oh NO the hottest scene ever was between Ej and Sami in may 2007 when she seduced him..Ej was mesmerized Sami was on fire..just watch this scene i never saw better chemistry than that..the locker scene was ‘hot’ for a Sami/Rafe scene but everything was happening too was above all romp in the row whereas with Ej and Sami you watch the actor’s faces who tell you everything about their attraction..

  108. From MAB

    Both letters have been discussed before many times. Both were from Alice. The one that everyone has their hands on now came from the safe deposit box in a large envelope, and I believe there was on one sheet of paper. The other one was a mailed letter to Stefano from Alice that he laughed off. It has never surfaced since, we have no idea what it contains, or if the writers are ever gonna use it.

    I think Ian is working to get a hold of DiMera Enterprises, just like he wormed his way into Titan. I don’t think he’s got anything on EJ really. If he did, then why didn’t he know that Stefano was not EJ’s father? It’s not gonna matter what Ian is up to in the end because he’s leaving the show. He will be gone, and the DiMeras will still be alive & well.

    Kate continues to convince me she is so onto Ian. I so hope she is working w/ Stefano to bring Ian down!

    I don’t see how EJ not being Stefano’s son would change him being in power of the DiMera Empire if Stefano’s ‘valid’ will left EJ in charge. Stefano could name anyone as his successor, blood related or not, so if Stefano left him in power, then EJ still has a right to it, DiMera or not.

    kat – for some, EJ gets blamed for everything whether he did it or not, as well as getting blamed for things that never happened…nothing new.

    I never FF, even when I dislike something. You miss things that way.

    Why hasn’t John tried to see or contact Brady?

    I’m w/ kat, Maryl, Tee, and many others who are thoroughly enjoying the EJami scenes. Having them around each other again is just adding to the show’s excitement. Sami has never been so affected by a man like she is w/ EJ.

    Tee – I hope you’re right that Stefano still turns out to be EJ’s father, but if John is his father, then EJ would be half Brady because John’s mother was Colleen Brady, Shawn Brady’s sister. Of course, it all still depends on how the writers explain it.

    I’m not buying anything the police say at this point. They know zilch! They are after EJ when it’s obvious he didn’t kill Stefano. So just because Roman says they confirmed that Stefano & EJ’s blood don’t match, don’t mean it’s true. Ian is setting EJ up, and he could also be setting him up to think he’s not a DiMera as well. Like I said, it’ll probably have to be the DiMeras who bring down Ian, because the police are too stupid to be looking in more than one direction.

    I still don’t get why EJ threw the gloves away. Why didn’t he just stoke up the fireplace at the mansion and burn the gloves?? Problem solved! He apparently hid the gun well enough since it hasn’t surfaced.

  109. From Fiona

    ah on the 2007 scene between Ejami she doesn’t hyperventilate at all and it is SEXY AS HELL !

  110. From Juju

    I did not find the locker scene between Rafe and Sami sexy sorry, Sami heavy breaths too much and Rafe doesn’t even look her in the eyes, it is kissing heavy breathing kissing ect..not really sexy too me whereas yesterday’s scene between Ej and Sami my god they look at each other, Sami’s heavy breathing was not too much and Ej had seductive looks and body language..well no comparison for me sorry. Chemistry you have or you have not, kissing is not that looks are.

  111. From Just Moi

    Oh Well, to each their own.

    Patty glad you enjoyed it. We’ve been enjoying some awsome weather this summer, hope it sticks around! With our winters its nice to have a break from the shoveling and ice. Would love to visit Cape Cod some day, sigh. Just can’t get hubby to leave the country lol

  112. From Richard

    I just don’t believe that the lawyer is going to side with EJ. I believe that he will produce the updated will, leaving EJ out of it.
    I just don’t believe that he will jeopardize and ruin his career for EJ’s sake.

  113. From Richard

    If I ever decided to FF through any scenes, 90% of them would be EJ and Sami scenes.
    I was OK with Sami and Lucas before EJ came along and I am still satisfied with Lumi, even though EJ is in the picture.
    Every time EJ sees Sami, he either wants to take her to bed, see his kids or piss off Lucas and Rafe.
    All EJ ever does is go to bed with just about every girl or woman he meets, including Kate and pats himself on the back for being smarter than every one in Salem.
    He is so very boring at times and uninteresting.
    Like I said before this show is becoming Days of EJ.

  114. From Tee

    Mab-I had forgoten about the Coleen connection. I do remember something about a Santos coming to town. I guess it is not too far fetched for them to bring him in but I am betting it is a different Santos. Does anyone know anything about the Santos coming to town. Stefano and Johns father would be much to old and he is supposedly dead but we know how that goes. I wonder if he had another kid perhaps one he named after him. I just remembered about the Santos coming and hope someone here knows who he will be. Ithought it says he will rock a salemite to his core or something lol

  115. From Just Moi

    I think your right Richard. Never mind jeopardizing his career, he should realize that Stephano never dies and when he gets back, if he finds out the lawyer went against his wishes he will be in one heck of alot of poo poo or thrown in the gas tunnels under the mansion.

  116. From SandyGram

    For me, when the writers stop writing the character of Sami as a weak woman run by her libido instead of her brain just maybe she will open her eyes to the Misogynistic Master Manipulator EJ is. Or not, it’s only a Soap!

  117. From patty

    Well for me, it makes my skin crawl to see Sami get week in the knees over a man that has practically destroyed her ,her children and most of her family. Like you SandyGram, I wish Sami would become her own woman and stop using the men that do love her to pick up after her when she messes up, which she is about to do again big time.

  118. From TerriK

    Ok, so EJ & Stefano are not father and son. DNA says so, however, that does NOT mean he isn’t a Dimera folks. And I think the writers threw us that hint when they stressed he was not Stefano’s son. Time will tell.
    Looks like Nikki may be on the verge of a miscarriage. She’s experiencing pains, perhaps the explosion is going to be the final cause? I’m growing tired of jealous Dr. Love..and Rafe getting together with Nicole? I hope not, but who knows. But come on, Rafe is on the rebound, and that would never last. Maybe when Bo is gone, he’ll jump in the sack with Hope next.
    Could Gabi look or act anymore guilty? Really Chad? Are you that blind? Please don’t let Mel’s exit be death, i’d like to see her return maybe someday, then again, it wouldn’t be the first time someone was brought back from the dead.
    EJ & Sami are seriously lighting up the screen. All that sexual tension, woooo, it’s intense. When she finally gives in, it’s going to be wild. Those 2 were meant for each other.

    All for now. Thought i’d happily share that on Tuesday, my baby Ryder won 1st prize in the baby contest. :) He was crowned king, won a tonne of stuff and is in the parade tomorrow afternoon with his little Queen. Very proud Mommy – have a great weekend all!

  119. From kat

    116 SandGram, you are so right,
    It’s a Soap, and Not the Walton’s
    That’s why EJ and Sami are so good together.
    Front Burner Lead characters,
    and then we have supporting roles,
    just like in the Movies. Somebody has to be the Star, and EJ and Sami have STARPOWER, “Live with it,” and for Just Moi, that is again just a figure of speech.

    Today’s opening scene, Sami remembering, the look on her Face reminded me of the song…
    “Oh my love, my darling, I HUNGER FOR YOUR TOUCH”.
    They don’t even have to actually kiss or have sex, and They are Hotter than anything. You can cut the tension in the air, I for one, just enjoy it, now that’s
    entertainment, getting away from reality.

  120. From Fiona

    But Sami can be her own woman with Ej at her, i liked the storyline with her and Kate working against and with each others, add that with some drama (conflict of families) and romance with Ej and everything will be good for the Sami character !

  121. From kat

    TerriK and little Ryder, congrats. .. You must be a little Looker, Hail to the King, and his little Queen.
    Rafe said, EJ – you are under Arrest, and NBC cut in with a Special Report, never fails, always at important moments…

  122. From jolie

    I guess Sami and Elvis are the next generation of Stefano and Marlena. Stefano did all manner of terrible things to Marlena and her husbands and her kids and the town of Salem. Elvis has done all manner of terrible things to Sami and her husbands and her kids and the town of Salem. The difference is that Marlena detested Stefano and resisted all his charm. She didn’t jump in and out of bed with him (she did do some bed hopping with others). Sami is including Elvis in her bed hops. If Sami and Elvis didn’t have kids, I could see the writers allowing Stefano to have harvested eggs from Marlena and her kids be his so Elvis and Sami would be related and I could really see that. That would be a tailspin for many!
    Didn’t we hear once that Ian was possibly the fatha of Lucas from his former position as Kate’s squeeze and Lucas wasn’t a Horton after all? I think this was before we all decried Ian as Mr Creepy and raised such a stink about his character and nastiness. Anyway, I am glad (or still in hopes) that this doesn’t bear fruit. I just don’t want to deal with offspring of Ian. Oh so creepy.
    Alice’s letters-we still don’t know why Alice thought she knew this about Elvis and Stefano. No one has spilled the beans on the why or how it came to pass. I guess that will be revealed when Susan comes back or whoever is supposed to show up from Elvis’ past. I would find it interesting to know the whys and how she came by the info. I hope this is not a factoid that the writers fumble.
    Maggie’s eggs-where did this storyline go? I thought we’d get to the bottom of it and find out that Vic was Daniel’s daddikins. Maybe this is another fumbled chance by the writers.
    Elvis’s gloves-circumstantial evidence. For all Salem’s Finest knows, Elvis had been to the shooting range, has strange storage habits of his winter gear, the kids were playing with his stuff and hiding it…I could go on. That Elvis is not Stefano’s son, how can they prove that 1)Stefano ever read the letter and was aware of this notion 2)Elvis ever saw the letter and was aware of this notion (beside young Will who seems to be trying to cover for his co-conspirator-in-law and yes the lawyer knew it but who can prove who else actually knew or didn’t know or read or wrote the letter) 3)Lucas has possession but who can attest to the validity of the letter as from Alice? I know all of these facts would take months to tie up on a soap but I like a neat package like on the Closer or Law and Order. Don’t throw a plot line out there if you don’t think we’ll follow it and call you on it later, writers! We’re a bit brighter than our posts show us to be at times.
    Carrie-Tata my dear. Don’t let the door to Horton Square hit you in the butt on your way out. Shameful on how this character has been portrayed. Carrie and Sami should have been able to be friends yet again we were force-fed the turmoil of sister against sister, tearing at the fabric of their lives and families. The whole saga has made idiots out of Carrie, Sami, Rafe, and poor Austin and particularly Marlena (could he have looked stupider?). Of all the men in Salem for Carrie to carry on about, she has to pick her sister’s husband. Crap. I am calling BS here. A cheap shot by the writers. I am sorry to sound harsh and I do not mean anything against the actors who are wonderful but the story and the whole saga stank badly. At least poor Lucas was let off that hook of being in the middle of it all again.
    Sami back with Lucas and now flirting with Elvis with all her heavy breathing and everyone calling it chemistry. It is like that bad chemistry experiment we all have in the back of the fridge. Throw it out because it stinks. This is the very same thing that is happening with Nicole and Dr Dan and Rafe. Nicole is exchanging DNA with Dr Dan in the Biblical sense and flirting and getting all breathless around Rafe. It makes both Sami and Nicole look ridiculous. Same story for 6 characters here. The sure does make it easy when pinning things to the storyboard. Oh, let’s let Sami and Lucas play slap and tickle in the middle of the day today and Dr Dan and Nicole will do the same tomorrow. Then throw in some heavy breathing on Monday with Elvis and Rafe. Elvis has been professing his love for Nicole so I guess that completes the circle of life in Salem.

  123. From patty

    Excellent post jolie as only you can put it. Well, EJ and Sami are not playing slap and tickle today, well slap maybe because she smacks him one across the jaw for lying to her. But what do you expect Sami girl, this is EJ we’re talking about . Like Sami said, not like it didn’t happen before. Love that Lucas is ripping her a new one and giving her an ultimatum. Oh and Brady is back looking fit and gorgeous!

  124. From kat

    jolie, And that’s why we all watch it, and write about it.

  125. From MAB

    Hmm, the lawyer given a choice to side w/ EJ or pay the consequences of what will happen to him if he betrays him…I think I’d side w/ EJ…better his career be ruined than to end up missing, or worse.

    Lucas also either wants to take Sami to bed, or be w/ his kids or piss off EJ…and ditto for Rafe. And who cares who EJ has slept with…at least he can count on one hand the women in Salem he’s been with, unlike many others who have a list longer than your arm.

    I find Sami a much stronger woman around EJ. She acts more like herself. And can be who she really is around him. He’s the ONLY one who has never tried to change her, unlike Lucas & Rafe. She just has a hard time resisting EJ’s charms, and how could she? I sure don’t blame her. And I don’t think that makes her weak.

    The writers just need to do it already, and let Sami & EJ begin a new chapter w/ each other. It’s high time the writers take this challenge on and write a great love story for them. They have so much story to tell, and they have the dynamic to make it all work. How can the writers let this opportunity bypass them??? I mean just look how much talk has increased about them recently? Make it happen writers! You will not only please most fans, but probably increase the ratings.

    TerriK – congrats on your baby winning 1st prize! I bet he’s a cutie!

  126. From Just Moi

    Jolie, so true. The make the women of Salem and especially Sami and Nicole look like desperate, uncaring, can’t survive a day without a man “loose” women. I want to see all the women of Salem ban together and kick the men to the curb for awhile. Get their lives and careers on track, take care of their kids and make it on their own and then bring the men back. Give these women a brain and tie their legs together for awhile lol.

    When Carrie came back to town, they started off on the right foot, like the scenes of Carrie, Sami, Lexi, Jen meeting for coffee and having girl time. The women of Salem don’t have girlfriends, why is that? When Sami & Nic teamed up to “get” Eel J, that was some good stuff. Sami & Kate working together for awhile was getting interesting but they had to drop it.

    I don’t need sex scenes everyday with different partners, give me some real life scenarios of friends, family, fun times and yeah a little horizontal mumbo once in awhile thrown in the mix.

  127. From Just Moi

    TerriK & Ryder, congrats. Im sure you are very proud :)

  128. From Fiona

    First Ej and Sami don’t have sex scenes everyday (it was the case for Sami and Rafe on the other hand and a bit for Sami and Lucas and it was DULL) secondly Sami and Ej are just Sami and Ej, unique characters not some generations of Marlena or is clear some of you are quite bitter but don’t rewrite stories please..moreover Lucas is a Stefano i guess too..he put Sami on death row !

  129. From jolie

    Fiona, if you are talking about my post, I am not bitter for one. Just a bit tired of the way some of the great actors are being used-brought back for stories that don’t pan out then tossed aside. I just hate to see old characters treated badly. And as for rewriting stories, I think we all have a go at that once in a while. And lately there has been nothing unique in the way Elvis or Sami have been written. Same old stuff and it is written just the same for Nicole and her crew. Sloppy and lazy writing lately. Yes, someone is framing Elvis and that just about the most interesting storyline on now. Salem PD still being written as a bunch of buttheads. Jumping to conclusions like we’ll soon see Olympians jumping all over the track and field events. And I do see it as a replay of Marlena and Stefano. I think there is a message in all of it but hard to tell if it is intended or not. The women of Salem are shown as can’t be without a man and they do hop from one relationship to another. Who in reality would even speak to someone who had kept kids away from them, pretended kids were dead, forced sex on you. I don’t see it but I am a very strong woman with a strong sense of self. I manage a large dpt of people in a stressful busines so this soap should be a release from tensions and my posts are not intended to cause any stress. So don’t take offense when we demand better for the actors or characters. It is just a soap.

  130. From patty

    More of the same moves on Sami from EJ even with his hands behind his back. Yawn! I know she’ll change her mind because that’s what she does but Sami tells EJ that he’s used her for the last time. Glad to see Lucas catching on that Sami hasn’t changed and he tells her so. She says she wants to hold on to Lucas but he doesn’t buy it, he tells her to make a choice, him or EJ. She would probably prefer both.

  131. From Tee

    Congrats Terrik I bet you are sooo proud for him. I still think Stefano may be the daddy. Just cause the DNA did not match dont mean anything because we know that was not really Stefanos body they had and took the sample of. Stefano is supposed to rise so he probably had a doppleganger in his place which means it wont be his DNA. It will devistate EJ though even more cause that is the final thread of hope he had. I have to say Rafe somewhat giggled yesterday when Carrie said she was leaving then left no teary goodbye so looks like she will go back for another goodbye. How many times she need. Maybe she wanted Rafe to beg her. I did want Nicole to keep the baby and hope it is Bradys, so hope for that she dont lose it and well it is sad to see someone lose a child even a person like Nicole on a soap. I love her character just not with EJ. sami may keep going back for more but Nicole needs to find someone who will always make her #1. That is not and never WAS EJ. Sure he tried to move on cause Sami always did and I believe he cares for Nicole just she is his 2nd best. RAFE made me mad when he acted like he did not just spend 3 years married to Sami. Sami did mope around and try to get him back Rafe never looked back in fact he fell for her sister before he even knew, then gives Carrie a crap goodbye as he chuckles and says well back to work see you later. Well something like that Lucas was great with her long time ago till EJ came now he is the BFF. She knows she is safe with him. So here to Sami and EJ Finally being together, and Nicole finding a man to make her numero uno.

  132. From patty

    Congrats to little Ryder! How sweet is that? TerriK we didn’t make it up to St. Martin but we’ve made it a plan to go try some of that seafood chowder soon. Had some in Alma that was to die for , been craving it ever since.

  133. From TerriK

    Patty- you must have read my mind! I was just logging on to say I was glad to hear you enjoyed your vacation! I’m going to post a pic of Ryder on my twitter, for the peeps in here who have me on their account. Gotta show him off :) So you’re heading state side soon? You’ll have to stop at Ozzie’s along the way. I’m sure you’ve been there! Anyone who loves seafood around here usually makes it down at least once during the summer, Comeau’s, however, is also excellent. (If you haven’t been there both places are in St. George right along the hwy)
    Thanks everyone for the congrats :) I’ll pass it along to Ryder
    Oh yeah- where did you get this chowder you speak of in Alma? I may have to take a little drive :)

  134. From Fiona

    I don’t see it at all as a replay of Marlena and Stefano, quite the opposite actually..nevermind Sami dated Ej at the beginning of their relationship..I am also a very strong woman who has a strong sense
    of self and it is part of the reason i don’t see these characters as some new version of others and see their ‘uniqueness’ so don’t take offense either, this is a soap where every characters does something who would be horrible in real life and move on to other storylines.

  135. From MAB

    Fiona – you are absolutely right, EJ & Sami are nothing like Marlena & Stefano, because there never was a Marlena & Stefano. EJ & Sami have loved & hated each other, share kids, etc. There is no comparison. And Sami & EJ are a unique couple. No one else like them – together or apart – but together it’s just right!

    Here we go – again – w/ Lucas badmouthing Sami, and that is what is boring & repetitive. It’s just like it was the last time they were together. I’m not surprised he’s mad, but what did he expect really? He knows Sami and they didn’t work last time because of EJ, so why does he think things would change now? He needs to get on w/ his life w/o her in it (other than friends). And him & Rafe need to get over their obsession of EJ.

  136. From Richard

    If I remember correctly, it was Kate that was going to let them kill Sami and Lucas who saved her.
    I believe that when little Elvis was sick, Stefano probably offered his blood, but was not compatible and that led to the discovery that EJ was not Stefano’s son. That first letter from Alice probably was about that. The second one was probably confirmation, thus Stefano took a long time getting up the courage to look at it.
    When Lucas came back, I saw it as a two way street and both he and Sami agreed to another go at their relationship. Lucas didn’t hold a gun on her and force her to sleep with him.
    The worse thing that EJ ever did was force a crazy fake Rafe on Sami and his kids. Whatever was he thinking?

  137. From Richard

    Stefano was so obsessed with Marlena that he made several clones of her, imprisoned her and forced her to make love to him, to save John’s life. He involved her somehow(it was never disclosed)in the twins Cassie and Rex.
    Pretty close to EJ and Sami, I’d say.

  138. From Maryl

    From reading some of the posts, I get the feeling that some people are watching the wrong show when they tune into Days–If what is being described as the things that Days needs to change to, than I am beginning to think that perhaps Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best or the Waltons should simply replace Days and then I could quit
    watching NBC altogether.
    As far as EJ having sex with “all” these women in Salem–another exaggeration of the facts. I can only recall EJ in bed with the following women–Kate, Sami, Nicole and Taylor. Better look at Dr. Dan and his history–and he’s still a newcomer! Even Bo has been thru a few–Hope, Greta, Carly, Billie–may be some more that I forgot about. Brady-Chloe, Nicole, Arienne, Madison– So how is EJ so
    much worse?? His body count is no worse than some of the others!

    EJ and Sami are never boring–they always entertain us because they have so much going on between them. I don’t even mind the repetitive stuff if it involves the two of them in a romantic SL.

    EJ and Sami have two children that need to be given consideration by the writers—please reform and solve the problems this couple has had in the past and make them work, so they can be a family. That’s the most heartbreaking scenario in the soaps for me—seeing the little ones shuffled around between parents and placed in the middle of a parent war. We have enough of that in the real world. Let EJ, Sami and children become a good example of a happy family. And I know, this couple would never be boring!!

  139. From Maryl

    TerriK–Congratulations to you and Little King Ryder!!

  140. From patty

    TerriK, I don’t blame you one bit for wanting to show off your little “King”. you must be so proud.
    I’m not sure what the name of that restaurant is but it’s right next to the warf and it has an outside patio/cafe . I asked how far we were from St Martin and she said one hour and a half so we were too hungry to make the trip. lol!

  141. From Richard

    If I recall correctly, Stefano also forced Mike Horton to give up the code to Marlena’s penthouse, so he could break in while she was sleeping and attempt to claim his Queen of the night.
    He also kidnapped Sami and Eric.

  142. From Richard

    Sami and Lucas also have two kids.
    Not all of her kids belong to EJ.
    Rafe loved them all, even EJ’s kids. EJ considers his kids property with him having the say so about how they should be raised and who they should be around(like Anna and Fake Rafe).

  143. From Kat

    136 Richard, right,
    but Lucas knew all along that Sami was innocent, because he did the killing, and allowed Kate to frame Sami.
    11th hour, he came forward and saved Sami.
    Putting Fake Rafe into Sami’s bed, was disgusting, and I always said so. Kidnapping Sidney was disgusting,
    keeping EJ’s child from him in the first place was disgusting,
    Sami shooting EJ in head and Rafe covering up a crime, and involving young boy Will in this, was disgusting.
    So many disgusting things, done by so many people on this show, where do we begin and end, LOL.
    But all of us are still watching it, and still talking about it, so why can’t we all agree,
    We love to Like/dislike whatever is going on in Salem,
    It’s like a Big, big Cheese-Cake sampler, a slice with different taste for Everybody.

    I am having so much fun, reading all the different Blogs on here,
    so many opinions, as long as people don’t get personal, and take it to serious.

    All of us at times don’t remember something correctly, so what, other bloggers on here
    can let us know and help out to get it straight. A nice back and forth, in a friendly way.
    This Sunday, it will 13 yrs. that our Grandpa passed on. Means my Grandson is now a teenager, and his voice is starting to crack, so funny.

  144. From Kat

    I totally Dis-agree, that Marlena and Stefano,
    are anything at all like Sami and EJ.
    Sami has enormous feelings for EJ,
    Marlena has always despised Stefano… I would say there is a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig Difference.
    To big of a reach IMO
    Stefano had Marlena carry Kate’s and Roman’s children.
    She later remembered giving birth to the twins, Cassie and Rex..

    Maryl, I agree with you, specially about the Walton’s, have said that many times.

    Look at the track record of Brady,
    Dr. Dan, Lucas, Bo, Victor, etc.
    They all had the same number/if not more Women in their lives.
    Some stuff brought up against EJ is just plain wrong, or reaching a bit to far, whatever,
    EJ is a star on this show, and there is a reason for it, He is so Darn Good, He has got the IT FACTOR all the way, and so does Sami.

  145. From Fiona

    Oh please Richard you really want us to list ALL the nasty deeds Lucas did against Sami ?! I don’t have enough time but i can list some of them : put her on a death row, he was his mother accomplice in this story and at the last minute decided to tell the truth and still he was NEVER convicted for the crime because Kate scheme in order for another guy to take the fall, trying to make Sami crazy with a Will doll, which resulted in her falling and Brandon had to save her..Breaking up Sami and Brandon, scheming and using his son in order to break up Sami and Ej, trying to push her and teasing her about her bulimia when they met, mocking her when she made a break down/meltdown after Brandon dumped her and almost die in the dimera mansion, her throat in blood, using a tape in order to break up her marriage to Austin in Las Vegas ect..Lucas was not a ‘nice’ guy toward Sami, time to wake up.

  146. From Richard

    145 Fiona
    I’m just expressing opinions, not looking for itemized lists.
    There’s more than just Sami and EJ on the show and everyone has their dirty laundry.

  147. From Richard

    Let’s don’t go down this road again.
    I know that you are pro EJami and you know that I am not.
    That’s all a give-me.
    You take it too serious when somebody cuts down EJami and you seem to have the urge to come back at people who don’t like them together.
    Is it really because they are so hot together, that they can do no wrong?
    From some of the scenes that I have seen of them, they could make an ice cube, not melt one.

  148. From kat

    Richard, there we go again,
    you can correct people, voice your opinion right and left,
    but if somebody disagrees with you, or tries to help out your “failing” memory as you stated,you get all upset. Just like so many times before.
    What does PRO EJami have to do with Facts, I am truly scratching my head, SandyGram does a lot.
    I am not trying to get back at anybody, so please I am asking you very politely, stop making things up about me, just because at time I do not agree with you, many times I do agree with you, but does not mean anything to you.
    You are always looking for a way to get to me.

    So please, stop picking on Me, I am getting tired of it.

    All of you on here, have a nice Weekend,
    everybody getting along just well, agreeing and dis- agreeing, but Richard had to ruin it for me again.
    I will not take any fault for this one, period.

  149. From kat

    Richard, there we go again,# 147
    you can correct people, voice your opinion right and left,
    but if somebody disagrees with you, or tries to help out your “failing” memory as you stated,you get all upset. Just like so many times before.
    What does PRO EJami have to do with Facts, I am truly scratching my head, SandyGram does a lot.
    I am not trying to get back at anybody, so please I am asking you very politely, stop making things up about me, just because at time I do not agree with you, many times I do agree with you, but does not mean anything to you.
    You are always looking for a way to get to me.

    So please, stop picking on Me, I am getting tired of it.

    All of you on here, have a nice Weekend,
    everybody getting along just well, agreeing and dis- agreeing, but Richard had to ruin it again.
    I will not take any fault for this one, period.
    In my post 143, if you read it, I listed so many disgusting things, that EJ, Sami and others have done, I am not and never have been a blind supporter of any character on here, I for have pointed out when someone did wrong or disgusting things,….LOL

  150. From kat

    Pardon Me, but I did not think the first post had gone through, so I re-wrote it.
    It happens…..

  151. From Fiona

    It is what i said Richard, i like Lucas but he is not a saint, actually he is in the same category as Sami and Ej as some nasty characters when they want to be.
    And of course there are many other important characters aside Sami and Ej but we talked about them this time that’s all.

  152. From Clear

    Sami and EJ working together were good today, and I was a Safe fan! My question is why didn’t they immediately show the video footge? It makes it so obvious that he is being framed.

    Now today the blood types don’t match. So do the DNA test too. It will probably prove EJ is a Dimera? Has to be if since he’s Santos look alike! The question is does Stefano know who fathered EJ, and where is he now? Is he in witness protection, or hiding in Italy.

  153. From MAB

    It was disclosed about the twins. Marlena carried them and they were Kate & Roman were the bio parents. Also, Marlena NEVER made love to Stefano. Again, no comparison to EJ & Sami.

    Also if Stefano knew EJ wasn’t his son when he was sick as a child, then I doubt he would’ve ever accepted EJ as his son from the beginning.

  154. From MAB

    kat – you’re right, being pro EJami has nothing to do with facts, and your facts are right. I don’t know where anyone gets that Stefano & Marlena in anyway compare to EJ & Sami because they don’t…and Marlena never slept w/ Stefano.

    We should be used to the picking by now, as they will say anything negative as long as the subject is EJ.

  155. From Richard

  156. From kat

    154 MAB, Thank you MAB,
    you and I are long time bloggers, and you know as I do,
    giving EJ credit for being one the most interesting/versatile characters on this show, just sends some people, don’t know why.
    Would think all viewers would enjoy good performances,
    like Sami and EJ together. They
    make the show, they have Star qualities.
    I am not personally in awe of them, LOL, I love what they give me on the screen, entertainment of the best kind.
    You know MAB, some just can’t admit, that maybe sometimes their facts are wrong,
    so what,
    Lord knows I have been wrong many times before, admitting it never meant
    I lost a stone out of my Crown, LOL.
    I appreciate when somebody sets me straight, that’s the name of the game, I thought.
    Again MAB, for being such a well grounded blogger. We have agreed and disagreed over the years,
    but always kept our dignity and respect for one another.
    I guess we should be used to the Picking like you said,
    but silly me, I always hold out hope, that people are adults, and act as such.
    99.9% on here are, but every so often just one sooner or later will stray and become juvenile. All just My Opinion….
    and the Truth As I See it…..

  157. From Maryl

    #142 Richard–The reason Sami doesn’t belong with Lucas is because she doesn’t love him the way she should.
    True Lucas is a father to two of her children, but where is Lucas when he is needed? He is often MIA. He just takes off and moves to Hong Kong with no qualms. This doesn’t show much concern for his kids–Will laid it on the line to him in today’s episode. Lucas acts like a little boy trying to be a man–he throws anger tantrums and makes threats that he knows good and well he cannot fulfill.
    EJ took care of his kids and Lucas’s when Sami and him were together. He loved Allie just as much as Johnny. Sami, EJ and the kids were doing good together until Lucas returned and of course, we know that upset the apple cart. Sami’s head just couldn’t embrace the fact that she was with a DiMera, so she runs to Lucas thinking he is the answer–but he never is.
    Rafe is another failed answer. Rafe is a needy, busybody who stuck his nose between Sami and EJ. He tried to replace EJ in his kid’s lives, mostly because he is so obsessed with anything and everything that involves EJ.( Example-his recent involvement with Nicole). He supposedly loved the kids, but yet he didn’t hesitate to break up the home he had with Sami and walk out on those kids. Rafe overlooked Sami’s shooting of EJ, he aided and abetted her in an illegal adoption to keep EJ’s child from him–Rafe had no problem with any of that. But he couldn’t forgive Sami for seeking out EJ the night of her despair which crazed her mind and soul. If he loved Sami and her kids so much, he should have had the ability to at least try and work things out. Rafe has always known there is something between Sami and EJ and when she turned to EJ, that was Rafe’s confirmation of his suspicions–that’s what he couldn’t forgive–kids or no kids. Rafe doesn’t seem to have that kind of capacity to forgive. However, the other compelling reason for him leaving Sami and the kids was because of his lust/love for Carrie and this happened before he found out about EJ and Sami slipping one in.
    Robo Rafe was something I hated for EJ to be involved in, but at that time the writers had the two of them at war with one another. She shot him–so he wanted payback.
    As far as EJ thinking of his kids as property and wants all the say so about how they should be raised, I don’t see that at all. EJ made a difficult decision when he allowed Sami full custody of the kids. He did this because he didn’t think he was good for them and that they were better off with their mother.

  158. From kat

    157 Maryl, very well said, I totally agree with you.
    155, I looked at all the videos and I remember them well.
    No comparison to Sami and EJ.
    Marlena never fell for Stefano,
    she was captured and was trying to survive any way she could.
    When Stefano had amnesia, after Marlena/Devil tossed him over her balcony
    she felt bad and took a totally different Stefano into her home, and they had a good time together,
    he even for the first time enjoyed a Hamburger, LOL,
    but they never made Love, ever.
    Sami and EJ are sooooooooooo different.

    However, I have said many times before, I would love to see a SL between Marlena and Stefano at one point,
    specially if John and Kristin might get caught up in a SL over possible EJ being their Son…
    Marlena might turn to Stefano, who knows, this is a soap, and it would such great entertainment, to watch those two characters get together…. oh la la…
    Kate, get jealous already…..

    Lucas right now is becoming again the whiny, pouty screeching little boy he has been before. Face the facts Lucas, you know very well what they are, and you have known them for a long time. You have only yourself to blame, Sami is Sami, and nobody knows that better than YOU.LOL

  159. From SandyGram

    #155 Richard
    Excerpt from Soap Central bio of Marlena Evans:
    Quote: “Marlena was then able to marry Roman, however while Roman went undercover, Marlena and Don hatched a plan where Don, in disguise as Roman, went with Marlena on the honeymoon so that they could pretend that Roman was there. In 1984 Marlena found she was again pregnant. She gave birth to twins Eric and Samantha Brady.”

    Could it be that Sami and Eric’s father is Don Craig? Kind of sounds like Marlena go pregnant after Don accompanied her on the honeymoon and wala she got pregnant!

    Great You Tube by the way….it sure looked like Stefano and Marlena were is several very compromising situations. But did they really ever connect in the Biblical sense or was it just made to look like they did?

  160. From grandma to many

    several things have been metioned like where is the Santos that was being cast and about EJ defending Abe in a custody battle but we do have to remember that was the old writers maybe certain stories have been cut and will never happen Bo and Hope did refer to Mrs. Perez today I assumed she was the landlady of Andrew / Cory’s apartment but I’m so looking forward to next week I wonder how many ways we will all view the same things :)

  161. From SandyGram

    #157 Maryl
    Rafe couldn’t forgive Sami for seeking out EJ the night of her despair which crazed her mind and soul. For me, it was more about the concealing of the truth for all those months. The vow renewal, the re-commitment as husband and wife, the promising to always be honest with one another. As with Nicole, if the writers had Sami and EJ come forward with their tryst when it happened there may have been room for forgiveness by both Rafe and Nicole, but time lapsed to long and the trust was gone.

  162. From SandyGram

    #160 grandma to many
    Remember next week July 23rd. begins the writing or possible rewriting from the new writers Gary Tomlin and Chris Whitesell. I’m sure it will take some time to the fix story lines that just haven’t work since Sept. 26, 2011, so I hope all the fans can be patient and not beat them about the head and shoulders before they have had ample time to get going on the 2nd jump start for Days.

  163. From kat

    161 SandyGram,
    wouldn’t that be a kick if Roman is not the father of Sami and Eric.
    It would solve the problem between Sami and EJ being somewhat around the corner “related”.
    If True, poor Roman,
    Sami and Eric, and then Belle….
    Marlena, you little “slut”, LOL.
    If true, that could send our Roman over the edge, and maybe he could understand how Stefano must have felt.
    Hope it is not true.
    Even if EJ and Sami would have been honest with Rafe and Nicole,
    Rafe was already well on his way being in love with Carrie.
    Funny, it happened just like it did with EJ and Sami,

    the first time they saw each other, the spark was there.
    I remember the look on Rafe’s and Carrie’s faces, Cupid shot his Arrow.. done deal.
    Same with Sami, when she knocked on EJ’s door, and he opened the door, half dressed, Cupid lost an arrow….

    One thing we know, Melanie and Ian will Not die in the expolosion, because they
    have SL’s coming up afterwards.
    Maybe Gaby will go, saving Melanie to make up for what she has done.Gaby had so many chances to make things right,
    but her lust for Chad over ruled everything. She is dangerous and needs big time help….

  164. From Fiona

    Great video Richard, Joe Mascolo and Deirdre Hall have great chemistry but it just shows that Stefano was really really attracted and face it obsessed by Marlena and sometimes she used it at her advantage like when she wanted to save her beloved John..but it was always one-side, Sami was attracted to Ej since the first time she met him, they even dated each others before all break loose, after that in 2007 she used his attraction to her advantage and then she shows her attraction and jealousy all by herself, there was no agenda she loved and was attracted to the Ej like she was in 2006, therefore it is another story than her mother being the queen of the night..but great video, i hope Mar and Stefano will interact again when Kristen will come back.

  165. From Richard

    159 SandyGram
    That’s a real possibility. It could turn out that way.
    I never knew why Stefano kidnapped Sami and Eric or what he might have done to them.

  166. From kat

    My question is…
    If this EJ is the son of Kristin and John, as some speculate,
    what happened to the Baby Boy Susan gave birth to.
    Stefano did have Susan implanted with his sperm, we saw that,
    and we saw Susan give birth.

    If John and Kristin’s baby did live and it is this EJ,

    where is Stefano’s and Susan’s Son……
    One Baby missing….
    We know that Susan’s baby had a heart problem…., could it be that Stefano’s real son is still out here some where?????

    Kristin could only be EJ’s mother, if Her baby, that she thought she lost, is still alive and is EJ.
    Confused, think about it… One baby, or two……

  167. From LadyLumps

    TerriK, if your little king is the baby you have up on Twitter, omg what a blue eyed doll!! I should post a pic of my little girl, but I like to keep twitter as anonymous as possible…. But maybe I will.

    I have to say I am so happy with the way Days is headed with the ejami connection. So sizzling hot! I love it and I am looking forward to the show a lot more now.

    These last few episodes before the big pre-emption seem like they will be huge! Leaving us with some awesome cliffhangers. I will not feel too deprived because I’ll be on my cruise for most of that time period.

  168. From SandyGram

    The NBC Promo Video….Dysaster has everything collapsing and in the 15 seconds you can see:

    - Cameron and Abby
    - Victor (or at least the tip top of his head) and Maggie
    - Jack and Jennifer
    - Kate, Ian and Lucas
    - Kayla
    - Doug and Julie

    Just wonder how many of the sets will be affected and will it be time to take ‘benchie’ out of storage and get ready for the pier again. Sets like:
    - Intensity
    - Countess Wilhelmina Offices
    - Apartment Building where Sami/EJ live (where will the kids be when the disaster happens?)
    - Brady Pub
    - Coffee House
    - DiMansion (it seems it was only a short walk to the HTC)
    - Titan
    - Hotel where Nicole stays
    - Maggies Chez Rouge
    - Daniel’s apartment building
    - Hospital
    - SPD

    There is also the NBC still photo’s for week of July 23rd of various cast members, interesting captions by each one.

    Just Search on NBC Promo Videos Days of Our Lives!

  169. From SandyGram

    How far a long was Kristen when she miscarried?

  170. From patty

    I think what Days need right now is other couples to hold the interest of non Ejami fans. To think that those two can carry the show by themselves is ridiculous. Day after day of these hot and cold exchanges between the two is fast losing its appeal. I for one can’t wait for a two week break and hope the return of new writers will give us some fresh new storylines with new exciting couples that don’t involve screeching and panting and Elvis pretending to be Casanova.

  171. From patty

    Lucas and Rafe might have made their mistakes but they are still not the ruthless, heartless men that Elvis is. If Lucas was smart, he would follow Rafe’s lead and walk away from Samantha Brady and never look back but he has his children to worry about and protect from the Demira influence. Yelling and arguing is not gonna cut it, time to take action. Come on Lucas, you are your mother’s son, you got it in you.

  172. From sally

    Why some always attack the Ej/Sami pairing (or potential pairing, they never really wrote for them) because of their ‘bad’ history while being perfectly ok with Ej and Nicole when their history is as much twisted if not more with Ej trying to kill her several times, responsible for her mother’s death, treating her like trash and second best the majority of the time, blackmailing her or her let him mourn a child just like that for months, kidnapping his child, trying to kill him, trying to frame him for his father’s murder ect..I don’t get it really..

  173. From sally

    Patty they are other stories and lot’s of other characters than Ejami, focus on that and stop obsessing with these two characters, you will see you will enjoy this soap so much more, some positive vibe, it is an ensemble show for pete’s sake.

  174. From Kat

    168 SandyGram
    I don’t remember how far along Kristin was….
    The only way “This” EJ can be Kristin’s son, as so many speculate on here, the Baby must have lived….
    That still leaves the Baby Susan had…..
    So who is Elvis…. if not Stefano’s……. Kristin and John’s son….
    and where is Susan’s baby….?

    Some of us have waited for years now, to pair Sami and EJ again…..
    Had to sit through the Rafe/Sami pairing, hopefully now it’s Ejami time.
    Just MO..

  175. From Richard

    168 SandyGram
    Stefano had hired Susan to deliver the baby and give it to John and Kristen, so the proximity of birth should have been close between Kristen and Susan.
    Did Susan, portraying Kristen, sleep with John, shortly after, producing twins(ie Johnny and Allie)- 1 healthy and the other with a heart problem?
    There seems to be a lot of questions to be answered.
    I have always believed and still do believe that Stefano can not have children the natural way. He has never had children by any of his wives and Hope(Gina). How come he is always adopting? I think that his family came mainly because of Dr. Rolf.

  176. From Richard

    I don’t see on any of Patty’s posts focusing on the EJami connection. Am I missing something in these postings.

  177. From sally

    yep you are missing the 169 comment from Patty Richard. (and many others, she almost always speak about these characters)

  178. From Tee

    Hey everyone I have a few theorys on Marlena and Stefano and the twins ie Sami and Eric. As we know Stefano recieved another letter he sorta laughed off, then he gave Sami Countess W and broke up EJS marriage with Nicole saying he belonged with Sami. So though we know he wnated to get back at Kate and that could be a good reason to give Sami Countess W, I am wondering if he is the father of the twins and that was why he laughed at the 1st letter.We know he is alive so he most likely planned some things before he left and one was to give Sami some leverage and we dont know yet what he was blackmailing or threatning or whatever with Will. I know we nnever seen him sleep with Marlnena but that dont mean he could not have slipped her somethig to make her think she was sleeping with Roman or something else. It would suck for the storyline since we know EJ must be a Dimera he looks just like Santos he looks more like their secret love child then John does but not the right age. The first letter could have been that Stefano was not his real son even maybe he also adopted or raised kids that were not his ie Stefano and maybe Stefano laughed that off. I seem to recall Santos teling Stefano that in order to keep the empire in family or save it or something like that he had to seek this egg or whatever. We know it holds a womans name Yvette I think which there was a woman involved with John by that name way back I think. So my theory is Stefano may be adopted and that is why he was worried of safety of empire cause it needs to pass to a Dimera. I could be way off and it is only a thought. He also did take a interest in Sami lately and thereis a reason for that it may be cause he wanted EJ to be happy then again it may be something else like he may be her father. Weird thing is Marlena admitted she fell for Stefano at one time the other day in her talks with Carrie. We all know when that was but they are nothing like EJ and Sami that was built off Stefanos obsession with her not his love for her. They never had a relationship or fell in love when she did develop feelings it was cause of the circumstances at the time and cause she seen a side of him she did not see before and it was not deep. We are supposed to be exploring more of Alices secrets and this Santos is coming to town as I stated somewhere on here. He can either be the Santos Dimera or perhaps the real love child or just another child of Santos. The name is not a coincidence since he will rock someone to their core and it is around when Stefano comes back.Oh I just got another thought what if Stefano is Santos Pawn or pet and his dna has been messed up changed around sorta how he does to people. Now that would be crazy lol ok I am going to far now lol. I still say EJ is Stefanos son or maybe this Santos son or Johns and Kristens. The Dna they have at SPD is not Stefanos since they took it off the so called dead body of Stefano so it is the doubles DNA. Why cant the whole SPD be smart and say he is a Dimera he looks like Santos I thought Marlena might have been thinking it cause she seemed to kinda think but then she mentioned Will and her worry. I thought her lights came on in her head going well if he dont belong to Stefano and we know he looks like Santos then he could be Johns as he is the only other Dimera they know that could be daddy. So we are for sure gonna see the dna dont match Stefanos well double Stefanos and then they are gonna claim he is not a Dimera and will they say he must belong to ELvis lmao instead of facing that he is a Dimera? Just look at the SPD saying they can test a letter against the gloves umm that is not how it is done they have to test against his actual dna not to mention how did they even get dna off gloves let alone gloves that have touched trash been shovedin a bag I mean did EJ bleed on the gloves did enough of his skin cells rub onto the gloves and survive all that lol? Oh the SPD gotta love them. On
    On to Will He is right what he said to Lucas. Lucas abandoned his children for a long time though he did make phone contact now and then and we know he came running when Sami said Will needed him so kudos for that. I see the whole EJ/Will thng as this like another poster said EJ did and does care about Samis other kids and as a son of Stefanos he learned the way to get a fathers love was loyalty and his capability to be able to do as he is told and blackmail etc. All things his fatha done to him. He knew Will shot him and with all him and Sami has been though not once before Will came to blackmail him did he try to use that against her or Will. Sami and Will both tried to kill him and he protected them against his fathers wrath and prison why for love. He may be his fathers child but when it comes to his children and Sami noone messes with them not even his father. He was blakmaling Will but in all actuality he was trying to be there for Will cause he seen him spining out of control and knew he would not go to Sami. He hated Sami and it was EJ who made him see that she is not how he thinks she is and despite her craziness she loves him she just dont know how to show that cause her own experiences. He also was there to bail him out even supported him when he was outed and encouraged him to tell the truth of where he was to save himself. He could have just let him self destruct and hate his mother more. He was proud of Will for attempting to blackmail him what would Stefano had done if he was being blackmailed? It would not have been giving in to Will thats for sure He would make sure he payed along with his Brady family. Best believe had it been anyone else other then Sami and her kids Ej would not have gave in. Nicole used to always say she feared he would have her offed though she managed to blackmail him a bit about the fake Rafe thing and that was only with Marriage to her. What is odd is Stefano knew Will tried to blackmail EJ it seems and we know that Will was doing things for Stefano though we only learned of him letting Rafe find out the truth. It was said he had been doing alot for him I wonder what and I wonder why Stefano took a interest in Will I recall way back he wanted to groom him as a Dimera and EJ said no.

  179. From NeeNee

    Richard, is not Lexie Stefano’s child with Celeste? That’s the way I recall it was.

  180. From Richard

    Patty quote:
    “I think what Days need right now is other couples to hold the interest of “non Ejami fans”. To think that “those two”(EJami) can carry the show by themselves is ridiculous.”
    Don’t think that I am missing anything.

  181. From Richard

    178 NeeNee
    He says she is and Celeste says that she was, but I don’t remember any blood tests that said that she was. Celeste would naturally be interested in her daughter being a part of the Dimera empire.
    My main point was that he didn’t get any of his wives pregnant and for me that is strange. Hope wasn’t pregnant with his baby, so he must have slept with Hope.

  182. From NeeNee

    Kat, I love you . . but please put paragraphs in between your thoughts. It makes it difficult to reason out what you’re saying because it all swims together.

    Agree that Allison Sweeney and James Scott have way more natural chemistry than any other actor she was paired with over the years. But as Patty pointed out, there are other actors & other storylines that don’t involve Ejami. I’m frustrated, too, that most of the time, they don’t get as much airtime as Ejami.

    As a viewer, I’m just along for the ride . . .we are at the mercy of what the current crop of writers choose to script. I, too, wish they would find scribes who try to stay true to Days history and acknowledge past storylines. Problem is that most of the writers weren’t born yet when Days was in its glory!! When SandyGram revisited the Marlena/Don Craig/ Roman triangle, I found myself thinking, “Wow, I haven’t thought about Don Craig in decades!” Therein lies a lot of the problem: the writing staff doesn’t write for the long-term viewer who’s been watching since 1967. Many posters on other sites mention Days plots from 5 – 10 years ago, maybe back to the ’80s when Kim & Shane and Patch & Kayla were front & center. Some viewers are new, having switched to Days after the ABC soaps were cancelled. So that’s why I think we see holes in storylines you could drive a truck through—writers change history to suit their ideas, and many viewers are none the wiser.

  183. From Tee

    I just remembered something does anyone remember Alica and Stefanos matching pictures I think of a baby or something? Did anything ever come to that? Perhaps it is this Santos guy? I would guess Santos could have left the pic with Stefano even but was Coleen tied in to Hortons? I dont ever recall finding out who Coleens mother was or even Shawns. Does anyone else? Even looking online no mother is listed for her or Shawn Brady that I have found. Interesting though that she gave her child up for adoption and she believed John was that child but we see the pics and are to assume there is a mutual Dimera/ maybe Horton baby out there that is being taken care of I am not sure if it ties in with Bradys or not

  184. From Cindy

    I was wrong! I admit it. I have always ALWAYS! Wanted Sami and Lucas together. I waited for his return. Even though I thought it was too fast after Rafe, I was soooooo happy to have them back together!!! BUT, after seeing them together again at the same time as seeing EJ playing with her and her reaction…..I admit that I now want Sami and EJ together. I know it’s an unhealthy relationship. I know they have a twisted past. I know all the reasons they should not get together again. None of it matters. Long live EJami!!

  185. From NeeNee

    Kat, so sorry . . . I swear I saw your name on Tee’s l-o-o-o-o-n-g paragraph-less post. So, Tee: this is for you—put some paragraphs in your posts!!!!

  186. From Tee

    I also found it odd that Stefano who is known to raise and even claim as his own children that werenot his many times over immediately wanted to cut EJ off and out of everything. I know he was hurt by it but I think it has more to do on Alices secret and promises he made to her perhaps or even his respect to her. I think EJ is gonna be more involved in her secrets and Cindy Glad to hear you have jumped ship though I have no issues to people who like other characters with Sami or whatever we all got opinions but it is nice to hear someone acknowledge it when they were not a fan before of them

  187. From kat

    181 NeeNee, my friend,
    You must be talking about Tee’s blog….
    Look again, I always paragraph/or one line my blogs,…..
    because I feel the same way,
    all the lines just swim together…
    Go back and look again at all my blogs.
    Some of us old time viewers might remember plots from long ago,
    but I doubt very much, as proven many times,…
    the writers Do not.. LOL
    Some of them don’t remember yesterday or last year.
    Chad is Stefano’s, we all saw them at the Hospital having a DNA Test done.
    I say again, in order for Kristin to be EJ’s mother, her and John’s baby had to live…
    Susan came to town, and was already prego by Elvis/Stefano,
    John did make love to Susan once, thinking she was Kristin,
    so let’s go way out, Susan carried two babies, (however we only saw one delivered),
    and John and Kristin were right there, John even married Kristin/Susan, LOL.
    There are either 1 or 2 EJ’s.
    Susan the Mother of Both, with Stefano and John as Fatha’s….
    Or Kristin the mother, with John as the Father.
    And Susan as the mother, with Stefano as the Fatha.
    So what is it, one or two “EJ’s/John Jr.s out there.

    I for one, no secret, love the EJami SL right now..
    Waited for it for a long time, and now hopefully it will be around for a while.
    Wonder, who EJ is getting married to, as he eluded in his interview, or was it just a teaser.
    Glad that the writers seem to listen, and gave Rafe better and stronger SL’s. Long over due.
    Be nice for his character, if He was the one, that figures out, after the light bulb went on,
    that something is rotten in Denmark…
    and that EJ’s is being framed.

    Allison and James, just have what it takes, to make a Great Screen Couple,
    like Bogey and Bacall, like Rock Hudson and Doris Day. Some Actors just click on their own, and then it comes through in the characters they play.

    To all the Non Likers of Ejami,
    patience, your time will come again, after all you had years of Safe, and now things changed.
    Something, sooner or later for everybody…

    177 Tee, I like your post, the way you talk about
    about EJ, Sami and the Kids, etc. right on.

    The Santo, coming to town, how old is he, EJ’s Age….?
    could be he is one of the missing children, but Who’s….

  188. From SandyGram

    Just a thought about Stefano not being a Dimera. Santo was all about family and maintaining the blood line of the DiMera’s. Wouldn’t Stefano have to be a blood DiMera to carry out his fathers wishes?

  189. From Kat

    184 NeeNee, no problem my friend,
    just a simple little mistake.
    Mistakes and Mis-Understandings happen on here all the time, LOL
    Tee, my friend, humor us, paragraph, so that some of us do Not
    have to SWIM, so funny NeeNee.
    Cindy, nice to see, that somebody can change her mind,…
    I used to not like Sami, for a Long, long time, like from the beginning of time,
    but when She is with EJ, she is different,
    and I just like it so much when they act together, in love or hate,
    it does not matter. It’s the sizzle between them.

  190. From Tee

    Nee nee Sorry I noticed that after I sent it. I was posting from my kindle and it was messing up words by putting in 2 letters when I hit them or the wrong letter and I was getting aggravated with it and forgot to space. I will be sure to space next time as it does make it easier to read.

    Yes Kristen supposedly lost her baby but does anyone remember how far along she was? It is possible that the baby lived though it makes more sense other ways. It is also possible John slept with Susan when she pretended to be Kristen. I always found it hard to imagine Stefano dressing as Elvis and getting it on with her when insiminating her was so much easier.

    Richard I agree that the show needs some more great super couples with great chemistry. In the younger generations we dont really have many and the ones we do are in a triangle with one woman or man. There are alot of characters people enjoy but dont get much story.

    I do enjoy James Scott by himself and with Sami. I also like his scenes with Stefano and Will. I think hes a great actor. I feel the same about Allison Sweeney. There needs to be more characters like that and as we know some characters have been ruined due to crappy writing.

  191. From LadyLumps

    Why aren’t my posts showing up?

  192. From Richard

    187 SandyGram
    Unless he just took it over as EJ intended to do.
    Maybe it was meant for John and Stefano robbed John of his inheritance and made him his pawn.
    Something has to explain the reason that Stefano held John captive for most of his life, before he came to Salem.
    John as the pawn, must have had some memories of the Brady’s because I think that one of the first places that he went to was the pub.

  193. From Kat

    Another Thing about EJ and Sami,
    when she left Rafe’s bed, rushed over to the DiMera Mansion to seek out EJ, (she does that a lot),
    she found him drunk with a gun in his hand, (dah, one could figure out really quick what maybe he tried to do, after he just lost her),
    she picked up the Gun, and it was
    Jealousy, not so much the fear for the kids, they were safe…

    But it was the woman in her, if she could not be With Him….
    than Nobody will.
    Would not be the first time a spouse/girlfrien/boyfriend/ was killed
    for that Reason.
    Sami could not stand, that EJ might be with somebody else someday.
    My thoughts, my Opinions. Nobody has to like/agree with them…

    SandyGram, still wonder if Ian is a DiMera Son…Exiled by Santos, or whatever…
    and Stefano knew it, and maybe even EJ…..
    So many Theories, ones Head could swim..

  194. From kat

    189 Tee,
    Stefano Did Not sleep with Susan, she was inseminated with Stefano’s sperm,
    and he watched the procedure, dressed as Elvis.

  195. From Tee

    Kat I agree with your post on the whole possible 2 babies with Kristen and Susan and the scenarios of how it could be.
    Thanks also for reminding me about how Susan became pregnant by Stefano I was trying to remember it all in my mind and forgot he was just there present. I am usually good at remembering things but sometimes forget a few details.

    Sandygram Stefano is all about family which made it weird he tortured his own brother. One he knew would be very important to his father.

    Richard that was exactly what I wondered also about it I mean there are possibilities with how he could turn out not a Dimera. Or perhaps that he even did steal it like you said.

    The latest message from Santos is proof the Dimera bloodline is not guaranted anymore or something like that. It concerned Santos. Perhaps he knew of a child but did not know their location I dont know. We know he had other kids but no names for them

  196. From Tee

    Kat I am right with you on the whole possible 2 babies or that there is more to the baby story we dont know.
    Thanks for reminding me how it went down with the whole impregnating Susan I was trying to remember all the details to it. Now it makes more sense.

    Sandygram Stefano is all about family and we know Santos ordered revenge on Bradys because he lost Coleen. He would have been so happy to know they shared a child together. Stefano has never embraced John as his family and it is weird he has tortured him over and over.

    Richard good theory on him taking over what is Johns. It is a possibility.

    I mostly believe Stefano is a Dimera I was just throwing out ideas what the letter he laughed off could have said. We know he had respected Alice and he took her letter claiming EJ was not his as fact with no DNA because of his respect. But he did not seem to believe what the other letter said.

    So another way out theory is could Susan be a Dimera?

    I just know that Santos had told Stefano he must seek out the egg because it holds the key to keeping the Dimera empire or something. I am trying to find the video on exactly what was said but I know it was very important.

  197. From Tee

    Sorry I re wrote my post cause it was not showing up. Sorry for the double post like

  198. From Tee

    Kat I agree about the whole Ian thing alos I recall it was said or shown he had the mark of the Phoenix on his cain or something. He is alos very interested about EJ and the Dimera empire. His sudden interest in Kate again is odd also considering he is in love with Madison. It is almost like he wants to takeover or exact revenge on the Dimera empire/ Dimeras.
    Stefano seemed to think he may try to get Kate cause he pushed her to do it in a way testing her.
    Stefano not accepting EJ when he accepted many adopted kids was very odd.We know he loves EJ and the way he just cut him out of it all is odd.

  199. From Kat

    197 Tee, I so agree with you…
    ODD is the word of the day.
    Maybe we are finally getting this Great Mystery Story we have been, ( I know I have) asking for.
    Intrigue, and just when you think you know, more intrigue to keep the juices flowing.
    I enjoy when SL’s are more complicated than meets the eye,
    and us viewers for change really don’t know what is really going on.
    Spoilers have all but destroyed daily Anticipation,
    so I welcome a little “Not Knowing
    it All”.
    I still have faith in the Old Fox, Stefano,
    and that he is many steps ahead of all of them.

  200. From Richard

    I thought that Susan was impregnated with a fetus.

  201. From Richard

    It would be odd if Colleen knew that John Black was her son and Stefano did not, IMO.

  202. From SandyGram

    Now that I put a little extra thought into it and after I read a post above that reminded me….Kristen and Susan would have to be the same months pregnant for Susan to deliver and give the baby to Kristen as if she was the one to give birth. Also as the cob webs move aside, I’m thinking John married Susan (acting as Kristen) just before the baby was born.

  203. From SandyGram

    #199 Richard
    There is some question to that. In the written history of the day Stefano was dressed up like Elvis it says Susan was artificially inseminated. Although when you watch the you Tube Video, The Beginning of EJ’, the Doctor says “the woman is a perfect genetic match to give you a son. And then says he’s ready to do the embryo implantation’. That means little Elvis was created in a Petrie Dish not by way of a Turkey Baster.

  204. From kat

    201 SandyGram, Bingo, yes, Kristin and Susan had the same Due Dates, at least close enough,
    that was at first Stefano’s plan to help Kristin give John a baby, after she lost hers.
    Otherwise, how could she pull the wool over John’s eyes, if her Baby took more than 9 plus months, like 10 or 12.
    Hey Watson/Sherlock, maybe we are getting somewhere.
    If they implanted Susan with a Fetus, as Richard thinks/recalls…
    could it have been Kristin’s (sick, sick)
    but then WHY did our Stefano think all these years, that the baby boy EJ was his bio son…

    Unless, even Stefano did not know, that his Sperm and Fetus were switched, LOL, it is starting to sound like the crazy soap Passions…..

    And yes SandyGram, John did marry Kristin/Susan, I believe it was in the Hospital.
    So if that marriage was invalid, why would the pawn’s and Princess Gina’s marriage not also be invalid. Wrong Name’s…..John Black never married Hope Brady.. So goodness, the USA would never come after them, because Pawn and Princess Gina do not exist in this country or period.
    The real princess died a long time ago…
    And the Sands are still passing through the HourGlass…

  205. From Richard

    Saying that EJ has to be a Dimera is like saying that Roman has to be a Kositchek.
    They both just played the part of Santo and Chris, unless Roman is indeed Chris playing the part of Roman.

  206. From NeeNee

    Damn captchas . . . lost my post (I think). If it shows up twice, sorry.

    Were not John & Kristin in Paris when she miscarried? I’m thinking she was about 5 months along at the time. Then she kept up the pregnancy pretense (a la Nicole & the Rubber Baby Bump). That led to her making Susan give up the baby she was carrying to pass it off as John’s.

    Anybody else remember this?

  207. From Kat

    204 Richard, with all the respect in the world,
    to compare a Re-casting, which has been done before, a la Roman/Dr.North,
    is just reaching at bit to far.
    EJ looks just like the old photographs that Sami and Lucas found with the letters in Maison Blanche. Everybody, incl. Us Viewers saw them,
    so why are there no Bells ringing in Hope’s, Marlena’s, Bo’s, etc. who ever sat around there, reading all
    these Love Letters, is beyond me…
    Writers, do some catching up, please.
    NeeNee, yes, Kristin and John were in Paris, when she lost Their Baby….
    Baby’s 5 months or less have lived in these days,
    so why not on a soap…..

    So in my respectful opinion,

    Chris/Roman are not the same at all, as EJ being the look a like of Santos, proved by the photos. We all know that Roman was RE-cast.

  208. From kat

    P.S. Why in the world can’t you enjoy respectfully back and forth discussions,
    none of us are always right or wrong, it’s the fun of just participating, agree or not agree.
    I like for people pointing out to Me, where maybe I am so wrong, or off the track, or that my memory must be failing me… It’s a game, its fun, relax, chill and come play with us.

    Hey LadyLumps, where are your blogs…. miss you,

    do I have to come and “bite” you, LOL my friend….

  209. From Richard

    205 NeeNee
    You can always get a new captha by clicking on the top icon on the right. Clicking on the speaker should get you an audio challenge or you can click the question mark for help.
    I just click back on my browser and the entire post will show up again and that allows me to try as many times as necessary to get my post through. I sometimes cycle through 3 or 4 captchas to get one I like.
    I believe it was Paris that she miscarried, if she actually did.
    I believe her mother wanted her to tell John, but she went to Stefano and he found Susan, who he paid to give up her baby to Kristen.
    I think that Kristen played 5 or 6 roles over a period of time. She was Kristen, Susan, Sister Moria(sp), Thomas, a twin brother and Penelope, who suffered an early death.

  210. From Richard

    I come forth with theory and you come back with fact.
    Isn’t that what you call back and forth discussions?
    I say it’s either black or white and you tell me which it actually is or you tell me that I can’t compare apples and oranges. You come back with EJami, which is actually just that, apples and oranges. They are two different species of fruit and I don’t like the mix, 5 days a week.
    My only complaint is two much of EJami and not enough of Lumi, Safe, EJole or Danole.

  211. From SandyGram

    #205 NeeNee
    Yes, Yes that’s it NeeNee, Kristen used the Baby Bump to get her through until Susan delivered. In fact she was afraid Marlena would find out. I think again Vivian knew about the miscarriage also. Ah Ha…the details are coming out slowly for what happened way back then. There’s just been two many writers sense then to maintain any kind of continuity.

  212. From Richard

    206 Kat
    Days was on strict budget. In order to save money, Sami and EJ played the dual roles. To me, IMO, just speculating, I believe that it is not written in stone, anywhere, that Santo and Colleen, actually looked like them. I know that, IMO, Shirley Jones didn’t look like a grown Allison Sweeny(sp) to me.

  213. From kat

    Hi Richard, # 211,
    I hear you loud and clear,
    but my problem is, why would they show us
    the Photos of Santos, Looking just like EJ, but with a mustache….. and then show us a picture of Colleen looking like Sami,
    All I am ever coming back to ….

    are the Actual Photographs of Santos and Colleen, found at Maison Blanche along with all the Letters.
    Richard, I would like nothing more, than if you and I could agree,to blog together and speculate, agree and dis-agree, it could be so interesting IMO.
    Budget restraints, should not get into the way of telling a real SL…

    Peace please, let’s just talk back and forth and have fun…

    Wow, I am getting so much done in my house today,
    I am all over it, it looks so good.
    And it is so much fun, checking in now and then on this blog….

  214. From LadyLumps

    What is wrong with this site, I couldn’t post last night or today. Out of 5 posts I made the only one that showed up was #190!!!!

    TerriK, Ryder is a blue-eyed doll! He is so precious, I just love little boys! I put up a pic of my little one on twitter too.

    I am loving all the Ejami moments, please keep them coming writers… these two sizzle! It’s finally Ejami time for us fans who patiently waited through Safe & Lumi.

    Next week is going to be awesome, and leaving us with many cliffhangers to think about over the two week break. I will be on my cruise for most of that time so it wont be too hard for me to wait.

  215. From Kat

    SandyGram, yes of course Kristin used the Baby Bump, after she lost her baby, and that is why Stefano found Susan, to impersonate Kristin,
    but wait a minute,
    if Kristin was already 5months prego, she lost the baby,
    how could Stefano find Susan, get her prego, and be on the same time table with Kristin…..
    He must have done the Deed To Susan about 5 months ago already, for another reason, What…
    Some things just don’t match up anymore.
    Susan had to get prego, at the same time Kristin got progo…..for it to work….
    The plot thickens….

  216. From Richard

    212 Kat
    We can’t seem to do that cause you just seem to dissect everything that I say into your way of thinking.
    If I say “I think it can happen”, you say “no it can’t happen”.
    If you disagree with my posts, why reply to them.
    You never seem to add anything to them, you just tear them apart and say how wrong I am.
    You tend to believe what you say you see with your own eyes, but I tend to go with what I don’t see happening.
    You saw Stefano pretending to be Elvis and that seems to lead you to believe that no one but Stefano could be the father of EJ. You only see through the eyes of the Dimeras and everything that they say, for you, is fact.
    I would enjoy this board much more if I don’t have to go through this back and forth with you all the time.
    I’m mainly talking about the posts that originated with me. That’s the ones that I’m concerned about.
    I usually don’t comment on other posts, unless I am asked for one, but I do read them all.

  217. From SandyGram

    #213 Kat
    Maybe us fans are just trying to get all the nooks and crannies to match up and it’s never going to happen. Would the writers back in 1996 have in mind someday EJ would be written as not being Stefano’s son? Do they have that much fore thought? I think the different sets of new writers along the way just glommed onto what ever bits and piece there are in history where they could make a new story. I would think after 47 years on the screen, it may be difficult to continue to bring in new material. We fans want all the connections along the way and it just might not be possible.

  218. From kat

    215 SandyGram, I hear you Lady,
    but Stupid/Ignorent still is no excuse for some of the writers failure to follow a SL…
    If the writers change SL’s, give us at least a darn good reason why……
    214 Richard,
    give me a break, I am allowed to disagree with you , what’s wrong with that,
    how many times did I agree with you. No Kudos for that…..
    What do you want, for me to turn into a Total, Yes, OH Richard Person,
    that is not real,
    and do you really want a person to agree with you, (like Me, Kat..)

    and be dis honest with you, just to make you feel good,
    No, I like honesty myself all the time….
    Richard, please think about it, but if now again, as in the past, you decide to throw me away….
    fine by me, I tried so many times to make with you. But I am getting so tired of trying.

    It’s your call, I will so leave you alone, but still comment on some of the stuff you put out … because once you put it Out, Anybody can comment on IT…..
    Peace, let’s all just get along, that has been my motto,for the last two years, that I have been on here. … So many of you
    NEWComers just don’t remember this Blog has a long history, and any of you can go back and put in Dool Blog June…… whatever date for the Week of DOOL you want to put in, and guess what, you can Read Blog History…
    I have read some of my beginning blogs.Lord help me and forgive me,because this Stupid Katherine, said a lot of things, but never anything I was ashamed of….

  219. From Fiona

    Richard it seems we don’t watch the same show, for a time there were only some Safe and Ejole and no Ejami at all and the ratings were bad, the show was even more boring than right now now we see some Ejami that’s right but you still have as much some Lumi and Danicole and even still some Ejole and Safe in the mix..therefore you are innacurate in your complaints, you want to focus on Ejami your right but it doesn’t make it true what’s so ever.

  220. From SandyGram

    Kat…I was wondering what year did you start posting on this site? I think I began in the fall of 2010.

  221. From sherri

    I said all along that Ian shot stefeno, they have to get rid of him somehow. Kate is not good with him, no chemisty. I do not know how she got a copy of Stefeno’s will and why she has it. I do know that this explosion, as fake as it looks, will have everyone on the egde of there seats. I hope Sami is not the one to die. After all she has 4 kids to support.

  222. From Gretelgal

    I didn’t read thru all the comments… But has anyone thought if tony and Kirsten are Ejs real parents?? That way they keep John out of it completely but ej is still dimera?

    Also really hoping nicoles baby is Brady’s!

  223. From SandyGram

    Going back and looking it appears I started posting in June 2010.

    Where you posting as ‘Catherine’ at that time or ‘Katherine’. I don’t see any postings with a Katherine or MAB. Plenty of Janibell’s, Cindy’s and a few others I recognize.

  224. From Kat

    218 SandyGram..I believe I started back in 2010,
    I know I know it was before you, because I remember when you came on……
    There were Two Sandy’s…
    and you decided to make a difference.. and Call yourself… SandyGram…
    And also, if you want to be FairEnough… Me, Then… Katherine.
    was one of the first to welcome you blog site, I remember it so well….SandyGram.
    What happened……?

  225. From LadyLumps

    GAH! I am so frustrated, I have been trying to say something since last night and it wont post!!!
    I have complained about it to admin but I don’t know what the problem is!!

  226. From LadyLumps

    OK What is wrong with this site, I couldn’t post last night or today. Out of 8 posts I made the only one that showed up was #190 & 222, but not the main message that I keep trying to send!!!! I keep getting error 503.

  227. From LadyLumps

    I just tried again and it would not go through. Obviously there is something in my post that this site doesn’t like. I am going to break up my message and see if I can figure out the problem.

  228. From LadyLumps

    Part 1:
    TerriK, Ryder is a blue-eyed doll! He is so precious, I just love little boys! I put up a pic of my little one on twitter too.

  229. From LadyLumps

    Part 2:
    I am loving all the Ejami moments, please keep them coming writers… these two sizzle! It’s finally Ejami time for us fans who patiently waited through Safe & Lumi.

  230. From Kat

    LadyLumps, keep on trying, whenever you get Error 503… hit your Return buttom. and it should bring you back to your Orig .. Blog.. Happens to me all the time……

  231. From LadyLumps

    Hmmmmm, part 3 is not posting. I’m sure I am coming off as a crazy lady by now, but I want to get to the bottom of this!

  232. From LadyLumps


  233. From LadyLumps

    Next week is going to be awesome, and leaving us with many cliffhangers to think about over the two week break.

  234. From LadyLumps

    Next week is going to be awesome,

  235. From LadyLumps


  236. From LadyLumps

    to think about over the two week break. I will be on my cruise for most of that time so it wont be too hard for me to wait.

  237. From Kat

    226, LadyLumps, I see you finally got through, Kudos to you,
    I did miss you,believe it or not…. I do not lie, why would I…..LoL
    Finally We Fans get to see EJami,
    after watching Sami and Rafe, like forever….Sex, Sex, Sex, nothing really meaningful, but Sex…etc.and then of course more Sex with RoboRafe,
    and I did protest that loud and clear, about What EJ did to the Mother of his children…

    But now, it looks like finally, it might be

    Sami and EJ Time…..waited for that one so long….

  238. From LadyLumps

    Next week is going to be

  239. From LadyLumps


  240. From Kat

    LadyLumps, have the
    Cruise of your Dreams, enjoy..
    Joe and I are planning one,
    or Go to Germany etc… don’t know yet…
    I am leaning towards going someplace … stay put, and enjoy the House .. the Beach part,

    the local ambiance. …etc.. We will figure out……

  241. From LadyLumps

    Hi Kat. Well I dissected my message and that was the only way I was able to post it after trying since yesterday over a dozen times. It still wont let me post my last sentence and I don’t know why… no swear words or anything.
    Now I’m just frustrated and signing off for the night! LOL
    Sorry for leaving such a mess of postings.

  242. From Kat

    226, LadyLumps, I see you finally got through, Kudos to you,
    I did miss you,believe it or not…. I do not lie, why would I…..LoL
    Finally We Fans get to see EJami,
    after watching Sami and Rafe, like forever….Sex, Sex, Sex, nothing really meaningful, but Sex…etc.and then of course more Sex with RoboRafe,
    and I did protest that loud and clear, about What EJ did to the Mother of his children…

    But now, it looks like finally, it might be

    Sami and EJ Time…..waited for that one so long….

    Something Funky going on with these post….
    they keep coming back, and I try sending them back….

  243. From SandyGram

    #221 Kat
    What happened? What happened with what? I’m not sure what your asking me!

    Rafe and Sami sex, sex, sex. And what’s different about EJ and Sami? Isn’t their hot hot hot, out of breath moments what so many fans are praising them for. Sounds like sex, sex, sex to me.

    #223 LadyLumps
    Error Code 503…it sounds like you didn’t type the Captcha accurately. Hit the previous page key; scroll down to see you comment and see if there is a message in red that says to ‘retype the captcha’. Then re-type the Captacha and try again.

  244. From SandyGram

    #223 LadyLumps
    If you type the Captcha Incorrect the small red message just above where you input the Captcha says “Incorrect.Try again”.

  245. From SandyGram

    #223 LadyLumps
    If you type the Captcha Incorrect the small red message just above where you input the Captcha says “Incorrect.Try again”.

    I think Error Code 503 is your posting to fast.

  246. From SandyGram

    #223 LadyLumps
    If you type the Captcha Incorrect the small red message just above where you input the Captcha says “Incorrect.Try again”.

    I think Error Code 503 is your posting to fast.

    Now I’m in a loop and can’t get this Post to go through.

  247. From kat

    239, never mind SandyGram, if you don’t remember so be it….
    So what is different with Sami and EJ….
    WELL not even having Sex, they make the screen come alive,,
    just looking at each other in
    Anticipation…made the screen HOT…
    Sami and EJ do Not have to have to Sex, and they are sizzling hot…
    Unlike Rafe and Sami, Sex, sex, and more boring raw Sex,.
    I never saw what Sami and EJ had….the moments of love,

    that Only EJ Sami Ever showed us on at the screen so many years ago, and I guess, some of us,
    never fogot, how it could be….

  248. From SandyGram

    LadyLumps….well it looks like Error Code 503 might mean the system is not accepting postings. Postings 239, 240, 241, 242 were not being accepted then suddenly there they were. Interesting until you mentioned it I wasn’t having any problems getting my Postings to go through. Maybe it was just Sunday System maintenance of some kind, but it it was it would be nice if the Admin would advise us it was happening.

  249. From SandyGram

    #243 Kat
    For me, I saw Sami and Rafe have those anticipated moments that were hot, it wasn’t all slam bam thank you mam. Sami and Rafe also had a more realistic relationship, he didn’t try to manipulator, tease or threaten harm to her family to get her to have sex or to be in a relationship with him . But then that’s just me!

  250. From Gretelgal

    I tried posting earlier… Sorry if it repeats. Also I didn’t read thru all the other posts so I apologize if I’m repeating some topics.

    First off: who are EJ’s parents?
    Here are some possible pairings:

    1. John/hope (they’d have to make Sean brady sr adopted or change who johns mom is so Sami and EJ aren’t relate…)

    2. John/Kirsten Black

    3. Tony/K Black (I sort of like this one…it’s a cleaner plot line. Didn’t they hook up before?)

    4. Victor/Maggie (just because of the whole Maggie’s eggs thing… But that wouldn’t explain why Santos and EJ look alike…)

    Some other topics I was curious about… Does Sami know that EJ set John up? I’m so tired of the “falling in love then breaking up because of some secret” plot. I’m rooting for ejami personally. I think Rafe could do better and her and Lucas have a sibling vibe to me…
    And EJ truly seems to only have chemistry with Sami. He loved Nicole just never on the same level. I’m hoping the baby is really Brady’s after Madison dies..

  251. From kat

    245 SandyGram, Yes my dear Blog Friend.,,, Rafe and Sami had moments,
    but Notthing like what Sami and EJ have.

    They do not even have to have sex, in the biblical way,….LOL,
    and and they show more
    sizzle and chemistry, and love and anticipation and “longing for each other”, than I have seen on the screen of DOOL, in like… EVER.

    245 SandyGram. I agree, Rafe might have been the nicest guy on the block… but somehow, he never will
    be what our Samantha Gene needs.
    EJ, that hot man, she laid eyes on a long time ago.
    like it or not, He is Her Destiny…
    he is in her Blood, her mind, her

    soul and in her heart,

    and I Think the same is true for our EJ…Sami is in his Blood,his Heart and his soul..
    Oh sure, EJ is trying to fight it at times, like with Nicole,
    but it will never be the same.
    Sami is in EJ’s every fiber forever..
    He might end up sooner or later having to live without her.
    but,…she will always be EJ’s True Heart Love… and the same for Sami,…

    EJ is THe Man, that totally got to her…captured he heart against all odds.
    made her FEEL, like Nobody Ever Has,
    or will…

    Forget Lucas and Rafe, they did not/do not
    make our Sami, feel what she feels,

    just looking at EJ, hungering for his touch…

  252. From Richard

    Boy, it sure was good to see EJ in handcuffs. At least they won’t attempt to erase his memory.
    Who owns who, now, big shot.
    I think that you will finally find a need for the little people.

  253. From Clear

    Now he gets arrested! After all the times he should have been, but not enough evidence. Then now when he is being framed. Ian needs to be in the handcuffs. There is very little justice or closure on Days. Then it is something heinous with loose ends.

    That’s why Y&R has been more interesting lately. Some of the rottens are getting what they deserve, and the good guys will gt justice in the end, yes I said end, of a SL!

  254. From anne

    You are kidding right Clear ?! Phylis right now is written as some poor poor victim who has changed whereas Christin(who i have to admit most of the time is a self-righteous shrew) is the devil because she wants some justice about her attempted murder from Phylis (who i can like but here she is really written as a victim whereas she is the opposite !) or Paul who is in jail..and in a way he is guilty of his own son’s death but not as a premedited no on Y&R it is not better although the police and lawyers crew are nore interesting (Michael great character or even Ronan as a detective although in this case his major lust for Phylis makes him totally blind and quite..dumb !LOL)

  255. From Janelle

    Richard…you are spot on. Don’t let these people run you off again. They get so out od control and seem to attack anyone who doesn’t love EJ and Sami. It’s quite childish. I also can’t stand EJ. From the time he raped Sami to save Lucas’s life I have despised him. Those two sicken me. I could care less if these two are together, they probably deserve each other. But they are not the show. I can’t wait to see what happens to Rafe. He is a truly good character with 100 times more moral than the evil EJ or sluty Sami. I swear that girl will sleep with anyone won’t she? Ugh!

  256. From AnnieQ

    Kat 246,You are cracking me up..I think you need to abandon writing the book on your personal life and get going pronto on a romance novel based on Sami and Ej!I think you could drive Danielle Steel out of business!
    Can’t wait for this week Days will be action packed!
    Thanks to you long time posters who are such a wealth of information on the history of DOOL..It so is so helpful to me because although I started watching around 1980 there was a period of time when i was working and raising my son and only viewed sporadically.Missing all that Santos, Colleen history and pats with Kristen ,Susan. Now, I am retired and could research but too lazy so it’s really interesting to me.
    Now I have to fight the captcha to get posted.. so frustrating!

  257. From kat

    thinking back, you might have been on this blog before me,
    but …Did You use the name SandyGram..
    When you to may attention, it was because there seem to be 2 Sandy’s on here,
    and you decided to add “Gram” to your name.
    Are you that Sandy…. I remember,
    or was that somebody else.
    So many different opinions on here,
    it is Great.

    AnnieQ, I do not remember all,
    same as you, I raised my kids, and later on I was working.
    Didn’t watch for years at times…

    And I did not like Stefano back then..
    started to enjoy him when he teamed up with EJ. Those two and Sami got my attention….

  258. From Tee

    I used to be very active on this blog back when Dustin was doing the site before he had Matt do it. I know he is back doing some now and I am happy I love reading his stuff and this has always been one of my fave sites. I remember the Passion days Dustin loved Timmy the doll lol oh the good ol days. I do remember Sandygram it seems from those days and even you Kat. I have been noticing a few people that are still around and new.

    I stopped posting for a long while due to some making it hard on EJAMI fans or even other fans, and I lost all my login info. I was wondering is it just me or in the past we were able to be registered members? Maybe I have been spending too much time looking for my info in emails when it was not that way lol.

    I enjoy Sami by herself and EJ by himself but together they are like magical. They have more chemistry and belong together. They heat up that screen like no other imo.

    Rafe and Sami were a good couple he did make her more acceptable to her family. She was able to even be somewhat close with Marlena at times. Rafe is how the fans call their duo Safe. He is what she knows everyone would want for her but not exactly what she needs. Safe fans got 3 years I believe it was of them.

    Lumi was great in the beginning years ago. Now I see them as the best of friends. I remember when he caught Sami in EJS arms and asked her what she was doing she cried and said I dont know. He told her she is her own worst enemy. She was as honest with him as she could be. She would not have done that with Rafe even. Lucas is someone she dont want to hurt she does love him he is her best friend.

    Sami has been the outcast of her family for so long I cannot wait if he does turn up to be Johns son how Marlena will feel then though that would mean some re writing on the stories.

    Back to the paternity of EJ I agree as I stated above they can not go through all they did with the pictures and basing the vendetta off of EJ and Sami being married to end it etc. They made them look just like Santos and Coleen on purpose not for a budget cut hence why the pictures and all that. Someone in this town should remember that and wonder how he is not Stefanos son and if he is not then whos is he cause he is a Dimera. I still think he is Stefanos son. The dna they are testing is not Stefanos. Stefano is alive so the body they believe to be his is a double. We are taking Alices letter as being carved in stone truth. It will be funny when the Phoenix rises and what will they say then?

    I hope during the olympics we can all get on here and help pass some time while we await

  259. From Adele

    I’ve tried to post a couple of times. This is a test.

  260. From cassie

    I am sick of EJ and Sami. The EJ and Sami show sucks. It’s all about sex with no substance at all. Both of them are psycho aholes. I hope EJ hurts her again and go back to Nicole.

  261. From kat

    251 Tee,
    Great post, I agree,..very well agree about Sami’s mixed up feelings.
    Good point about the letters from Alice,
    they could be a forgery/plant by Someone (not saying by Alice).
    Nothing is what it seems anymore…
    AnnieQ, funny, I used to write Love Letters for my girlfriends back in Germany..LOL
    My imagination used to be endless,
    teacher would always read my Stories (not the love letters) out loud.
    Later, had fun yesterday….

  262. From patty

    #192, Kat I totally disagree that Sami shot EJ because of jealousy or because she wanted no one to have him. She shot him because he was going to leave in the morning with her children. Sami left her husbands bed, went over to the Demansion, picked up the gun, aimed, shot the father of her children in the head, watched him bleed and then went home to have some sweet “raw, boring sex” (your words) with Rafe. I also think what EJ and Sami have can be called hot, passion, sexual frustration, chemistry, attraction, lust but never true love. Their relationship always came with a price, conditions and manipulations. That is not the way of true love.
    To Sally, #172, the reason EJ and Sami are the focus is because that is what is being shoved down our throats on a daily basis . I wish the show would concentrate on other storylines and characters but sadly everyone has been put on backburner so we can watch EJ and Sami going around in circles with their endless cat and mouse games.

  263. From Kat

    254 patty,
    Whatever works for you, fine by me.
    For me it does not matter, what EJ and Sami have, or do not have…
    I like watching them on screen, and it works for me.
    So many years of Safe,
    now more Ejami….
    Can’t Please Us All.
    Front burners and back burners are there for a reason, always have been and always will be. That’s ShowBiz

  264. From sally

    You are kidding right Clear ?! Phylis right now is written as some poor poor victim who has changed whereas Christin(who i have to admit most of the time is a self-righteous shrew) is the devil because she wants some justice about her attempted murder from Phylis (who i can like but here she is really written as a victim whereas she is the opposite !) or Paul who is in jail..and in a way he is guilty of his own son’s death but not as a premedited no on Y&R it is not better although the police and lawyers crew are nore interesting (Michael great character or even Ronan as a detective although in this case his major lust for Phylis makes him totally blind and quite..dumb !LOL)

  265. From sally

    Patty come on be objective a little : Sami has not more screen time than folks like Will, Lucas, Nicole, Daniel, Rafe, Gaby or Chad..Ej i have to admit is seen almost everyday but not with Sami !
    Sami has much screen time with Lucas than with Ej if not more !

  266. From Lisa

    No substance and no sex seriously ? They only really had sex two times in 6 years ! You are hilarious Cassie.

  267. From Lisa

    oups i meant and ‘ all sex’ not ‘bo sex’ nevertheless it is once again hilarious Cassie, Ejami is maybe the couple/non couple who had the less sex ever on this show.
    p.s: and this obsession with them, there are other characters on this show speak about them, what about Rafe and Carrie, Rafe and Nicole, Mel and Chad, Chad and Gaby, Kate and Ian, John and Marlena, Nicole and Daniel..? SPEAK ABOUT THEM !

  268. From patty

    That is right Lisa, and they have been in “love” even less than that. It doesn’t say much for their sex appeal.

  269. From Lisa

    They can have sex appeal without any sex it is actually what make them ‘special’ compare to others imo..the looks, the glances, the touches ect..the body many many old Hollywood movies the lovers did not have any sex scenes maybe one kiss scene at the end and they were magical.

  270. From kat

    261 Lisa, you said it Lady….

    Sex, sex, sex like Safe and Brady and Madison, and Nicole with Dr. Love,
    is not everything. Looks like Sami and EJ are getting to know each other all over again, and maybe become friends, before Sex happens. But when it does, it should be magical, I hope.

  271. From patty

    Tee, if Sami doesn’t want to hurt Lucas, why isn’t she honest with him now? He has given her plenty of chances to come clean when he tells her to choose between him and EJ. If she wants to be with EJ so bad, why is she telling Lucas she wants to be with him. You might as well say she is cheating on him because she’s running to EJ every chance she gets behind Lucas’ back and lusting after him which is the same as cheating I have been told on here. She is going to hurt the man that has dropped everything to be at her side, sleeping with and willingly made a committement to be in a relashionship with. She tells EJ he’s not going to destroy what she and Lucas have like he did with Rafe but she is doing that all by herself by being sucked in his web again.
    Oh and what EJ and Sami are doing is the same as having sex, it’s foreplay leading up to it.
    Lisa, there is nothing to say about Rafe and Carrie, they’re done. There is no Rafe and Nicole and she was having sex with Dan, which is fine but he’s preocupied right now with his daughter missing. Mel/Chad/Gabi, dragging on with hopefully some new developpement with the explosion coming up. Kate and Ian are just yuk and Marlena and John are just fine right now,I’m anxiously waiting for John to overtake the Demira empire.

  272. From SandyGram

    #254 patty
    Just to add a tidbit on the night Sami shot EJ in the head. She didn’t leave Rafe’s bed to go shoot EJ, she recalled Kate’s call that she had just heard EJ tell Stefano that he’s going to take the kids and disappear tomorrow. Kate also referred to EJ as being very drunk and scary, Kate was afraid for the children. Sami went to confront EJ as she enters the DiMansion she calls out EJ’s name and went looking for him and finds him in the bedroom she used while at the DiMansion past out with a gun lying next to him.

    So to explain the scene accurately, Quote from Network 54 on September 2, 2010: “Sami heads into the bedroom yelling at EJ to wake up. Get up. I’m not letting you take my children from me. It’s not happening. Get up. She notices the gun – Oh God. She turns to leave but recalls Kate’s call – then EJ telling her over the phone that their baby was dead – EJ telling her he loves her – all these memories keep replaying in her head. She takes the gun from him, holds it, lifts it up and pulls the trigger.” For me, the key to why Sami shot EJ was after she turned to walk away, the flashbacks re-living all the things he had done to her over the years she had a mental break down and she wanted his torment of her and her family to stop.

    Now just to be fair and balanced when Sami told Arianna, October 20, 2010, why she shot EJ she explained she and Rafe planned on leaving with the children. Sami told Arianna, that night in the DiMansion, as she turned around to leave it was like a flood of memories of everything that had been done to her and her family. She told Arianna she just had to stop EJ, before she knew it she had the gun in her hand.

    I guess that’s more than a tidbit but in clarifies Sami did not shot EJ out of jealousy like you mentioned in #254.

  273. From Lisa

    Well Patty if you are interested in these characters and pairings, combinations whatever you want to call it you should speak about their scenes, how you loved or disliked Rafe and Carrie scenes at the police station, how you loved Nicole looks towards Rafe at the police station just after her scenes with Daniel and Maggie and how Daniel catch them flirting with each others ect..All the action in the Mel/Andrew/Gaby/Chad story, Abby being suspicious ect..there are lot’s of lot’s of other stuff than the Ej and Sami scenes if you are interested by them..

  274. From TerriK

    Lady Lumps- Thanks so much. He’s definitely all boy, heartbreaker in the making :) you’re little girl is gorgeous! Like i said on twitter- when she hits her teens, look out! I’d buy the shot gun now hahaha.

    Kat & MAB- I am obviously with yas on EJ & Sami..they light it up. Rafe and Sami did have their moments, but Sami is no angel & trying to make it hot with a guy who is constantly trying to keep you from being the real you…well its just boring.
    I agree, the kidnapping was disgusting, the force of sex, etc…however, it is a soap opera..and Sami has done lots of dispicable things herself…ummm wouldnt she be considered of rapist herself after what she did to Austin? Her and EJ make the show these days..cant peel my eyes off them :)

  275. From Lisa

    It was above all an irrational crazy act from Sami Sandygram because it was pretty clear Ej was suicidal and really too drunk to even get away from the mansion or even the room but Sami did not think at this moment..of course Kate set in a way everything in motion and push Sami’s fears and irrational tendencies..and the rest is but i agree it was not an act coming from jealousy, she had no reason to be jealous.

  276. From patty

    SandyGram, thanks for explaining it accuratly. You obviously do your reseach, which I’m kind of too lazy to do.;) It certainly goes without saying that Sami didn’t go there with the intention of shooting him thinking if I can’t have him, no one will.

  277. From Richard

    I don’t think that Sami shot EJ.
    It had to be a set up. How else would Stefano know for certain that Sami shot EJ, unless he set it up to appear that way.
    The gun must have been loaded with blanks.
    I believe that she was set up by Stefano and Kate.
    Stefano was too sure that EJ didn’t shoot himself, as he said he did.

  278. From Richard

    IMO, Sami is standing by EJ because of a possible agreement that she made with Stefano for giving her CW.

  279. From Richard

    Let’s see. Who is responsible for making the city free of the gas in the underground tunnels?
    Oh yeah, that would be Mayor EJ.

  280. From SandyGram

    #270 Richard
    Now that’s something I can agree with, since our Samantha Gene is all about Sami! For me, her getting CW, is temporary. It’s all part of Stefano’s ‘what ever he’s up too’ ploy, besides Sami just doesn’t have the temperament to be successful at anything for to long. And if it turns out, once again, she dumps Lucas for EJ, who would help her run CW. EJ’s going to be fighting his battle with the law for a while, plus he is Mayor, or will he be when he is arrested. He just may not be able to multi-task enough to help Sami be a business woman.

  281. From grandma to many

    sorry Kat it was Grandma judy and me that both started off as judy she used a capital J and I didn’t so I changed to grandma to many (26 ) just as she changed to Grandma Judy I think maybe you were thinking of that instead of Sandy Gram seems to be a lot of us grandmas on here :)

  282. From patty

    I agree SandyGram that Sami doesn’t have what it takes to be successful at anything and I’m wondering, did she ever even graduat from High School? I certainly don’t remember her going to college so I doubt she’s equiped to run a world wide cosmetic company.

  283. From SandyGram

    #273 grandma to many
    I too changed from sandy to SandyGram when another sandy showed up on the board. I’ve actually been going back through some history to see when I joined the Board, I thought it was Fall 2010, but it looks like it was more like March 2010. I see a lot of Names I don’t recognize but many are those we see frequently today.

    What was really interesting about my little project was in early 2010 and compared to today we’re discussing the same subjects.

    Why you might ask would I want to take on this kind of research, well first I’m just a curious kind of gal; then it’s 100 degrees outside today, Tiger didn’t do well in the British Open, my house is clean, the laundry’s done, can’t bake zucchini bread it’s too hot to turn on the oven and hubby is busy with his coin collection. Wish this site had a way to go in with a simple inquiry and see all postings by Board Member. That could be fun to see how one has changed over the years.

  284. From Kat

    Ok Ladies, as I said loud and clear in my post 192, just a thought and that Nobody had to agree with me.
    I never said in any of my posts,
    that Sami went to the Mansion with the intention to shoot EJ. So SandyGram why would you say that about what I wrote….
    As I said many, many times now,
    I don’t care what the SL is about,
    I just plain and simple enjoy watching EJ and Sami on the screen.
    263 patty, you say what Sami and EJ are doing right now, is the Same as Sex,
    it’s foreplay… leading up to sex.
    So when Rafe and Carrie, were hugging, kissing, including in the room, on bed, in the Safe House,
    that was then Sex, as you stated, in your opinion.

    Grandma to many,
    I asked SandyGram in my post 250, if she used to go by Sandy, and change to SandyGram….
    I don’t remember the Judy Thing, but thank you for talking to me about it.
    I hope that sometime down the road, it will be addressed, that Stefano Did Not Kill his Daughter, “The City”, did, LOL,
    and of course there have been many Mayors, incl. Abe and nothing was done.
    So let’s not jump on EJ right away, and if you do, please incl. Mayor Abe Carver, just to be fair.

  285. From Tee

    Patty~ I know she was not completely honest but she was somewhat honest. I agree she needs to be more honest. I know Lucas is gonna ask her him or EJ and well from what I know she is gonna go bail him out right after. There are other things that are gonna show her choice like putting herself in front of him when Roman and Lucas show up and Roman tries to shoot him. I hope she makes the choice and goes about it the right way cause she does need to be honest.

    As far as the comment made that Sami is only standing by him for Countess W well that is not true. I in no way believe she is protecting EJ and all that because of a deal with Stefano. She is going to risk her life for his.

    Sami is helping EJ because she loves him and she wants to not for anything else.

    I am open to discuss any character on the show If someone does not want to discuss EJAMI they dont have to they can post what they want. We also are free to post about EJAMI we all have choices. So anyone who wishes to discuss any other couple character feel free and I will discuss that with you as well. I think most people here are open to discuss any character, we might not agree on things always but we can all have fun.

    I dont think EJ will battling the law too long since The phoenix rises after the break though he could be elsewhere and it could take some time for his return. I am thinking he could come back when he gets wind of EJ being charged with his murder, whatever he does he does still love EJ. Which still confuses me why he treated EJ like he did when he has raised many as his own. There is more to that story.

    So what are fans thinking on the Dan and Nicole pairing? I kinda liked it. It was different.

  286. From Tee

    Someone mentioned how Stefano knew she shot EJ, well he also knew EJ slept with Sami and cheated on Nicole. He told EJ he broke up his marriage because he knew that and that he belonged with Sami. Seems Stefano may have some camaras or something that noone knows of or he somehow is always around when noone knows. I am leaning towards the camara, cause it seems odd the mansion would not have them.

    Kat I agree if what Sami is doing is cheating then so did Rafe and Carrie. It always seems odd that when Sami does things she is looked at bad but when Carrie or Nicole or someone else does they are the victim, even to the salamites. Just about every character on this show has done something that was really bad, look at Shawn Brady who took Bo to Ireland had him tortured to keep secret the vendetta origins. Rafe not once but twice has kept EJ from his child. Nicole has baby swapped kidnapped, lied cheated etc. The list goes on and on.

  287. From grandma to many

    maybe we will come full circle and Sami will kidnap Nicole’s baby when its born and Sami will tell EJ this is their baby so they can raise it together using Nicoles logic of letting EJ have his child I am smiling because I am trying to be humorous we need to all chill just a little bit its been a very hot summer and I think we have lost a little bit of our joy in commenting so let’s try to lighten up a wee bit

  288. From SandyGram

    #276 Kat
    Quote ” So SandyGram why would you say that about what I wrote….” I think we have another one of those misunderstandings, my #276 was talking to patty.

  289. From Richard

    Abe Carver didn’t know about the gas in the tunnel until he found out that Lexie was dying from it.
    EJ knew that she died because of it and did nothing about it.

  290. From Kat

    280 SandyGram, yes I know, but you were talking about what I had written in my post 192,
    about Sami going to the Mansion, etc….That’s all….
    You made it sound, as if I had indicated that Sami went there to shoot EJ….
    Beg your pardon, if I intruded on you and Patty….
    I still think, that if something is
    posted on here, any of us can chime in.

  291. From Richard

    Remember when Marlena entered Tony’s room and killed him?
    We all saw her do it, but she didn’t. Even she thought that she did.
    It was all Dimera smoke and mirrors.
    When Sami shot EJ, I believe that they showed the scene using a mirror.
    Sami could have been a hologram.
    In fact, stretching it a bit, Sami could be programmed(a pawn). The name EJ could be a “trigger” for her.

  292. From Tee

    I was under impression that under the whole city was filled with gas according to some spoilers. We have a whole bunch of people who know the tunnel had gas in them so they could all be responsible for it. But this is not in same area. The one Andre had Lexie in was under dimera mansion and I think it went to Dougs place maybe if memory serves me right. So now we learn it is under most of the city.

    I just found this about when Stefano kidnapped Sami and Eric.
    He decided to kidnap the newborn twins Samantha and Eric Brady and raise them as DiMeras. He also wanted to kidnap Marlena so that she could be a mother to the children, and a wife to him. Stefano was able to kidnap the children and took them to his hideout in Caracas and kept them in a nursery. Stefano was unaware that Bo Brady went to rescue the children.
    He wanted to raise them as Dimeras it says.

  293. From Tee

    So then saying Stefano knew about it cause he somehow made her believe she did it then indeed did Sami and EJ not have sex on the couch there? Stefano knew about that also. I believe she did indeed soot EJ though your theory is interesting about the smoke and mirrors.

  294. From Lisa

    Guys Sami will save Ej’s life next week and she ceratinly not risk her life for CW, as for saying she is not successful at anything..don’t think so she runs Bella Magazine back in the day, even hire Nicole as a model whereas she was only a bartender, then she worked at Titan, then with Austin as an associate, at the Hospital or with Ej when he came on the canva..maybe she did not go to College, but you can be smart and streetmart without it, in real life already and even more on a soap. Sami is a smart cookie when she has no jobs or she lose her job in for plot in the storylines that’s all, the character is smart and can be successful in every way.

  295. From SandyGram

    #282 Kat
    Your more than welcome to chime in any time you want. My post #280 was responding to your question “So SandyGram why would you say that about what I wrote”. When I’m talking to multiple board members I’m pretty good at starting the Post with each Post # and Name, like #192 Kat and #254 patty. I even ended #264 with a reference to patty’s Post #254.

    I just don’t know how to express myself without ruffling feathers.

  296. From Tee

    Good points Lisa I agree with you, and not alot of soap characters are running off to college few do but Sami is very smart and will do just fine with the company. EJ also offered to help her with it, she gave job to Lucas cause he lost his.

  297. From Richard

    I think that both Victor and Stefano used the tunnels under the city.
    If I recall it correctly, the tunnels were used to get the bodies out of Salem and on their way to Melaswen.
    I also seem to remember that Stefano and Dr Rolf had a lab and a whole operation underneath the mansion, with an entrance from just outside the mansion grounds.

  298. From SandyGram

    #286 Lisa
    For sure there is one thing Sami and Will seem to have the same talent for, computers. Yet again on Friday as EJ said “So you thought you’d just hack into my computer.” Our Samantha Gene seems to have an extraordinary talent for computer hacking. She must get it from her Grandma Caroline!

  299. From Richard

    We know that Sami shot EJ, because we saw it.
    We know that the mortician stabbed Marlena cause we saw it.
    We know that Georgia died in the bayou because we saw it.
    We know that Hope died in a vat of acid, because we saw it.
    We know that John died when he was hit by a car, cause we saw it.

  300. From Tee

    Richard~ Probably true though I dont thik Stefano is to blame for the gases and Abe found out before EJ or Stefano did, that Lexie died cause of them. But I believe back when it happened Abe knew of the gases that is why he had the tests run to see if she dies from it. So we cannot SAY EJ is to blame when noone has done anything all this time over it not even Abe

  301. From Richard

    Didn’t Sami hack into a computer and find out that Lucas was Wills daddy?
    I know that she has altered blood tests.

  302. From Richard

    292 Tee
    But EJ is the mayor now and it is his job.

  303. From Tee

    Richard~ very true but he only knew of it being under Dimera Mansion and I think that was taken care of along time ago. The explosion does not happen under Dimera mansion. the whole city goes up. Stefano had them tested also I think in April and he was said to have dealt with the tunnels under his home

  304. From SandyGram

    #292 Tee
    For me, if I remember correctly when Stefano found out Lexie had the tumor, he felt responsible because he brought Andre in as one of his soldiers. Granted he had no control over Andre and keeping Lexie in the tunnels under the Mansion it was all Andre’s doings, Stefano still felt responsible, especially since he didn’t seem to know the gases were there. Probably the only thing I can remember Stefano stepping up to the plate for and accept responsibility even though his part in Lexis’s abduction was secondary to Andre’s.

  305. From SandyGram

    #293 Richard
    If I remember correctly, Sami knew Lucas was the father and she hacked into the Hospital Computer to change the records to say Austin was Will’s father. Although I’m having another senior moment wasn’t it Carrie who found out Lucas was Will’s father and broke up the marriage ceremony between Sami and Austin to tell Austin Sami lied about Will’s paternity. Or something like that.

  306. From Richard
    Stefano and family.
    Stefano brainwashed John Black, because he aided the Lady in White, Rachael Blake.

  307. From Richard

    297 SandyGram
    That could have been the way that it happened, I wasn’t real sure about it.
    I do seem to remember that Lexie set her up, one time, because she knew that she would attempt to change computer records.

  308. From Billy Vick

    Unfortunately I think JACK, MADISON and perhaps ANDREW die die in the explosion.

  309. From SandyGram

    #299 Richard
    Excerpt from Soap Central explaining Lexie and Sami’s fiasco.

    Quote “After a fairly easy pregnancy, Lexie prepared to give birth to a baby whose father’s identity was still up in the air…on-air paternity tests had said Abe was the father, but Sami had switched the results. Only hours after giving birth to her son, Lexie was confronted in the hospital by an angry Brandon Walker and his scheming new wife, Sami. Brandon demanded to know if the child was truly his. Lexie shocked everyone there by saying that she planted the test result that said Brandon was the father, knowing she could use it to prove Sami was lying and manipulating, and that actually, the baby had belonged to Abe all along.”

  310. From Richard

    300 SandyGram
    I thought that I remembered it as something like that.

  311. From MAB

    It’s fine to comment in theory…we all pretty much do…that’s what opinions are. But one can’t say they only comment in theory when they turn right around and also post facts, whether they’re inaccurate or not. There is a difference. We all comment in theory, that’s what our opinions are, and we all comment in facts for what we’ve been shown, and those are the facts until we are shown otherwise. The problem only seems to arise when it involves EJ, because those who detest his character will do or say anything negative about him whether it’s true or not.

    And why complain about EJ & Sami being forefront when this is nothing new for a popular couple. This has always happened over the years on this soap (and I’m sure others as well) when Bo & Hope, Steve & Kayla, Marlena & John, and many other couples were the forefront of the show because they were the popular couple at the time. Even Peter Reckell explained this recently when he talked about leaving the show. He realizes he & Hope are not the focal point anymore, and the younger actors are taking over, as rightfully they should. With that said, IMO, I don’t think the show is all EJami. I think there is a nice spread of most of the characters, that is if you watch all of the show and don’t FF thru it.

    SandyGram – you & kat were talking about how long we’ve been posting. I can’t say what year it was when I started, but I’ve been posting since Dustin ran this page, and I’ve always posted w/ the same name, MAB.

    Loved Friday’s show, w/ the exception of the village idiots coming in to arrest EJ, w/ no more than circumstantial evidence as I see it. Looking forward to this week’s show…should be very exciting!!!!!!

  312. From Richard

    This is sort of stupid, in my opinion.
    Give EJ another polygraph test.
    Did you know that Stefano was not your father? YES
    Did you dispose of the gloves in a waste disposable? YES
    Did you kill Stefano Dimera? NO
    Are you still in love with Sami? ????

    EJ’s a free man!

  313. From SandyGram

    Spoilers…Excerpt from Days Cafe in 3 Weeks:

    - Farewell to Jack. He exits without Jen.
    - Madison is also gone, after her brief storyline
    connected to Jack.

    Just speculation, but maybe Jack saves Madison in the explosion and and he doesn’t survive. There are spoilers that say there will be casualty’s hang on. Or maybe Madison being gone could mean she dies also… this is Soap Opera intrigue.

  314. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    For all you nurse/medical types on the board:
    The remark made in the cop shop was that Stefano and EJ’s BLOOD types didn’t match. There was no reference to DNA at this time. So, here’s my question (I’m not medical). Doesn’t blood type tell you IF you can be the father, but not WHO is the father? In other words, if Santo is the bio. dad of both John B. and Stef, then their blood types would be the same?? and if John B is to become the father of EJ, wouldn’t all of them have the SAME blood type?? So, if this turns out to be true, then either John OR Stef is not a DiMera, right? Or if they are both DiMeras, then EJ has a different bio. dad, true?

    EJ and Sami have slept together 3X that I can remember. Only once was there any romance, and that was manipulated by EJ by wongly keeping Lucas in prison and by flooding the townhouse to keep her in the mansion.

    Just an opinion, but what some of you call sizzle strikes me as sleaze. You enjoy that, but I can’t. They’re nasty. It’s not their fault they’re bad. They’re just drawn that way. (Jessica Rabbitt).

    I believe that Lexi’s death was caused by toxic gasses. This explosion which Mel could smell the gasses of, indicates a natural gas leak. Totally unrelated issues. Of course, the pipes were damaged by the explosion at the as yet unresolved criminal act at the Safehouse.

  315. From Kat

    305 Dying to be Blonde, long time no hear…
    The unresolved criminal act at the safe house, might just turn out, than was behind that, why not, he seems to be part of everything right now….. coming out….
    Sami and EJ,I guess it is in the eyes of the beholder,
    you see sleaze, I see sizzle,
    Jessica Rabbitt, that is funny, but I for one, see Nicole more as Jessica, she is a bigger bed hopper than Sami.
    Don’t know about all the Blood Business, but I am sure somebody on here might.
    IMO you can not manipulate somebody,
    to have feelings of love and desire,
    the way Sami and EJ have.
    You can do your best to put them away,
    try to deny them (Carrie will have to do that, and Rafe) but they are there,
    But the under current is always there.

    Polygraph I thought can not convict you, so why would it clear you. Just a dumb question. I could be so wrong.
    MAB, I do remember your name, and Kass I think was already on.
    The reason I changed my name, Kass and some others started responding to me as Kat, shorter anyway.
    Anyway, if we don’t like a book, we put it down, move on to the next book,
    we don’t like certain stars in a movie, we don’t have to go see it,
    we don’t like stuff in a soap (trying to please everybody) we don’t have to watch.
    It’s all a matter of choice IMO.
    When I don’t like a certain SL or characters, I just FF or sit through it like a trooper and wait for better stuff to come.
    And of course, we come on here to complain or Praise, that’s part of the fun.

  316. From kat

    my post 306,
    meant to say, that Ian, is behind all…..

  317. From Lisa

    Ej did not manipulate anything in order for Lucas to be kept in jail, actually it was the opposite..he did succeed to free him far sooner and he did it for Sami, he also saved Lucas’s life in jail before..of course he did not predict Lucus will be free soo sooner and that he would catch them in the act of course, anyway the love making was not premedited slept with Ej because she wanted it in 2008 she told it herself several times, rewatch these episodes if you don’t believe me Dyeing to be blonde.
    p.s: i am blonde, i hope you are not

  318. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Kat – hip deep in summer course homework. Almost done, TG. It’s rough. Also, JR’s return from Dallas, remember? Not the scripted one. The real one. He’s promised me the episodes from Dallas, during the Olympics and no more homework. Can’t wait to see it!

    I’ve never liked HTC since it debuted, so maybe they’ll get rid of it with the explosion. More action down at the pier!!

  319. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Lisa, you could be right about your facts, but I still say the Master Manipulator was pulling all the strings in that particular story arc, as is his M.O. That’s my only point.

    Not jealous, except mine’s a lot of work. Ah, well, live long and prosper.

  320. From Maryl

    I thought EJ handled his arrest very well–he stayed calm and focused. I believe he expected it. The only thing that surprised him, was realizing that the truth about his paternity was uncovered. However, he seemed more concerned about what Sami was thinking after this info was revealed–she was the first person he made eye contact with and you could see his feeling of hopelessness. I’m sure he doesn’t think Sami will support him. I am so very glad she does!!

    It doesn’t surprise me that EJ is being blamed for the gas in the tunnels–isn’t that about par for the course? It is a given that EJ is blamed for everything. Abe of course, is not responsible in the least? EJ has only been in office a few months, yet he should have solved all the problems in Salem. No one seemed to know about gas in the tunnels under the city–the gas was only discovered under Stefano’s mansion. This was revealed just a short time ago, and EJ has had a lot on his plate during this time–Stefano’s murder, Lexie’s death and the Salem PD’s constant hounding of him. One would think the Sewer/Sanitation dept. of the City of Salem would have discovered the problem and reported it to the mayor. Would it not be their job to check the tunnels periodically and report findings to the mayor. The gas problem was obiviously there for years, if it is in any way connected to the gas under the DiMera mansion. So EJ’s predecessors didn’t know or have anything done about it either.

    Just as in real life, blame has to be placed on someone–not unlike George Bush who was blamed by some for 911, even though he was in office for only about 9 mos. and his predecessor had 8 yrs. and did nothing worthy of mention to insure our country’s safety from terrorist. Sorry, didn’t mean to get political–just trying to give an example.

  321. From Tee

    I dont think Ej is any more of a manipulator than Sami or even Nicole has been. I always wondered why some fans prefered him with Nicole, thoughout most their relationship he has told her Sami is number one. Hes always xheated on her the first chance he gets. I was happy when she did not go back this last time. She deserves domeone who will love her. Its not Ej. EJ belongs with Sami

  322. From Tee

    Maryl that is what I said also. The gas was thought only to be under mansion and back in April Stefano had it tested and shut down or something. The rest of the city having gas under it is not anything they knew of it seems. I know Stefano blamed himself but that dont mean he is really responsible for what happened to Lexie.

  323. From Richard

    Sami is an easy target for any man, not just EJ.

  324. From Richard

    If EJ knew that Will shot him, why did he let them convict Lucas for it?

  325. From Maryl

    To set the record straight–EJ did not have Sami’s apartment flooded.
    Stefano confessed doing that to EJ after the deed was done. EJ had nothing to do with that. Stefano wanted to keep Sami and the kids living at the mansion for a longer time.

  326. From Lisa

    We don’t know when he discovered Will was the one who shot him..of course it was a rewrite..therefore it is up to the writers, they can rewrite anything !
    All in fun Dyeing to be Blonde, i always wanted to be a redhead by the way.

  327. From Maryl

    Richard–what makes you think EJ knew that Will shot him at that time? He may have discovered that later and then decided to help orchestrate Lucas’s release. It makes sense that Lucas, since he confessed, would have been the likely suspect. It seems that it would have been difficult for EJ to know from the very start that it was Will’s doing.

  328. From patty

    Uh Oh! Bad news for EJami fans! As Carrie and Rafe say their goodbyes for the umpteenth time, Carrie assures Rafe that Sami still loves him and that even though he won’t admit it , he still loves her. Rafe denies it but then as he’s about to leave town to follow a lead on Stephano’s murder, he hears Carrie’s words again and daydreams about their wedding day. I’m thinking the new writers want to go down the Safe route again. Could be wrong.
    I’m really puzzled by Will’s obssession with EJ and wanting to save him, doesn’t even make sense. Here’s him and his mother discussing all EJ’s dirty deeds and how she shot him in the head and why and then they turn around and try to figure out how to save his butt.

  329. From Tee

    But on her wedding day to EJ, which none of her family attended, EJ was shot as he stood on the altar next to Sami. But unknown to EJ and Sami; Will, Lucas, and Kate were all hiding in the Church each with a gun. Bo eventually discovered that the gun that was used to shoot EJ belonged to Lucas. Lucas in order to protect Will took the rap. The viewers were unaware of this fact because it never came up in the story line. Even though many viewers did suspect that is what happened. So Lucas went to jail and Will went to live with Austin and Carrie in Switzerland.

    Will was sent away because of shooting EJ. We are not sure when EJ found out but it seems not that hard when we see Will get sent away he may have done some research. It was known that Lucas, Kate and Will all could have done it. Perhaps he believed at first Lucas did it. We dont know because we have not been told when or how EJ found out.

    Lisa I am a natural redhead and its cool minus the crazy comments some people want to know about red heads lol.

    I am starting to think for some reason this Santo will be EJs farher.

  330. From TerriK

    OMG REALLY RAFE? REALLY? Noww that Carrie tells you she thinks Sami is still under your skin, you are magically going to be drawn to her again. Hopefully Sami is smart enough to stay away from him, and sticks with EJ. He messed with your sister, he’s not worth another headache. And Carrie kissing him good bye? Gosh I’m glad they are leaving the show. What a waste of time all of this has been.
    Please write Her off the show and stop torturing us viewers. Could she look any guiltier.

    Richard- I respect everyones opinions on here, but man, you are all over the place! LoL one second you say we all saw Sami shoot EJ and the next minute we didn’t. I appreciate your passion you so obviously have for the show. And I. Mean that, but I just can’t keep up.

    Patty- I’m assuming you are from up north? I have a lot of family in Bathurst (I remember you saying you were also french so that’s why I’m assuming Northern NB) My Dad’s side consists of Thibodeau’s and Legacys from that area. There are a lot of them, that’s for sure!

  331. From SandyGram

    PODCAST with Galen Gerring:

    I just listen to a great Podcast with Glen who described his relationship with EJ, Sami, Carrie and Nicole.

    For Rafe, Sami was the love of his life and would do anything for her. Galen recognized how his three year relationship with Sami was swept under the rug. As an actor he had a hard time with this and he wasn’t in favor of the Rafe and Carrie’s relationship.

    I love the way Galen described his new relationship with Nicole. How in part he came to her rescue because he can’t stand EJ with his past history with him, so there is some level revenge going on. Rafe saw Nikki as damsel in distress who needed someone to help her through a difficult time, including morning sickness. Rafe just wanted to help her. Not to mention she’s like a giant magnet with those big blue eyes.

    Then Galen mentioned Rafe is portrayed as a heroic blue collar worker, who may not always follow the law but ultimately wants to do the right thing.

    The Podcast it’s about 10 minutes, it’s nice to hear Galen talk about the character of Rafe and the sometimes difficulty in playing the character. It’s a good listen if you have time!

    Search on Days of Our Lives and when you get to the home page click on ‘Extras’ to get to the Podcast with Galen.

    Hope this posting doesn’t come across multiple times having a hard time with the Captcha this morning.

  332. From patty

    Tee, I have three sisters who are natural red heads that came with the freckles when they were kids. I think it’s beautiful but they’ve been subjected to those carzy comments all their lives too. I am blonde so I get the dumb blonde jokes plus I thought I was adopted because I was different than them. lol!
    I don’t know how EJ knows who shot him in that church but for all we know it could have been Kate.

  333. From patty

    Terrik, I lived in Bathurst for 15 years and knew quite a few Thibodeaus from East Bathurst which is where I lived. I am not originally from there, grew up in a small town near Miramichi.
    Hey, I for one is hoping that the writers will go there with Rafe and Sami. Always felt their story was swept under the rug like it never happened. I’m anxious to see who will make her weak in the knees now! :)

  334. From Tee

    Patty~ my sisters and brothers are blonde I am the only red head lol. As red heads and blondes we suffer alot of crazy comments or theories etc. But I love my hair now that I am a adult

    Terrik I agree with you on the Rafe thing. He went where he cant go back. Though as Sandy gram said Galen was not happy with how it was done.

    Sandy gram I heard that last week I think it was and I was happy to hear him say that because he is right. They have made him look very heartless but it is hard to come back from that now.

  335. From dm

    Madison is going to die in the explosion. Her contract hasnt been renewed, and thats just Bradys luck

  336. From jolie

    #305 Dyeing to be Blond, that was a great reference to Jessica Rabbit! What a way to make an appearance! And I agree, that sizzle is a bit of sleaze. I think Sami would be smarter. For her to fall for Elvis’ little machinations…just doesn’t ring true. I would think that with all he has cost her, she’d slack him into next week. I see helping him. He is and always –until the next DNA test is changed at the hospital- will be the father of a couple of her kids. But falling back into his orbit, not so fast.
    Where is Billie? She was nosing around in Dimera business, Stefano finds himself possibly dead from fun shot and Billie has been no where to be found. She was sniffing out Dr Dan as well. Did I miss something, which is entirely possible as I was so busy that I indeed missed many episodes in a crucial time? So if the answer is apparent please let me know anyway as I was watching last week and suddenly missed her.
    Kate seems more and more not very impressed with Ian. Or I am so hoping it that I am just seeing it.
    #306 Kat, someone who spends a life manipulating people for their own gain can very well manipulate the strongest of us if we are not all eyes wide open. That is how we are scammed, tricked, connived into losing our savings, our sanity, our freedom from time to time. And Elvis is a master manipulator. Now, having said that, I think the writers intend for us to see the flash between them, to take it for whatever Elvis is trying to convince Sami is there..that little thing between them that will not go away. So we’ll have to go with how they write it and not with how our Sami would knock Elvis over to the next block if he started that crap in reality.
    Polygraph is not admissible as evidence but no doubt if you took it and agreed and got the judge to sign off, it could be put forth into testimony with reservations of the law and court as instructions. So both parties would have to agree and the judge would have to rule on it. It would open up a can of worms and sometimes a judge will not go there.
    Is anyone as puzzled as I am that Stefano didn’t know that he and Elvis had incompatible blood types?
    And when building the Horton Square, did the town architect not do a ground study? Didn’t anyone know there were mine tunnels underneath the town? We learn something new about Salem all the time!
    #317 Maryl, I thought that maybe Elvis just figured out that Lucas was taking the heat to protect someone and since Sami was standing there, it had to be Will that he was protecting. Process of elimination but we’ll never know because it probably could have gone either way when they sat down to write it.
    Patty, I don’t think Carrie is revealing a thing that most of us haven’t thought would happen, is she? Rafe and Sami were over too quickly for there not to be another go around. I know some people didn’t like Rafe and Sami together but if Rafe could keep a job, Sami keep her drawers on, Elvis stay out of their apartment, Nicole keep her new baby to herself, I can see them having another go at it. Since Sami is probably going to give poor Lucas the boot really quickly, Elvis and she may have a fling but they burn out too quickly. One or the other will do something dastardly and Sami will fall back on Rafe and Elvis on Nicole who by then will be done with Dr Dan and be back with Brady.
    Patty, you mentioned Will’s obsession with Elvis and it does seem he is a little obsessed lately with being around him. It might be a little crush but I think it lends itself more to Will wanting power and wanting to learn to manipulate others to his own advantage. Also, Will knows he can’t trust his parents to be there for him. They just aren’t, haven’t been, likely won’t be in the future. I can see why Lucas thought he was doing Will a favor with running like a rabbit to the Salem Po-Po with a short stop at the local shrink’s house to spread the news on Elvis. Will has no stability in his life. He was talking to Marlena and not sure why that just stopped short except that she didn’t approve of his time with Elvis. They are all seeing that Will is spending too much time with Elvis which can be dangerous, and Lord knows what they’ll all say if Will is the one who proves Elvis innocent. And he just might be. Perhaps Will and Elvis will come out of this as friends and co-conspirators against someone else since all their secrets are spilled. But we’ll see. The actor playing Will is still doing a fantastic job. I think he teeters Will between being a grown up and a child. A tough place to be. Sami is just nuts and that is why she is there to help out Elvis, plus it drives her mom, her dad, her ex-husband/current BF Lucas, and ex-husband chief investigator nuts as well. Everything that Sami wants in a reaction.
    Gabster- I am wondering what will happen to her when all is finally known about this guy who has Melanie or will it all just blow over like the Abby/Austin fiasco. Will Gabs get off scott free over her part in this?

  337. From jolie

    #330 Terrik, while Elvis hasn’t messed with Sami’s sister…yet…and we hear that Belle might be on the way back…he most certainly did mess with Nicole’s sister. And will do it again given the chance to act out an impulse.
    #331 Sandygram, as much as we all grunt and grumble about the storylines, we don’t even think about the poor actors having to try to convince us of a story that seems out of left field. I guess that is what makes them good actors.

  338. From kat

    Lucas grow up, your whining and screeching voice is so annoying anymore. Thought maybe this time it would be different with you, but no, same old little boy Lucas.

    Kate had it right when she tried to tell Lucas that EJ is in Sami’s orbit, forget exactly what she said…..
    And EJ, loved how he set Sami straight,
    about who is running after who all the time.
    The woman is so consumed with EJ, it’s only a matter of time, before she will face it all the way.
    I always thought, that Emily was the love of Rafe’s life….
    they should bring her back.
    I would love for “Sheridan Crane”
    Louis’s/Rafe.. love from Passions play her.
    There was real chemistry between
    Galen and McKenzie Westmore. Just My Opinion, as always…
    Haven’t seen it yet, but why would Carrie all of a sudden tell Rafe, that Sami is still under his skin….Didn’t she really believe that Rafe loves her with all his heart….LOL
    320 Maryl, good post, of course now the
    “Line” has to change among the Elite,
    used to be… Stefano did it,
    now it is .. EJ did it. How original.
    And yes, I do agree, being on here is a lot like being a Democrat or Republican…..
    one side will HARDLY, and I said hardly,
    agree with other side, no matter what the truth is, no matter how black or white it is…
    Wonder if somebody will be able to Save the Plaque of Tom and Alice Horten…
    time for new sets, that square just got so boring, time after time, it’s as if everybody lived there.
    Three or four times a day, they just walked through it,
    I am at my Town Square/Mall whatever the whole thing is, now and then…
    But I understand, they needed a common place, and it was better then the docks.
    I would assume, that the tunnels have been there since Boot legging (????) help, times.
    From the River/Boats, into the city, underground, that’s how it was done. So many Mayors since that time, even our ABE.

    Rafe, I have to say, I think the Light Bulb did, whatever it does, not sure about the American saying…
    now it should really get interesting, to see Rafe dig deeper, EJ has been arrested, now let’s move forward and find the truth. Rafe, become a Hound Dog and go, and I might learn to like you.
    DTBB, busy Lady, like reading your stuff, stimulating I say, because I like little debates, in a good way.
    Patty, why bad news for Ejami fans, could be bad news for Rafe, that Now Sami does not want Him Back…..
    He might become part of 3 men in Sami’s life, wow…
    Rafe, Lucas and EJ all wanting her. What a Woman our Sami is,Let’s bring all the Love/Lust games on…
    That’s why I watch, only on a soap, do you get all this Stuff… As always, I am having so much fun, the Secret is,
    don’t take it to serious, go with the flow, and just sit back and enjoy.
    I get more, if at all, “tinged” (?) up about some of the comments on here, than the SL’s on screen.

  339. From Tee

    Jolie Billie has been MIA but most likely because she has no story right now I guess.
    People are quick to call EJ a manipulator but he is also manipulated by woman, Sami and Nicole have both done that. Both have lied about being pregant with his child, Nicole going farther and passing off his child with Sami as hers. Sami shot him, I dont know how many more the list goes on.
    EJ is not trying to manipulate her imo he is simply admitting what Stefano and Nicole and others have told him. No matter what he always turns to Sami as she does him.
    Sami denies it because her whole family would hate her and she is already the black sheep there. EJ denies it because Sami does he plays her game right back with her.
    I seem to recall when Sami was in safe house pregnant with his child he called and told her he was moving on with Nicole who was pregnant. She was upset with him for it. She came back and lied about the baby to him. So while she was there she wanted to be with him but because he was gonna stay with Nicole for baby she lied to him. What fear did she have of EJ? None. Maybe of Stefano but not EJ.
    I also think she does love EJ as he does love her.

    Will to me sees in EJ the father figure he never had rather or not people see it I do. EJ has helped him through a tough time over and over again. We must remember it was Will who tried to blackmail EJ not the other way around at first. But EJ was molded by Stefano and he believes he is being a father figure to Will because that is how Stefano was with him. He tried to help him repair his relationship with his mother, bailed him out of jail, even convinced him to tell the truth about his alibi. It may not be exactly always how a father figure should be but we know that Stefano molded him and therefore that does rub off on EJ. He is about loyalty and honesty. That is what made him upset when Will went behind his back and helped Stefano break up his so called marriage to Nicole.He showed he can not be loyal to him.

    I am thinking Gabi is gonna get away with her part for the most part which makes me so mad. I wish she would leave Salem not Mel.

    What does everyone think Madison and Jacks connection/scenes will be that causes Madison to leave and possibly with Jack?

    Who will live in die in the explosion?

    Will Sami have amnesia? Or who will be her savior and possibly EJS after the 2nd explosion will it be EJ again since he saves her in first or someone else. We know Lucas and the SPD are all unconscious.

    Will Nicole lose the baby?

    Is Ian a Dimera

    Also I keep seeing people talking about the DNA test like it is valid. Stefano is alive the body they have is not him So therefore we know Stefanos DNA has not actuallly been tested against EJS. The fake Stefanos DNA has been.

    Someone mentioned Ian being involved in l=the letter somehow it is possible though it was locked up with a key. I say if it happened that way then remember Stefano did not read that letter at first he stored it away so perhaps Ian switched it out. I guess that is possible.
    I read that Mascolo was unhappy with his so called death and EJ not being his son on show so it may get changed. I say it will or Santo the gu who comes to Salem who may or may not be Santo Dimera Stefanos father may be.

    Kat well said and I think it was Ej is the sun in Samis orbit

  340. From Lisa

    Of course the new/old writers will write Rafe again in Sami’s orbit since he would have no story otherwise..and he is Gary Tomlin toy boy..what else is new..not exiting at all for MANY of us..but oh well so predictable..they could write him with Nicole and do something NEW !

  341. From dm

    There is no way to make John EJ’s Dad and yet not have him related to Sami. They already made it clear EJ is Santos relative nd Sami is Colleens. I think that this whole scenario is the lastest scam by EJ and Stefano and will ultimately be the next thing that comes between ejami.

  342. From Richard

    330 Terrik
    I don’t believe that Sami shot EJ and I haven’t kept that a secret.
    Other people say that she did, because they saw it on scene.
    I merely pointed out other things that we saw happen on screen that did not pan out.
    In order not to have others come back and say that they saw Sami shoot EJ, I added that to the mix.
    Still it comes back that I am flip flopping, but I am not.

  343. From Tee

    Kat~ I seen the spoilers they are talking about Rafe and his maybe feelingf for Sami. It is when Carrie goes to say Goodbye-Again. She tells Rafe he may have feelings for Sami or something and he says he can never be with Sami cause her lies. It says he is devastated by Carrie leaving.
    So Rafe is devastated but when he left Sami he was already basically in love with Carrie her very own sister. He never once acted or said he cared about Sami being with Lucas or even her scenes with EJ. He acts like he did not share 3 years with her. Now it seems they are probably gonna make him have some unharbored feelings toward her but I see it as well since Carrie is gone and I cant have her I guess I can go back to Sami.Sami deserves to be number 1 all women and men do. Including Lucas.
    Lucas knows deep down regardless of what she says her actions shows he is not. But he sticks around.

    EJ has never made Sami second best only time and time again of her denying her love or leaving and running back to lucas did he seek out love elsewhere but always she was his number 1. He would leave anyone of them in a heart beat if she said she would be with him.
    When he called and told her in safe house he was moving on with Nicole Sami had told him before she left she wanted Lucas she was playing games with him and he told her he was tired of her doing it and Nicole was gonna have his baby and he was gonna try with her.
    Rafe is not a saint.

  344. From Richard

    327 maryl
    Evidently you didn’t see the “If” that I started off the post with.
    I don’t know when or how long EJ knew, but I do know that he would never had revealed this info, if it hadn’t been for Will trying to blackmail him.

  345. From patty

    jolie, I agree the Rafe and Carrie storyline was out of left field and I don’t blame Galen for disaproving. That was so out of character for Rafe to fall for his wife’s sister, that is why his and Carrie’s relationship never felt real. Rafe was a loyal and devoted husband who loved his wife and he would have done and did anything for Sami and her children. For him to just walk away from that and never look back is not believable. I’m glad Carrie is finally leaving town with her husband but I feel bad for those two actors. I like them but their storylines sucked.

  346. From Maryl

    I really don’t consider a resurrection of Safe bad news. We EJami people are used to the writers’ mess ups. Safe did not end too soon for me–and if the writers want to bore us into cutting of the TV, then that’s the sure way to do it–put Safe back on board and once again EJami fans will be having to hit the fast forward button–especially during their sex scenes.

    I’m enjoying all the interaction between EJ and Sami so much right now but I know these writers coming in are the ones who put Rafe on a pedestal from square one and made him boring. I believe I read somewhere that Gary Tomlin and Galen Gerring were good friends in real life, so you can bet Rafe will be favored with SLs that make his fans happy.

    Patty, didn’t you post a while back that you did not wish Sami & Rafe to get back together again because she is so bad and is back to acting like her old self? Why then have you changed your mind??You know Sami will always be Sami and it’s only a matter of time before she messes up. Wouldn’t the nice guy, Rafe, be better off with someone as nice as him? Where’s the love of his life—Emily–?Bring her back from the dead and give him a life of his own so he won’t have to follow EJ around picking up his exes!

    If these writers go back to the same stuff they were putting out before they left, there will be a lot of disappointed and bored viewers. Let’s face it, we all watch because of certain characters that we love to see together, so the ratings are going to depend on how badly they ruin things between the ones that have the greatest fans and that draw us in to want to watch them every day. I vote that EJami finally gets a chance to have their story told. They have the potential for a great love story. Surely, these writers are not such prudes that they cannot see it.

  347. From Tee

    Richard you are right about EJ never revealing that info, because Will would go to prison. He was not gonna put Samis son in prison.

  348. From Tee

    Patty~ I seen some spoilers about Rafe and Carries goodbye but not as detailed as what you posted. May I ask where you seen them so I may look them up I love spoilers lol.

  349. From Tee

    Rafe realizes that Carrie is trying to save her marriage

    Carrie realizes that Rafe may still have feelings for Sami

    Carrie and Rafe simply realize they can’t be together

    Rafe states that he can’t be with Sami, either, because of her lies

    Rafe and Carrie have an emotional final farewell

    Carrie and Austin leave for Switzerland

    Carrie’s departure devastates Rafe
    That is what I found. I hope I was allowed to post that part if not someone let me know so I dont do it inn future Thanks

  350. From patty

    Tee, what I saw was the actual show not a spoiler. We have the show a day ahead hear in Canada. I didn’t see Rafe as totally devastated about Carrie leaving, sad maybe but since this must be their tenth goodbye, he must be getting use to it. I think he is more surprised by what she tells him about Sami still loving him and Sami still being under his skin.

  351. From patty

    That should have spelled “here”. Hate it when I do that.

  352. From Tee

    Patty~ Thanks I did not think he looked devastated the first time she told him either I made a comment a few days ago how he chuckles and says well gotta go good luck basically.
    I guess I will have t watch it tomorrow then I am wondering what she means of Sami getting under his skin since he has barely even glanced or talked to Sami but maybe seeing her at the mansion with EJ when he arrested him made him think. Either way I think the writers messed up the s/l bad since they made Rafe not care or show he cared all this time. It was all about Carrie.

    Looks like they may be trying to fix that I just think she belongs with EJ but it is my Opinion. Thanks again for letting me know

  353. From patty

    I found Austin’s and Kate’s tearful goodbye to be very heartfelt and moving, more so than Carrie’s and Rafe’s. Carrie and Rafe parted on good terms and mutual understanding. Carrie seemed very happy.

  354. From Tee

    I am glad they are leaving to fix their marriage. I feel bad they bring her back and her and Sami got close and it is ruined again.

    So looks like Sami will be mugged via Ian or his goons, I am guessing they are gonna steal the footage. EJ should tell the cops since they claim to be able to hear all convo there then they know Sami had proof he was set up.

    I hope it is found out soon about Ian but I wonder what his intentions are and who is he really?

    I am glad Austin and Kate get a heartfelt goodbye.

    I wonder if Rafe will leave or double back. I get a feeling he will be the one to come upon them in the second explosion and save Sami and Perhaps EJ. We know Ej saves her first explosion but the second he tries we dont know yet who does.

    I wonder also if Rafe leaves will he find Stefano alive somehwere

  355. From Richard

    EJ would put anybody’s son in prison, if it served a purpose.
    Saint EJ, he is not.

  356. From patty

    No problem Tee, you’re welcome.
    #344 Maryl, I always said that Sami doesn’t deserve Rafe and he deserves better and I’m still not sure I want them back together. Sami still can’t be trusted and EJ even less but I think it would be interesting to see Sami being torn between three men with Rafe back in the running . Of course if hystory is to repeat itself and EJ resorts to playing dirty like he did before then I would prefer Rafe to move on with someone else and just keep trying to nail him for one of his crimes.

  357. From Kat

    345 Tee, So right, EJ would never put Sami’s son in prison, no matter what. He cares for Sami, Will and all the children.
    Pathetic to watch Little insecure Lucas run to John and Marlena and then to the Police… Look, Look what I found.

    Has it ever occurred to anybody,
    that EJ for his whole life loved Stefano as His Fatha,
    not being his Bio son, does not take away feelings of love,
    Stefano is the Only Fatha EJ knows and cares about.
    Please go and ask all the Adopted children out there, when they find out
    that Mom and Dad are Not “Bio”, do they stop loving them, could they just turn around and kill them, for whatever reason… it is so crazy to assume all that stuff.
    Love does not go away,
    Money, EJ has by now enough of his own, LOL, and he is the Mayor, he has a future.
    That Motive IMO is so Thin and contrived…

    And to call EJ a Fake DiMera, EJ did not fake his way into Stefano’s life,
    he was told and believed that Stefano is his Dad….so if anything, EJ is a Victim, somebody played a cruel game with him, and Stefano,
    however I still believe when all is said and done… EJ will be a true DiMera, the Grandson of Santos DiMera. Like it or not, and I like, Just MO…. Just a figure of speech again…..LOL

    Maryl, I also agree, EJ and Sami, will finally get their story told, long, long overdue,
    who knows … after some time, due to Soap protocol,
    we all know, they will be broken up again, because that is how soaps work, on, off, back again, off again.
    Nothing stays the same for to long, if it did, it would be boring…
    There is no Happy ever after, there is only ongoing drama, a merry go round, get on, get off, switch your partner dose ..e,d …what, ??? like in the square dance…

    Tee, wanted to say, you remind me a lot of MAB, or Maryl when you write, sort of on the same wave, but I also
    enjoy, you blend in so good with everybody, just like Maryl and MAB, and lord knows I try,
    but if I don’t agree, I voice it,
    and some people by now, should have gotten used to my writing style, it’s me, No Malice ever intended, that’s the way I talk, straight to the point.
    But in the End .. I am not worried, because I know who I am…the ones that don’t get it, to bad…

  358. From jolie

    #337 Kat, love that you want to save the Horton plaque! Who knows what else might be hidden inside that thing. It sure did cause some troubles in its short lifetime. And I think you are right, Will is getting something from Elvis that goes beyond the mild flirtation and is deeper. Not love but more of a deal where Will needs someone he can count on and fatha figure might be it. And I can’t wait for Stefano to come back to Salem and give Mr Creepy a good whupping (definitely a Southern term) with his own cane.
    And I agree with others that it is a shame that now Carrie and Austin have to leave and there are so many hard feelings (in the storylines and with the posters here!) Wish those characters had been treated better.
    Rafe might just be the one to look into what is going on with Stefano because he is starting to see that Elvis is set up so you have to find out the why and who….Mr. Creepy Ian.
    Richard, I agree that Elvis would stick it to Will if it suited him. I like the character but see him as an opportunist with little regard for the lives of others…think back to how Rafe was treated and how Sami and the children were in actual danger from Fake Rafe. I lay that at Elvis’ door.

  359. From Tee

    Richard~We have seen EJ since the shooting Exact many of a revenge on Sami for keepimg his child from him and not once did he threaten to send Will to prison he never once tried to use it against Sami or Will. Not until Will tried blackmailing him and still even then he kept the secret once the secret of him sleeping with Sami was out. So no I dont believe he would have ever put Will in Prison. EJ may be many things but that was something he would not have done just like he never put Sami in jail either Though Lucas did.

  360. From Lisa

    Let’s hope they give some meaningful scenes between Sami and Ej before Rafe is back in the picture..we know it will happen..even more with this new/old set of writers (by the way with their stories ratings were as bad as now if nor worse but whatever i guess..NBC..) and as a Sami fan to see her coming back with the so called hero who chose her sister over her will make me cringe..and what will happen to poor little Lucas ?! Well i will enjoy this week after that not sure i will watch but like i said it was predictable..

  361. From Tee

    Kat~Thanks I enjoy your posts as well as others we agree on most things. I am the sort of person who voices my opinion and that is why I left this blog before a while back people tended to take things the wrong way or get mad when you did not agree with them etc. Not to say anyone is doing that now it just got messy before. I try to stay neutral and still voice my opinion. I will oblige and talk about any character and understand we will not all agree and it does get frustrating some times. I have never had a arguement on here per se (though many of a debate I am sure) but I have seen bad treatment of some people in the past a few years back. So I lurked as a reader mostly for a few years.
    I agree about them just assuming that EJ could dismiss the fact that Stefano is still his father in his eyes and always will be probably. You just cannot turn that off. EJ begged Stefano to still accept him and for some reason he would not. I found it odd since he has accepted many as his, perhaps it is cause he loves him so much but I think more is to it.

  362. From Tee

    Lisa~ I have to agree that Sami should not go back to Rafe no matter what she would be his second choice. Carrie is gone so he has noone blah blah blah. Make me mad. I believe the writers did give him a bad story when they made him so easily leave and fall for Carrie but it happened and if they make Rafe try to get her back it will look like she is 2nd choice. No thanks.
    She has always been EJS number 1.
    I find it funny alot of fans who dislike Samis character are actually fans of her and another pairing. Like Safe or Lumi. Rather people admit it or not the most popular pairings these days come from a pairing with EJ or Sami rather it be EJAMI, LUMI, SAFE OR EJOLE. They seem to be the 2 most popular characters on the show rather togetehr or apart. There are also a big fan base of Brady and Nicole. The biggest so I have been told and seen was EJAMI.

    Kat wanted to add also I absolutely love this blog and I am glad to be back to posting and just try to instill in my head it is ok to disagree it makes it interesting as long as all are respectful, and I know sometimes people may take what you say the wrong way but I dont se it as that and I enjoy your posts.

  363. From Richard

    Even the police didn’t know who shot EJ and I did’t see any eyes in the back of EJ’s head.
    I still say, as I did back then, If Will or Lucas shot EJ, it would have been before the “I Do’s” were said, otherwise, what would be the point in shooting him?
    The SPD said the shooter had to be a pro and Will was anything but a pro.
    Didn’t Lucas and Kate have identical weapons?

  364. From Richard

    I agree that Sami was number 1 for EJ, until Nicole came along.
    Nicole was number 1 until Taylor came along.
    I don’t know what the actual relationship was between Kate and EJ.
    EJ was getting along pretty good with Rafe’s sister. Too bad we didn’t find out where that would have led.
    Rafe and Sami are still married, aren’t they?

  365. From MAB

    Maryl – I’m not even gonna write anything about EJ because you said it all in # ! That was a superb post…ALL true what you said.

    OH PLEASE don’t let Safe happen again. It’s nonsense! Whether Sami ends up w/ EJ or not, she certainly doesn’t belong w/ Rafe (never did). Haven’t these writers learned anything from their mistakes, and what the fans think??? There’s no doubt more fans are speaking out that EJami is happening again. If Safe get back together, it’ll be so boring again. If Rafe was such a ‘good guy’ as some claim, then what he did w/ Carrie behind Sami’s back forever ruined their relationship…and IMO, there’s no going back.

    Sami wants to save EJ because of the kids…and the fact she has feelings for him. No one acts the way she does around EJ w/o having any feelings for them. As far as Will, most of his reasons to help EJ are selfish. He wants the perks of being in the DiMera organization, but at the same time, I think he really likes EJ, and I think he knows EJ didn’t kill Stefano, just like he didn’t.

    The original Santo is supposedly Stefano & John’s father, so he is too old to be EJ’s father, unless there is another Santo floating around somewhere.

    Sami shot EJ until it is proven (or shown) otherwise.

    I don’t think EJ wanted to reveal Will shot him, mostly because of him being Sami’s son. Plus, it was in the past and I think EJ was willing to leave it there, until stupid Will tried to blackmail him…then he had something to use on him. I don’t know how long EJ knew, never has been revealed if he knew all along or not, and it could be he never knew for sure. EJ might have just figured since Lucas went to jail, and he mysteriously sent Will off to live w/ Austin & Carrie, that it was possible Lucas was taking the wrap for him. Then when EJ brought it up, Will confirmed it.

    It’s never out of character for any character to do things out of the ordinary, and that includes Rafe. This is a soap opera, and the actors should expect anything to happen w/ their characters. And I would think the actors would love to play multi-layered characters than the same old boring thing all the time, especially when you’re playing second fiddle to others, like EJ.

    ‘Rafe states that he can’t be with Sami because of her lies’…well what about his lies? He’s lied to Sami since he met her about many things, starting w/ his fiancé who died.

    Kat – your posts are good, don’t ever let anyone tell you different.

  366. From Richard

    357 Tee
    Beg your pardon, but isn’t EJ still threatening to send Will to jail, if he doesn’t cooperate?

  367. From MAB

    Maryl – meant to say your #320 post.

  368. From patty

    I am curious as to what lead Rafe is following but I really wouldn’t be surprised that he will eventually uncover something that connects Ian and possibly EJ to Stephano’s non death and the whole set up of evidence. Rafe’s gut feeling is telling him this is all too easy with all the evidence dropping out of the sky and EJ seems to be anticipating every move before they happen . I would not be surprised that he is part of some grand scheme in the fake death of Stephano Demira. No Rafe is no saint, but EJ hasn’t changed his spots and could very well be pulling one on all of them. I also believe he would let Will go to jail if it suited his purposes.

  369. From MAB

    That’s the difference in the police and the DiMeras. They do their homework and always find the truth, then decide when & where to use it to suit them…unlike the police who can’t get past their hatred for them to actually conduct a fair investigation where all suspects are looked at. Maybe then they’d solve a case.

  370. From Kat

    Tee, thank your for your nice words. Yes I remember back then things could get very raunchy,
    but I also know one thing for a Fact, in my heart and soul,
    I Never started anything on here,
    I either Re-acted to somebody, or stood up for somebody on here,
    and then of course all Hell broke loose, .Yes I am guilty for responding, trying to defend myself or others,
    But like I said, I NEVER STARTED IT…..

    I am glad that you are back,
    you have so many good and balanced thoughts, just like a few others IMO… but then again, All thoughts and opinions from All Bloggers are very Valid,
    I just don’t agree with them, Just like They Do Not Agree with me and others…..So what is so bad about that!

    But then again, there will always be somebody on here, that can not get over their own EGO, and scream “Badger”,
    but so what, some things in life will always be the same…

    I do enjoy being on here, because I believe, putting DOOL and Salem aside, We are ALL Good and Decent Caring people, that just
    see things in a different way, such is life,
    how does it in French again, Patty, ……..

  371. From Tee

    Richard~ I am trying to go back through stuff from then but What I have found is Lucas sent Will off to keep him from slipping up he was protecting Will. Lucas If I remember right did not have gun but Will did and Kate did I thought but I am looking back to be sure either way It imo was Will

  372. From patty

    C’est la vie Kat!
    I think the Salem PD are looking in the right direction but for the wrong crime since Stephano is not dead. I seem to recall Ian visiting EJ and EJ not even liftng his head as if he was expecting him. Always thought that was strange.

  373. From kat

    363, 367 MAB, again you knocked it out of the Ball Park….(??) hope I said that right…
    I do agree, I think Rafe might finally be on to something, and try to go for the real Truth.
    That would be great, kudos, ahead of time for our Rafe…
    Sami and Rafe right now, no way,
    that ship has sailed and might Not Be back for a long time…if ever… who knows.
    Patty, what ever leads Rafe to have doubts about all this, good for him
    that makes another good SL IMO.
    Finally, do the un- expected,
    Rafe showing, that he actually has a brain, not just Personal feelings, and do what is right once and for all. How refreshing that would be, coming from the Salem PD, of course not from Roman,
    he has been Stefano’s victim,
    but now we are talking about EJ.
    Has it ever occurred to anybody, that EJ actually might be crushed, finding out that his beloved Fatha is not his Bio Fatha.To shoot the Man in the Back, like a coward, that is really to rich, even for EJ…. EJ would have shot Stefano Face to Face, if at all, and we all saw that he could not do that, but he got his hurt, anger and frustration out right then and there, he shot the scones instead, walked away, and was done with it.

    Why would he ever go back, pick up a gun, yes I guess he did,
    but not to shoot his Fatha,
    just pick it up, like all the other “Idiots” did, and put it back down. So EJ, the Idiot, is in very good company, Bo, Hope, John, Marlena, Will, Kate.. anybody else….oh and of course ABE
    our so effective prior Mayor, that was so on top of all the underground stuff, wasn’t he in charge
    when the Horton square was being built,
    did he make sure that everything was done by the book, underground and above ground….LOL
    I think if some could get away with it, they would blame Stefano and EJ for the 911 attack,
    chill, I am having fun, who can blame me,
    it is so easy to do on here anymore…

    I guess we all know by now, that if we blog, a lot of the blogs that come before, have not been there at the time we send our blog….

  374. From Lisa

    Richard Sami was ALWAYS number one in Ej’s mind, ALWAYS always always he only chose the others when he knew and thought he did not have a chance with Sami..if you know the Ej character you know that..and Nicole was ALWAYS his second choice, after Sami of course but also after Nicole own sister Taylor !

  375. From Kat

    370 Patty, right, I do remember that,
    hope, when all comes out, they will fill us in on all these things, and not just forget about it.
    I would love for Rafe to go Rogue
    and against the law, but
    use his legal brain and figure things out…. what a SL that could be
    for Rafe, and I have always said, that the writers owe Rafe a better SL, than to be Sami’s Lap Dog, or whatever those Two were toeach other. It did Not click for Me….

  376. From kat

    373 Kat, never meant to say, ”
    Against the Law…..LOL,
    he has done that enough before,
    What a typo I made, LOL

  377. From Tee

    EJ was still blackmailing him with it but Will started it and if you watched today he dont even care that Lucas managed to get the letter from Will. See though it looks like he is blackmailing him which in a way he was he never made good on any of those threats. He could have left him in jail instead he bailed him out. He is not even mad everyone knows about his so called paternity. It is about Loyalty to him. He was in a sense keeping him in line and for Wills own good, Will was out of control.

    Richard you claim that Sami played second fiddle to Nicole? I have never seen that in fact He has told Nicole over an dover in past he loves Sami and called her by Samis name over an over even when he tried to stay with her for baby. He always cheated on Nicole with Sami and as you mentioned Taylor.
    We never seen a Taylor EJ Sami triangle at that time he was pretty convinced Sami was never coming back and he already ruined it what with the SYDnapping and the Fake Rafe. He tried to seek happiness elsewhere.

    Sami has been the one he always goes back to Nicole has always been 2nd choice. I am sorry we see different on that but it is my opinion and you have yours it is fine.

    Mab very on point about Rafe he also has lied also though I get that he may not be wanting to play anyones second fiddle either.
    Sami certainly should not play his.
    See they can spin it how they want say Rafe only did it cause what Sami did with EJ but truth is he fell in love or devoloped feelings long before he knew so nope he is guilty also.

  378. From Tee

    Kat very on point in your post I think #371.
    I think EJ is just one of those characters you love him or love to hate him lol
    I love him

  379. From Tee

    Kat~I remember a while back seeing a post of John going Rogue and Marlena being mad and it mad me laugh so hard, because John has been Rogue like before. I think Rafe more then John though.

  380. From patty

    I also believe that EJ’s attempt at charming the pants off Sami right now is part of his schemes since only a few weeks ago he was begging and declaring his undying love for Nicole. He’s lying to one of them for sure. Maybe a giant boulder will fall on Sami’s head during the explosion and wake her up to that fact. Maybe another one on Will’s head also to make him realize EJ is using him. EJ will never change, he always has something up his sleeve.

  381. From Kat

    I would like for Rafe to do some honest un- biased police work,
    strictly non personal,
    show us that he can be that “Great” policeman, that some claim he is, but I have not seen yet….Rafe shows us your stuff,
    make a real name/impact for yourself as a character on this show, because so far I have not seen it yet. Yes, louse SL’s, I have always said that…
    loose that smirk, and get serious…
    we all know, that EJ is not the Killer,
    so in the meantime, Rafe, so far, Roman and what is his name, Spencer (big ?????) about him, have your smirky fun, like little children,especially Roman, he is like a man that thinks he finally caught the big Fish, and then,
    Whoops, He Did not, I will feel for him when the time comes, poor Roman, no love,
    no Fish, he needs better SL’s….

  382. From patty

    I think EJ wasn’t upset at Will or that the police had the letter because it’s all part of his scheme. He answered the door expecting the police to arrest him. He’s not in the least worried because he knows his father is not dead. Sami tells him he has manipulated Will into buying his poor misunderstood ,unappriciated by Stephano routine. Then she whips out the memory key from inside her bra of all places and tells him she has back up of the surveillance video. He sends her to bring it to his lawyer and gets mugged on the way. Who knew she had that besides EJ and Will? Hmmm!

  383. From Richard

    382 patty
    Didn’t she say that in the SPD that Roman said was wired for sound?

  384. From kat

    Forgot to say….
    Look at this, my blog # 382….
    Writers, Powers to be, etc.
    pay attention…
    you must be doing something right,
    look at all the attention
    because of the EJ Sami Story.
    Agree or not Agree,
    Fans/Commenters, whatever you want to call us,
    we are active and involved, like never before,,
    When was the last time we went to
    So I rest my Case, EJ and Sami are hot, people react, love it or hate it,
    the numbers speak for themselves.E
    EJ and Sami are Front burner material….somebody has to be…..

  385. From Kat

    382 Patty, again it makes it hard to follow something that we have not seen yet…..
    Maybe tomorrow I will know what you are talking about today.
    Maybe I am wrong, but I did not see Sami today whip anything out of her bra…..clueless in PA#
    385, and the numbers are growing,
    EJ and Sami, you are doing it….

  386. From patty

    Richard, I’m not sure if it was the same room. It was the room with the board with the pics of the suspects on it. They were just the two of them. She had told Will about the back up but he had no way of knowing she was going to the lawyers office, the only one who knew was EJ .

  387. From patty

    Kat, I think the numbers grew because EJ’s been arrested, not because EJ and Sami are hot.The ratings have also stayed the same , as it’s been said before, one couple doesn’t carry the show. Some people find them hot, some find them disgusting in light of the abusive way they have treated each other in the past. No other couple has ever exacted revenge on each other the way these two have. That’s not hot.

  388. From LadyLumps

    #355 kat, I agree with your sentiments about how EJ would not just suddenly want to kill Stefano after finding out that he is not his bio dad.
    I found Roman to be incredibly rude calling EJ the imposter son, or something of that nature. As if EJ was trying to pull a fast one on Stefano by pretending to be his son.
    I sure hope they don’t go down the Safe road again, it was a snooze fest mostly. But I do think Galen is hot and he needs a new love interest that he can sizzle with as much as Sami & EJ do. Maybe Sheridan is the answer.

  389. From kat

    388 LadyLumps, thank you, I agree all the way…
    Sheridan/as Emily could be great…

    Patti, whatever, but it is EJ and Sami… EJ was just arrested Friday/Mon. …
    they generate a lot of blogs, IMO
    any of you out there say what,

    or are all the additional blogs about Roman or Madison or Brady, or maybe help me even Ian…
    It’s the Stefano/EJ Sami, murder, etc. SL IMO.

  390. From SandyGram

    Episode July 23rd:
    How funny Sami trying to sneak out the front door when Lucas came into the foyer at the DiMansion. Then as Lucas see’s Sami we have an ‘ah ha’ moment, ‘Sami what are you doing here, says Lucas’. She’s caught, so what does our Sami do, diverts the attention away from herself by shouting at EJ and there it is ‘wham’ right across the face. But I must say when Sami is fighting with a woman the slaps across the face look very real, the one today it was so obvious she didn’t even come close to touching Elvis.

    Then like Déjà vu of that night in 2008 when Lucas entered the DiMansion after being released from prison, he went upstairs to find Sami and EJ in bed. Today like Then Sami and Lucas end up in an argument. She can’t explain why she’s there under any condition, while the bottom line for Lucas is ‘does Sami want him or EJ’. Sami pours herself a drink like mistress on the Mansion, Lucas says “stay away from him, you believe everything that comes out of his lying mouth”. Sami has sympathy for EJ after all she’s been in this position, she’s just trying to keep Will, Johnny and Sydney safe. Lucas has had enough and leaves the parlor with Sami calling after him ‘Lucas, Lucas’ just like in 2008.

    Now that was sure a short rehab for Brady and all is well. Then it looks like finally Kate has caught on to Ian and I loved the wink Brady gave Ian when he said he and Madison were getting married tomorrow. And, here comes Lucas and out of the mouth of babes he disclosed Sami has footage from the ally where EJ tossed his gloves. SPOILER…..Now…of course… Ian has the footage erased, but tomorrow Sami is attacked for someone has told Mr. Creepy about the copy Sami made. Ummm….could that someone be Will innocently, he’s working with Ian or did the SPD cop watching over EJ hear Sami’s conversation with EJ telling him she made a backup. If it is the latter, no wonder the SPD can never catch a criminal with all the ‘tattle tales’ in the police force, Stefano’s men, Ian’s men….Not to mention Sami just walked straight into the conference room where EJ was being held. I guess being the boss daughter has pull in the ole SPD.

    Rafe’s got the right idea or I guess I should say ‘gut’, something about the case is not right. Then it makes my skin crawl every time I hear EJ tell Sami, “I swear it on the lives of our children”. There he goes again using the kids and not standing on his own merit or two feet! But then Sami is the same way, while a SPD officer is watching their every move, EJ goes into to his manipulating mode while Sami is saying “Lucas is this close to breaking up with her and it’s all EJ’s fault”. Look in the mirror Samantha Gene, look in the mirror! Overall I really enjoyed today’s show and from what I’ve read tomorrow’s show is even better.

  391. From Kat

    nothing strange about EJ swearing on the life of his children,
    I have said that before,
    My God, on the Life of my children….etc.for whatever reason. It is also a figure of speech, but one that us people, incl. EJ, take Death Serious….
    EJ was so right, when he set our Sami straight today,
    she is the one that is after him,
    following him, coming to the Mansion after him
    EJ has not moved a muscle yet to go after Sami, has not followed her, etc.

    But I agree, he has been good to Will, and so to Sami,
    he has done so much to keep Will grounded, and helped Sami and Will both to see each other more clearly.
    I also agree, forget who said it,
    Will does have something, call it a crush, a need, for EJ, …
    He certainly has not had a Father Figure in how long…. or for that matter, a Mother…
    Austin and Carrie, yes, they have been there for him,
    but EJ has also been there for him
    has mentored him, gave him lots of tough Love, teaching him, if you do Black Mail somebody, be prepared to face consequences, etc.
    I truly believe, that EJ has helped Will
    to face things, grow up, become a man bit by bit,
    and Will in some strange way, Loves EJ for that. He also knows deep down, that EJ would never turn him in.
    It’s a strange Relationship, but it seems to work for EJ and young Will, right out of the movies..

    By tomorrow, we could very well go over 400 blogs,
    EJ, all the way, you are the “Character” on DOOL. Congrats…

  392. From Tee

    Patty Lucas went and blabbed to Kate and Ian that Sami had found the video footage and I seen that he overhears her conversation with Lawyer or Lucas once again blabs it. EJ has never done that to Sami before why now? I guess it is hard for some people to see he is really innocent and not scheming against Sami and Will, and that he cares for them and his fatha. While Ian is having footage erased the man tells him someone else is looking at it he then sends his thugs after her. I think that will not happen here till Wednesday the last part. He then says after the footage is erased It is not your day EJ. Ian is responsible not EJ and EJ is not scheming anyone IMO.

    Kat I agree that people are enjoying the Ejami scenes as well possibly as his arrest. I know I dont enjoy his arrest but it is bringing them closer together.

    Richard Rafe tells Will and EJ that it is wired for sound all throughtout the police station and they were in the room with suspect board because EJ kicked it He actually ends up kicking it a few times. So atleast that room is but Ian finds out I think through Lucas updates to mommy and the fact that someone was viewing the footage as it was being deleted he sends his thigs or a thug so to speak.

  393. From patty

    I hate to burst a bubble here but EJ tells Samantha that he couldn’t care less how Will feels. Now just because you haven’t seen it yet, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen or that he didn’t say it. Will’s obsession with EJ is super weird.

  394. From Tee

    Kat I agree completely with your post well written.
    I scrolled up and conversation has been non stop on here since the 17th which was when EJAMI started getting more screen time and of course when the spoiler was posted. People may be interested in EJS arrest but many are loving EJAMI. It is ok for those who dont I respect that and have been even putting other stuff to discuss out there like EJS arrest and paternity or This Santos character and Dan and Nicole. I am trying to include all in a great discussion no matter what our interests are

  395. From Tee

    Patty Though I believe Will looks at EJ as a father figure and EJ has been there for him and helped him with alot, I also believe Will is a bit obsessed. I dont think it is sexual however.

  396. From patty

    Tee, Lucas doesn’t know that Sami has back up of the video or that EJ told her to bring it to his lawyer. He can’t be the one who updated Ian on this one. Now I keep forgetting that EJ and Stephano have cops on their payroll but EJ is the only one who knows she’s taking the key to the lawyer that we saw.

  397. From Kat

    392 Tee. right on….
    I forget who, but somebody on here indicated, and I went back trying to find it,
    that it might be EJ that Set up Sami to get mugged.
    Give me a break, EJ, handcuffed in a monitored room, making calls
    out to his goons to attack Sami.
    I am laughing out loud … really,
    I have to go back again, to find the footage…funny.

    I actually feel bad for the character of Lucas,
    but Again, they are making him look ridiculous,
    give that guy/man A decent SL or get him off.
    He is always just a 2nd Banana to Sami, when she is in between Men,
    give that guy a break, give him his manly voice back, stop him from acting like a NimcumPoo(???), I am known for making up names/things when I don’t know any better,but Lucas after all these years does deserve better.

    However, that little bastard, did let Sami,
    the Mother of his child, Will, go to Death Row, watched the first needle go into her arm,
    and finally, came forward and cleared things up. He did it, his mother knew it, and framed Sami…..
    What a Man and Father…

    EJ has never sunk that low ….
    so why if all the Lumi fans want Sami and Lucas together, they can overlook all that Lucas and Sami have done to each other, yikes,

    no different than EJ and Sami,
    I would say even worse….
    why then,
    unless they don’t know or remember the Lucas/Sami Fiasco’s
    would they not give Sami and EJ a chance
    and just root for Lumi or Safe….
    I guess – I remember to much… and some don’t,
    because they have not been watching that long or maybe forgot.

    Going out of state next week, but still have my computer….
    but in the meantime, I will be back.

    I would love nothing more, than to have All of you
    “Crazy” bloggers at my home for a great DOOL Party,
    voice all of your opinions, right and left,
    have a ball, agree, argue, whatever, but all of course in a civilized manner, would not have it any other way….
    even Richard might enjoy himself, I might throw him in the pool, but so what, it is so hot out, I be doing him a favor.
    A DOOL Blog Party, why couldn’t we have one some day at a centralized location,
    I know I am dreaming, but what the heck.
    I don’t think that I am the only one, that has ever
    had that thought.

    Later, Kat, as always on a hot roof..LOL
    All of you would just enjoy me so much, if you could get to know me, the Me, not the fingers on the board,
    straight on to the point….

  398. From Kat

    Going, going for 400 and more,
    ladies and Gents, keep on blogging
    EJ’s SL is setting a Record, and of course,
    Sami is part of it,
    and Will,

    Sonny really tickled me today,
    calling the Mansion creepy, or whatever…

    has he ever been in the Kiriakis Mansion, LOL
    There is not much difference between the DiMera/Kiriakis Home.
    Maggie, why don’t you ever fix up that
    that palace and make it your home…
    So many women have moved into the DiMera home, and promised they would update it, nothing ever happens.

    Still waiting for the Nathan Berkus
    Office that he was supposed to create for Madison, and Kate soooooooooooo rightfully said, don’t hold your breath.

    Writers, you know how to get under our skin very well, by some of the comments/things you make our characters say…. Got you

  399. From Tee

    Patty maybe not but Ian knows Sami found it and knows someone was looking at it and is not stupid to think that she made a copy of it.
    I just think EJ did not do it and we will all see soon I guess who did it, But I am betting on Ian. I know someone overhears her phone conversation with a lawyer From what I read somewhere.

    Kat I agree Lucas has done some terrible things to her that so many forget. I think it would be so cool to meet up and have a Days party. and pushing Richard in pool that made me laugh so hard, it it very hot outside.
    You seem like a very cool person

  400. From Cougar

    Holy crap, get Sami & EJ a little air time together and wa la there’s almost 400 posts! Last time I looked there was about 125.

    Loved the little thing ej did with Sami in the police station today. whispering in her ear, the feel of his warm breath caressing her neck, just a whisker away from kissing her. It gave me shivers and tingles just watching. Rasp.

  401. From Maryl

    From what I have read, thus far, there has been no mention of how Rafe fares in the explosion. I believe there is a reason for that. The new writers will appoint Rafe as being the “town hero” who takes charge and saves everyone–including Sami, at which time, he will “realize” he still “loves” her (now that Carrie is gone) and Sami will be so grateful, she will become a Rafette once again and it’s back to the same old boring Safe. EJ will be writtn up as the mastermind who caused everything to happen and to be in cahoots with Stefano in a plot to deceive all of Salem. Regarding EJ, I believe something of that nature is already being predicted by some on this blog–and that shows exactly how predicatable this soap and its Sls have become–takes no imagination–easy to write. All you have to do is repeat past Sls and keep going in the same circle.

    I challenge Tomlin and his crew to stay the course with what the previous writers dared to write. Instead of destroying what they started, add even more excitment to it–not only for Sami and EJ but for all the characters.

  402. From Tee

    I wonder how Wils shirt gets all unbuttoned for Tomorrows show. Poor guy is asleep leaning up against couch
    Kat I am sure we will be at well over 400 this week

  403. From Tee

    I wanted to say that this blog is now the number 1 site when you search up spoilers I used to get dayscafe as the top hit it now has this one. I am sure we will get past 400 posts lol.
    Kat Looks like Sonny has some good lines tomorrow on mansion also well a few any way.

  404. From Tee

    Maryl Rafe is leaving supposedly to go check on a lead for the killer of Stefano.. What I dont get is it shows him Talking to Spencer saying he got plane tickets and he is Thankful on the lead to find Stefanos killer. According to them they have him. They make no sense.So Rafe may be gone by the time it hits, or he may be the one to save people who knows. he does have tickets in hand though.

    Cougar they heat up the sreen for sure

  405. From Maryl

    #400 Cougar–you and me both!! Just love that Sami and EJ together–you can feel the heat when those two are interacting with one another.

  406. From Maryl

    Thanks, Tee–I now remember Rafe saying something about having his bags and ready to go. Somehow I missed part of that. Obviously this is the plan to keep him out of the explosion disaster. Sure hope my predictions are wrong about the outcome of all this. As far as I’m concerned, I hope Rafe stays away from Salem for a long time. If Stefano is alive out there somewhere, he might kidnap Rafe again and clone him into that “bloody little hampster” that EJ described him as being. Ha!

  407. From kat

    had to chime in again…..
    I am 406,,,, We are setting a record.

    Hope the Admin. tells some of the DOOL people, just how much EJ and Sami generate interest pro and con on this site….
    401, Maryl, whatever you are talking about, is that a fact, or are you just funning around…
    Sami and Rafe again, so soon

    Please, after all the wait, and so many fans waiting for it,
    they better keep the EJ/Sami thing for quite a while longer.

    Maryl, you are just teasing..??!!!!

    I so much enjoy Sami and EJ, the games they play, the under current,
    and I love how EJ is trying to get Sami to Face up to Her Own Feelings…
    She knows, she feels it, it got her.
    Sami, just give in one of these days, when the time is right for you and EJ….What a Crecendo (??) that would be….help with the spelling..
    I can wait for it, because I totally love all the anticipation between the two of them.
    Because once they are together, we know, sooner or later, they will break them up again. Such is life on a soap….

    Gute Nacht…

  408. From kat

    Wait a minute, did I miss something,
    WHO exactly is trying to get Rafe out of town…
    is it Spencer,…
    is it somebody that thinks maybe Rafe is getting a bit suspicious about the whole “Set Up”…What is going on here.
    Can somebody explain, why for what reason Rafe is leaving, who called him, what is going on.

    Who is behind Sami’s mugging,
    like I said before, can’t be EJ
    in Handcuffs, and monitored, and no phone..

  409. From Maryl

    Tee, thanks! I didn’t get to see and hear why Rafe was leaving or when he was going to go. Ovbiously, they will have him out of Salem when the explosion disaster takes place. Hope I’m wrong in my predictions about how Rafe’s role in this will play out in the aftermath of the explosion. I prefer that Rafe stays out of Salem for a long time. If Stefano is alive out there somewhere, maybe he will kidnap Rafe again and clone him into that “bloody little hampster” that EJ compared him to. HA!

  410. From Maryl

    Sorry, for the double post–didn’t know it accepted my first post.

  411. From Richard

    390 SandyGram
    I think that Sami may have been slipped a bug by someone, you reckon?

  412. From Tee

    Kat~ I think it was Friday or Monday Rafe gets a call about a lead he is following then says he will pack his bags
    Then on Tomorrow episode we will see him tell Spencer via Phone thanks for the lead he has his tickets in hand and he indeed has them and his bags in the other. He says he is gonna check the lead on Stefanos Killer. Which confuses me since they think EJ is. He never mentions EJS name he saiys the killer. Then of course he is approached for one more goodbye by Carrie I think.
    So looks like he is leaving Salem on a lead but will he actually go I dont know. Hope so.
    Some suggested here EJ was behind it since he is only one who knows she has flash drive besides Will. I pointed out when Lucas blabbed to Ian Ian went and haad it deleted he was told someone else was looking at footage at that moment. He knew Sami was interested in it and he is smart enough to know she would make a copy so he probably sent a thug to follow her and take it. She is on phone with EJS lawyer telling him shes on way she hangs up and is mugged. Either Ian took precautions or they overheard her conversation it was Not EJ. If interested in seeing tomorrows epi on this all go to rogue ejami they have it up now

  413. From Kath

    TerriK, you have James Scott’s twitter…whatever,
    let him know just how much interest he generated on this blog,
    him and Sami, etc.
    but he prob. already knows it.
    THe SL is great right now…
    If I sneak to my office one more time tonight, I will be in deep doo doo.

  414. From patty

    EJ was not in handcuffs when Sami left.
    Rafe is on the phone with Spencer and thanks him for the lead and tells him he’s ready to go. He’s still there when the show ends and we see a flashback of his wedding to Sami. Then Sami gets attacked.
    Poor Sonny gets to sleep on the Demira couch. Could they give this poor guy a break.
    It’s sad that no one was at the pub to give Carrie and Austin a proper send off.

  415. From Tee

    As far as a pot above I forgot which one about her tlling EJLucas is ready to leave her. To me she seems upset b it cause she began to believe him and give into her feelings and she thought he lied to her again. Sorta like wow you lied to me and I almost threw away my relationship again. She very much still wants EJ she just dont want to get burned

  416. From Richard

    407 Kat
    Damn, I never realized you were that old.(LOL) Hope we didn’t get your blood pressure up, talking about EJami.

  417. From SandyGram

    #411 Richard
    I think that bug Sami may have been slipped could be self absorbed over active Libido Bug.

  418. From Richard

    Push EJ into your pool and serve hot coffee to everyone.

  419. From Tee

    I seem to recall the officer came in put him back in cuffs and EJ says you know I am innocent right. I may be wrong I will watch again and see. Either way I have not seen him make any calls he most likely dont have his phone.
    I think most are talking of the explosion on Friday we are not sure if he will be gone by then.
    Patty If you guys are a day ahead what will you see Friday do you know Just wondering or does your break begin Thursday? Thanks

    I think it is very possible Rafe is still around for explosion but he is supposed to be gone so we will see I guess.

  420. From Tee

    Richard I am all for her pushing EJ into the pool cause he may get shirtless then lol

  421. From Maryl

    Kat–None of what I stated in #401 is anything but just thoughts of what I dread might happen in the aftermath of the explosion. With these new writers coming in, I am very leery of what they will do with the Sls. I have enjoyed all the twists the past writers dared to create, especially with the Sami and EJ story. Didn’t mean to place all my “doom & gloom” out there. Is this what you were wondering about? None of what I posted was from spoilers or anything I had read or heard–just my crazy thoughts! Ha!

  422. From SandyGram

    There is enough of Stefano and Ian’s henchmen planted in the Salem Police Department they could have over heard Sami tell EJ she has a back up. Beside today Rafe made a point of saying to EJ “Just so you know, this place is wired.” If that is true anyone could be listening in to the conversation in the conference room.

  423. From Tee

    Patty~ I just rewatched and after Sami left EJ was put right back in his cuffs.

    Sandygram That is my point they have stated it is wired and Ian could have overheard it for all we know smug looking officer that took him in room may be one. As he tells Sami she has to leave he stands at door as she asks what should I do with it he says take it to my lawyer. So many scenarios on how someone knows Including In just having her followed or overhearing her talking to lawyer. Either way EJ is put in cuffs after she leaves again.

  424. From patty

    Tee I imagine the last show will be on Thursday for us. I doubt we’ll get to see what happens after the break until you do.
    Do you know which day we’ll see the first explosion or is that all suppose to happen on the last show?

  425. From Tee

    Patty~ According to what I have read it is all on last show which airs here Friday so maybe Thursday for you. I think it will probably be almost back to back. Or we could start episode off with first one even.

  426. From Richard

    419 Tee
    Or he may drown, unless Sami is there to save him.

  427. From Kat

    415 Richard,
    let me tell you something,
    being 406, I know a lot, and I know how all of this stuff will end. And no worry, My Blood pressure is perfect, but thank you for worrying.
    Do you really want to end up in the pool with EJ,
    and why would my guest need hot coffee.
    It is nice to see you having a sense of humor.
    Maryl, I got you….
    419 Tee, Richard and EJ in the pool,
    are we having fun yet at my big party
    Wonder if we will make it to 500, no wise cracks Richard, LOL
    I am on my way to take a dip, it is warm and muggy outside…

  428. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    #397 Kat – EJ sunk pretty low when he promised GOD that he would be a changed man, if God saved Johnny from cancer. Then, he conspired with Fatha to dopplegang Rafe before they ever left the hospital. And that was despicable because of the aforementioned danger he placed Sami Gene and his “beloved children that he would never harm” in. Recall? I’m just sayin’ that people who don’t like the character of EJ, (not the actor James) have viable reasons for doing so.

    I think the posts and ratings are due to the 2 weeks for the Olympics and the need to have cliffhangers.

  429. From Adele

    I hope we finally get to see EJ and Sami together as a couple because they want to be a couple and not forced to be a couple. I have waited a long time to see that.

  430. From Clear

    How realistic was the Ian and brady scene. He knows Ian gave him the drugs. Any of the other characters would be raging mad and have to be held back– or at the least planning to make him pay. Is Kate getting a clue that Ian is a rat? Why is he still allowed to work at Titan? Get him, Victor!

  431. From Tee

    Dying to be Blonde EJ is not perfect he has done some awful things. But he said he would allow Samantha to see Johnny and Sydney. That was his promise to God. I may be a fan of EJ but I know he has done awful things, but so has many other characters on this show

    Clear I wondered myself why he kept talking on how important Titan is to him like he owns it

  432. From Tee

    Trip down memory lane.. Sami and EJ sleep together she gets pregnant, she tells EJ she wants to be with Lucas. Sami has to go into hiding in the safe house
    Nicole also ends up pregnant, Sami still refusing to be with EJ he calls her at Safe house with her father listening in and tells her he is gonna move on with Nicole since she does not want to be with him and try to find some sort of happiness Sami finds out Nicole is pregnant, Right before she leaves. Before she leaves EJ slips pics of kids in her bag.
    Sami comes back and fakes like her and rafe adopted Grace. Keeping the truth from EJ
    He finds out is devastated but realizes he still loves her so he orchestrates the Sydnapping in order to be the hero in her eyes when he brings her back hoping she will come back to him.

    His plan backfires and she shooots him. He was never gonna tell he felt he deserved it as he told his fatha. But Sami decided he would never see the kids again so he sets out to proove it and in turn takes the from her placing Nicole as mommy now to hurt Sami even more
    He then makes his deal with GOD to let her see her children if Johnny lives
    He held up the deal but then Sees Sami and Rafe kissing. Now comes plan get rid of Rafe
    Funny watching EJ convince his fatha it is because of the kids when we seen him watching Rafe and sami kissing and he was not happy.
    We know how the fake Rafe thing went and in end he was disgusted with himself and gave Sami complete custody.
    They have hurt each other many times over But the main problem was one or another would not admit their feelings usually Sami.

    Just about every character on this show has done something that was out of line way out of line

  433. From SandyGram

    #431 Tee
    The trip down memory lane was great up to one point, for me:

    EJ’s original intent in kidnapping Sydney was to punish Sami, which he did in the cruelest of ways. Take from her what he believed she had taken from him….that being Sydney! As EJ told Anna on so many occasions, he was going to destroy Sami. Orchestrating the Sydnapping to be a hero in Sami’s eyes only came after Anna suggested that to him as he was planning on leaving the country with Sydney. But then that’s just me!

  434. From patty

    It is not just you SandyGram.
    Tee, your trip down memory lane is just a list of atrocities they have done to one another and just shows why they don’t belong together. It doesn’t matter who did what to who first and what other characters may have done in the past, nobody in the show that is suppose to be in love have ever done such evil things to one another that I recall. Seeking revenge against an enemy is one thing but deliberatly setting out to destroy someone you supposedly love is another and using children in the process is even worst. For Sami to go back with EJ now compares to an abused woman going back to her abuser. I am hoping they make Sami a stronger woman than that, even though she is a nut case.

  435. From Maryl

    #432 Yes, SandyGram–taking Sydney away from Sami was a cruel thing for EJ to do, but was it not just as cruel on Sami’s part when she denied EJ the right to his child? She did not tell him until the child was dying and he never had the chance to hold the baby and comfort and love it. Not until she died, did he get to tell the baby how he felt. (Scene in the morgue). For me, that was one of the most painful and sad scene on Days–every bit as sad and painful as EJ letting Sami think Sydney was killed. That’s EJ and Sami–one trying to out do the other in revengeful payback. These two complicated people understand one another. They know how to hurt one another. It is almost impossible to say EJ is worse than Sami, because they both operate in the same gear. Now, it’s time for them to change and see what their problem really is–EJ knows it, but hard-headed Sami still insist on remaining in denial.

    To like the characters of both EJ and Sami, takes a very open mind that can look beyond the surface. There is so much more to these two people than just meets the eye.

  436. From patty

    It makes Sami look dumb that she can’t make up her mind about one guy. If she finds manipulations and lies exciting then EJ is the one but what is pathetic is that she will sooner or later come running to Lucas, Rafe, Daddy or the family she doesn’t give a crap about for help and protection. I get a kick out of her trying to tell Will to look out for EJ when she’s walking into the same trap herself.

  437. From TerriK

    Richard- in your. Post #299 u cllearly said We know Sami shot EJ, we saw it. That’s why I get a little confused about your thoughts and opinions. They are just all over the place, but like I said, I still love your passion for the show. You are never short on ideas, maybe you should be one one of the writers :)

    Patty- I’m sure you’ve know a lot of my family then. My great grandparents were Loretta & Harold Thibodeau. They passed away over ten years ago. Loretta was originally a Legacy..lots of brothers and sisters.

  438. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    I think Patty said it best for me. An abused woman going back to her abuser.

    And I know it’s just for storyline purposes, but why does EJ keep hanging out with people who keep shooting him?? Or having sex and babies with women who then hide them? LOL. These people need counseling! Sort of makes EJ a dim bulb for associating with them, or true to character, sees them as easy to manipulate for his personal entertainment, which was always my take on why Stef used to do it.

    I’ve mostly seen EJ’s (and Stef’s)antics at pro-active and Sami as re-active. In other words, Sami reacts to situations in ways to change the outcome. EJ creates the situations. And I said MOSTLY.

  439. From patty

    Maryl, it doesn’t matter who’s worse than the other, their relationship is selfish, destructive and unhealthy and I don’t see it changing no matter how open minded . Sami changed when she was with Rafe and became a little less self centered, EJ hasn’t changed a bit. This sad charming facade is just an act imo. Only a matter of time before we see his true colors again.

  440. From jolie

    #359 Tee, one thing for sure, we’ll never know when Elvis discovered that Will shot him nor how long he knew it. The writers pulled the knowledge outta the air for Elvis to suddenly use it against Will in a time of need. And while Elvis hasn’t put Sami in jail, yet, he has made her think her daughter was dead and for Sami who with all her faults is a mama bear, that has to rank very high as a watermark of dastardly deeds.
    #368 Patty, I think you hit the nail on the head, Elvis while not a Dimera at this minute due to Alice’s unsubstantiated letter, will show his Dimera colors at some point and will use any and all things at his disposal to get what he wants, including sending Will or Sami to jail. This is Elvis we are talking about. And I think Elvis knows way more about where Stefano is and knows he isn’t a goner because while he is a little upset at the Salem Po-Po for arresting him, he isn’t that upset. He still has time to play games with Sami’s head. And someone please slap Sami back into consciousness. She acts like a tween ager mooning over a Twilight star. Like a moth drawn to a flame. And she’ll get burned again. This is Elvis we are talking about!
    I really don’t want Mr Creepy Ian to be a Dimera. That just rubs the wrong way. And a back shooter at that.
    #373 Kat, I agree with some of what you are saying, except that I don’t really think Elvis would dirty his hands and shoot anyone. Stefano has taught him one thing and that is to stay above the fray, let someone else do the dirty stuff. Elvis was frustrated but he is still a Dimera or raised as one and you don’t fall far from the tree.
    #374 Lisa, Sami may be always in Elvis’ mind but it is to play with her and cause her some misery. He never fully commits to her happiness. He has been taught to look after # 1 and he does that, just like Fatha.
    For the record, I liked Sami with Rafe, with Elvis, with Lucas. The problem is that Lucas is always written as a spoiled little boy and comes across with lots of anger. I especially don’t like the current scenes in which he is running around town shooting off his mouth about Elvis being arrested. Think about it Lucas, wasn’t this just a bit too easy and there was no proof at all in the letter that we can discern. Just Alice telling Stefano something that she had come across in some way. Still a bit of mystery. The problem with Rafe is that he lost his job so many times and Elvis interfered so many times that Safe never got to settled down to have a real life. It was constant turmoil. Then Rafe decides to smooch Carrie and fell in ‘love/heat’ with her. Oh dear, but how many times has something like that ruined families. Elvis and Sami are always written like some kind of romance novel in which they hate and love each other. Well, in real life that kind of relationship ends up on Dateline on Friday night and shows the story all the way up to the trial because one has finally had enough and killed the other. This playing around this week with the almost kissing and breathing into each other’s face…just annoying and nowhere near hot. I can’t get passed Sami having 4 kids and that she can’t see passed Elvis toying with her. And if they are finally put together, great, but this is DOL and it will not last. I just wish Sami, Nicole, even Carrie were written with a little more self esteem, more gumption, just a little more smarts.
    #386 Patty, I suppose we are to think that Mr Creepy has ins at the SPD now and he’ll have Sami mugged. Who knows with the SPD? And maybe Titan has a company installing all the bugs and cameras around town and is monitoring it for the SPD as an outsourcing measure to save $$.
    #390 Sandygram, Elvis swearing on the lives of his kids makes me shudder as well. I just don’t think most people would tempt fate by such a statement and Elvis should know better than most at what he is capable of!
    #429/#430 I wonder myself why Victor hasn’t stepped in to rescue Titan and seek revenge for Mr Creepy getting Brady back on drugs. And Brady sure did have a successful and quick rehab. He and Madison were so happy yesterday..surely he can feel the other shoe ready to drop.

  441. From patty

    Hi TerriK. I don’t believe I would have met your grand parents but maybe some of your cousins . Did you grow up there? My kids are about your age.

  442. From Maryl

    When I read fiction or watch fiction–I do it with an open mind, because it is not real life. I like to be challenged by complicated, characters–especially in a romance. Romance isn’t always about two wonderful perfect people getting together. That type of romance can be very boring if your are looking for entertainment. The ones that dig deep into our ability to reason and to find what’s hidden between the lines, is the kind of fiction I want to read and watch. That of course, is my likes–not those of others. Don’t give me mundane, and boring characters and circumstances–challenge me! EJ and Sami, Rhett and Scarlett, Phantom and Christine examples of characters who challenge the mind.

  443. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    #440 Jolie – all good points, except EJ has demonstrated an ability to get his hands dirty, while physically being the ‘black glove’ that tried to kill Racecar Driver Stephanie, and others, possibly shooting John Black at point blank range for a kidney, locking Lucas in a freezer truck, and physically holding a gun on Sami for sex. So he is very capable of violence at his own hand.

    #442 Maryl – point taken. All tragic characters. But Sami and EJ play more like War of the Roses, than GWTW or Phantom.

  444. From SandyGram

    #434 Maryl
    There’s no question about it Sami keeping the knowledge she was pregnant and then baby Grace from EJ were horrendous acts also. But less also remember that Sami went to tell EJ she was pregnant but when she saw him in the arms of Nicole she booked out of jealousy as always, leading her to see the Mayor killed on the DiMera doorstep with the safe house to follow since the shooter new Sami saw his face. At this time she was frightened for her life, she was frightened of Stefano at this time. Then after she returned to Salem and introduced baby Grace as her adoptive daughter, once again she went to tell EJ she was his daughter. But unfortunately Sami being Sami she picked the day EJ was marrying Nicole. But that’s not what made her back off telling EJ Grace was his daughter, it was that she overheard Philip had been shot and once again from fear of the DiMera family she did not tell EJ. Now Sami becomes consumed with baby Grace’s illness and her ultimate death and now she has made the biggest mistake of all, before Grace dies she doesn’t tell EJ she is his daughter. For me in the case of Sydney, Sami was not written to out do EJ, she was written as a mother in fear for her children being associated with or influenced by the DiMera’s, or being taken from her. And Yes, Johnny was already in the picture, so it seemed illogical that one of her children actually lived in the DiMansion but she was afraid for the newest one. Now EJ’s act was diabolical and deliberate; revenge set in action, to take everything from Samantha, including Rafe with EJ convincing Sami to keep things only between him and her while he was supposed to be negotiating the return of Sydney. For me EJ was evil in his actions, while Samantha was operating out of fear. And so she should have been afraid just look what EJ did to her. And I agree there is much more to these two people, I’m just waiting for the writers to give us something that doesn’t make Sami out to be the weak, libido driven woman she is right now. Give us more, but let it be equal and that doesn’t mean make Sami evil.

  445. From patty

    Maryl, believe me I get what you’re saying and I also like to see lovers face challenges and heartbreak but even Rhett Butler threw up his hands at the end and said I don’t give a damn. I just don’t see that kind of intriguing star crossed love between a man and woman that have spend a good part of their lives literally trying to destroy or kill each other.

  446. From Maryl

    patty–that’s our differences in the way we think and see things, because I do think Sami and EJ could work things out–in fiction anything is possible–not so if we compare it to real life. Incidently, when Margaret Mitchell wrote GWTW, she left the ending open to a sequel–which was written by another author and guess what, Rhett did give a damn and came back to Scarlett, just like she said on the stairs, “I will get him back, afterall, tomorrow is another day!” In the sequel to Phantom, “Love Never Dies”, Christine returns to Eric with his son in tow and reveals the love she still has for him, thus the beautiful song from the title. Whether EJ and Sami try to destroy one another or love one another is in the fate of what the writers want them to do–fiction works that way.

    SandyGram–All the things you listed are another example of how things get appropriated to the characters one likes or dislikes. It can go either way–all in the eyes and ears of the beholder. As far as Sami being weak with EJ, please, Sandy, Sami was at her weakest with Rafe–not at all herself. The only people who can change EJ and Sami is themselves.

  447. From Kat

    442 Maryl, you said it all, at least for me.

    EJ willing to shoot Himself, after Sami left him at the altar,
    to me says it all, He does love that woman, no matter what.
    Please Soap writers,
    don’t change, always write big Drama, totally Over the top, outrageous as can be,
    that’s is what keeps us talking.

    That’s what soap are made for, to take us all into La,La, Land, far away from Reality.
    Richard, wasn’t the pool refreshing?

  448. From Kat

    446 Maryl,
    wow- again you knocked it out of the Ball park.
    I see and think so much – they way you do and some others on here.
    But that is good,
    we can’t all think alike, that would be boring as well.

  449. From patty

    Goodness gracious, what is flippin wrong with Will tripping over himself trying to please the master with this idiotic grin on his face and acting as giddy as his mother when he’s around him!!! Something is wrong with this picture. And please now we have to believe that EJ doesn’t have the money for bail but Sami does? Like Lucas said, what are you going to go in Johnny and Syndey’s college fund , or maybe even Ali’s? That sounds about right Lucas.

  450. From SandyGram

    Spoiler – Except from a terrific Interview by Michael Fairman on Frontier with Chandler Massey…there are some great pictures also:


    “Now that Will has come out, the next step is to find romance, of course! After testing the waters, Chandler indicates that this summer and into the fall, fans can expect Will and Sonny to become much closer. “It looks that way. I think it’s going to be something that hopefully the viewers have wanted to see. If I could give them that, that would be great. I am outspoken about how much I like the platonic friendship of Will and Sonny because I thought it was fresh. Regardless of how I feel about that, I am still going to play that to the best of my ability.”

    The other onscreen duo that has been tantalizing viewers is the twisted relationship between the dashing EJ (James Scott) and Will, where many have joked it’s more like … master/slave! Chandler reveals it may not be continuing. “All good things have to come to an end. I can’t help but hold back a smile, and sometimes I don’t when I work with James. I think it’s hands-down my favorite relationship that Will has. When James is in a scene, his focus is on you. That is how people are in real life; they want to get something from you. How many people aren’t afraid to do whatever it takes to do what they want? That is what makes EJ so attractive to Will. I also like Will edgier, too. It is more fun to play.”

  451. From patty

    Thanks for that SandyGram, explains a lot of the weirdness when they’re going through a scene trying to keep from laughing. They are both great actors but I’m relieved they come to an end, was starting to worry about our boy Will for a minute.

  452. From kat

    Said if before,
    All Actors like Edgier Roles,
    they are more fun to play.
    Many actors would love to have the role of EJ DiMera,
    but that would not mean, they could play it as well as James Scott…

  453. From patty

    Ok, if EJ is broke, how does he keep Will and his perks. Maybe Will could sell his sports car if he wants to bail him out so bad but instead calls his mother who’s worked for about two months in her life and had four mouths to feed.

  454. From MAB

    WOW, more great stuff from EJ & Sami…sizzling hot! I think that cop outside the window watching them must’ve thought her was gonna get a free show!

    Sami having a drink at the mansion looked like she was taking her rightful place there as the woman of the house. Didn’t Lucas find that odd? I thought he would’ve said something, but I guess he likes hearing himself talk too much to think straight. And OMG, can he be anymore stupid? He rants at Sami (which is just a past reminder of how painful their relationship used to be) and then he goes over and blabs everything in front of Ian. I hope he realizes how stupid he’s gonna look when it comes out EJ is innocent, and he was the one who told Ian everything. He just may put his own mother in danger w/ his big mouth. Oh Stefano, where are you when we need you???

    Tee – Lucas did have a gun back then when EJ was shot. They showed him remove from a locked drawer. It was never shown, but I think it was the gun Will used to shoot EJ. If I remember correctly, after the shooting, they showed Lucas bring the gun back and put it back in the drawer. It made everyone think Lucas shot EJ, but once he made Will flee Salem, I knew he was covering for him, and I always thought that, and now we know that was the case.

    I’ll give Rafe credit when he solves a case. He keeps saying something isn’t right, then why doesn’t he get up off his @$$ and do his job…dig around until he figures it out instead of walking around making faces at EJ? I agree that Roman was rude to EJ, as well as Rafe. In fact, they acted completely childish.

    Lisa – right, EJ only moved on to Nicole when Sami refused him.

    Tee – right, Nicole has always played second fiddle to Sami. She even admits she does. As far as Rafe, his character is never gonna grow if he stays involved w/ Sami. He would possibly be more likeable w/ another love interest, and if he’d stop obsessing over EJ all the time. And you’re right, Rafe fell for Carrie before knowing about Sami & EJ, so he’s just as guilty, and also lied.

    It’s been proven on this show more than once that people can love 2 people at the same time, and I don’t think EJ is excluded from that. I do think he loves Nicole to a point, but she’s not Sami, and he’ll always carry a torch for her. She’s it for him, and if she’d stop fighting it, I think he’s it for her as well.

    Will knows what EJ’s agenda is so there is nothing for him to realize. Will is staying put for now. So what happens, happens. Will is an adult now (must be if he was in a bar drinking the night of the shooting). He can make his own decisions. No one is twisting his arm to hang around EJ.

    No indication EJ knows Stefano isn’t dead, but I hope that is the case (as well as Kate). Then they can bring down evil, creepy Ian, and make the Salem PD look like the ‘village idiots’ they are!

    It’s obvious the numbers are growing because of EJ & Sami, period. The boards are also lighting up w/ more & more EJami fans as well.

    A couple can carry the show, much like Bo & Hope, Steve & Kayla, John & Marlena, etc. did in the past. So EJ & Sami can do it too.

    EJ swore on his kids lives that he didn’t shoot Stefano, for one, because it’s the truth, and two, he knew if he said that, then Sami would believe him. I don’t call that using your children. I’ve heard many people on the show use that same term.

    Oh yes, Lucas did MANY things to Sami that was horrific, much worse than EJ has done to her. She almost met her fate twice (maybe more) because of Lucas & Kate. At least EJ has never tried to kill her. Lucas & Sami don’t belong together as a couple, but I do like them as friends. Of course some will excuse all that Lucas did to her, but never where EJ is concerned.

    #401 Maryl – I hope you’re wrong, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re right. I’ve often written about challenging the writers to have the guts to write the EJami love story, but I guess they don’t have what it takes to do it.

    EJ isn’t the first one to promise God he would change and didn’t, but really he has changed. Some just refuse to see it. Even Lexie admitted to it, and saw it. He has got a good & bad side, and I don’t ever see that changing, or think it should change. He does it all so well.

    And just like those who don’t like EJ have viable reasons…same goes for other’s reason why they don’t like hypocritical Rafe.

    I have a request of the hairdressing dept for Days. PLEASE comb Sonny’s hair!

    Tee – your observations were appreciated on the trip down memory lane, and they weren’t a list of atrocities. And you have every right to see it YOUR way.

    Maryl – right – again – you have to have an open mind to like EJ & Sami. This is not real life, it’s a soap opera, and the rules of real life do not apply. Some will never get that, and it’s sad. Also, Sami is at her strongest when she is w/ EJ. She is the real Sami.

  455. From kat

    It could be that EJ’s assets are frozen. We all know that he has money, LOL,
    If the writers try to tell us,that EJ has no money, that would be IMO, the most stupid SL ever.

  456. From MAB

    If Johnny & Sydney have a college fund, it’s due to EJ. So if Sami does use that money, EJ will replace it. It doesn’t say EJ is broke. He probably can’t get his hands on his money being in jail. More than likely, his accounts have been frozen, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the work of the village idiots.

  457. From kat

    456 MAB
    Looks like we think the same thing, about EJ and his money…
    I don’t think Sami has anything to worry about,
    even if John takes over DiMera enterprises, him/Marlena would never take away Samis job with CW… or would they.
    What is Agent Spencer up to,
    why does he send Rafe out of town,
    something is not adding up.
    Can Will find, who hacked into the computer and deleted the video.
    Will that lead them to Ian….

    now that it looks like, Sami’ flash drive will be taken from her.

    Melanie, I did not see her tied up anymore, I could be wrong,
    why didn’t she just walk out of the tunnel, the same way Andrew did.

    Gaby used Andrew’s name, how would she know the stalkers name,
    Bo and Hope did not react to that at all,
    Did I miss something…
    They found his real name,also the name he used on the Rental Agreement,

    so how would Gaby know to call him Andrew.

  458. From patty

    EJ told Will he doesn’t have the kind of money to post bail since he is no longer a Demira. No frozen assets, not because he is in jail. Will asked him if he at least had some money stashed away somewhere and he said not mearly enough. So Will called his Mom and lo and behold Sami miraculously shows up to post bail. Where she got that kind of money is a good question and yes Kat, that is the stupidest storyline ever.

  459. From Richard

    457 kat
    Because Chad remembered him from the photo shoot, from the photo that Hope showed him and Gabby was with him at the time.

  460. From Maryl

    MAB–great blog! You know EJ so well! It’s great that so many of us share the same insight when it comes to EJ and Sami. I too have noticed that the number of bloggers who love EJami is increasing!

    I just read the July 30 edition of Soap Opera Digest and they confirmed that Eileen Davidson will resume her role as Kristen Blake. Also, Greg Vaughan will be reprising the role of Eric. So unless things change in the future, we will have Eric and Kristen back. The Digest had a very good spoiler on how the explosion effects some of the characters. They did not give away too much info so we can still be surprised.

    Kat, just like MAB, you have EJami
    right on the money. Since I have some time to goof around, I scanned thru the list of EJami supporters and just to name a few, (may have missed some, sorry if I did) TerriK, Cougar, Adele, LadyLumps, Lisa, cindy, Fiona, NeeNee, Lucy, PT, missy, Sam, Juju, Sally, Penny, Kaths, Dolly, & Gretegal. Nice!
    Now back to my boring bookkeeping.

  461. From Richard

    My guess would be that Kate Dimera gives the money to Sami for EJ’s bail.
    Being that she has access to copies of Stefano’s wills and access to Ian’s computer, I’d venture to say that she is behind getting Sami access to the dumpster footage.
    She was the last one that had access to Abe’s gun, so I would venture to say that the shooting of Stefano was set up by Stefano and Kate. I would also go as far as saying that the two of them are setting up Ian.
    It wouldn’t be too far fetched as to include Victor, Brady and maybe even Madison in the plot.
    IMO only!!

  462. From Kat

    459 Richard,
    Thanks for the clarification.
    Maryl, if Eric comes back,
    will they pair him somehow with Nicole…
    wonder if she looses the baby, hope not, but it looks a bit,as if they are leading up to it, maybe just Me…
    It’s looking more and more, that our Kate knows more than meets the eye, and she is just keeping Ian a bit pacified…till maybe the boom will come down on him…
    Wouldn’t that be delicious,
    Kate and Stefano in, (here we go again, how to spell), ca=hoots again.
    Stefano Loved Kate so much,
    they could have worked it out, but he went to such drastic measures, why,
    maybe to Fool Ian into believing it…

    458 Patty,
    You have to realize, that we, Me, have to go on what we have seen,
    you blog all the time about stuff that has not happened yet for us.
    We have Not seen the footage of Will and EJ, soetc. Will and Sami yet,
    so IMO, to blog on an even playing field, maybe you should try to stay with us, on the
    field, we are On. None of us here in the USA, know what you know, and what you are basing your comments on. Fair enough, I think so very much
    and I do say that with all the respect in the world. All your Day — A-head knowledge gets me confused. You know things, I don’t know, so our
    exchange of opinions will Never be on the Mark, all IMO.

  463. From Richard

    Things are beginning to add up, to me any way.
    Brady’s short rehab, Brady and Madison’s sudden marriage, Lucas informing his mom,(in front of Ian),about EJ and the smirk(smile) showing on Kate’s face, makes me think that Ian is being set up.
    I think that maybe he will turn out to be the SPD’s main suspect.

  464. From Kat

    Richard, another thought just came to me, help,
    if “Andrew” worked as at the photo shoots,
    he must have applied under the Name of That 92 yr. old dead guy….
    that was different than Andrew,
    so yes, I guess it is possible that maybe he used the name Andrew as a “Nick Name”, not the name he put on the Rental Agreement.
    maybe I just answered my own question.
    The plot about Stefano and his shooting, could be so big and surprising, it might knock off our socks,
    At least I hope it is,
    if it is another big let down,
    send the writers to Writing School,
    with the “Dallas “writers. LOL

  465. From Kat

    463, Richard, that’s sound like a good one.

    see what will happen.

  466. From Richard

    I just know that Chad recalled his name as “Andrew” from the photo shoot.

  467. From Richard

    I couldn’t see the black gloves that was checking for a pulse on Stefano’s neck, but I seem to remember that Kate had a pair of black gloves that had no fingertips.
    It looked as if Stefano had just taken a potion to make him appear and be presumed dead, similar to the one that he must have used on John Black.

  468. From Kat

    Richard, I also recall, that Stefano had his hand on his heart,
    a drink in his other hand,
    listened to his beloved music, and he seemed to be so relaxed and at peace. All part of a set up……
    So many questions, I don’t have a clue, but hope it is good…..

  469. From TerriK

    Call me crazy, but I love this bond between EJ & Will. It’s really touching to watch. I hope it’s not fake..but in Salem things aren’t always what they seem.
    Please don’t kill Melanie. Begging you writers. Please let her and Andrew live so we can throw Gabi away!
    Lucas..stop being such a whiney pants. He’s such a great actor, and although I dont think him & Sami are meant for one another, I’d love to see him happy with someone else.
    Yes Yes Yes Sami haters- she has done her fair share of evil deeds…as has EJ, as has everyone on this show..don’t hate the actor lol hate the writers. Like them or hate them, certain actors on this show just seem to click better together than the ones we don’t like to see them with.
    Kate should never have been written to be with Ian. Give that beautiful villain a better story line PLEASE.
    I do so enjoy Jack & Jenn. I wish they would have done more with them than what has been done.

    Patty- mystery to me too. Even though he’s not stefanos son you’d think he’d have some sort of off shore accounts or something. Like how does he go from that to. Broke within like an hour of his arrest. LoL I know ya hate it, but I still like “sami to the rescue” Lucas and Rafe are just to good of guys to be with her. She’s a full blown villain, that we can agree on, so at least she’s on an even playing field with EJ. Afterall, like I said before, she. Kinda raped Austin lol what a show!

  470. From patty

    In all fairness to you and others who don’t wish to read them, I will write “spoiler” on my posts that discusses them so you will have the option to read them or not. However, since this is a spoiler thread, some don’t mind discussing them whether they are the ones above, the weeks ahead spoilers or the day ahead heads- up. Those people would be us the spoiler junkies so I’m not making any promises that I can’t keep. After the break, I might try and just watch it a day later so we’ll be on the same “playing field” …if I can, no promises. Fair enough?
    But EJ will still be broke tomorrow… kidding!

  471. From NeeNee

    Little late to the party here, but as to how Sami could afford to bail out EJ . . . a few years back, didn’t she get a boatload of money from John Black? Can’t remember why, but I remember she got a big 5 figure$.

  472. From MAB

    A lot of rich people’s assets are frozen when they go to jail, so I’m not sure why they didn’t play that angle, but I guess since everyone knows now that EJ is not a DiMera, he can’t use the DiMera money. Still if Sami provides the money, say from Johnny & Sydney’s college fund, it’s still EJ’s money.

    Kate may give the money to Sami, very possible. I’ve been saying all along that Stefano & Kate (and maybe even EJ) are setting up Ian. Kate is just acting too different lately. But if he’s being set up, I highly doubt there are too many people who know about it, especially if Stefano is behind it. He would probably only trust Kate, and maybe EJ. And it’s laughable to think the cops will ever catch on. They can’t past EJ to see what is really going on here. Like I said, they will be left w/ their pants down while the DiMeras take care of Ian.

    Maryl – I’m excited about Kristen & Eric’s return. I keep thinking it may be Kristen that is EJ’s mother, and if John really is the father, wow, won’t that put a crimp in John & Marlena’s penthouse of love?

    Kat – I’ve said many times some should make a note if they’re posting something others haven’t seen yet, but it rarely happens.

    TerriK – I like EJ & Will’s comradery too, as long as Will knows his place. I don’t like when Will acts cocky around EJ. It just doesn’t fit, just like Lucas trying to challenge EJ. It doesn’t work. And I agree, the writers are sticking to Lucas once again and turning him into the Lucas of old. Whiny pants is right!

  473. From Kat

    470, and I know you have a name, patty,
    you and I both know, that numbers can change on here, so please always add a name to the number, IMO.
    Yes === Fair enough,
    you understand, that when you discuss things, we have not seen yet, and you post your opinions on what you have seen,
    it puts us US bloggers on a dis-advantage.
    How can you and others on here, ever have a up to the moment discussion with you, if your opinion is a day ahead, you have more knowledge than us, even if you post “Spoilers”, how can you ever have a day to day comment exchange with any of us,
    some of your opinions will always baffle us, no matter what,because you know more than us…
    Wouldn’t it be more fun for you, like you said, try to stay on the same playing field as Us.. US fans,
    sit a bit on the Next day event, and let us experience it on our own.

    Thanks for talking to me about it.

    Where does the Mayor’s salary go every payday,
    all this Money thing is so stupid in my Opinion.
    EJ broke, that is the biggest joke ever put to the viewers….
    it would make EJ the biggest Idiot in history…
    If he does not have any money, no attorney will touch him, and as of now,
    the only Valid Will that Stefano has left,
    makes EJ his heir,
    so once, and he will, be proven innocent, EJ will
    be the DiMera Heir.
    The last Will, not signed, not executed, will mean nothing in a court of law.
    Lots of people write wills all over the Times in their lives, but only the signed and executed will, will stand up in court.
    I always believe that Stefano loves EJ with All of his heart, but part of the Mystery will be, that for whatever reason he had to do to EJ and Kate, what He did.
    The Stefano we know, would never let a little “letter” get in the way of his love in his heart for his “Boy”, bio or not.
    Ask any Adoptive parent, love is love,

    and as EJ, I wish he would say, I don’t care if Stefano is my Bio Fatha,
    he is the ONLY FATHA, I know, and I love him, no matter what. He raised me, you do not shut up love like that, that is in your blood and every fiber in your body,..
    just overnight. LOL

  474. From patty

    TerriK, I have to agree that any sex act that is not consensual between two people is rape imo. Then you must agree that EJ having sex at gunpoint to save Lucas’ life is “kinda rape” also. That must be why EJ and Sami having sex gives me the creepy crawlies. I might enjoy EJ and Sami when they’re at each other’s throats and if she wants to help him out because he’s the father of her children, that is fine too but can’t say I enjoy watching their little flirtatious games and what they are leading up to.
    As for EJ being broke, I think that might be just another one of EJ’s ploy to pull Sami in. Can you tell I don’t trust the guy? lol!

  475. From patty

    #472 Mab,
    Rafe has known for awhile that things are not as they seem and has been sent to investigate. Now we may know Ian is involved but there is no way for them to know that he had anything to do with any of this since there is no evidence to show him as a suspect, his name has not even been brought up. Like so many times before on Days , innocent people get railroaded by big time crooks who can cover their tracks well, usually by Stephano and EJ. The Salem PD go by evidence and follow their hunches but they are not miracle workers.

  476. From Clear

    EJ was particularly quiet with the police. If even Rafe suspected a frame, wouldn’t the first question be who would set you up like this? Plus look at people that might try for hostile takeovers. One thing mentioned was Kate’s past with Ian who may see EJ as another threat to his and Kate’s relationship. Though I see that the person Ian cares most about is Ian.

    Why did Lucas have to go and blab everything he knew to his mother with Ian there? Talk about immature! He knows his mother by herself is manipulative and homicidal!

  477. From Michelle

    I’m not sure if this will post, but I remember Sami actually acknowledging her resemblence to Colleen and EJ’s likeness to Santo. The show made it a point to display a scene of Santeen coming together holding hands in the end, and then Sami and EJ holding eachother, with that same ethereal song. It’s not a budgetary decision, it was intended .

  478. From Blaze.

    Hi Everyone!! :)
    I’m a little confused… Didn’t Susan and Edmund take Elvis away when he was just a baby? He was an adult when he came back on the scene as race car driver EJ Wells, so how could he have been raised by Stefano? Wouldn’t he have a ‘fatha’ tie to Edmund as well?
    Also, if I remember correctly, Susan turned the tables on Kristen and had her stranded on some sort of slave ship. Will Eileen be playing both Kristen and Susan this time around? I don’t remember Elvis ever talking about his mom, but he was raised thinking it was Susan, wasn’t he?!
    Thanks to All!! I really enjoy reading all of your comments!!
    Woo-Hooooooooo!! :)

  479. From SandyGram

    Episode July 24th:
    Andrew and Melanie:
    It’s intense to watch Melanie try to understand her captor and to get through to Andrew that there is danger in the tunnel. With her success today in getting through to him and gaining his trust to remove the mask, when he finds out she has deceived him, his anger will surely grow. Once the tunnel story line is over I hope the writers don’t sit Melanie in a corner, maybe not though with Nick Fallon coming on board. Molly’s portrayal of the captive Melanie has been very believable let it continue…this young beauty will be missed as we lead up to her last day September 27th.

    Rafe and Carrie:
    Wow…more big brave smiles from Carrie leaving Rafe with only confusion after she gushes “you’re the best person I’ve ever know….” Said like a true loyal wife Mrs. Austin Reed! Then she reaches inside Rafe’s head and turns on the Sami light bulb with no regard to Sami trying to make a go of it with Lucas. It looks like Carrie and Sami are not that different, Carrie’s is not as pronounced as Sami, but there was plenty of deep breathing as Carrie bid her good-bye to the perplexed Rafster.

    Austin and Kate:
    Terrific scene’s with this son and mother. I do love to see Kate in these tender moments. The ‘Ah Ha’ moment finally arrives, as Austin pays his bill he turns and there she is….Carrie ready to return to Switzerland and begin their new life….as she says as they walked out the door ‘Good-Bye Pub’, but wait where is Grandma Caroline yet again forgotten in the upstairs chamber…so to you Caroline Anna Brady (Christie Clark) and Austin Reed (Patrick Muldoon)… Adios (Spanish), Lebewohl (German), Arrivederci (Italian), Svedanya (Russian), Au Revoir (French), Bye Bye and good luck on your next adventure.

    The EJ saga continues (DiMansion/Police Station):
    Will unable to figure out where or who deleted the glove caper footage. Sonny sleeping on ‘couchie’…eeewww…careful Sonny there’s probably more than bed bugs in those cushions. Then there is a light in the conversation….hooray…how long has it been….Mary is alive and kicking in the kitchen…but where is Harold? Just in time here comes mama Sami all pretty in pink. It gets a little contradictory when she begins repeating all of EJ’s mis-deeds and character flaws trying to convince Will to wean himself from EJ…but still she has put herself in the middle of EJ’s current troubles. Once we got past the stop acting like a child; stop treating me like one; and your father was trying to do what was best; I did like Will standing up for EJ since he has observed Stefano’s treatment of EJ first hand even when Stefano thought he was his son. Then the scene of the day….Samantha Gene as only she can do produces a flash drive with a copy of the glove footage from her bra…I’m still giggling over that one.
    At the Police Station again the interchange between EJ and Chad was great, especially that Chad didn’t care if he was a DiMera. Now only ‘IF’ EJ could be written to see the man he could be through the eyes of Lexie, Chad, William and yes I’m going to say it, through Sami’s eyes. He can still be edgy and villainous just lighten up on the maniacal, devious, misogynistic, manipulator part of his personality. He did it today, he showed what I thought was a very earnest side I’d like to see more of when he shared with Sami ‘without the DiMera name others look at him as nothing and he feels like nothing’. That’s about as honest as a man can be. And, the second best scene of the day….no manipulation, no scheming, no underlining motive, just an honest kiss of gratitude from EJ to Samanther.

  480. From Tee

    I have been having trouble posting. Dang captchas.
    I posted the memory lane to show Sami is not always the victim. She is a master manipulator her self. But I love her.
    The show is filled with those.
    Shawn Brady Sr had his legal son BO Brady kidnapped brought to Ireland beat up and tortured to keep the secrets of the origins of the Dimera Brady feud.
    That was pretty awful cruel and even somewhat evil.
    He is hailed as a saint like cause hes a Brady.
    Im sure I can find something on most salamites.

    It is not unusual EJ has no money several things could have happened. In high profile and murder cases assets are frozen until attorney gets them released or judge does.
    They also have not seen Stefanos executed Will it will need to be given to them now. When he died he had EJ his son as heir. Now they believe EJ to not be son so they will jeed to see original Will maybe.
    He very well could be the heir even if they claaim hes not his son.
    Its possible his will states he leaves all to his son EJ Dimera which would then cause issues. It would have to not have the son part to let EJ have it. Though in real world there are ways around that.

    Sami is in chsrge of Countess W which probably nets her a nice sum of money.
    EJ owns the building so not mortgage or rent.

    I did not get to see todays show my electric is out due to storm so I have been on mobile. How much was his bail?

  481. From Tee

    Maryl dd me to your list of EJAMI fans

    I am loving it Kat do you think we will hit 500 easy right lets go for 600!!

  482. From Maryl

    Tee–I am so sorry–I had you at the top of the list but somehow when I was typing it, I left your name out. I was doing it so fast and the list I made was very messy and written on a small note pad. You, Tee, are definitely an EJami fan! Your insight into Sami and EJ is terrific! I’m so glad you are blogging–please keep it up so I can look forward to reading your imput! Consider yourself officially on my list! Ha!

  483. From kat

    Tee, it would be nice, but I believe that tomorrow ? they might take one off….
    Maryl, quite a list…
    Hope the writers get wind of how many were inspired to blog,
    regarding this EJ, Sami, Will, etc. SL….
    Didn’t somebody on here say, they have James Scott’s Tweed whatever…

  484. From Kath

    Meant to say, take this weeks blog off….
    Hope it goes to 500

  485. From TerriK

    MAB- As always lady, I agree totally. Will seems genuinely concerned, which kinda contradicts earlier spoilers saying Will is just trying to set EJ. Maybe they figured out that those two work better together than apart. It’s too bad he isn’t EJ’s son, instead of Lucas, but it is what it is. And blood or not, I do believe his love for Sami is what keeps him from going too far with Will. It’s obvious he loves the kid, just as he loves his Mother.
    I really hope Kate is setting up greasy old Ian. Him trying to play the dominant male is quite embarassing in comparison to Stefano’s role. Even Victor’s…he is not meant for this show..and he is so not convincing.

    Patty- oh I 100% agree. What EJ did was totally disgusting. Oh it wasn’t just kinda rape..It was pretty dispicable (if thats how ya spell it lol)
    Hey at least with the 2 of them together, it keeps them outta everyone elses hair ;) They’re not for everyone, so I get ya! But I can’t help but enjoy it.
    You may be very right about him crying wolf saying he has no money to lure Sami in. The pity game works for him..even with Nicole..he sure knows how to play it. I dont know if I could resist him and his sexy accent though either lol!
    As for cousins..gosh I have so many! No I havent lived there myself, but as you know there are a million Thibodeau’s around here! I’ve been stuck in the country for so long that I rarely get to see much of my family. With the farm (we farm cattle) it keeps us pretty busy!

  486. From grandma to many

    Did they ever show who called the police to report Stefano had been shot ? I just remember Roman and his entourage being there , with all the gun toteing visitors walking in and out of unlocked doors I got the impression Mary and Harold were not home . Did the shooter call 911 ?

  487. From patty

    Wow TerriK, you must really have your hands full with small children and a farm. Kudos to you the Mom and the farmer. This world needs you both.
    I think it’s sad that TPTB have made Will turn his back on his father to kiss EJ’s butt(the man who’s blackmailing him for shooting him).I love Will but he acts like a schoolboy with a crush when he’s around him and that idiotic grin on his face makes it look that he too can’t resist his sexy accent. Ha!
    I think this line that” my parent wasn’t there for me” is getting overused lately, sounds kind of lame coming from an adult. Will, Abigail, Brady, EJ and of course Samantha Gene who has used it as an excuse for her devious actions all her life. If anybody was there for his child it’s Lucas, he took the rap and went to jail for him.
    Maryl, not accusing anybody here and there is a lot of EJami fans out there I agree but the list has a few newbies that are the same person using different nics. Just sayin.

  488. From Cougar

    Haven’t had much time to go back and read other posts but here goes.

    Will why are they making sucha bipolar character. One minute hes under EJs thumb the next hes trying to save him. ake it one or the other for more than a period of one day please. We all get changed feelings and changes of heart but this is ridiculous.

    Gabby trapped rat in a corner.

    Rafe day dreaming about his wedding day to Sami, please. I swear if they jerk us Ejsmi fans around one more time I will quit DOOL. Its time for a an EJami SL and keep them together for more than 2 wseeks. It also would be nice to have Sami in mutual pursuit of EJ once. Rather than her dening there is amutual attraction.
    I would much rather see him fall in the pit with her and trapped together. Similar to the other time see was trapped was it on a hospital floor (I think)and Lucas & Nicole wathed i horror on hospital security cameras that they were interacting together. I thnk most of have at one time or another said we would like to see those two stuck together alone somewhere, anywherere. They could trap me anywhere anytime on a desserted with Elvis and I wouldn’t mind. I would love to make him loin cloth out of seaweed and rub coacoanut oil on his back. Gilligan’s island has nothing on him. LOL

  489. From Cougar

    TerriK just went back a few posts, farm out a farm girl. I grew up an a farm. How big is your farm. I am not on the farm these days but 38 years ago for a family farm it was considered good sized in its day. We had about 300 beefs, 2-3 hundred chicken operation, 65 dairy cows, 200 pigs. We grew our own corn, hay and wheat it was a self sustaining farm. Not many of those today. Dad believed in not having your eggs all in one basket as they say when bef or pork prices were down milk was up that sort of reasoning. Farm is still in my faily been there for 135 years. The drought here in Illinois has been devastating almost 100% crop failure and grassland is drying up. I fear for the food prices next year and I am canning and freeziing as much as possible.

  490. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Why is Will being so schizofrenic about his ideal parent scenario? I mean Rafe was his idolized image of great stepdad, but Will blew up his marriage. Then it was Lucas upon return from HK and the coming out story. Now, Lucas is the “absentee parent”? Really? Between ages 17-19? And Alli went to HK. Now, EJ is the blueprint for excellent father of the year because he ‘loves his children’ whom he has showered much emotional abuse upon? Or he holds up Marlena as an ideal mother figure who is anything BUT, towards Sami. Who writes this stuff??

  491. From Maryl

    patty #487–Really?? Is that something we know for sure? Newbies using different nics? But if it’s true, there could be some Safe fans out there doing the same thing–think that’s possible too? So, maybe the numbers would still balance out. Ha! My biggest worry when I looked thru the blogs was that I would leave out an EJami fan–which I did–TEE. One of the best! My other worry was that I would include someone as being an EJami fan that really isn’t. I’m sure I will find out soon enough if that happened.

  492. From Leah

    I’m sick and tired of Lumi and Safe fans playing the “rape” card everytime EJ and Sami get close. The writers have moved their characters way on past that! For those of you who may have missed the episode… Sami forgave EJ just as Austin forgave her of the same thing. Ejami decided from that moment on neither of them would ever speak about it again and they haven’t. Time for you to move along too… we are in the year 2012. And for those of you who have trouble distinguishing between reality and a fantasy/soap land, I think if you really can’t get over the hurdle maybe its time you quit watching.

  493. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Hey Cougar, I’m in Central IL. You must be down south. 105 today.

  494. From Maryl

    Cougar #488–You have started my day with laughing! Great, great blog. Can I join you and EJ on Gilligan’s Island? I’m real good at rubbing coconut oil on broad shoulders like EJ’s!

    Sami and EJ trapped together–that’s what I always wanted to see. I had always hoped that Stefano would take the two of them to Maison Blanche or some deserted island and hold them captive until they wake up and see what’s been under their noses all the time.

  495. From Leah

    Have to say I (along with many others) have enjoyed the writing and storylines over the last few weeks. I feel FINALLY we were starting to get somewhere. Writers and executives teams decisions and mistakes were being corrected and some good old fashion spark was coming back into Days. Lets hope the new writers don’t take backwards steps and keep moving our characters on. I agree with you # 488 Cougar Safe and Lumi are in the past. Both of those marriages broke up because EJ and Sami can’t stay away from each ohter or keep their hands off each other. They try to stay strong for a while but as EJ so rightly put it “We always come back to each other and end up in exactly the same (seducting) position.” Ejami were made for each other. Two supposedly smart men like Rafe and Lucas should count them loses and move on!
    Desperate writing for Safe fans… yep thats what I call it. I mean Rafe was SO in love with Carrie. Devastated at her leaving. Has had little to no communication with Sami and in fact every time he has turned up at EJs lately Sami has always been there. Neither of them even then have hardly spoken two words to each other. And now Carries left he’s meant to be thinking about Sami… yeah right. Desperate!
    As for Lucas… EJ for good reason has never considered him competition. EJs right Lucas is Sami’s little lap dog. Lucas and Sami’s best days are well and truly behind them. It is much better they stay platonic friends and co parent. The Lucas we have seen the last week is like an annoying, badgering, male chicken trying to compete against EJ the dominate male rooster. Lucas is fighting a losing battle with Ejami. Kates words to him were spot on. Time to move on Lucas. Bring Autumn to town and get on with it.

  496. From patsy

    Will you people give up this thing about THJE RAPE it was caused by POOR writeing at that time GET OVER IT ang find something else to complain about This is getting old EJAMI for ever

  497. From Adele

    Hi, just wanted to say I am a long time fan of DOOL and I’ve been reading this blog for a couple of years now without posting. Actually tried posting a couple of times recently but my posts would not show up.

    I was a LUMI fan till he went to jail and Sami finally gave in to her feelings for EJ only to have Lucas walk back in and put the kabash on what could have been an interesting relationship.

    I didn’t mind SAFE though I thought the chemistry was a bit off or strange or something.

    Anyway,I am a legit EJAMI fan. No sock here….

  498. From TerriK

    Patty- I feel extremely fortunate to be able to raise the boys on the farm, so thank you. It’s very rare that they eat anything store bought & I love this time of year as my veggies are popping up like crazy, just in time for Ryders transition from milk to solids.
    Lmao- I agree- Will is a little star struck, I enjoyed it when Sami finally shut him up a little. “Stop treating me like a child” “Well stop acting like one” Sami might be sexually blinded with EJ, but I am glad that she is still aware that her son idolizing him is far from a good idea.
    Oh and like you, I can’t resist but to watch the show a day ahead. Thank goodness for Bell TV and the NTV station lmao

    Kat- don’t be upset because that wasn’t a dig at you, but it is a spoiler site, we already know the events that are going to take place in advance, so I just don’t see the harm.

  499. From TerriK

    Cougar- Wow our farm certainly isn’t that large. Back in the early 30′s when Chris’s grampy first migrated here from England, it was but now we are down to about 80 head. Mostly Charlet and a few red & black angus. Our Aunt & Uncle have a huge dairy farm (which is just not worth the headache) so we stick with beef. We have about 20 chickens, no pigs lol they are tastey but man they are filthy! Big veggie garden- potatoes, tomatoes, beet greens, grean beans, corn, etc..
    Awesome way to live! It all gets left to the boys, and we have about 500 acres of woodland, which isn’t a whole lot, but it gets us by! So I hope when we are gone, it lives on and grows with them as well

  500. From Cougar

    Dear friend Maryl I give you permission to stow away andI will (reluctantly) Share EJ with you. My mother taught me to share with my friends. After all if we are stuck on an island we may need to repopulate the face of the earth, who knows!?!? Lets have another laugh!

    Dying to be Blond I am in the very northwest tip of IL. Ever heard of Galena I am 20m miles away in a sleepy little river towm on the Mississipi.

  501. From Cougar

    Dying to be blonde we are to have 102 degree but heat index of 115. Just blistering. I have been watering my garden every day. We have only had combined about 3/4″ of rain in the last 2 months.

    TerriK we had 400 acres. Most of that tilled. Dont know the precise amount of acres in grassland and small timberland. We had herefords, such a gentle cow, And milkers I agree. I grew up hating those animals you had to be home twice a day seven days a week, 365 days a year to milk them. We veryseldom got off the farm all at the same time evening events. My Mom born in 1920 had an Eighth grade education which was appropirate for the rural area of that time, was a master gardener. We had a huge garden, melon patch, potato patch. I also grew up on all home grown food, very little baught at the store. Grew all our own food, butchered our own meat, our own milk and eggs. I really long to go back on the farm and to our huge old farm house built from native Maple from clearing the land for fields. With 2 full stories, full attic and canning kitchen in the basement and huge freezer. But you cant bring back the past so much has changed today. When I grew up in the 50′s,60′s and earliy 70′s that really was the golden age of the family farm. Farming methods improved, crop productionhit record highs and you had thfreedom to make your own destiny. Today there is so much regulation I applaud you and your family for persivering and keeping your family farm alive and well. I truely wish you the best and continued success.

    Well its time for me to sign off gotta get busy around the house. Tata to you all for now.

  502. From patty

    Clear, I agree that EJ has been particularly passive since his arrest, almost like he’s just playing along and having fun. Elvis Demira of old would not have depended on Will and Sami to set him free, he would have the ball rolling by himself, which is why I think he is using Sami and Will . I also suspect pretending that he’s broke could just be part of his plan because it doesn’t make sense. Sell a condo or Will’s sports car or something. He knew he wasn’t a Demira , the old Elvis would have been stashing money plus he had plenty to bail out Will.
    Leah, the rape card has been played and so has every past crimes or mistakes of any character on the show when it’s convenient. It is just something that can’t be swept under the rug.
    Maryl, the proofs in the puddin. Let’s just say that my line of work and the fact that I’m French has given me an eye for picking out different writing styles. It doesn’t matter to me anyway, to each his own and EJami does have a huge fan base. I’m just not one of them and a lot of the non EJamis that were on here have kind of moved on for some reason or other. I miss them a lot.

  503. From Cougar

    Wow I’m 500; And I don’t mean years! Do I get a prize. Dinner with James Scot would be acceptable; dont you think!

  504. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Off topic.
    Yes, Cougar, I’m familiar with Galena, but never got the chance to visit yet. Maybe someday! We have similar backgrounds. Let’s just say I’m hanging out with the Chief and Tim Beckman, as my location. Our crops look okay, but the yard, well, don’t drop a match. Congrats #500 Cougar!

  505. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    I’m still here, Patty! I just get busy or bored with the show or don’t have anything to comment about.

    I’m a ‘nobody’ fan. I don’t invest in couples, like the days of yesteryear when there were supercouples. I’m more inclined to be watching their individualism rather than coupledom. In fact, I find couples rather boring, and on this show there seems to be an ICK factor with most of them. As always, I blame the writers for my frustrations, not the characters or actors.

  506. From patty

    Yes Dying to be Blonde, and I’m glad you are here! :)
    I don’t blame you for not rooting for any couple. I was a Safe fan but I’n not sure that I am that anymore the way the writers have assassinated their characters. I’m still holding out hope for supercouples like in the past but I know it’s wishful thinking.

  507. From Cougar

    Dyeing 2 B blonde dare I ask would Chief be by any chance Chief Illikwa of U of I/Champhaine, my daughters alma mater? Galena is an interesting little town but it is a tourist trap none the less.

  508. From jolie

    #443 Dyeing to be Blond, well said my friend. You are absolutely correct. I neglected some facts there on our resident bad boy mayor.
    #442 Maryl, I really can’t say I put Elvis and Sami in the same league as Rhett and Miss Scarlett but then GWTW is right next to the Good Book for some of us. And while Miss Mitchell may have left it open for a sequel, I don’t think she’d relish what has been written as such. GWTW is GREAT literature of a short time in history that would be difficult to capture but she did it because there were still people around who lived it and she was smart enough to tap it.
    #453 Patty, that was so darned funny and so in tune to what is going on. Kudos gal.
    #454 MAB The big problem with Elvis swearing the truth on the lives of his children is not that he might be lying because I for one don’t think he did it even if Stefano were to turn up dead. I think he loves Stefano and still had things to prove to him. Taking him out would be the easy way out and Elvis nor Stefano is about that when it doesn’t profit them. The problem is that he has most likely used those very words previously and the situation most likely turned into an opportunity for him to lie and try to get over someone or back at someone. He did swear to the Big Guy over Gianni’s cancer and didn’t exactly live up to that one either so oaths from Elvis…not carrying much water.
    #461 Richard, I do hope you are right and Kate is in with Stefano and they are setting up Ian. I really think that in the end Elvis will be Stefano’s son as it should be and all this evidence that Alice had was produced from something Ian set in motion. Again, why has someone not looked into who the heck Ian is and where he comes from? But then again, maybe Stefano did.
    #469 Terrik, I am with you…Will and Elvis are tremendous together on the screen. The young actor is getting such a good education in his craft with the caliber of actors he is working with and he is so good himself. Now, if we had writers as good as these actors…I dare not even think that way! And Elvis being broke..just a sloppy part of the plot the writers are using to get Sami to rescue him and further drive Lucas away. Not very realistic but all we have I guess. And you are right, poor Lucas is sure being handed the very same dialogue he had from his last stint on this show. He shouts and pouts. Give him better and I think he can rise to the occasion.
    #471 NeeNee, Sami did get some money from John Black because she gave Nicole a paper bag full (I still think that is too funny to have cash in a bag like that) when Elvis had thrown Nicole and Sydney out. Sami took them into the penthouse. She didn’t have a job so John was keeping her up. I would think that since she nor Rafe had much employment since then, that money is long gone. Maybe Sami is skimming CW since Kate isn’t there to watch the books.
    #472 MAB I beg to differ. A college fund that Sami could break into (probably hacked into the bank from Elvis’ computer) might have originated with Elvis but belongs to the kids and not Elvis. I do agree that Kate looks at Mr Creepy like she could run thru him with a nail file at times. I want her to slap him silly when this thing is over for all the stuff he has pulled. Poor Marlena, with John still married to Hope (I’ll bet the writers will rectify this sooner or later by someone getting a letter that a lawyer finally got a judge to sign off on it in Alemania) and maybe Elvis being the offspring of John and Kristen, things will not look to rosy for the winter holidays!
    #474 Patty, I agree about the rape. It was sort of like Luke and Laura on GH. He raped her and later on they were married and forever entangled. I quit watching that one because if you know a rape victim, you can’t see it as anything but rape.
    #490 Dyeing to be Blond, you are so right. I thought Will was a little out there on what he said to Lucas about being there for him. Lucas went to jail for him. And Elvis has caused his family so much grief but Will is still young and is like his mom, he’ll go where his first thought leads him and never think it thru. And your comments in 504, couldn’t agree more.
    #491 Maryl, I saw your list as well. I really am not taking sides of where Elvis should land as far as women but there are lots of fans of both Sami and Elvis but maybe not exactly together. Or many the fan is one of the other and not necessarily with another partner. I just don’t see the need to declare undying devotion to a couple and claim I’ll quit watching if my chosen couple doesn’t get together. Even if they do, this is a soap and it will not last. And if Elvis and Sami were trapped together on a desert island one or the other would find a way to bash the other’s head in with a coconut. They’d never last till the rescue boat comes for them. They’d drive each other crazy. I can see Elvis with Sami’s head propped on a rock (aka Wilson and Tom Hanks in Castaway) talking to it.
    #497 Terrik, you stated it well, Will is a bit star struck and his mom recognizes it in him because she is all about it as well. Do as I say and not as I do.
    I have really enjoyed the FARM days and comments about the family farms. Boy, doesn’t that warm your heart for days gone! Thanks for sharing.

  509. From MAB

    Yeah, the Salem PD go by evidence, but they only look at evidence on ONE suspect. They have not investigated any other suspect, and that is shotty police work which is why they can’t solve cases. If they wouldn’t be biased in their thinking, then maybe they’d be looking at all suspects and maybe some people who aren’t suspects. If they don’t know by now what Ian is capable of, drugging Brady etc., then they truly are the village idiots, as EJ so rightfully called them.

    Best part about yesterday was EJ of course, and his talks w/ Sami & Chad. Will & Sami’s talk was good too, and I hope everyone now understands why Will believes in EJ’s innocence, and why he is willing working for him. Oh, and EJ never said he didn’t care about Will (or whatever was posted that he said). EJ said he didn’t care what William thought about him. Big difference!

    Will was on target yesterday. Every time Sami brought up what EJ did to her, Will countered w/ what she did to him. I think she may be getting it now, which is why I think she ran off to see EJ.

    I see the same people that swore they weren’t posting in different names just to poke insults at others are blaming others for are using different names just to jump on the EJami bandwagon. Bullsh!t I say! If you can make that claim, then we can certainly make the same claim about Safe fans…although I don’t really see any on here posting anymore. I guess they just can’t stand that there are SO many EJami fans! And it’s just not this board. Fans are speaking out more all over the internet about EJami.

    Nice to see Kate & Austin say goodbye. I can’t believe he was actually waiting there to see if Carrie would show up. His patience w/ her knows no bounds, and she definitely doesn’t deserve him. And she had the gaw to stand there and tell Rafe he was the best man she’s ever known??? Uh, NO he isn’t, your husband is! Rafe & Carrie yesterday, stupid & boring. At this point if they are not gonna give Galen a real s/l away from Sami, I wish he would just leave the show.

    Leah – I completely agree about some playing the ‘rape’ card over & over. It was even written into the script (to try to satisfy the fans) that EJ & Sami squashed what happened, forgave each other, and put it behind them, but some still continue to bring it up. So they should sweep in under the rug and stop dredging up the past.

    Maryl – I’m w/ you. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that EJ & Sami will get trapped together!

    Hold it Cougar – you & Maryl will have to share EJ w/ me too, and kat, and several others! LOL

    I don’t think it’s not odd in the least that EJ is acting passive. He has never been in this type of serious situation before w/o Stefano, the DiMera name, money & power backing him.

    I’ve been seeing previews of the explosion. It looks like most of the cast is affected in some way. Looks really exciting…can’t wait!!

  510. From Just Moi

    Hi Patty, I’m still around also, but like DTBB I just don’t have much to comment about either. I was a huge Eeljami fan until the writers totally ruined it for me with the “rape”, kidnapping and shooting, I just can’t imagine them together anymore. Then I was a SAFE fan but like you said they have assasinated their characters, Im just not that interested anymore. Since Im blonde I think I will follow in DTBB’s foot steps and become a ‘nobody’ fan lol.

    Cougar, I also live in an interesting little town that is a big tourist trap. I don’t want to wish the summer away but I can’t wait to get my little town back.

  511. From kat

    So I ask, Where is the Beef,
    haven’t seen any coming to my house..
    TerriK, heavens, I would not get upset with you…..
    it’s not the spoilers we see above,
    it’s when somebody already seems to know, the little details of next day’s show, and uses them to make a point,
    I don’t know what they are talking about, and therefore giving opinions, we are not on the same playing field. That’s All, no big problem.
    Like about EJ’s money,
    MAB and I made the point, that his assets might be frozen, but Patty already
    knew, by having seen next day’s show, that was not the reason……

    I am not so much a couple fan, I like or dislike the Character….
    Right now seeing Sami and EJ, together or not on the screen is great.
    I like Stefano, he is great.
    If EJ is with whoever, I still enjoy watching EJ..
    EJ and Sami, together or not, each one of them has Star power and I get My Entertainment…
    I thought dual posting, is against the Rules on here, and Why does the Admin. not catch on to that.
    I agree with Patty, there have been dual postings, and it was all but easy to pick up on the writing styles. Like, for instance,
    any idiot could pick out my style.. LOL
    Cougar, Miss 500,
    you should get a Kudo on here,
    straight form James Scott/EJ himself.
    The Admin. should tell him, and what great
    PR that could be for the show…I am not holding my breath.
    again, it is not the Events, it’s the little details, that we “argue” (in a good way) on.

    Dentist time, starting today on my Implants,
    had to wait a year before all is ready for that work. Long process, won’t be completed for another 6 months…
    When Rafe remembered his Wedding Day with Sami,
    he all but spit, saying like Yeah in a very negative dismissive way… IMO
    He did not look all chocked up about it.
    How could he, isn’t his Heart breaking for Carrie,
    that should be the only emotion He is capable of feeling right now. LOL
    Oh, but I forgot, this is a soap, characters can within “Minutes” jump from bed to the other, silly me. Sami has not hopped yet to EJ’s and I hope, that it will take a very Loooooooooong time before it gets to that point. Stretch out the Cat and Mouse Courtship, the Best part of it…

  512. From Just Moi

    Fogot to add. I think Im becomming an Eeljami fan again. I want them back together and this time give them each a gun and have them both shoot at the same time…problem solved!

  513. From MAB


    Again, it’s common for most parents to swear the truth on the lives of his children when they are really telling the truth. I still say that is why he said it. And still, he is not the only person on this show to make the same claim. I know Sami has done it, and probably broke that promise as well. It’s not different just because it’s EJ.

    I never said anything about the college fund not belonging to the kids. I said it was HIS money in there because Sami certainly doesn’t have it. And I only mentioned it because that is the only place I could think of the Sami might get her hands on a large amount of money, epecially since EJ is basically supporting her.

    Also, I’m the one who had the thought originally that Kate knows Stefano is alive and working w/ him to bring down Ian. I mentioned it shortly after Stefano’s death.

  514. From patty

    Excellent post jolie as always!Still lmao at the picture of Sami’s head being EJ’s Wilson. :)

    I’ve also enjoyed the farm stories Terrik and Cougar. Thanks for sharing! I still can’t wrap my head around milking 65 cows twice a day every day of the year. Wowsy!

  515. From Cougar

    Mab gotta ask was shotty a typo or a combo of shoddy and another word we cant type on this site? LOL

    Well I guess Maryl and I and share a piece of the EJ pie but you have to help forge for food. LOL

    Are we really go down this road again. The rape discussion is so old hat. This is a sorry part of soaps that they make a popular character do something despicable and then they regret it in and have to make it go away.

    Jolie although I would like to see EJ & Sami marooned to unite them I respect your opinion that they would be chasing each other around trying to kill each other. Really I can picture it in my head and it presents it self as very amusing, hilarious. You each his own.

    I think that the reason EJami fans are so passionate about getting these two together is that its an unrequited love story. You know like unrequited love. The writers and flirted and danced around it for so long and brought us to the brink only to dissapoint. I like to think that I am a reasonable person that does not crawl in to the TV set with the characters but as a fan I do feel toyed with.

  516. From Cougar

    Yup Patty. I hated those critters for that growing up but I really do like cows. The little calves are so cute.

    Back to Days. I too long for a long term couple to be tghrown in htere once and a while. We had it with Bope which might be history with Bo leaving and with Patch and Kayla now kaput. I dont know if this is an accurate statement as to why but with younger writers (at least younger than me) have we just caught up to the over 60% divorce rate. Its a reflection on what is becoming the norm that nobody stays together?!

  517. From patty

    Hey Just Moi, nice to see you too! :)
    As for myself, I am a fan of Days and of almost everybody on the show with the exception of Ian, EJ and Kate. I kind of like Stephano now that he’s dead and I still like Sami even though she’s an air head.

  518. From jolie

    Re: yesterday’s show. Sami has the drive with her. She had to load it from somewhere. Did she make another backup…most of us would for something this important and put it somewhere safe…like the jewelry box you keep your everyday earrings in. Or is the file still available on her computer? Or did the computer nerd that Mr Creepy was acting so bossy to zap it from every computer in the world in one key? Just a thought…

  519. From jolie

    Don’t want to start a ruckus but I do believe that any number of viewers had the notion from the start that Stefano was not really dead and that either Kate or Elvis had some special knowledge of that fact. And that Mr. Creepy was a likely suspect since the SPD totally would not even look his way and too the fact that lots of us just can’t like the guy. But if credit is due, hop to it one and all.

  520. From TerriK

    Kat- Thanks my dear :) phew, I just wanna blog in peace with everyone in here, and I think you’s (great english huh) are all great people!

    Jolie- you really see all points made here so well! I love your writing and your views. I really do love EJ & Will together. I’ve always preferred the villains on the show. Don’t get me wrong..I enjoy the love stories..the romance..but the evil do’ers are just too fun to watch. I am really looking forward to Will’s character growing..and although I feel bad that Will is treating his Dad with such disrespect..I can understand it to an extent due to him taking off and moving to the other side of the world. The whole gay storyline that Will is suppose to be following (and that doesn’t bother me in the least) just doesn’t seem to fit. If he is indeed looking at EJ as his mentor, he’d be a much better ladiesman, IMO. I think the writers jumped the gun, and never really thought this through enough. And now there is no turning back. Oh well, it is what it is.
    Cougar- yes most of ours a herefords (for people who don’t know, that’s a female cow who has never calfed yet). Until the bull gets a hold of them lol and then we dub them “cows”. We try to keep a hold of our girls..usually the steers end up being dinner, and we raise and sell the occasional bull. We have two, have to kcofeep them in seperate pastures, obviously, or they’d kill one another lol but they each have their own little harem of women lol. I’m happy that you all don’t mind the farm stories. I enjoy having someone to share them with. My days consist of talking to a 8 month old (8 months today) and a 3 1/2 year old, and although i’d never trade it for the whole world, the adult conversation is really appreciated. So I enjoy you all, internet posts or not, it’s still nice to have some sort of communication with the outside world :) xo

  521. From patty

    Spoiler Alert!!!
    I just finished watching the day ahead show and I don’t care what anybody says, no matter how hard he tries, EJ doesn’t fill out a pair of jeans like Rafe does. He might as well go back to wearing his Armanis(if he can still afford them) and his pink shirts.

  522. From Tee

    So many posts since I last posted I have been busy electric was out due to storm, and I was in middle of doing laundry so I had to finish that up.

    I think Will has been acting very grown up with his reasoning with Sami and others lately.

    Jolie it is in spoilers Stefano is alive so we all know he is. As far as Kate being involved I dont think so though I think she is on to IAN. She may helping Stefano but not with his knowledge.
    It is odd before he left he tried to test Kate and her faithfulness. He also sorta is testing EJ maybe. Perhaps he wants to see where his loyalties lie. IDK.

    I am interested to see who all will be seriously affected by explosion.
    I also am interested to see more of Alices secrets cause I believe there is a tie in TO EJ and perhaps others in Salem. I also would like to get that storyline over with.

    I did not see Eafe as remembering Sami happily he did not look none to happy when he remembered.
    But Like I think maybe Kat or someone else said this is a soap.

    I am sure they are gonna plaay that up. The triangle begins, unless Lucas just takes himself out the picture. He may he seems to be getting pretty upset.

    I am glad Carrie is gone and the many goodbyes to Rafe are gone. I wish they would not havemessed up her and Austins story and her And Sami again.

  523. From Tee

    Patty~ Your comment on EJ and Rafe filling out jeans just made me laugh so hard.

    I may think that EJ is sexy but I agree Rafe probably has the bigger booty lol.

  524. From NeeNee

    Terri K, I think you have misused a word . . .

    “most of ours a herefords (for people who don’t know, that’s a female cow who has never calfed yet). Until the bull gets a hold of them lol and then we dub them “cows”.

    That would be HEIFERS. Hereford is a distinct brown/white face breed. As in on the old I Love Lucy show where Tennessee Ernie Ford visits the Ricardos and Lucy pretends to be a Big Wicked City Woman that his mama warned him about. She dresses up in a slinky dress & black wig and proceeds to “vamp” him—ruffling his hair. But he likes it, and proceeds to chase the Wicked City Woman around the apartment, saying “City Woman, come here you little heifer!”

    I grew up on a 120-acre Iowa farm in the 50′s/60′s. We never milked more than six at a time, so never sold milk. And this was By.Hand. My mom’s brother had a big dairy herd and they have automatic milkers. Used to envy them.

  525. From TerriK

    Neenee- I blame it on my know it all hubby lmao. I ALWAYS questioned that because he always told me heifer was actually spelled Hereford. Being a city girl turned country, I never really questioned him, when I really should have asked his Dad. Lol so thank you for giving me the ammunition to fight back! Hahaha. I do know what a hiefer is :) now I can go back to being right with him as always :)

  526. From jolie

    #519 TerriK, I have to agree with you on the villains. They normally have the best stories and do things that normal people would never do and would certainly not get away with it. I have always like Stefano for the sheer craziness of some of his plots and plans. And Dr. Rolf! What a kooky character to have at your beck and call.
    #521 Yes, we do now know that the old fox is toying with someone and is still alive. I am so glad for it.
    Has anyone ever heard the word ‘heifer’ used as sort of slang for an aggravating or less than nice female? Or even a female who has done something bad and it is used rather than call her a slut or worse? I am from a small town in the South so I have heard it used all my life. I guess you could call someone a heifer at the Sunday dinner table and not have caused yourself to get sent away from the table by your grandmother. But don’t dare discuss what she did to get called a heifer!

  527. From Maryl

    #507 jolie–Who really knows what Margaret Mitchell would have relished in a sequel to GWTW. One could assume that she would have picked up where she left off and probably spice things up between Rhett and Scarlet. I would bet she knew exactly what sold her book and made Scarlett’s and Rhett’s love story so special. The book was a great walk thru southern history, but it was the romance that sold it. EJ, I agree is not like Rhett, but Sami has Scarlett’s tendencies to overlook and deny what she feels. Scarlett considered Rhett to be a black-hearted varmint–not fit to tie Ashley’s shoe. She was in love with an idea, just like Sami. The perfect mate—thus far, Sami
    has had some but yet she always screws up with these perfect guys. Why?
    Also, I have to add that I would never place GWTW next to the Good Book–although if you want to read about bad guys, evil acts, deception, etc., just read the Good Book–King David for example. Makes our EJ look almost meek. They also didn’t always keep their word to God.

    Oh, and if Sami was stuck on a desert island with Rafe or Lucas, she would surely die quickly from boredom. In order to survive, she would have to get to EJ someway–thru carrier pigeon perhaps, or send him a floating
    coconut with a note inside. (Ha!)

    Wow, if we will be blogging like this for the next two weeks, maybe we won’t be so bored without Days. (Ha!)

  528. From jolie

    #526 Maryl, Scarlett surely thought Rhett was as bad as a carpetbagger, most certainly a scallywag which he was! I was in jest about the Good Book next to GWTW only meaning that we all revere GWTW but then also To Kill a Mockingbird which is a book for the ages. Scarlett was in love with an ideal and didn’t she just go thru some hard times because of it!. Just when you thought she might leave Melanie to fend for herself, she’d straighten her backbone and steel herself to do whatever was needed. I confess that I always saw Ashley as less than desirable because he was so wishy washy and not near as strong as Scarlett. But if he had been any different, she’d have thrown him over in a minute. He would not have been her ideal. Sami is very much that way. That has to be way she is panting around Elvis acting so silly like. She still sees the ideal of Elvis rather than the total package. Elvis is suave and handsome and a nicely turned package for sure. Can she count on him in a crunch? I don’t think she even believes that she can. I’d like to see that Sami finally decides to believe in herself and not one of the guys, Elvis, Lucas or Rafe.

  529. From jolie

    Since some have been posting tales from the family farm…here is my offering. My grandmother was from France. She married my grandfather who had moved to France in early 1920’s to write rather than join the family law firm. Well, F. Scott he wasn’t so they moved back home and he became the town lawyer and mayor and she loved it. She hated what Southerners do to names..and in the South you just have to use a family name at times –male or female and blend it and use it in any way possible as homage. So my gpa was Joel and my gma was Joi (not sure how to spell but she was called Joy by her Southern neighbors among some other things). When I rolled around, my daddy was Joe and his mama’s maiden name was Lee so go figure, I became Jolee. My French gma insisted it be Jolie because she wanted the French pronunciation. I became Jolie but of course am called Joe Lee. If you are born here, don’t ever try to take that cornbread out of your mouth because it just doesn’t hold. Hope you find this tale amusing.

  530. From Tee

    Looks like tomorrow we get our answer how Sami put up bail for EJ.

    Tomorrows episode looks good, Tings are gonna get started I almost cannot wait till Friday but yet that just means some big cliffhanger for 2 weeks ugh

    Jolie Thanks for sharing your story.

  531. From patty

    Well, Jolie, I find it interesting because that is a very nice name and I hope you know that jolie in French means pretty.
    I don’t have a nice story behind my name that I know of except that after 5 girls, my mother ran out of ideas and called me Patricia. Pat or Patty for short. Period.
    As for a farm story, I remember falling in cow poop with my pretty little Sunday dress at my Grandma’s house. I think they had three cows and a pig and a bunch of hens. hehe! Seriously though , I always loved big farms.

  532. From patty

    Tee, I guess my cliffhanger is going to be tomorrow. Things are pretty well set in motion for it. It’s going to be a long two weeks, glad I’m going on vacation.

  533. From Maryl

    I am also a farm girl. Born and raised on one. We do not farm now but instead have a business related to farm equipment and repairs, so I’m still very close to our farmers in this area. When Leah compared Lucas to a little rooster and EJ the big rooster, I laughed my head off because we had those little roosters on the farm–they were called bandys (spelling may be wrong). These little devils were very fiesty and had a lot of macho. They were always trying to start fights with the big rooster who ruled the roost. Needless to say, the little bandy usually wound up running off squawking. I remember Momma calling us kids to come and watch the rooster fight. Sweet memories at poor Lucas’s expense. (Ha)!

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