Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For July 26 & 27.

Falling apart.

Gabi wakes up after the gas blast. Andrew prevents her and Mel from escaping. He confuses Mel when he knows Gabi’s name and taunts her. Gabi tries bluffing her way out but no dice. After spotting a sparking electric box, Mel pushes Andrew to let them go before they are blown sky high. Down the tunnel, Chad and Brady frantically search for their friends. They are nearly killed in another explosion. A separate blow dislodges part of the ceiling and it falls on Andrew. Mel runs, but Gabi stays behind to try and rescue him from the debris so he can escape. Chad catches them together just as another explosion hits.

Roman is miffed when his daughter drops by the station to bail out EJ. But the cells might not be empty for long. Roman receives a tip that Elvis is planning to fly. As Roman plans to re-arrest him, Will finds out and tries to tip off his boss. By the time that the cops show up at EJ’s, he’s already gone, thanks to Sami’s prodding that he get out of the country. Roman tries questioning Will, but he’s no help. The young man soon gets a call from his mom, asking him to bring the kids to say goodbye to their father. Roman and Lucas track Will and the kids over. The cop tries taking a shot at EJ, but Sami gets in the way and explosions start going off.

Daniel pays Victor a visit. They worry about Mel for a few minutes, but Victor seems more concerned about his godson hooking up with Nicole. The woman in question shows up thanks to a summons from Maggie and a verbal brawl breaks out. Daniel defends Nicole and leaves with her, leaving Victor to mope to Maggie. She tells him not to stick his nose into other people’s affairs. They head to the square where the autism fundraiser is happening. The place starts to collapse as the explosions spread. Falling debris traps Abby in an elevator nearby. Meanwhile, waiting for Brady, Madison is harassed by Ian when her husband-to-be fails to show up. John pops up to lay into Ian, who winds up alone with Madison in a corridor when they are hit by yet another blast.

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  1. From Barbara

    I hope the new writers fix this mess. If only Roman would shoot EJ but I’m thinking the very stupid and possibly chipped Sami will get in the way and Roman shoots her instead.

  2. From dc

    well barbara i’m with you. but i think sami will get hit by a shot but it won’t be roman. not sure who will try and shoot her.
    the next two weeks are gonna be torture, not knowing if anyone dies and who lives..
    it is gonna be sad to finnd that out..
    read where jack and madison may be leaving together, which is kind of weird..
    i’ll be on pins and needles until the show returns.
    also read where maxine is coming back. i like her..

  3. From Kat

    526 Maryl, you were the last one on the “Big Site”. What a Record for this site.
    Anybody wants to go back and read..
    “Days of our Lives spoilers July 23 – 27″. I just did.

    Looks like the blog site will not be open for the next 2 weeks.
    Looks like back again week of Aug. 13 – 17.

  4. From dc

    i guess we will find out how good these “new writers” are when the show returns in two weeks..

  5. From kat

    I think I am wrong, about this blog not being open for the next two weeks,
    they most likely will leave this site, we are on right now, and we can continue as usual.
    Don’t know what I was thinking.

  6. From MAB

    My comments from the other page since they changed it before I had a chance to post”

    Cougar – yes I used ‘shotty’ as a combination of both words…nice that you noticed.

    I’m a fan of everyone on the show whether I like them or not. There are times tho when they mistakenly bring on characters I detest and are a waste of airtime, like Madison & Ian. Which is not why I’m not surprised when they end up being short-lived.

    Yes, everyone knew from the spoilers that Stefano probably wasn’t dead, but there was no talk of Kate or EJ knowing or working w/ him. I brought attention to that sometime back, and that is when the discussions started. I’m not trying to take credit for it, but others can’t either when someone else mentioned it first.

    Every time I see Rafe in a pair of jeans, they’re hanging off of him like there’s nothing back there. EJ fills out all of his pants, not just the dress pants. His sweats & jeans he fills out very well. I think his clothes are just fitted better. And no one rocks a pink shirt like EJ.

    Just because Alice was well respected still doesn’t mean her information was right about EJ not being Stefano’s son. What if she concocted a plain w/ Susan to lie to Stefano about it? She kept a lot of other secrets, so why not this one too? I still won’t believe it for real until it’s proven w/ DNA tests.

  7. From kat

    6 MAB, I agree, a letter, lord knows how old,
    is taken as gospel, that EJ is not a DiMera.
    Blood or no blood, he was raised by Stefano as his son, and is so legally until DNA/NOT Blood tests, show otherwise.

    Lucas saying that Him going to jail, for something Will did is not the same, yes, but How will the little kids feel, to find out that Their Brother Will tried to kill their Dad, and later their Mother tried to do the same. Lucas, you are talking in circles.

    Looks like – maybe Sami is trying to make up some of the bad stuff that has happened in the past, and so is Will.
    Somebody has to make a start,
    never to late for anything or anybody to try and set things straight.

    It’s not so much the jeans/pants, it’s is the Man in it, and wow, EJ is all Man from top to his toes, IMO, LOL.

    Andrew calling Gaby by name, no big deal, of course he would know the name of the Girl he was stalking..
    So nice to see Jack and Jenn together today.
    To bad he is a goner… did not see enough of him.

  8. From Clear

    So, how would anyone know Sami had a flash drive with the surveillance footage? Does Sami have a copy because she did not seem as upset as she should about it being gone.

  9. From MAB

    kat – “It’s not so much the jeans/pants, it’s is the Man in it, and wow, EJ is all Man from top to his toes”…I say DITTO!

  10. From Adele

    Clear – I thought that too. She didn’t seem fazed about losing th flash drive. She didn’t even mention it to Will when she talked to him. What is up with that?

  11. From TerriK

    Kat & MAB- damn right. EJ is all sexy from head to toe…and in between lmao

  12. From SandyGram

    Episode July 25th:
    So 526 postings archived, I’ll have to go back a read them this weekend. Just to busy today with my Hubby’s Birthday do those things he loves to do, but I was able to squeeze in watching the show over lunch.

    Today’s show was some what slow, but a definite preparation for what’s coming the rest of the week with all the explosions.

    Abby, Cameron, Jack and Jen::
    Why did I get the feeling this was the beginning of ‘good-bye’ for Jack. He see’s his daughter is happy with the new guy in town. He has a nice daughter-father talk with expressions of I love you. He gets to know Cameron as a dutiful Dad should do and finds he likes the young man courting his baby girl. He shows signs of approval and beams with pride. Wrapping it up with giving Jenn credit for him being is such a good place in his life. SPOILER: I hate to think it, but there is that spoiler that says there is a short connection between Jack and Madison, maybe Jack try’s to save Madison and they both die. Madi’s last air date is August 15th. How else could Jack leave and not take Jenn?

    In the tunnels, Molly is doing such a great job as the scared Melanie and dealing with this lunatic Andrew. They’ve hooked me, it gives me the creeps to think of her in that cold, dark, gas filled chamber of what must be horrors for her. Then to the rescue Chad, Brady and the little Diva who’s responsible for this mess the Gabster. For two supposedly intelligent men, like everyone else (except Abby maybe) Gabi has sure pulled the wool over their eyes.

    Sami and Lucas…not much to say other than predictable. Let see just how long Sami’s expression of wanting to be with Lucas lasts. I guess now the question is, will Lucas stand by the ultimatum he gave Sami yesterday’?

    Lucas and EJ….In Chandler Massey’s latest Interview he talks of the relationship between him and not just EJ, but with James Scott. He said “I can’t help but hold back a smile, and sometimes I don’t when I work with James.” I think Chandler proved that in the scene’s with James today with his many what seemed to be out of place smiles and grins. Since Days only shoots each scene one time I can imagine when sitting across the table from each other, James is probably winking or doing something just a little extra to distract Chandler when delivering his lines. A teaching moment like with the Will character when EJ, as the one with more experience, is guiding Will under his tutelage. This is the kind of relationship they seem to have on and off the screen.

    EJ and Sami….For now, I will give EJ the benefit of the doubt that he is not just using Sami and Will for a bigger purpose. There has been several ‘Ah Ha’ moments where he actually looked genuinely surprised that they would put themselves out there for him. TPTB are really doing a good job of keeping this story line under raps….I think we’re all in for a very big surprise. Tomorrow will be the beginning of unraveling many speculations according to the Days Ahead I had read.

    Now off to take Hubby for Chinese Dinner to top off his Birthday.

  13. From Clear

    Adele,I guess Sami and EJ may be more focused on finding who is setting him up, and we know it almost has to be Ian since he had the original deleted.

    Spoilers say Sami decides to run with EJ, but if the Salem Lamin’ PD are watching the plane, how are they leaving and what are they using for $$$$? It also said Sami put up Countess Wil Cosmetics for bail.

    Will they let Gabi get away with her part in Mel’s kidnapping? It has happened before. Remember Nicole got away with framing Ariana w/Dr. Dan and ruined her life.

  14. From kat

    13 Clear,
    how does Sami get away with putting up CW for Bail money.
    You would think EJ has more right to that place, than Sami….
    I Still say, that legally, EJ is still a DiMera, all the way, until legally proven – DNA, otherwise.
    But I guess in a soap, whatever the writers need to make it work, they’ll do.
    So Ladies, the College Funds are save…
    Where does Lucas live,
    he must have a place of his own somewhere, can’t imagine his is living in a place, paid for by EJ.

    It would make sense if he stays at the Horton House, after all he is Jenn’s
    Half Brother, …and a true Horton..

    11 TerriK, you little devil you…..” and in between Imao “.
    9 MAB, of course….
    no wonder Will has a slight little crush on the older Man, it happens, but he
    also seems to be comfortable with EJ, and they both seem to learn from each other, through good and bad, and maybe become better people because of all.

    They started out black mailing each other,
    and might just through it all become the best of Friends. Stranger things have happened. Friendships come often from very strange beginnings…and form slowly….

  15. From Arlene

    I agree with the earlier post about Jack having these wonderful scenes before leaving the show. My guess is that the ones that die because of the explosion will be Jack, Madison, Andrew and Ian. Also, got my SOD the other day and Ken Corday told him the door was open if he ever wanted to come back. He wants to spend time travelling the world with his wife and 4 yr. old daughter before she starts attending school. He’s missed some important “first” moments in her life and wants to spend time with his family. He feels that he is now part of the older generation on the show and airtime is being given more to the younger ones. Also, if Jack dies, I wonder if Dr. Dan goes after Jennifer again? If would give her a storyline again, since she’s been in the background lately and hardly seen. Wonder what will happen to Hope’s storyline and how they will write off Bo from the show.

  16. From Arlene

    Oops. Forgot to mention who was speaking with Ken Corday on last post. Sure you all guessed it was Peter Reckell.

  17. From Adele

    I’m just hoping, since Carrie brought up the “Sami still loves you card” with Rafe out of the clear blue sky that they don’t go down that road again. I don’t care for her with Lucas anymore either, that ship has sailed. If they are not going to pair her with EJ, I hope they start a new storyline with her.

  18. From SandyGram

    #13 Clear (SPOILER Enclosed)
    I have one BIG problem if Sami should run with EJ….would they take Johnny and Sydney with them and would Will go also? That would leave Lucas with Allie! Once again Allie would be second fiddle to all the other kids if this was to happen. I would venture to guess they probably won’t get an opportunity to run with the explosions happening all around town.

    SPOILER: Tomorrow someone does gas up the DiMera jet and Roman gets another one of those anonymous phone calls and he has the airport restrict the plane from taking off. While EJ’s electronic leg bracelet says he’s still at the DiMansion he heads over to re-arrest him. From what I can fueling up the DiMera jet is all part of the plan to make EJ look guilty for Stefano’s shooting. If fact when Will tells him he overheard Roman taking about the jet, EJ says he would never do that!!

  19. From SandyGram

    If it turns out Sami got the money from Countess Wilhelmina for EJ’s bail, that’s sounds like embezzlement exactly what John was arrested for and what put the family is so much danger.

    Even if it’s not embezzlement everything Sami is doing is putting the family in danger. How soon she and obviously the writers forgets the events of last September.

  20. From Leah

    Oh come on! After months of no to very little communication…. now Carries leaving she drops the Sami word to Rafe and now he’s thinking of her. What the??? And we are mean’t to believe this after his love for Carrie and his broken heart over her leaving. Talk about desperately throwing fanbases a bone! Sami is sleeping with Lucas but is clearly in love and longing and pining for EJ. To try and bring Rafe back into the mix after these last few months is ridiculous. Time Rafe and Lucas moved on anything else makes them look like two right royal dopes. I mean both of their marriages ended because Sami and EJ can’t stay away from each other and eventually cave into their feelings and made love. Safe and Lumi pairings have had their times and their best days are behind them. Both Rafe and Lucas are well aware Sami loves EJ and vise a versa. They have seen them be there for she other no matter what…. over and over again. Its well and truly now Ejami’s and Ejami families time! Rafe and Lucas need to man up and move on.

  21. From Leah

    # SandyGram… yes Sami is putting her family in danger and at risk. Why? Because she is doing it for the man she loves (EJ). Love does that and yes it also forgives and forgets…EJAMI!

  22. From Leah

    PS: I also understand what you mean about dear Allie. I have always hoped that she belongs to EJ. He is the one male who has been consistantly in her life since day 1. EJ has always thought of Allie as his own and she has always loved him too.

  23. From Maryl

    If EJ and Sami would take the children with them on the run, there could be a problem with taking Allie–would Lucas be able to cry kidnapping? Although, I would dread leaving Allie behind for Lucas to look after her–he might decide to leave on his own venture again and desert her and Will. I’d trust Will to take care of Allie more than Lucas. I definitely think EJ has been there for those kids a lot more than Lucas–he hasn’t ever bailed on them. Even when Nicole wanted him to run off with her and leave them behind, he wouldn’t do it. The only reason for EJ’s separation from the kids is usually Sami and the wars they carry out against one another. If not for that, he would never be anywhere but living in the same house with them.

  24. From patty

    No matter how you look at it, Sami and Will are breaking the law by aiding and abetting a fugitive and EJ again is putting them in danger as he did countless times before. At least this time he’s trying to warn Sami about it but Sami being Sami, she is now on a mission. She now believes in him, yup!
    Lucas could very well take care of his own daughter if they took the kids as he did when Sami sent Allie to live with him to protect her from the perverted faux Rafe that EJ put in the children’s life. He also took good care of Will as a child and is still trying to do so, but Will’s become his mother’s son and is acting like a dufus also.
    The fact that Rafe is all of a sudden remembering his wedding day to Sami is no more strange than EJ and Sami getting close again after he never brought up her name or the kids in a long time when he was busy with Taylor and falling in love with Nicole, playing dirty to knock down his sister’s husband in his bid for mayor and lets not forget framing John . I wonder if he got away with that one but yes, this show has a tendency to sweep things under the rug and die hard fans just look the other way. I don’t see why Gabi shouldn’t get away with what she did, everybody else does. The only time people end up in jail on this show is for crimes they didn’t commit.
    To say that EJ wouldn’t put his kids in danger or that he has been there for the kids the most is beyond ridiculous and has been proven to be not so. Rafe was more of a parent to those kids than all of them put together, Sami included.

  25. From Leah

    No agruments about Rafe caring and loving those kids BUT he was also more than happy to exclude certain parents rights as well try and keep those kids from their parents and thats not fair. I’m all for Rafe having kids… JUST KIDS OF HIS OWN! Let Emily rise up from the dead and lets see their love and past unfold. I reckon there was a love child there in their story too! Arianna kinda hinted at it once when she and Rafe were talking.

  26. From Richard

    Most of the people posting here wants this show to remain the “Days of EJ”
    EJ, it seems, once again, will put his kids in harms way and with the blessings of Sami and Will.
    Talk about Lucas deserting Will, how about Will allowing his father to take the blame for something that they say now that he did? Will was alright with his father going away for a long time.
    People who love EJ and Sami together must really love Andrew and Melanie. It’s pretty much the same, except for the forced sex.
    I like the EJ and Sami characters, just not together. I would never wish a Dimera life style on their kids.
    EJ hates Lucas and Rafe, so I wonder what Sami would think if EJ set out to really bring harm to them?
    Sami vowed revenge for what happened to John at the hands of the Dimeras. I guess she forgot about that.
    Ej has consistantly wrecked Sami’s life and now she is aiding him in doing just that.
    Sami has consistantly turned on her mother and now expects 100% of her attention. How pitiful is that?

  27. From patty

    Leah, EJ has kids of his own and can hardly be a parent to them let alone be a parent to Lucas’ children. If Rafe has a kid out there fine but it doesn’t matter if he does or not, I would bet he would still put his own life on the line to protect Sami’s kids , not put them in the line of fire again as Sami and EJ are about to do. I clearly remember EJ and Stephano blackmailing Rafe in his cell down the basement with threats to harm Allie. Whether EJ changed his mind or not, he was still using that poor kid as bait against a man who wasn’t even that child’s biological father. He knew Rafe would have done anything to protect her from harm as he would have for all of Sami’s kids.

  28. From pattypat

    There are so many story lines going on now my head swims. I can’t wait until the Olympics are over for the story to continue. There will be some changes I am sure. I am saddened to hear that Bo will be leaving and I hope they leave it open for him to return. Hope has had enough bad luck. Loved Jack and Abagil yesterday. I will keep watching.

  29. From Maryl

    Let’s see–was it not Rafe who convinced Sami to take the kids to the pub for John’s sake the night of the shooting–putting them in harm’s way? As a cop, he should have known John was a possible target, but because he wanted to look good with his support of John, he skillfully talked Sami into taking the kids there. Sure John was a target because of EJ, but the stupid idea to have this gathering for John was not EJ’s. Exposing the kids to that risk is a separate thing because everyone knew of the animosity toward John at that time, but Rafe talked Sami into going there anyway.

    It’s funny how quickly Rafe’s great, love, care and concern for Sami’s children was tossed aside. Also, this great love that he supposedly had for Sami–gone so quickly because of his inability to forgive and understand, and replaced with a great love for her sister. Replaced before he learned of Sami’s transgression. Then he couldn’t even get Carrie to choose him because of these wonderful values he holds so dear–it’s kind of like it’s ok to touch things just don’t buy them. Why touch forbidden fruit in the first place if you are so blessed with moral values that dictate to your conscious? Sami shot EJ in the head, and he was able to forgive her, even admitted that he deserved it.

    Rafe didn’t stay with Sami long enough to be labeled as this wonderful father figure–most of the time, when he was living with Sami, the kids were with Grandma Caroline. The kids seemed to love him, true, but then for little children ,love comes easily. He paid enough attention to them to earn this, although it was so short-lived.
    The most important thing is that Rafe is NOT a parent to those children. No matter how rotten Sami and EJ are to one another, they are the parents and that’s why they need to solve the problems between them one way or another for the sake of those children. If they can’t find their way back to each other–they need to at least create trust and a friendship so they can share the children in a loving and safe relationship.
    EJ never intentionally put his children in danger–even Sydney was well taken care of during his stupid kidnapping scheme. It’s the backfiring of some of his schemes that come back to haunt him and he realizes he put his kids in jeopardy because he didn’t consider the consequences. To say he deliberately plans this, is what is totally ridiculous.

  30. From Mary

    #26 Richard, I understand and respect your opinions of EJ, but I wonder if you could ever understand why some of us can see the other side of EJ. That’s where the open mind for a fictional character haS to be in play. We see the more complicated and hidden side of EJ, the writers have dangled these ideas in the faces of viewer such as myself who take the dare to care about EJ. It’s like some people who can only see black and white, while others can see the grey in between.

    Andrew and Melanie like EJ and Sami?? Not in your life! And I for one, am hating that SL.

  31. From patty

    EJ deliberatly planned to put faux Rafe in his children’s life which put his children in grave danger and also Nicole’s and Taylor’s mother, the mother of two women he proclaimed to love deeply at one time or another.
    He deliberatly planned to frame John and consequently putting everybody’s life in danger, his children included. The guilt he felt when he thought Johnny was dead is because he felt responsible and rightly so. If somebody was trying to kill John it’s EJ’s fault, not Rafe’s.
    He deliberatly set out to kidnapp Sydney and pass her off as dead.
    He deliberatly told little Johnny that his mother didn’t love him. So no I don’t think saying EJ deliberatly set out to hurt his children is ridiculous.
    The only thing you got on Rafe is that he is boring and that the kids were always at Grandma’s house. Oh and that he’s smug, which he has every right to be.

  32. From Kat

    Wow, I think by now we are beating a dead horse….
    EJ is on the screen along with so many others, because He is Center of the current SL,and somebody will always be the Star of any given SL.. LOL

    I don’t know it yet, haven’t seen it yet,
    but SandyGram, I did read your spoiler, I agree with you.

    Getting the Jet ready,
    could be another Set up, none of us know yet, and yet, it is already debated on here, as if it was
    Total Fact. That is very confusing at times, will all those assumptions on here, become facts, or Stay total fiction created by us bloggers.
    No wonder, it is hard to remember sometimes, what really happened in the past, do we remember Facts, or some of those Fictions/assumptions we talked about so much ahead of time….

    But we will not change, so let’s carry on….

    To compare EJ and Sami to Andrew and Mel,
    wow, My eyes do not see that, but they are Just my pretty blue eyes, LOL.
    To each their own….only fair…

    I hope that Gaby does Not get away with it,
    She is very young, and she needs to learn right now, just like Abby had to,
    wrong is wrong….. and get herself back on the right track.

  33. From MAB

    Leah – ditto to all your posts!

    Maryl – ditto on all your posts too! Yeah no way would Lucas allow EJ & Sami to take Allie. He would have a conniption fit! Also, you’re right about EJ & Sami. If they don’t get back together, they need to create a trusting friendship so they can share the children in a loving & safe relationship. Actually I think that is what has been happening for a while now between them. But them doing this will always pose a problem because Sami will continue to get accused & blamed by Lucas/Rafe (whoever she ends up with) that there is more to her relationship w/ EJ than just the kids. Either way, it’s a no win situation for Sami.

    If Rafe was being accused of a crime he didn’t commit and Sami & Will were trying to help him, some would claim they are doing it for the greater good. Again, the situation isn’t different just because it’s EJ.

    Most of Will’s upbringing was due to Austin’s influence. He raised Will most of his young life. Yes Lucas has tried to be a good Dad, but his time in Will’s life is very limited, so he can’t claim too much about Will’s upbringing. Austin is responsible for most of it, and now in his adult life, EJ has been more of an influence than Lucas. I’m glad Will brought that up to Lucas too about him being in Hong Kong when he was needed at home w/ his children. No one twisted Lucas’ arm to leave Salem and leave his children behind for someone else to raise them. That is why Will has little respect for him because he had to rely on Rafe & EJ for father figures. I agree Rafe would put his life on the line for the kids, as well as any other kid, but EJ would do the same. Yet where has Rafe been since he & Sami split and all he could think about was Carrie? Sami is still there taking care of her kids. Oh, and those threats made to Rafe about Allie came from Stefano, not EJ. In fact it was EJ who warned Kate to call Lucas to have Allie come stay w/ him. Oh how some tend to willingly forget what really happened.

    I think the only reason Rafe was remembering his wedding day w/ Sami is because Carrie brought her up. He didn’t remember it lovingly. And it’s not strange that Sami & EJ can’t stay away from one another. They haven’t been able to do that since the day they met.

    All soaps are guilty of sweeping things under the rug…from dead s/l’s, cast changes, writers changed…many things that happen to cause things to be swept under the rug. And we die hard fans can’t help but look the other way for the most part. We don’t have any control over what TPTB do w/ the show. All we can do is get on sites like this and voice our opinions in hopes we can make a difference somehow. Do you think the die hard fans wanted to see their soaps taken off the air? I think not, but there was nothing they could do about it.

    EJ’s kids have never really come to any danger in his care. Johnny lived at the DiMera mansion for most of his young life and never had any danger come to him from EJ, or even Stefano. And it’s not ridiculous for EJ fans to see it that way. Just a reminder to those who don’t see it that way, because there’s no need to start insulting others (again) for their opinion!

    I’m all for the Days of EJ! Uh, and can we stop w/ insinuating what people think? Just because many of us are EJami fans doesn’t mean you have the inside track on what we think about any other couple, including Andrew & Melanie. And if anyone is a fan of them, it’s their right!

    EJ doesn’t really hate Lucas & Rafe, he just could care less about them. Seems it’s always those 2 in EJ’s business all the time, and EJ is sick of them being a thorn in his side. It’s Lucas & Rafe who hate EJ, so much so that their willing to do anything to send an innocent man to jail.

    Brady & Chad proved the tunnels are connected to the same tunnels Andre held Lexie captive in…just more proof that there was no knowledge of the toxic gas by anyone, including Stefano. It’s funny tho how Sonny smelled it the other day, yet no one else has even mentioned it.

    Great scenes w/ EJ & Will yesterday. I’m glad Will has now explained that he thinks of EJ like a big brother to him, and no one can continue to blame EJ for forcing Will to work for him, because the blackmail only started because of Will going to EJ in the first place. I wouldn’t call it a crush, kat, I think Will just looks up to EJ, which is normal for any young guy w/ an older man’s influence. EJ has taught Will more than Lucas or Rafe ever has about life (good & bad) w/o treating him like a child.

    I think EJ is humbled by Sami & Will’s support, and I wasn’t surprised when he said they were the only family he really has in addition to Johnny & Sydney. I’m still hoping this will happen. I think they should be a family. I agree w/ SandyGram that it seems Chandler is learning a lot from James. It seems he’s under his tutelage off screen, as well as on. Chandler even mentioned how James makes you a better actor because he pulls it out of you.

    I’m glad it was explained that EJ’s funds are limited now that he doesn’t have the DiMera Empire to use (this would be a good time for John to take over if he’s gonna do it). Apparently EJ has some money, but it’s not nearly enough to bail him out. Not surprising since they probably set it at a ridiculous amount. It was kinda sad when EJ told Will he was expecting Stefano to walk thru the door and help him. I think Will really understands. I don’t think it’s an act either, and he’s showing more & more what an adult he’s becoming. Also, it was Lucas who brought up the kids college fund, no one else. If I were Sami, I’d tell him where to get off! He slings insults at her (just like he used to) saying she would take their college money, then turns around and says he’s just trying to protect her?? He is looney! Sami said she’d never do that, and I don’t think she will, but still the only reason those kids have a college fund it because of EJ. Just read that Sami will put up CW for his bail. If she is CEO, she has the power to do that.

    The cops getting a tip that EJ is fleeing is just more bull put out there by Ian. EJ wasn’t planning on going anywhere until Sami & Will tell him the cops are coming after him. I so hope EJ & Sami run off together, but they probably won’t after the explosions, so hopefully they’ll get trapped together. If they did run off, I don’t think any of the kids would go w/ them. We all know Caroline would be the one taking care of the little ones, including Allie, and Will would probably stay behind to take care of things for EJ and be their contact in Salem. Lucas would be running around like a chicken w/ it’s head cut off.

    More stupid remarks from Lucas. He is so jealous of EJ that he is supporting Ian (unknowingly) in framing EJ. Totally sick! I guess Lucas could care less if Johnny & Sydney’s father goes to jail for a crime he didn’t commit, and that just shows how much he cares about Sami’s other kids. Then he stood there and blatantly lied about Will being forced to work w/ EJ when Will has made it clear he is not. And Lucas sure showed he’s not jealous of EJ…not! He almost went postal when Sami brought it up.

    Andrew sure is playing a good psychopath. Spoilers say Mel thinks it’s odd Gabi knows Andrew’s name, but I think she’ll explain it away saying she knew him from work when Bo & Hope identified him in front of her & Chad.

    Another guest appearance by a Days actor on Melissa & Joey last night…Shawn Christian (Daniel).

  34. From Kat

    33 MAB, and also Maryl and Leah, great stuff…
    MAB, when I say little crush, I mean that Will in so in awe of EJ, he wants to be like him..did not mean in a….sexual way.

  35. From jolie

    #6 MAB, I love your word shotty. And I think Elvis looks best when he wears one of those slinky long sleeved tees like he has worn sort as pjs I guess. He looks nice in a suit but you really can’t see much of him all buttoned up. But then I think Rafe looks a bit more hunky due to his body type. Just 2 different body types but both are very nice. Like the difference in Madison who has a small frame and very well toned to Sami who has more substance (for a better word) to her frame but has such wonderful curves and muscles and really looks like a mom-which she certainly is both on screen and off. Variety is most surely the spice of life. And you may be right that Alice could concoct a shotty little plan with Susan as protection for Elvis but that goes against everything we have seen about Alice. But then what would any of us to do protect a child? But then Alice didn’t really use the info as protection against Stefano. It was more like she was telling him something that she found out and felt he needed to know. It just goes round and round. I think too the DNA tests when finally done on Elvis and Stefano in the flesh will prove that they are truly fatha and son…or maybe I am just hopeful about it and convincing myself.
    #7 Since Andrew had worked at a photo shoot (isn’t that how Chad remembered him), they would likely know his name or did I miss something and he was using another name at that time? This one has gone on too long and is going in circles.
    #8 Clear-I wondered that as well. Most of us would have kept a back up in our jewelry box. Maybe Sami is trying to lure someone out as she too knows the police station is bugged, right?
    #12 Sandygram, so Jack is leaving and Jenn will be alone again. That seems strange that Jack and Jenn got back together only for him to go again…makes my head swim. And again, Gabster needs a good spanking and a little time in the pokey to get her life in order. Who does things like this and just walks away from it?
    #14Kat, I think we just have to take it on faith that things have turned on Elvis and in Salem that will mean you have no access to any money and your babymama who has only worked 2 months will have access to the cash you need! A bit tongue in cheek but I think this stuff happens to further the story and we just have to accept it. Now, help me rationalize it so I can accept it!
    #15 Arlene some interesting things to consider..Jenn and Dr Dan and we think that boat has sailed but you never know when a boat comes right back to Salem pier. And what to do with Hope. Will they actually write Bo off or just out? That one has been slightly closed. Maybe Hope and Bo travel off to where Shawn is and stay for a while. Then when they come back, Hope comes alone or brings back current Bo or new Bo.
    #32 Kat is right about beating a dead horse. Rafe was a good father to all the kids, Lucas was a good father to all the kids, Elvis was a good father to all the kids…while each was allowed to be according to the storyline in his airtime. To put any motivating factors to any of these characters will not result in any logical arguments because there have been so many writers writing so many different direction for each of these. Each time Sami is involved in a storyline, one or more of these guys is also involved so the character just has to act out as the writer has written. We have seen that most of the time they do things that do not fit in character or at least how we think the character would really act but they have to support what is going on. One thing for sure, whoever is making waves for the others to ride this week will be riding the waves of others next week. For us to put motivation and decry one as the ‘best’ father, well, it doesn’t hold water. Besides, Stefano would surely get Fatha of the Year with all he put his brood thru!

  36. From clara

    Hi…I’m new here and have watched day’s since its first episode. I have a question…don’t know if it has already been asked. Isn’t Susan (Eileen Davidson) EJ’s mother? I thought Tony was his father. Or do I have that wrong. I do remember Susan pregnant and married to Tony and they left
    Salem. There’s been no mention of who is supposed to be his father. That’s strange. No, wait….it’s Day’s. Nothing surprises me there.
    I’ve been enjoying your posts!

  37. From SandyGram

    #35 jolie
    I just read Mathew Ashford’s last day is also August 15th, same as Sarah Brown’s. While Ian Bucanan’s last air date is one week later August 22nd.

    This and the spoiler that says there is a small connection between Jack and Madi and Jack’s scene’s with Abby and Jenn yesterday just makes me very uneasy that Jack and Madison wouldn’t make it out alive from the explosion.

    No particular feeling about Mr. Creepy, maybe Brady and Ian fall into the tunnel together and Brady torchers him for a week….or maybe at Madi’s funeral Brady puts the Ick Man in a sarcophagus…either way would be to good for this characters departure.

  38. From jolie

    #36 Sandygram, 22nd August for Mr Creepy’s last day…does that give enough time to tie up the storylines that he is involved in? Namely the supposed death of Stefano, framing of Elvis, torture of Madison/Brady. Seems like a lot in a short time to tidy up so does that mean that we are grasping at straws here and Mr Creepy is NOT the one setting up Elvis? What the what!

  39. From jolie

    The spoilers above say that Roman takes a shot at Elvis…with the kids and Sami close by. And Lucas goes with Roman to track Sami and Will. OK, I am calling BS here. Roman is a father, grandfather, and seasoned cop, albeit with the Salem Po-Po, and he has been sense that to take pot shots with bystanders. This is again one of those things that is totally out of character for Roman. Yes, he is with SPD and they do some bone-headed stuff but this is hard to swallow. I am hoping he shoots no one and the explosions take their toll first as bad as it will be. And Lucas has no business in the middle of a police chase, especially where they are tipped off that 1)murder suspect is fleeing 2)murder suspect has help in fleeing 3)children are involved. But I go back to a previous post…this is how to advance the story so I’ll just hang tight.
    And Richard, this Roman plays it just like the Roman you have theorized about for years…he doesn’t do things exactly right because he is a Dimera plant from way back.

  40. From TerriK

    Wow…Sami, Will & E.J. working together could be a pretty unstoppable force if written right. They really are quite the trio…when Stefano comes back..and if Kate returns..and E.J. is revealed as still a Dimera, that would make for some seriously great story lines to come. Kate & Sami were almost on a friendly maybe they could work on that. With Kristin’s my head is just spinning at the possibilities. Like back when it was Peter, Tony & her..and oh yes Dr. Rolfe was a card wasn’t he!! LoL I miss that weirdo too.

    Oh goodness Marlena really needs to grow up..her girlie giddyness needs to be taken down a few notches..there are ways to be sexy without over doing it..Kate is a good example of that.
    I hope that explosions blows Madison back to wherever she came from..adios! And if I have to look at Ian’s disgusting face for much longer I may start throwing eggs at my own television..
    Kat- haha yes what can I say..he is one good looking man. No wonder Sami can’t keep her hands off..Rafe is a good looking man..with a body that won’t quit..but it’s the bad boy who will always win her heart. Lucas might be good looking..if he did something right with his hair and grew an upper i’m a bit honest at times hahaha
    Ohhh Kayla & Abe Lexie’s favorite song..what is happening here????

  41. From Maryl

    #35 jolie–great blog. Agree with you on so much of the stuff you said. Very unbiased!

    Kat & MAB–great blogs also!!

  42. From Randi

    Curious can someone explain to me why suddenly there is a conncetion between Jack and Madi??

    And my apologies to all EJAMI fans, but their game has gotten ancient and boring! Sami possibly taking off w/o the kids—not good.
    And what they will bring the kids back 5-10 years older than earlier this summer.

    I hope these new writers can get more creative then this. And also stray away from such violence as projected! We don;t violence in Daytime too.

    Bringing in old players may be good–but too many seasoned characters leaving may not be so good in the long run!

  43. From Delores

    HOW MUCH MORE of this GAG-i (Gabi) hormonal over kill are we going to have to put up with?? I would never consider doing my best friend this way no matter how much I thought I was IN LOVE with her boyfriend. It isn’t worth the effort losing your best friend over hormonal changes!! And I wouldnt any of mine’s boyfriends to begin with…YUK!!

  44. From SandyGram

    #41 Randi
    The connection between Jack and Madi was brought out in a spoiler, it sounds like a very brief connection. That’s why I was speculating they both die together in the explosion.

    Then Sami & EJ taking off with the kids is also a speculation. There has been no spoilers along that line. The Spoilers do say Will brings the kids to say good-bye to EJ which might lead one to believe they would all leave together, but no hard facts on the kids.

    #39 TerryK
    Sami, Will, EJ, Stefano and Kate as an unstoppable force, interesting!….Just one question….Since the DiMera’s are all about brutalizing, tormenting and bringing down the Brady’s, Black’s and Hernandez, is Sami and Will going to become part of the DiMera posse to accomplish this. Or act as a non active participate, would they just sit back and watch what the DiMera’s execute against their family. But then EJ has said on more than one occasion, he would do what ever was necessary to keep Samanther away from her family. Just curious!!

  45. From SandyGram

    Although I haven’t seen today’s show I have read a review of the show and just one comment for now….Oh Crap….now Will is going to hack into the Police Computer and turn off EJ’s ankle bracelet. Are these writers not taking Will, Sami and Sonny’s computer skills just a little to far? Is there not one computer system in Salem safe from this team of techies? This alone should get Will tossed in the poky! Wake up Samantha you and your Son are headed for the Hu scow, or not after all they are the commissioners daughter and grandson…..Please!

  46. From Cougar

    Just got done watching the show. Victor always gets the good zingers, three of them right in a row. First her calls Rafe Salems own Dudl Do Right, makse reference to fruit flies having relationships longer than hers, and making whoopie with Rafe & Daniel before the ink is dry on her divouce papers!

  47. From Leah

    If family is SO important to Rafe I think he had better pull his finger out and get busy with his young and misguided sister Gabi. Instead of trying to parent children who have two loving parents how about trying to parent or be that big brother who guides and teaches Gabi somethings. For all of Rafe’s “so called” loyalty notice how he was never really been there for Gabi, Arianna or his brother. They are HIS BLOOD and yet he seemed to be running around after everyone else but them. Rafe certainly did Arianna no favors before her death. That is the thing I haven’t liked about the way the writers have developed his character. Not faithful to his own family, mistakenly faithful to Sami, a dirty cop doing illegal activities and sweeping things under the carpet when convenient and then there’s the whole Emily and his past charade. Rafe would NEVER open up to Sami about Emily or his past. Writers time to correct some of your blunders. Bring Emily to town and open up Rafes mysterious past. Then I might just warm to him a bit.
    In saying that though he and Nicole are good together. There is a certain natural chemistry between them that you don’t see with he and Sami. I suppose because their relationship to me has always be more brother/sister, friends kinda thing.

  48. From SandyGram

    SPOILER Excerpt from Two Soap Opera Digest Articles, August 6th Issue:

    Does Rafe still have feelings for Sami? Gering says that he does, which is why they fight so much, and that Rafe cares about the kids. However, Rafe is still angry with Sami for what she did. SOD also notes that Rafe will have a “shake-up” under the new writers.

    In another article, SOD interviews James Scott and Chandler Massey. In terms of storyline, Massey is asked whether he plays the scenes such that Will is attracted to Sonny. He says he plays “whatever is in the moment” and does not know what the writers have planned.

    James Scott is asked if he thinks that the fact that EJ and Sami haven’t acted on their attraction makes the story sexier. He says yes. He continues that the buildup to characters’ getting together is what is the most powerful, especially characters with a history which includes lying and betrayal, like theirs does. He says that he and Ali Sweeney have asked that the relationship not move quickly because of this.

  49. From MAB

    I agree, why would Roman take a shot at EJ while his daughter & grandkids are nearby? But for some it’s not anyone’s fault but EJ’s that he’s the one putting his kids in danger. And for Roman to have Lucas w/ him is another stupid move. Lucas is a civilian and shouldn’t be in the middle of the police doing their job (if you can call it that LOL).

    I’m enjoying the funny comments being posted by some, like TerriK saying she’s so sick of looking at Ian that she may start throwing eggs at her own TV.

    I agree Rafe & Lucas are nothing to snarl at in the looks dept, but there are several things about their looks that are turn offs, which makes neither of them my cup of tea. EJ on the other hand, pretty much picture perfect, and definitely my cup of tea!

    I still say if Sami & EJ take off, the kids won’t go. Will will take them to Caroline’s. Then again I don’t think they will run off together once the explosions happen, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they at least get trapped together.

  50. From hoping

    I hope the new writers are including the other characters in their stories. I like Sami but I but sometimes it is too much. This whole Ej, Lucas and Sami circle is old…move on.

  51. From TerriK

    MAB- AGREED! LoL he’s a cup of tea that i’d dip my cookies in several times a day. Tea time would often in my home.

    SandyGram- Imo Sami isn’t that tight with her family. She does what she feels is right for her. She knows she doesn’t fit the typical Brady role. So I don’t think it would bother her too much to even bring some of her family down. Same with good ol’ William. I do love how you call her Samanther. Lmao I smile everytime I read it.

    I have zero more to say about Gabi. BAD ACTING. BAD BAD BAD. Oh I broke my ankle…oh I have cramps..well ya know what? “Oh I’m gonna hurl” I hope she explodes into a zillion pieces..scatter her across the grave of All My Children lol oh I have cramps..maybe that’s why I’m hating on some of the bad ones on the show so much today lol

  52. From patty

    Spoiler !
    Terrik, why don’t you tell us how you really feel about Gabi,lol! I think the explosion happened at a convenient time for her, right when Andrew was about to blab to Chad and Mel was off with Brady. I think if anybody is going to be trapped together it’s Chad and Gabi . Let’s just say it won’t be EJ and Sami and that the kids are out of harms way, thank God. Roman made sure of that. Oh and EJ is the one who requested to see the kids, Sami didn’t think it was a good idea.
    Explosive cliffhanger with a lot of loose ends as to who survives and how.

  53. From SandyGram

    Episode July 26th:
    A personal note first…from the harvest this week the zucchini’s were abundant and I just finished turning them into 8 loaves of the pretties Zucchini Bread. Yummers for the whole neighborhood.

    Now on with Show as Ed Sullivan use to say! I loved everything today, from Brady and Chad chasing their tails in the tunnel, to Gabi trying to stop Andrew from squealing on her with our disillusioned scared Melanie.

    The entire script today had a different feel about it, more up beat for lack of a better word to describe all the goings on. Will entering the SPD proud as a peacock that EJ had made bail. Even Roman seemed like a Commissioner, not like our Law and Order detectives, but better than usual. But Will had nothing on Sami, she was glowing with pride on her accomplishment of getting EJ released on bail, a real CEO putting her company in jeopardy. And of course her fathers dismay of her helping EJ fell on deaf ears. As did her expressions of she’s doing the right thing. But then she lies about her head injury and no mention of the flash drive and what was on it, which totally contradicted the ‘doing the right thing’ comment. Ummmm….’doing the right thing’….’being a better man’….has a familiar ring.

    Then yet another anonymous phone call, someone is fueling up the DiMera jet to fly to Uruguay where there is no extradition back to the USA (boy the writers sure cover that well). Barking orders to shut down the plane and not let it leave the ground, all the while there he is again, the Young Squire William eavesdropping on Grandpa’s Police Business. Are there no private offices at the SPD?

    But Sami and Will encouraging EJ to run now we’ll have to wait and see if this to will be swept under the rug or will Daddy Cop eventually see it as aiding and abetting and put Will and Sami in the poky. And as I said in Post #44…how unprotected is the SPD Computer System that Will could hack in and turn off EJ’s ankle bracelet as Sami and Elvis went on the lamb?

    Now to the best part of the show for me, over at the Kiriakis Mansion. Loved everything about it. Victor was being Victor trying to protect Daniel from Nikki. Going over all Nikki’s past indiscretions only to find out Daniel was involved with her before Melanie went missing. I must compliment the writers here, they stayed away from Victor calling Nikki all those vial names he usually uses. Loved the way Nikki looked and the way Maggie stood up for her and Daniel. Loved Maggie standing up to Victor and in the end appearing to have Victors attention.

  54. From Kat

    47 SandyGram,
    I agree with James Scott and Allison Sweeny all the way, and I said in one of my blogs,
    I like to see their relationship develop slowly, makes them friends, learn to trust each other, most important also, learn to truly like each other, forgive each other for their mutual mis -deeds.. An then, we the time is right, have their “Crecendo” (???) as I put it before.
    What a Story that could,
    beautiful romance, courtship,
    the writers could if they do it right, make this the Love/again Story of the year.

    It just can’t be one of those Wham Bam…Thank you….. Stories… No thank you, we have enough of them on.

    To bad, but some of what Victor said, was right on the money, just bad timing.

    One thing I did Not like, when Vic talked about Nicole had tried to kill him, and Maggie stood there and agreed, that maybe he deserved it, something like that.

    Rafe and Lucas, fine looking guys, but No turn for me.
    They act at times to juvenile for me.
    I like EJ’s touch of class, charm and Sex appeal….
    I wish Roman, and at times John, would find something better to do with both their hands, instead always that Fist to Hand slap….Put your hands into your pockets and play with your keys…LOL

    So Rafe is still angry with Sami for what SHE did,
    well Rafe, Sami is still ticked by You falling in Love with her Sister.
    Waiting to comment on some of the stuff on here,
    till I see it tomorrow for myself.

    Enjoy EJ/Sami and Will inter acting right now,
    so interesting, not a boring moment in that SL so far…
    Tomorrow, Big KaBoom Day. ..

  55. From Kat

    I like the way you call Will, Young Squire, Teenage boy in training to become a knight,
    errand runner/servant ….
    and I hope, that when Will and EJ come out of this “Battle” for his life/and proven not quilty… but framed….they are in right now, fighting together,
    Young Squire Will, will no longer be just a squire, but become a Full Knight.

  56. From patty

    Does anybody know how far along Nicole is in her pregnancy? Victor said something about her second trimester. I’m thinking maybe she might go into premature labor after the explosion. I wonder if that would be too soon to save her baby? I think that would make for an interesting storyline with Dan delivering the baby, Rafe being the pretend baby daddy and the real daddy on the run from the law.

  57. From TerriK

    Lmao Oh its been a week short of sleep, and she’s my target hahaha. Sheesh. Gag-I is to me as EJ is to you. Her storyline is just as pathetic as her acting job hahaha
    What a beautiful night here…down on the beach, next to the lighthouse, taking in the sounds of the time needed :)o

  58. From SandyGram

    From Soap Opera Digest, Issue Dated Augus 6th, there is an Interview with Peter Reckell.

    The interview deals with Peter leaving, but one comment that caught my eye, apparently Corady is saying Bo will not die or be recast. But the door is being left open for him to return.

    Now how fair is that for Hope and Ciara? Although, supposedly Hope is not married to Bo, how does she move forward. Not to mention sweet Ciara is left with what another Daddy like Jack when he was missing. Not good!

  59. From Arlene

    Jolie, my spoiler book tells me that they aren’t replacing Bo with anyone. Not killing him off either, leaving a way for him to come back if he wants to. That really made me wonder what they will do with Hope’s storyline. Also, I seem to remember reading somewhere that Nicole may lose her baby. I think when the explosion happens, she falls through the Horton Square. Anyone else see this? I just can’t remember where I read this.

  60. From patty

    TerriK, went to the ocean today for some me time also, just me and my book (Fifty Shades of Grey~~blush). Had to leave because I was starting to get a sunburn on my back. Hard to apply sunscreen on ones own back. Beautiful summer we’re having, love the Maritimes!

  61. From SandyGram

    #57 Arlene
    I read where Nicole has cramps but nothing about her actually loosing the baby. That’s the one thing that would not make me happy.

  62. From Clear

    It is terrible if Nic loses her baby! If we are going to have EJami and Safe triangle again guess writers don’t want Nic to have a connection to EJ? I still hope her other baby survived too. Maybe years later if Days lasts?

    For Hope, let a certain doctor come back and hope can take him to gamblers anonymous–loved him with the bad girl Hope. Bo can go on an extended undercover mission for the ISA! LOL!

  63. From patty

    I’m with you SandyGram! Really, why let her get pregnant again just to have her go through yet another devastating loss, that would not be fair. I don’t care what Nicole has done in the past , she has proven to be the best mother ever.

  64. From NeeNee

    Awhile back the Rumor Mill here had a spoiler that Hope would be put with Rafe, and Jennifer with Brady. I vote no!!

    And re: Kayla with Abe . . . not so much, IMO. How about utilizing Justin & Adrienne as two legs of a triangle with the lovely Kayla?? Mr. and Mrs. Kiriakis are rarely seen these days.

  65. From Kat

    If Hope is not married to Bo,
    I guess that means she is married to John. So she is married one way or the other……
    I still don’t think, that John and Hope can be Legally married,
    not having used their Legal Name,
    give me break, Princess Gina married the Pawn, what’s his name….
    Any US Court would laugh at this.
    Clear, I am with you
    bring back Dr. Dick Baker for Hope,
    start slow with a great friendship,
    also maybe we might find out, what really happened to one the Babies…

    There were Three, Nicole’s… Sami’s…. and then Mia’s.

    We know Grace (Mia’s died), another one (Nicole) supposedly died ???
    and ONE LIVED……BUT which one really did live.
    We still have that Toothbrush DNA sample, (thought to be Sami’s toothbrush), but since Nicole lived there with Sami, it could have been Nicole’s brush, meaning Sidney belongs to Nicole.

    ISA undercover mission for Bo sounds like a good idea, maybe with Steve….
    both could come back sometime, or not…

  66. From grandma to many

    when you read a book or watch a movie it’s usually pretty clear cut who the good guys and bad guys are but in a soap opera people move back and forth in an ever changing role some of the people start out bad but become good at times or vice versa wasn’t Kimberly a prostitute at one time but most liked her love story with Shane and Jack the rapist became a favorite with Jennifer just saying that everyone seems to have their favorites and are seldom swayed to the other side I hated when they put Marlena together with the fake Roman ( John Black ) but learned to love them as Belle’s parents so maybe I will learn to love Ejami some day but as for now hell would have to freeze over first and I still say Bo is the handsomest man Ever on the show followed by Brady as no.2 Don Craig and Neil Curtis were also great at the time but to each his own when we try to cram our own opinions down each others throats it just doesn’t work but i think we all agree on one thing Ian is a compleat A hole so on that we can agree

  67. From Cougar

    Grandma to many

    Although EJ is the man for me I gotta say as far as things go with Bo. Hes a close second; there aint nothin wrong with that. For a man in his age grouop he’s prety darn sexy!

  68. From Maryl

    #64 grandma to many-very good post, I enjoyed reading it–you are so right about how the roles of our favorite characters can quickly change on a soap opera.

    Loved today’s episode! Loved Victor with his usual sarcastic wit–from calling Rafe Dudley DO Right to the fruitflies. (Ha). Very clever–wish I would have thought of Dudley Do Right as an alias for Rafe! I also enjoyed the interaction between Sami, EJ and Will. Brady and Chad in the tunnels looking for Melanie was pretty intense. The young man who plays Andrew, is doing a terrific job of portraying a mentally disturbed person. You can’t help but feel sorry for him at times–he is sick and appears to have no one to help him.

    Oh my! EJ was so handsome today!! Loved him in the casual dress–jeans and shirt. Loved his boots too–maybe they were issued to him in the jail, but whatever they still looked cool on him. EJ is tall, very broad shouldered and narrow at the hip—perfecton! His posture is perfect and when he walks he has the grace of a panther–a dangerous one, which makes him even more sexy! Ha! And , of course, we must not forget that sexy, sexy, British accent!!!

  69. From Cougar

    Maryl I particularly enjoyed Vics zingers today too. My fav was when toldNicole that fruitflies ave longer relationships than she does.

  70. From Clear

    Yes, Ian character is a snake! Pot calling kettle with Vic and Nic. Nic and horn dog Dan deserve each other too!

    Give me John B. or Brady for a bit more loyalty.

  71. From Leah

    #64 Grandma to many…..
    Great post and have to say I totally agree with you. Soap opera characters do move back and forth and play changing roles over time. How many of our favourite soap characters have had shady and dark pasts only to find redemption over time. In soap land anything is possible and no one is ever excluded.

  72. From Tee

    I have missed everyone but its been a busy few days and also its officially my birthday!!.
    So just to comment on a few things. I thoight when Stefano died EJ gave her Countesd W saying noone will take it away that its hers as she was concerned what would happen now that he was supposedly dead. It is also possible she would inherit it upon his death. THOUGH it seems EJ gave it to her. I remember when she told Lucas to stop because Ej owned the apartment and was his boss. Confusing. Maybe as CEO she has some type of ownership in order to.use as collateral she would need to proof she owned it or had permission to do it. CEO is in charge of all company decisions finanxes etc

    Spoiler alert
    Sami said she was gonna go with EJ rhen xome baxk and say she dont know where he is. I am assuming she just meant to make sure he gets away to safety then come.baxk.
    The kids came to say bye to EJ. Will leaves and takes them for ice cream so.their not even there when Roman.potentiinally shoots her.

    It has been states the old writers messed up storylines like Nicoles pregnanxy Stefanos dwath, EJ not being his son etc. the new writers starrted writing last week. So they are gonna fix the messed up sl.
    Glad James and Allison want to take it slow and make it more lasting and meaningful. They are also saying hey our characters have done bad things to eaxh other so we need ro take it slow.

  73. From Kat

    70 Tee,
    Happy Birthday,
    and keep on writing good blogs….

    I agree, a long, slow building relationship between Sami and EJ.
    There is a lot of mutual damage, done to each other, so repairing, and trusting…. will take a while.

    I say it again,
    How can Princess Gina/Hope be married to John,
    when everybody in Alamainia, incl. her daughter Princess Greta von Amberg, knows, the the Real Gina is dead, long gone dead. LOL
    Not a good SL, making Hope Brady and John Black married to each other…It does not fit, IMO…

  74. From Maryl

    Tee–Happy birthday!! I hope you read my apololgy to you for leaving you off my list on last week’s blog. I had you at the very top and then screwed up when I typed my list. You are a true EJami and I love your post! Please stay on here with us as we need all the support we can get for our poor, dear EJ! Ha!

  75. From MAB

    Great stuff again w/ EJ, Sami & Will. Loved seeing EJ dressed down casually…looking good as usual! Like I said, he can rock any outfit. I’m glad Sami reminded EJ of who he is. He seems to have lost some of his fight as of late…of course who could blame him now that everyone in Salem knows he’s not a DiMera, and he can’t get the police off his @$$ long enough to find out who really killed Stefano.

    I don’t care if EJ requested to see the kids or not, I don’t blame him. He probably felt he may never see them again since he has to go on the run from the village idiots, who can’t seem to see past the nose on their face to realize that EJ just may be innocent.

    I don’t think Sami contradicted herself by not sharing her mugging w/ Roman. If she told him the truth, and told him about the flash drive and what was on it, they’d either dismiss it, or use it against EJ somehow. She knows it, EJ knows it, so I think it’s smart for them to keep their mouths shut and figure this out on their own since the cops don’t have a clue.

    OMG, Victor was so funny (as usual) yesterday. The crack about the fruit flies was great! I enjoyed everything that happened there. And I am really liking the idea of Nicole & Daniel now. I’d like to see Maggie be an influence on Nicole. Oh, and I like how Maggie can stand up to Victor w/o trying to strip him of his manhood. He says what he thinks, and she calls him on it, but they eventually come to a medium. I think she really understands who Victor is now, and knows how to handle him w/o turning him into someone he’s not.

    I had read sometime back that the door was gonna be left open for Peter Reckell to return, as it is my understanding that it’s his choice to leave, not the show’s doing. I’m still curious as to how they’ll handle this on Hope’s part tho…can’t imagine her w/o him. Only thing I can think of is if they send him off to work w/ Steve.

    I remember that stupid rumor about putting Hope & Rafe and Jen & Brady together. Yuk! I hope neither comes true. I do think Abe & Kayla will get together tho. I’m not crazy about that idea, but it’s not that big a deal either.

    Cougar – I agree, besides EJ, Bo is my next choice. He is a great looking man, always has been. I’ve loved him since the day he came on the show. And I absolutely love to watch him kiss Hope! It is something very special to watch. And he never kissed Carly or Billie the way he does Hope. Makes it seem more realistic.

    Sami being left in charge of CW was Stefano’s doing. EJ didn’t give it to her, he just said he wouldn’t take it away from her. But it is confusing about whether he’s still her boss or not. At this point, seems like she has no boss. I’d say EJ still owns the apt building. He never said he was broke, just that he didn’t have the DiMera money & power to use.

    I’m hoping by James & Ali’s response to their current relationship (taking things slow, etc.) means these new writers are gonna take the plunge and give us the EJami s/l we deserve. If not, then they are just another writing team of cowards Corday has hired.

  76. From TerriK

    Patty Patty- lol you are reading what? Hahaha I know what all you french lady New Brunswickers are like hahaha. I’m jealous lol! Yes I’ve had an awful lot on my mind..lets just say I’m starting to understand where the statistic “80% of marriages fail with a truck driver for a husband” But that’s a whole other subject. I have to get my hands on that book. I can only find the 2nd and 3rd one around here.
    What a cliff hanger to leave us with…thanks DOOL! And what is up with Jack and Madison? I haven’t noticed anything except the spoilers on here.
    Jenn & Brady? Really? Start teaming up couples within their age group. The only ones who have ever made sense are all of the Sami pairings…Rafe & Hope? No thanks. How about Jenn once and for all stays with Jack..and well Hope..I dont know….how about Abe? LoL how weird would that be…

  77. From SandyGram

    Is it not common practice if there is evidence that can prove someone innocent or put doubt in the Police’s mind of someone’s guilt, those with the evidence steps forward with it. That’s called doing the right thing. It only took a gut feel on Rafe’s part for him to now think there’s something suspicious going on and EJ just may not be guilty. And, Agent Spencer could always provide a voice of reason where others may not get the same gut feeling as Rafe. How can the Police have a ‘clue’ to EJ’s innocence when the clues are being concealed from them.

    - EJ come forward that he shot the wall in the parlor the night of Stefano’s shooting.
    - EJ produce the gun he used to shoot the wall.
    - EJ admitting he tossed the gloves for fear the Police would find they had gun residue on them.
    - EJ come forward with what he was really doing that night. It must have been illegal also if he can’t tell anyone what he was doing.
    - EJ be forth right about Alice’s letter and question it’s validity.
    - Sami tell Roman the truth about the flash drive. Even though it’s missing Sami, EJ, Will and Sonny can tell Roman what they saw on the drive.
    - Sami tell Roman the truth about her mugging and all her mugger was after was the flash drive.

    No, let’s go on the lamb and give the Police every reason to continue to suspect EJ…that’s more the right thing to do! And by doing so Sami and Will could and should be arrested for aiding and abetting. How smart is that?

    I did read in a SPOILER this AM that with Madison gone Brady hooks up with someone else fairly quick. I just can’t see it being Jenn, that’s like family. How would Victor feel about that one, first with Daniel then with Brady, maybe Jenn becomes the next victim of Vic’s rath toward woman. And for me, it’s very trouble some that there’s not a final conclusion to Peter leaving. It leaves Hope and Ciara in a how to move forward position. Just a few AM thoughts!

  78. From MAB

    You can look at it anyway you want to, but the fact still remains that all the other suspects were not investigated properly, and they zoned in on EJ just because of who he is and their drive to see him put behind bars whether he is guilty or not. And EJ did come forward because all they would do is use the information against him. With their lack of information now, there is no doubt in my mind that they would see the truth as more of a reason to believe EJ is guilty, and keep him incarcerated.

    Also, when is the last time the village idiots solved a crime? I surely wouldn’t put my fate in their hands. So if EJ & Sami try to solve this on their own, he has more of a chance to prove his innocence than putting any kind of faith in the Salem PD.

  79. From MAB

    Oops, I meant to say, “EJ didn’t come forward”

  80. From thelittleimp

    My guess is that Jack is with Madison when she dies and his ptsd resurfaces as a result; he will then leave Salem to get professional treatment.

  81. From Kat

    78 thelittleimp,
    that is an excellent thought about Jack’s leaving.

  82. From SandyGram

    Where is everyone….I’m waiting to here about the Cliff Hanger! Good, Bad or Ugly?

  83. From grandma to many

    could it be that maybe Ian didn’t set up the fueling of the plane and preperations to take off maybe the plane was leaving to pick Stefano up ? this could be the begining of his return ! TerriK hang in there girl been married to a truck driver for 42 years it is hard as a young mother when all the responsibility rests on you much of the time but occasionally its good to be rid of him for awhile ( I’m smiling )

  84. From SandyGram

    Error Code 503:
    Just got an answer back from the Technical Group as to the meaning of this code that a few members were questioning:

    “server is overloaded or the site is having maintenance”

  85. From NeeNee

    Re: Jack and Madison . . .
    Do you suppose that Madison will die in Jack’s arms, and as littleimp suggested, his PTSD surfaces?

    But I don’t think Jack would just deliberately leave Jenn and Abby again. If that scenario were to happen, I’m thinking he will survive the blasts & cave-ins but will wander away because the PTSD will manifest itself as amnesia. Jack will be listed as ‘presumed dead,’ giving the character an out to return.

  86. From betsybee

    This posting is ridiculous. never will go through. May have to quit this site.

    I repeat, Chad is a Dimera and he and EJ will run the company because the original WILL is still the Lawful one. William will be their right hand man and Sami the CEO of CW. Leagally no one can take it away from them.

    EJ, as Mayor will rebuild Salem and everyone will be delighted for the changes and the Brady’s will get their comuppance for their illegal procedures through the years. About time !!!!!!!!

    The Mansion, as far as I know did not blow up so all of them will live together and will the Brady’s and Hortons. be ticked with that one.

    Have a great weekend folks.

    Talk with you in two weeks time.

    I certainly will enjoy the Olympics since I am a SPORTS FAN !!!!!!!!!!

  87. From Kat

    84 betsybee,….. Good one, I like….Hope you are right, LOL

  88. From Adele

    heehee betsy bee…we will see..won’t we..

    Sorry, I could not resist. Well the cliffhanger was a bit of a let down. I was expecting a bit more. I guess the good parts will happen in two weeks. Hope none of my favorite characters are going to die since we already know we are losing Bo, Jack, Melanie.

  89. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Haven’t watched Friday Days, but during Thursday’s episode I had the strangest feeling that Will and Sami were working together to set up EJ. They both swore to bring him down as recently as Will telling Sonny at HTC on the steps. Either they’ve both gone around the bend or they’re in cahoots against EJ. I smell a rat in a salad, here.

  90. From SandyGram

    Episode July 27th:
    I really like the cliff hanger. The writers seemed to cover all the critical points like: getting all the kids out of danger (except Nikki that is); all the special moments between the right characters and Theo’s message to Lexie brought tears. Madison’s wedding dress was another one of those styles like she was wrapped in cabbage leaf that only she can wear with her tiny structure. I didn’t dislike it, but Marlena’s necklace added the sparkle it needed.

    So much going on in the explosion it was hard to see it all. It did look like Gabi got hit pretty hard with a beam in the tunnel and Madison was thrown against the wall very hard. Loved Melanie running into Brady first. Abby in the elevator is frightening with the cable on the verge of breaking, while Cameron was trying to reach her. This must be the danger Celeste has been seeing for Abby in her Taro Cards. Where was Celeste by the way this event was not to just raise funds for Autism, but to honor Lexie?

    Although we had read Sami was going to step between EJ and Roman pointing a gun at him. Now that I’ve seen it, I think it’s taking being the Commissioner’s daughter just a little to far. All leaving us with intrigue and anxious for the August 13th return of Days.

    Just one little comment about Post #84 betsybee:
    “EJ, as Mayor will rebuild Salem and everyone will be delighted for the changes and the Brady’s will get their comuppance for their illegal procedures through the years. About time !!!!!!!!”

    – If all the SPD illegal procedures were added up including there severity, it would never come close to the DiMera misdeeds through out the years. Getting comeuppance for only the Brady’s….I’m still chuckling!

    Now to go wrap the last 4 loaves of zucchini bread and get ready to take my Hubby to the Casino for dinner.

  91. From Clear

    Brady should have called someone especially after the first explosion! Everyone worried about Mel and neither he or Chad call anyone!

    The gala was not that exciting because all the most interesting characters were not at the event! Now after the cave in and explosion is poor Madi dead? If she is, I don’t like them killing off characters! Leaving Salem, etc. like Austin and Carrie is better.

  92. From Tee

    Kat and Maryl~ Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

    Maryl~ I did see on other blog you had me listed first but said it go deleted. Thanks I am a huge Sami faan A huge EJ fan and a very huge EJAMI fan! I am planning to stick around and I am enjoying the conversations with everyone here.

    Stefano is the one that gave Countess W to Sami to run as CEO. When he “died” EJ would have inherited all the empire including Countess W. So he could have officially gave it to her then. Stefano also could have set it up if he was to die Sami would inherit it who knows.
    Since the Salem PD say a motive of EJ killing his fatha was the fact he changed his will, though it wasnot signed its possible they could have had his access to it cut off for time being till trial or something.

    I recall in I think Wednesdays episode he told Chad a letter from someone who was reliable said his mother said he was not Stefanos son. His mother always thought it was Elvis. Did she ever acknowledge Stefano as father? Who knows what Susan thought. I say he is still Stefanos son.

    The new writers are supposed to fix all the writing mistakes from old writers so who knows how it will play out.

    #87 dying to be blonde~From the recent interview someone posted above it seems Sami and EJ are going to be reunited and as he said they asked to go slow so it dont seem they are gonna be setting EJ up at all. I feel they are being genuine in helping him.

    I also wanted to add something that is bothering me.John is supposedly married to Hope and he supposedly married Marlena well did he have a legal name change because his real name is Ryan Dimera right? Would not all his marriages be null just like someone said Hope and Johns would because she is not the real princess Gina.

  93. From SandyGram

    Great Interviews with Arianne Zurcker, she doesn’t really give anything away as far as the future, but she talks a lot about Nicole the character. Very enlightening to hear the actor comment on their character.’_Arianne_Zucker/

  94. From SandyGram

    Great Interviews with Arianne Zurcker, she doesn’t really give anything away as far as the future, but she talks a lot about Nicole the character. Very enlightening to hear the actor comment on their character. You can find the Interviews on:

    Daytime Royalty and Soaps Sheknows

  95. From SandyGram

    SPOILERS from Days of Our Lives. A few teasers about what to expect, when the soap returns on August 13th.

    - Ian pours his heart out to Madison (Yep, just before she dies)

    - Abigail is trapped in an elevator with no way out.
    (Cameron to the rescue, which must be Celeste danger for Abby)

    - Chad sees Melanie in Brady’s arms. (What now were suppose to think he’s jealous)

    - Rafe surprises Sami. (The Rafster to the rescue, drop her EJ Rafe (or maybe Lucas) will catch her)

    - Daniel starts to let Nicole down easy. (Saw this coming)

    DVR alerts:

    -Monday, August 13: Sami makes and announcement that surprises EJ and Will. (She’s been working with the cops)

    - Friday, August 17: Melanie and Gabi are shocked, when they see who is brought into the hospital. (Andrew or maybe Stefano?????)

    ( comments in brackets ) Are my speculations.

  96. From Kat

    90 Tee,
    Those are some real good points you brought up, IMO…
    Yes Susan always claimed that ELVIS is her Baby’s father.
    Maybe in Her Fantasy she told Alice at one time, whenever in time, that Stefano was not the Father, but somebody else. She might never have mentioned “Elvis” to Alice.
    Anything is possible, with Susan, and Our Alice bought it.
    Tee, it was me, that always brings up, that it is ridic. for John and Hope to be legally married.
    How can John be married to a Dead Princess Gina….
    He NEVER Did Marry A Hope Brady, LOL.

    Something the new writers badly need to fix.

    It would be nice some day, if John would Honor his Dead Mother Colleen, and take on the Name She Gave Him, RYAN,
    and if he wants so badly to claim the DIMERA Empire, than please take the Name
    and become John “Ryan” DiMera, or Ryan John, whatever, but do something about it.
    Good one Tee…..
    I also agree, EJ and Sami will be it for some time, long overdue,
    and I totally agree and have for quite some time now,
    The Key word Is “Slow”….
    make it “THE LOVE/ROMANCE STORY”, Sami and
    Question…. Are EJ/Nicole – Sami/Rafe divorced yet….

    What, if all of a sudden Nicole or Rafe, decided to make a divorce difficult for whatever reason…..

    We all know, that Melanie, Chad and Brady will live…
    Gaby and Andrew ?????
    Madison, not, Jack ?,
    Ian, Yes…
    Nicole’s Baby ???

    I don’t think that Sami stepping in front of EJ,
    in Sami’s mind, had NOTHING TO DO, with being the Commissioner’s daughter,
    it had to do with Feelings for EJ himself, and the father of her children….IMO

  97. From Tee

    Sandygram Thanks for posting those spoilers and Adrianas interview.

    Kat I THOUGHT It was you that said that. It is just odd how they dont have him go by his real name and Marlena being called Mrs. Black.
    I really do think they are taking Mrs H letter to heart when it will most likely turn out to not be true.

    Lets speculate on the spoilers Sandygraam posted now. I need to go back and watch a part of Fridays real quick to see something first. So my thoughts in a little bit.

    Kat I also wonder about the divorces. I know EJ actually signed the papers a long time before hand but not sure if it is final or she filed them.

    Patty since you guys are on a day ahead will you guys get to see on August 10th or how will that work now

  98. From Maryl

    Kat–You have really been in synch with James S. and Ali S.!! They also want to move slowly with the EJ and Sami relationship. I am so glad of that also!

    Here’s a “what if” — what if EJ is badly hurt after the explosion and Sami is trapped with him below the debris of the crumbled warehouse. Could Sami possibly realize her true feeling for EJ while helping him to hang on to his live? Could be an awakening moment for Sami?

  99. From Maryl

    Whoops, I should have read SandyGram’s spoilers more carefully. Sounds like on Monday, Aug. 13, EJ and Sami will be ok since she will be making some sort of surprising announcement to Will and EJ? Oh, well, you can’t get all your wishes all the time. Ha!

  100. From Kat

    Maryl, Hi,
    I do not think that Sami’s announcement will be, that is has been working for the Cops,. LO
    In my world she would be done…
    just would not make any sense at all…. So Maryl, keep the faith, EJ and Sami are just beginning, of course in my bull headed opinion, LOL
    glad they are just Your thoughts/speculations SandyGram….

    All we can do is now, hope that the New Writers will Not disappoint us again,
    have as it should be, Front Burner SL’s, as all soaps do, but keep the
    rest of the SL’s also very interesting to watch.

    For EJ all of a sudden not to be a DiMera, to simple, I believe it was
    needed for this particular SL, but as we move on, the whole intrigue will develop more and more, before it gets any better,
    but in the end, when ever that will be…EJ will be a DiMera, and if not, he will no doubt be the Son of a very prominent person in this show.
    However, if I had a choice, Fatha Stefano and son EJ, a new beginning, is My choice.

    TerriK, being a Truckers wife, is not the easiest thing…. it takes a lot of love, endurance, patience, etc. to endure all the Alone time at home, specially when you have little, little children. It can be a very lonely time in your life.
    I can identify with you, because My Husband worked for the Airlines, he had to travel all the time to different domiciles in the US.
    I always felt that I raised my two boys by “almost” myself. But when he was home, it was wonderful, and we did travel so much all the time, I have totally been to Europe about 55 times, with my kids, my hubby, or by myself….
    TerriK, I remember the feelings you must have, I am so sorry, because they are real, and they are over whelming/powerful, and the loneliness is just to much at times…
    I am saying some prayers for you, to give you courage to fight those feelings, and give you happiness just looking at your boys,
    and I do not really know your situation, but maybe, it’s not all that easy for your husband either, being out there on the road, without you and his Kids…. don’t know….
    Lovingly always, Kat…. Chin up kid…..

  101. From Lucy

    hey SandyGram it is more wishful thinking than speculations what you wrote dear..the Sami work for the cops is too much nonsense at this point, Ej these last monthsb helped her about everything, we could have saw some suspicious little indices about her being and undercover agent ect..doesn’t make any sense at all, of course these writers can rewrite everything but come on it will be ridiculous ah and her risking her life for this undercover

  102. From kaths

    i have trying to write on this board for ages hopefully it works this tim
    LUCY: Totally agree with you, it would be stupid if she is working for the cops, because she wouldn’t have helped him escape, she would have let him just go to prison and she wouldn’t have risked her life for him. it would be totally out of the SL. Hopefully the surprise announcement is a good thing for EJAMI. i am totally on board with them taking it slow as long as they eventually get there.
    Also i think Lucas is the one that sent the muggers to Sami to steal her flash drive because he was the only other person that new about it. (or i am hoping its him)
    Totally loving the EJAMI scenes. bigger and better!

  103. From patty

    As it happens, Lucas didn’t know about the flash drive, he only knew about the surveillance video and didn’t know Sami had backed it up. The only ones that did know was Will and EJ. EJ was the only one who knew she was on her way to the lawyer’s office. Of course we know the police station has ears and cops on the take.
    Good spoilers SandyGram and even better speculations! :)
    I hear you TerriK, it can be tough. You seem like a strong girl , I’m sure you’ll do the right thing for you and your children. Sending you some
    positive vibes ~~~~~~~~~~~~ :) .
    Didn’t get past the first few chapters in the book. Busy, busy!

  104. From Manders

    Really love the new explosion story line I like it when something involves everyone in town. I really hope that they do not put Hope with Rafe is he the pony everyone has to have a turn with? that would just be gross in my opinion ewww… I loved the 50 shades of grey read the books twice … really amazing. :) I couldn’t put them down . happy reading Patty :)

  105. From Richard

    Anything that Will knows, Ian probably knows, and he was probably the one that had Sami attacked.(IMO)
    The pipeline goes from Will to Sonny to Sonny’s silent partner, Ian. Not saying that it goes directly from Sonny to Ian, but that the coffee shop also has surveillance, set up by Ian.(IMO)
    Will’s special perks could be bugged or he may be working for Stefano, still.(IMO)
    Sami could be working for the cops, as SandyGram suggested and the bug could have been in the pin that was pinned in the bulletin board, that Sami made sure that she reset, before she left the police station.(IMO) When Sami was ambushed, I don’t remember her being hit, in any way.(IMO)
    Don’t remember Sami actually saying that she got the money from CW, just EJ suggesting that. It could be that the cops wanted EJ to believe that.(IMO)
    Sami and Will seems to be working together on this and that in it’s self, is a change. The way Will giggles all the time, about the struggles that EJ is going through, makes me tend to believe that Will knows more than he is letting on.(IMO)
    The way that everyone touched Abe’s gun and involved themselves in Stefano’s murder, still leads me to believe that, as John and Marlena said, “In order to be rid of the Dimeras, Stefano must die” (or everyone must think that he is dead, especially EJ)(IMO)
    The SPD must provide security for Stefano, in lieu of his new status as a CIA operative.(IMO)
    IMO, knowledge of Surveillance footage, the back up flash drive and EJ’s release came directly from the SPD and Roman and Rafe must have first viewed the footage.
    Because of Dimera plants in the SPD, Rafe must be believed to be sent out of Salem.(IMO)
    The ankle bracelet was a fake,IMO. Will may just have thought that he had the knowledge to turn it off, or he had been given directions how to disable it.(IMO)
    It’s my belief that someone knows or has found out exactly who EJ really is. John would be one of them. I remember him calling EJ, Elvis John.(IMO, that could be a clue)

  106. From Kat

    102 Richard,
    all good and interesting points,
    but I ask after each point,
    WHY, what is the end reason for all the things they are doing.?

    Does the SPD believe….?? that there is a set up involved…

  107. From patty

    Gee Richard, I really wish you were a writer for Days! Everything you just posted makes sense and is plausible. I certainly hope that everything is not as cut and dried as it seems to be and that some of your theories do come true. I also wondered what it was about that pinboard that they kept showing it over and over. I cannot wait for the show to come back on so we can see some of these puzzles solved.
    Thanks Manders, I have to get back to that book soon. :)

  108. From SandyGram

    Speaking of the pinboard, did everyone notice that once EJ was arrest it was only EJ’s picture left on the board. The other pictures were gone! Just an observation!

  109. From Richard

    I wasn’t #102.
    As I have said before, IMO, the main suspect is Ian.
    Every time that they put EJ in the room with the the chalk board, they remove the handcuffs, so they must know that he will not attempt to escape. I think that they are trying to see who in the SPD, will confront EJ. I think that they removed all the photos except for EJ’s, to make someone believe that EJ is the only suspect and it is an open and shut case.(IMO)
    Ian used himself to get his hands on Mad World and now he is doing the same to get his hands on CW.(IMO)

  110. From Richard

    I also believe that the SPD knows that EJ is innocent and that Stefano is alive, so they can’t let EJ get to the fuelled jet, IMO, it is a set up by Ian to get rid of EJ too. Maybe he is a Dimera outcast.
    Roman could have enlisted Sami and Will to help get EJ out of town for his own protection.(IMO)

  111. From Nancy

    They may as well make Nichole Sydney’s mom as she would definetly spend more time with her. Sami never has her children

  112. From MAB

    Kat – when Victor was talking to Nicole, he eluded to the fact that her divorce from EJ was final. Not sure about Sami & Rafe. I also agree that Sami stepped in front of EJ because she was trying to protect him, and get him to run…she even told him to run. I’m sure some will see it as EJ pulled Sami in front of him, but that was clearly not the case. He was trying to make her run too.

    If Roman knew Will would lead him to EJ, then why didn’t he bring the whole force w/ him to make sure EJ wouldn’t be able to escape? I guess it’s ok for Bo & Hope to have the night off while EJ is loose, and Mel is nowhere to be found.

    Some stated Sami thought it was a bad idea to bring the kids there because of them being put in danger. Sami never said that. She said it was a bad idea because EJ could get caught, and looks like she was right. But EJ was going nowhere until he saw his kids. They mean so much to him that he was willing to take the risk. Those kids love him so much, as he does them. Which is why I don’t know how Roman, Lucas, and Rafe can look at themselves in the mirror knowing they are going to such great lengths to take Johnny & Sydney’s father away from them. Again their ‘shotty’ police work leaves much to be desired when they have only investigated Will & EJ, 2 out of 8 suspects.

    I don’t think Sami’s announcement will be she’s working for the cops either. He was gonna go to jail anyway. Why would she go thru all that trouble trying to help him?

    Any number of people could’ve known Sami was on her way to EJ’s lawyer’s office. According to Roman, you can’t a conversation down at the station w/o everyone hearing it, so I’d say one of the cops outside the door of the room where everyone visited EJ is probably on Ian’s payroll.

    Sami was shown taken to the ground, and nothing else. We don’t know what that person did to her…if the fall was the only reason for the place on her head & hands, or if the person also roughed her up a little. I think she was roughed up a little given her injuries.

    There has been no reason given why Rafe was sent out of town, and we can only assume it has something to do w/ EJ. And if we’re supposed to believe he’s left town and hasn’t, then it’s just another tactic to take down EJ, who just happens to be innocent of the crime, while they again ignore all other suspects.

    I’m sorry, but there is no way I can give the Salem PD (aka the village idiots) as much credit as some are giving them. They haven’t solved a case in years, and I don’t see them solving this one either. I sure don’t think they know Stefano is alive, and I don’t think they think EJ is being set up either. All they care about is putting a DiMera behind bars and they will go to any lengths to make sure that happens. But since Stefano is ‘dead’, EJ is the only DiMera left for them to pick on.

    OH NO! I have a feeling Brady & Mel will get together after all the smoke clears. I was hoping they would never go down this road, but I think that is why they say he gets involved real quick w/ someone following Madison’s death. I mean who else would it be, unless it’s Nicole?

    I think there should’ve been more build up to the explosion. It all happened too quick for me. But I love it, these types of s/l’s are always a winner! I can’t wait until the show is back on to see what happens!

  113. From Shani

    A few more glimpses into the future from DaysCafe.
    Week of Aug. 13th:
    “Afer Salem is rocked, there is much drama & chaos. Salem’s emergency services are pushed to the limit. Heroic citizens shine through.”

    “John, Marlena, & Kate emerge from the blast unscathed & take a look around.

    Things look verrrry bad for Jack.

    Abigail will be terribly shaken up & it won’t go away.

    Madison is gone after a brief storyline connected to Jack.

    Brady unexpecedly gets closer to someone.

    Sami & Rafe have a moment.

    Chad finds Melanie with protective Brady.

    Evil Ian regroups.”

    I would rather not see Brady with Melanie other than friends but if it is a romantic connection, at least it won’t last long since she is leaving in Sept.

    For the week of Aug. 20th, Dayscare says “Ian will have a dramatic departure from Salem & he will never be seen again.” I wonder if he will be killed?

  114. From patty

    Thanks for the spoilers Shani!
    Now that I think about it, the pushing and pulling between Sami and EJ when Roman threatened to shoot kind of made it look like EJ was using Sami as a shield. He remained behind her until the explosion which is why she fell off the ledge, the least he could do is try and catch her. I still believe someone else is going to save Sami. Maybe Rafe since spoilers say they’re having a moment. Of course Sami has so many moments with different men nowadays that it kind of loses its meaning.

  115. From Leah

    As an Ejami fan if the following spoilers I’ve read are true I gonna be pi**ed!
    Apparently the surprise news Sami delivers to Will and EJ is that she has been working for the Salem Police Department. Maybe thats why she was able to get EJ out on bail. If its true maybe Rafe suspecting EJ was being set up and framed…. asked Sami to come on board knowing the Ejami connection. Knowing EJ has confidence in Sami and confides and trusts her completely. Poor EJ if this is the case.
    Second spoiler I read is that Rafe will rescue Sami and that they have a moment. Yuk, yuk, yuk! Rafe has been “supposedly in love with Carrie.” Sami has been sleeping with Lucas while fighting her physical attraction and love for EJ. Rafe and Sami have hardly spoken two words to each for weeks. And now they have a moment? Get real! They have been done for a while. Rafe is a real dope if wants to get entangled with Sami again. Newsflash Rafe…. you marriage broken up for the exactly the same reason Lumi’s did. EJ and Sami’s inability to stay out of each others lives. EJ and Sami’s inability to keep their hands off each other. EJ and Sami will never be out of each others orbit. I think Kate summed it up well when she told Lucas “EJ is the sun in Sami’s orbit and it’s always gonna be that way.” Rafe and Lucas wake up!
    I am sad and bitterly disappointed if Ejami was used to tease us again, if Ejami are dropped for Safe or Lumi charades again. I have to say I’ll be done.

  116. From Leah

    Salem Police Department… time for some new blood! Roman has lost the plot and has really only had EJ in his sites over this who killed Stefano storyline. Talk about bias… all his EJ name calling isn’t very professional either. Time he retired and found a new line of work me thinks. Bo… well he’s leaving. Hope is useless. I mean a drug addict cop who has been a jailbird. Doesn’t work! Rafe is capable but I have to say I lost alot of respect for him and Bo over covering up Sami shooting EJ. I want my cops to be clean not dirty. I think Rafes character could be redeemed but he’s gonna have to stay away from Sami for that to work. So yes the Salem PD needs some new and exciting blood. Bring it on!

  117. From SandyGram

    #115 Leah
    Could you tell us where you read Sami has been working with the SPD?

    It’s nice when Spoiler information is provided so is the source. Thanks!

  118. From kaths

    #115 leah
    I am glad i am not the only one that will be annoyed with the new spoilers because it sounds like they are trying to give a connection back to Sami and Rafe. Please, they have been there and done that. It didn’t work. Hopefully its a final moment between them or something like that. I really hope they give EJAMI a chance because they never did and this is the perfect time to do it with no secrets between them.
    #117 SandyGram: i think she is going by your speculations (#47) and mistook them for spoilers
    Also with Kristan coming back we don’t know where they are going to go with Ej’s parenting.
    For Rafe i am hoping they give him a fresh new love interest that he has more chemistry with (possibly FANCY from passions, they were AWESOME together) because he is never going to accept Sami the way she is and she is never going to change. Ej never tried to change her or tell her what to do thats why their dynamic is incredible. they can say anything or do anything to each other and always find their way back to each other.

  119. From Kat

    109 Richard, well, when I read your post, you were 102, sorry about that,….it happens on here all the time, numbers change, but Names stay the same…..

    117, SandyGram,
    maybe Leah, got the idea about Sami working with the Salem PD, from You and your speculations….
    One idea or thought on here posted, can easily become fact to some, there is so much speculation on here.

    I just was waiting for somebody, to claim that EJ used Sami as a Shield, never fails, you were right MAB,
    when clearly We saw Sami emerge on her Own free will, standing in front of EJ, against his wishes, he tried to move her away, BUT

    this is my day, LOL, I knew it would happen, EJ tried to use Sami as a shield, or whatever….. God ,you got to love it…..

    As I said before, if Sami worked for the cops, LOL,
    I am done with her, the writers and the “Stupid” SL,
    but I do not believe that is What is going On….
    However, if She did, but Not for the reason To Bring EJ down, but to help CLEAR HIM, because even the Salem PD, ala Rafe/Roman caught on that something Smelled Rotten in Denmark, than that would be a Whole New Ball Game all together.

    Everybody working together to clear EJ and finding the Real “Killer”.
    However, I am not holding my breath on that one….

    I think the moment Brady will have is with Jennifer,
    both loosing…. Madison/Jack, etc. and it was said, that Jack and Madison have moments ???? or what together,
    and also Madison will have last moments with Ian.

    Quite Frankly, I don’t really know a thing, that the new writers will give us, so All of Us,
    are speculating, except for what we actually saw on the screen so far….like EJ Not using Sami as a Shield…. LOL what a reach….

  120. From Kat

    Oh My God, I love, 50 Shades of Sami……
    Wow, the best pic they have put up yet to date.
    Sami …… you are without a doubt, the most pop. and most intriguing character, next to EJ, that has ever —IMO, and yes Stefano of course,, maybe at time John/Marlene, long past now, yeh, Bo and Hope, past now…..
    But I have to say, I did like Bo, a lot, not so much the way he acted at times, lord knows he broke the laws like no body else,
    but because for MY Reasons.. he looked so much liked My Brother, my brother, that prayed every night in front of the cross, my parents told me, please dear God, send me a little sister, and I was sent.
    Don’t get piffed (??) I make up words, LOL, we all sneak in personal moments on here…..Thank you. Kat

    Again, all I am on here, is trying to be a harmless little somebody, have opinion, yes of course … strong opinions at times,nothing wrong with that…
    Lord know, getting frustrated at times with some real wussy’s…. forgive me God…..
    but never mean any harm to anybody,
    Guess What,….surprise … let’s just Talk, plain and simply, and keep all the stupid Drama at home…..

  121. From Kat

    Again, and Again,….
    I just love … Fifty Shades of Sami, that’s it, at least in my mind…
    I have not as of yet read the whole book yet, but I will,
    so to comment on it all the way, would
    not be fair at all…..

    It’s been a challenging day… today,

  122. From Leah

    Hey #117 SandyGram,
    I’ve been reading so lately about current storylines and spoilers it’s really hard to say when I read my comments to “so called spoilers” coming up. I suppose in time all the mystery will go away and all will be revealed. Where we were spot on and where we weren’t. Dayscafe says Sami/Rafe will have a moment and Days of our Lives Fans says Rafe surprises Sami and that Sami makes a surprise announcement to EJ and Will. Just couldn’t find the site where I read Sami is going to be saying she has been working for the Salem PD. Sorry!
    Have to say I’m enjoying the Olympics but missing Days. Bring on the next few weeks so we can see what unfolds. Fingers crossed we still get Ejami.

  123. From Maryl

    I have reached the point where I do not want to read any more spoilers. I’m usually disappointed with their revealations. With Tomlin and crew running the show after this cliffhanger, I am already beginning to lose faith in the future Sls. Kat, I know you said to hold on to the faith, so I will try real hard! Ha! However,
    like Leah, I may give up on Days, if the writers are messing with EJami fans’ hopes and expectations once again. For me, that would be a deliberate plan to disappoint us–and I ask why? If they feel Sami and EJ cannot work together–than why go there at all. Is it to get viewers on board for a while? If so, I resent that very much because I do not appreciate being misled or used.

    On another note, I read in SOD that Ali Sweeney and Greg Vaughan (the supposed incoming Eric) have made a movie for Hallmark, entitled TWO IN. Ali plays the part of a 911 dispatcher. Should be released in 2013. Greg will be her love interest in the movie.

  124. From Shani

    This was just put up this morning on The Crystal Ball Spoilers -

    “Here’s the latest comings & goings casting news from Days of Our Lives:
    Backstage sources report that Joseph Mascolo is back at work at the show’s NBC studios. It looks like there’s another Stefano rises from the dead storyline on the horizon. Just hope the show’s writers don’t forget to include Stefano’s famous comeback line into the script, when he finally resurfaces: “It’s good to be back.” Last time around, Mascolo had to ask to get the line added.
    Caleb Hunt’s gig as Andrew, the former photographer’s assistant who kidnapped Melanie, is coming to an end. His final air date appears to be August 17.
    As previously reported, two recurring characters will be back on the story canvas, after the show’s two week break. Look for Aloma Wright to air as sassy nurse Maxine on August 17. Meanwhile, Brendan Coughlin is back as Will and Chad’s pal, T, on August 20.

  125. From Shani

    And posted on DaysCafe this morning:

    “When she returns, Kristen bonds with Chad. Marlena & John, however, doubt her new, improved character. Kristen always has an agenda. . . .!”

  126. From Shani

    In my post 113 from DaysCafe for the week of Aug. 13, where it said “Ian regroups”, it has been added to & now says “Ian regroups & makes a confession”.

  127. From NeeNee

    Lots of great spoilers here: thanks to all who hunt & gather to post on this site! I also appreciate Richard’s & Sandy Gram’s forensic dissection of past scenes; it makes me go back and rethink plot possibilities.

    Yes, Kat, there have been many super couples over the past 30 years that you referred to. Two of my other favs that fall into that category are Shane & Kim and Neil & Liz. I’m a musician and LOVED the “Friends and Lovers” song of S & K. Gloria Loring as Liz always gave brilliant vocal performances at Doug’s Place. Bo & Hope’s theme song “Holding Out for a Hero” still makes me get the warm fuzzies (will never forget the motorcycle/wedding dress scene of Bo rescuing Hope from Larry Welch). I really liked the original Roman & Marlena together, but kinda like EJ/Sami, Marlena & John took awhile to grow on me. Although the strawberries & whipped cream thing has been done to death now, in the beginning it was quite sensual for daytime. My all-time favorite scene of John & Marlena was when John was walking on the docks, and M came out of the fog. I will never forget Marlena’s sharp intake of breath and quivering face as she says John’s name, and he replies, “Doc??”

    Brady and Jennifer, for me, is really difficult to imagine. My opinion on this is that they will bond as friends over the deaths of Madison and Jack. Since one of the spoilers says that Daniel will figure out a way to let Nicole down slowly, I say put him and Jen back together again.

  128. From MAB

    Kat – oh yes, certainly not surprised that someone would claim EJ used Sami as a shield, when it was obvious if you watched it, that Sami stepped in front of EJ, and he tried to push her back behind him. And it was also implied that she wouldn’t be hanging there if EJ would’ve caught her. That’s right, she wouldn’t be hanging there at all! She would’ve fallen completely if it wasn’t for EJ catching her.

    The announcement of Sami saying she is working with the Salem PD is just speculation at this point. I haven’t read in any of the spoilers that this is true…and I don’t think it is. We all know Rafe has never wanted Sami to work along side of him, and I don’t think Roman would involve her either.

    Leah – great posts. And you’re right about the cops. Roman needs to retire, Bo will be gone eventually (but is the only real cop they have IMO), Hope-whatever, and Rafe breaks the law more than he enforces it. He’s been fired from all of his jobs, so why would anyone want him to work for them, or even trust him to? I also agree about Roman calling EJ names. Both Roman & Rafe have been nothing but nasty to EJ since this all started, but I think EJ got a little retribution when he found the perfect name for them, calling them the village idiots. Perfect name for them!

    Maryl – I agree, if the writers are gonna be stupid and not go forward w/ EJami, then why tease us yet again? Like I’ve said more than once, the writers need to grow some and make EJami happen! The ratings will go up, and the EJami s/l would be far more interesting than any of the other crap we’ve been subjected to. I’m all for them taking it slow, but we fans need reassurance it’s gonna happen. We deserve it.

    I can’t wait for Stefano to return!! I for one can’t wait to hear his famous comeback line “it’s good to be back”! So what I read must be true that there will be scenes coming up w/ Stefano & Ian. And I still say it’ll be the DiMeras to bring down Ian, not the police.

    IMO, Bo & Hope (aside from EJ & Sami) will always be the best couple Days has ever produced, which is why I find his departure so disturbing. While the song “Holding Out for a Hero” may have been their theme song, “their” song was “Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You.” They will always be the TRUE supercouple of daytime. Steve & Kayla were also a great couple I loved, but still not at the same standard as Bo & Hope. As far as John, for me, his only true mate was Isabella…and Marlena only has John because Isabella died.

  129. From Blaze.

    I must admit, I’m an EJ fan, however, I believe Rafe is justified in disliking him!! Seriously, EJ snatched Rafe and held him hostage!! Meanwhile EJ put a dangerous stranger in bed with Rafe’s wife, and in charge of his own children!! YIKES!! I can understand why Rafe has issues with him!!

    And, wayyyy back when… Didn’t Stefano dress up like Elvis when Susan was impregnated? It was like a dream sequence for Susan, I think!!

    And, could someone please clarify… If EJ Wells came into the picture as an adult, how was he raised by Stefano?!

    Thanks muchly everyone!! I soooo enjoy reading your posts!! :)

  130. From Kat

    128 Blaze.
    We truly are an assortment of characters on this blog, just like in the SL…
    All of us have our own way of saying things, seeing things, etc.
    That makes it interesting, but the most important thing is always to remember…. No Malice…
    I did not like when Stefano created RoboRafe and EJ went along with it. Voiced my opinion many times, that it was sick to put the imposter into the bed of His Mother’s children…
    But than, look all the things that Rafe helped Sami do to EJ.
    Deny him his child, shoot him in the head, try to leave town with Sami and the Kids, EJ overheard that one. etc.
    Rafe and EJ have plenty of reasons, not to like each other, it is not a one sided situation……and
    who started what anymore….
    Stefano was dressed as Elvis when Susan did get whatever they did to her…..
    About EJ, we just never saw him in his childhood being with his Fatha Stefano,
    he was in Europe and became a race car driver,
    he must have finished Law school….

    Good posts Ladies…..

  131. From NeeNee

    Hi, Blaze!

    Yes, Stefano donned the 1977 white jumpsuit & scarf w/dark sunglasses & wig. Susan was convinced it was Elvis who made love to her.

    I got the impression that Susan raised young Elvis, and when he was in his late teens, Stefano put him through college & law school. Once his education was finished, EJ turned racecar driver and then spent time with his Fatha. He then came to Salem for a race . . . not coincidentally where his Fatha lived.

  132. From kaths

    hey NeeNee
    if you watched earlier eps of EJAMI in 2006-07, Ej tells Sami that his mother raised him till he was around 10 or so then Stefano took him from her and raised him in MAISON BLANCHE, then sent him to law school thats why our favourite character is seriously messed up. Partly because he got emotional love from Suzan then Stefano raised him to despise the BRADYS.
    Thats why his is not fully EVIL like Stefano because he still has a heart!!!

  133. From Tee

    Hey all this long wait sucks.

    Blaze as others had said Stefano spent lots of time through EJs childhood with him at Maison Blanche. So he has spent quite a bit of time with him over the years we just did not see him.

    I think Rafe and Samis moment will be when he comes back and helps them.

    Kat I agree that EJ was not trying to use her as a shield but I also figured it would be said that he did.

    On this page in rumor mill it says Brady will hook up with Abby but I heard elsewhere him and Mel spend a lot of time together. We also have to consider Nicole too. They do have a past and we know Dan will try to push her away from him.

    I am confused why Rafe told Spence her was thankful for the lead on Dimeras killer? So then do we assume Spencer and Rafe believe in EJs innocence? I know Rafe has questioned it.

    I have been on all spoiler sites and have seen nothing saying or even hinting Sami works for police I think a poster got it from Sandygrams speculations. I do wonder what her announcement is but it did not say it surprises Rafe or Lucas it said Will and EJ so it must have to do with them I think anyway.

    I hope we find out soon.

    I also cannot wait till Stefano returns.

    I think Ian will be dealt with by the Dimeras hence the spoilers on him.

    What we also know is James Scott said him and Alison asked for a slow buildup for their characters coming together so we could assume they are gonna be together. Now does that mean we will not see some Lucas or Rafe scenes along the way with her probably not but it seems in end it will be EJAMI for how long IDK.

  134. From Tee

    Oh and wanted to add I love the pic at top of 50 shades of grey and sami

  135. From Leah

    Hey fellow posters. How are you going? Enjoying the Olympics?
    Yesterday something dawned on me… do you realise that everyone of Sami’s “so called” loves of her lives (Austin, Lucas and now Rafe) have all been in love with and made love to Sami’s sister Carrie. Rafe is the exception of course. But his and Carries intentions were to seal their “love” eventually before she found out she was pregnant with Austins child. That was the “deal” breaker and why she didn’t leave Austin for Rafe. But Rafe still has had his tongue down her throat! Yuk, yuk, yuk! Come on Sami your better than that. I remember a conversation you had with your mum once where you stated “I just wanna once be someones first choice and not someones second. I want someone to love and accept me for who I am.” Sami you’ve had that man in your life for the last 6 years and you’ve fought it tooth and nail. EJ has NEVER fancied your sister (in fact he said you were the most beautiful of the Brady woman), EJ has loved everything about you, the good, the bad and everything in between, EJ is the one who accepts you warts and all. EJ has several times made it more than clear he fell for you the moment he met you. EJ has said he loves you and always will. EJ has made it clear to you that if you would show him he had 1/2 a chance with you he wouldn’t be interested in anybody else. EJ said “When you walk into the room Samantha every other girl fades into the background.” You are in EJs heart and that will never change. Time Sami you opened your heart to him. You have been the sun in EJs orbit as well.
    So drop those nasty boys Austin/Lucas/Rafe who turned to your sister and go for the gold. Ejami and Ejami family.

  136. From Adele

    I too hope they are not toying with us in connection with an EJAMI future. I was not always a fan of EJ but after all they did to each other when things fell apart with Rafe and she ended up at the mansion and I saw how happy and content EJ was I finally could see a future for them together.

    Sami likes to say how awful they are together but its actually the opposite. They are awful when they are not together.

  137. From Kat

    Leah, Tee, Adele, NeeNee,
    like your posts and yes do I ever agree,
    Sami And EJ, bring it on finally…
    They both can be No. 1 in each others orbit…
    I am looking forward to a nice, long, romantic, feisty, hot, cold, up and down relationship.
    Their hearts finding each other,

    Girls out there, help, lets write some scenes for Sami and EJ.

    Stefano should be back in a few weeks,
    Ian I believe will be gone by Aug. 22, and I would assume, there will be some scenes between Stefano and Ian.
    Leah, you are so right, Carrie and Sami have shared three men in their lives, time out.
    Sami and EJ all the way.

    Tee, EJ would throw himself in front of Sami to take a bullet, never use her as a shield, If He did that, He would be through on here, with all of us, LOL. He was ready to shoot Himself, after He lost Sami, that night…

    Like it or not, Sami means the world to EJ, and it is about time, that all these deep and hidden, put away feelings are allowed to come out and flourish all over the place.

    Had a great day with my Grandson, now 1″ taller than me, and a voice change….help…
    Played golf and had lunch and dinner,
    then took him to Band practice and then home to his Dad’s. Long wonderful day…. Thank you God….

  138. From kaths

    totally agree with with you LEAH, Sami has never been number 1 in any of their lives. Ej is the only one that actually put her first above everyone and never gave Carrie the time of day. Hopefully she realises this and makes a go of it with him because this is it, either it happens now with them or its never going to happen. They seriously have a good chance to give these two an incredible SL. With Sami, Will and Ej they would be and amazing family+team together.
    Thats just my opinion…

  139. From kat

    On U tube one of my fav. Austrian Singers is Hansi Hinterseer…
    so good looking, about 58 yrs. old. but, wow,

    Love his songs like Amore mio,
    Du bist mein Leben,…. Lieb mich noch einmal.

    It comes down to taste… and I also like
    Semino Rossi, from Argentina….
    Just thought I share something I like…

  140. From Shani

    I’ve been watching Y & R. Great show! Eileen Davidson bids farewell tomorrow as Ashley & I guess will first appear on
    Days as Kristen Oct. 11.

  141. From Cougar

    Just popped in to see what if anything was up if anything on the site. Anxiously awaiting the return of Days. I agree with everyone. I too hope that they are not toying with us EJami fans again. I have a feeling too that they will put these to together after a long tease. Nothing like a little foreplay if the relationship gets consumated finally! But on the other hand I also hope that they keep them together in a long relationship. Yes it is a soap and there is trouble around the corner after true love is found. But I hope they buck the current trends of breaking them up after 2 months in the relationship. Those two were meant to be together and should have their moment to shine and reign as the next super couple.

    I’m not sure of what to make of some of the talked about pairing of couples post explosion. Some sound a little off but I’m willing to wait and see what ingredient they put in the stew and how they stir the pot.

  142. From Adele

    I’ve been mulling over Sami’s surprise announcement to Will and EJ and I am going to go ahead and predict that she will tell them she has a backup copy of the flash drive and I am also going to guess that the “moment” between Sami and Rafe is not going to be a romantic one (please).

  143. From Leah

    Adele…. if it wasn’t that she was working for the Salem PD how would this one go? Sami knows Stefano is not dead and has been working for him. Stefano knew that Ian was out for his blood so faked his own death and is now trying to help EJ (secretly and with Sami’s help) because he knows Ian is trying to set EJ up for killing him. Now that would be an unexpected twist. Sami and Stefano working together!

  144. From Cougar

    Leah I like your theory about Sami working for Stephano. Surprising that she could be working for him. Yes and no aft,er all she already worked for him when he turned over CW to her to get back a Kate.

  145. From SandyGram

    SPOILERS….Soap Opera Digest, Issue August 13th, Comings and Goings:

    Judi Evans and Wally Kurth will be on August 15th to “receive devastating news”. (This must be Jack’s death…it also seems Daniel will be available to console Jennifer).

    Ralph Waite (Father Matt) will be on August 17th. (Obviously to attend to those who die in the Daysaster)

    Alona Wright (Nurse Maxine) returns on August 17th. (Yeah…will be there to help Dr. Dan attend to the injured)

    Sebastian La Cause (Silvio, Stefano’s henchman) airs the week of the 13th. (Now that says Stefano is Alive to me!)

  146. From kat

    Stefano is Alive,
    Joe M. has been back to the Studios filming for a while now….
    That is Grrrrrreat. IMO
    You can tell, new writers, Father Matt is back……

  147. From Tee

    Sandygram Thanks for posting those. I wonder what we will see Stefanos henchman doing? Will he be sent after Ian?

    Sami working with Stefano could be because a interesting twist and I find that more likely then she is working for police.

    Dang Dan to comfort Jen again well poor Nicole I guess. So will Nicole be looking towards Rafe or maybe Brady again?

  148. From Clear

    Matt’s faux spoilers are so funny! EJ wondering how he was cloned struck me! Wouldn’t he have noticed Santos look alike picture and like someone said wondered what’s going on in the gene pool? Time for him to interrogate his mother–if she is his mother

  149. From Tee

    I just read that Eileen Davidson has been shooting alot of scenes with Alison Sweeney. So looks like Kristen and Sami will be hanging out a bit on her return.

  150. From Leah

    For the last few years I’ve been a Brady and Nicole fan. I love them together and don’t think decades of their history should be ignored. I’ve got my fingers crossed this child ends up being Bradys. This way it keeps them connected for life and adds a new dimension to Bradys character. Also carries on his family name with an heir. But in saying that I am also looking forward to Eric Brady returning to town. He will certainly stir things up for Nicole (wasn’t he her first love?). A Brady/Nicole/Eric or Brady/Nicole/Rafe would be fun to watch. But in saying that while I like Rafe and Nicoles vibe I have always wanted Days to introduce us to Emily. The love of Rafes life and get Days to open up about his mysterious past to us. What do you think?

  151. From Shani

    Just added to DaysCafe spoilers for next week:

    “Evil Ian regroups & makes a confession. Kate is furious!

    Dan reconnects with Mel.

    Lucas & Sami are over.

    Father Matt consoles Salemites.

    Nurse Maxine lends a hand.

    One of Stefano’s thugs is up to something.

    Justin Kiriakis gets very bad news.

    Nicole dreams of a future with Dan but dreams don’t always come true. . . .”

  152. From jolie

    I too am awaiting the moment that Stefano returns…It is good to be back! He’ll just show up like nothing was ever amiss. I agree that someone is working with him to trap possibly Ian. I still sometimes feel Kate is in on it too. Would Stefano put her into the arms of Ian to gain the upper hand…I hate to say yes but yes, yes, he likely would. Sami as well might be right there in on this caper. I think she does have an extra copy of the video showing someone taking Elvis’ gloves from the dumpster. Speaking of which, Elvis, dear boy, was that ever a dumb idea or what? You have a fire place in the drawing room. Surely there is an old metal trashcan somewhere at the manse. Or even a campfire ring out back so the Dimeras can sing Ku-ba-ya after supper. Use those the next time you need to get shut of something incriminating. Also might have worked with the Alice letter.

  153. From SandyGram

    Of the spoilers nothing over surprising, we already suspected Sami and Lucas wouldn’t make it. It may have come a little earlier than suspected, but it was inevitable. But now the Justin gets bad news now that’s intriguing. If the news was about Jack the spoiler might have read Adrienne gets bad news. Unless the spoiler is about Adrienne or maybe Sonny of which neither would make me very happy if they were hurt in the explosion. If the spoiler is about Victor I would think there would be some reference to Maggie, unless it’s Maggie delivering bad news to Justin.

    Then if Nicole is having dreams of Daniel and a future with him….she and the baby must be ok. But now that Daniel is reconnecting with Melanie and helping Jennifer, Nikki may no longer be at the top of his priority list, other than to see that the baby is ok.

    Sure hope there are more spoilers that give just a little more details.

  154. From SandyGram

    The articles on Eileen Davidson’s return she has been doing a lot of scene’s with Alison Sweeney. It doesn’t clarify if they are working with one another or against one another. Kristen will probably come back a little miffed about being sent away, wanting some payback.

    It will be interesting to see what path the writers send Sami down if she hooks up with EJ. For all the things that Sami hates about the DiMera family will she now be ok with that. I’m sure she will be much like Kate and Will and will enjoy the power of the DiMera name. Since it appears Sami and Lucas will not survive, will he be out of a job. Since he’s gone to work for Countess Wilhelmina it does seem he has gotten Sami out of a few business scrapes, but then I guess she will now have Elvis to keep her out of business trouble. That is if John allows it if he takes over DiMera Enterprises.

  155. From MAB

    For those who insist that EJ pulled Sami in front of him, well Alison Sweeney made it quite clear in a current interview when she stated that Sami put her self in between Roman & EJ, and tells her Dad that he’d have to shoot her to get to EJ (I assume that happens when it picks back up on Monday). She also states that EJ tells her he can’t hold on to her, and she tells him to let her go and to save himself.

  156. From MAB

    This is what will make EJami worth it! All of the s/l’s that can come out of pairing these 2 together will make for some interesting real soap opera drama. For example, if Sami decides to be w/ EJ, she will always be torn between him & her family. And she will never be ok w/ all things DiMera, which will make things even more intriguing for their relationship. I think she’ll always be anti-Stefano, which will cause problems for her & EJ, but I think if EJ gets her in his life, he’ll do whatever is necessary to keep her there, and that includes stepping away from his father. He was willing to do it for her before, so no reason he won’t do it again. And that is just the tip of the iceberg, that is if the writers are creative enough to make EJami an amazingly interesting & complicated couple. Also, I don’t see why Lucas would be w/o a job because he & Sami break up. IMO, the only way he’ll loose his job w/ CW is if he throws a tantrum & quits.

  157. From kat

    155, 156 MAB
    read the same thing, Sami put herself in front of EJ, like a human shield, so much for that…
    If done right, IMO, this could become one of the greatest Love Story… What else is new, not all In laws like the son-in-law, or daughter-in-law…. So some of Sami’s family will be against Sami and EJ, learn to live with it, It’s Sami’s choice….
    IMO, if it had not been for Families…. they would have been together a long time ago….and I count both sides…
    I really don’t know why they brought back Lucas.

    With Nick coming back, it might turn out that Ally and Johnny both are EJ’s children, and only Will belongs to Lucas… Never know.

    Jennifer and Dr. Dan ?????, he will always be 2nd best in her life,
    only death can take Jack away from Jenn.
    I wrote quite some time ago, when Jenn was torn between Jack and Dan, that she would choose Jack, but… that after sometime, something could happen to Jack, and then, only then might Jenn get back with Dr. Dan.
    Nicole needs to concentrate on finding a Home, set up a Nursery for the baby, and put Men and Sex on the back burner for a while. Get her Head straight, just Who does she love/want…. but right now.. Baby first..
    With Stefano on the way back, he is filming, John will not get a chance to get his hands on DiMera Enterprises, I don’t think Stefano is an Idiot to let that happen, IMO of course…
    Chad has more claim than John..
    Stefano built this business for the last 50 some years,…
    John just wants to waltz in and take over… LOL

    Don’t want to many tiny details, like to be somewhat surprised starting next week….

  158. From SandyGram

    BIG Spoiler….don’t look if you don’t want to know. On there is a terrific Video showing a few clips of what we will see when the show returns.

    I won’t even summarize it here…you’ll have to see the video.

  159. From Adele

    Wowo…Thanks SandyGram, just watched the video. There are some surprises in there for sure heehee. I can’t wait till the show is back on.

  160. From Maryl

    Hi, everyone! SandyGram, thanks for the video info! Looks like some pretty exciting things coming our way. I wonder what Ian is revealing to EJ while holding him hostage? Must be something pretty big by the stunned look on EJ’s face. I couldn’t get the volume to turn on for the video, so did I miss something that gave a clue as to what Ian was revealing to him?
    The count down is now on for Days return and I have to admit I can hardly wait!

  161. From SandyGram

    #160 Maryl
    No words….Ian gave a big grunting sound and pulled back the curtain. I can only imagine with the expression on EJ’s face he’s looking at Stefano. If that’s true then Ian had to pay the coroner to declare Stefano dead and like so many of us has speculated that was either a clone in the casket or Stefano had been give a drug to make him look dead. Now where is the place Ian is holding EJ, it looks like it could be in the basement of the DiMansion. But, finally the ‘crazy’ of Ian’s personality is finally showing. Since Ian’s last air date is August 22nd I sure hope EJ is not held captive for 2 weeks.

  162. From Kat

    I hope, that whatever will be revealed next week, is much more exciting and different than most of us have tried to guess or speculate.
    I am ready for something brand new, surprises and new revelations, writers give me things/SL’s none of us expected, we are so long over due, not to get the same old same old…..
    Bring on the least expected, the most surprising, I would like just for once be totally blown “LOL” away,
    it is so boring to always know what to expect…. make us all wrong with our predictions/speculations, as least some of them, LOL,
    It has been to boring for a long time, and please finish some of the
    loose end SL’s. Who is Dr. Love’s Daddy, and what about all the Bank accounts Alice H. had…..

    Hope Gabe will be found out, for her own sake, otherwise that girl will Never have a life again, not with that guilt on her mind…

    If Ian had Stefano, he had to have help, to cover up what happened to Stefano, his body, etc., blood, you name it, somebody had to help him stage all this drama, if that is what happened..?????????????????????????
    Surprise me, …

  163. From Richard

    My guesses for who is behind the curtain would be.
    1. Stefano
    2. The real Sami
    3. EJ clone
    4. EJ’s mother
    5. Kristen
    6. Will

  164. From Richard

    He’s a suspect in my book and I don’t trust him at all.
    Sonny Kiriakis!!!
    He’s Will’s best friend and Will tells him everything.
    His partner and backer is Ian.
    He was on the computer when the footage was deleted.
    He probably knew that Sami was going to a lawyer with the copy.
    He’s the most unlikely suspect in the storyline. No one suspects him, but me.

  165. From Leah

    Sounded like Stefano’s voice to me! The countdown is on and soon all will be revealed.

  166. From Leah

    PS: Some interesting thoughts there Richard. I was a bit shocked when you said you thought the real Sami or a EJ clone is behind the curtain. I hadn’t been thinking along those lines at all. You have me intrigued now as I just read a spoiler from Dayscafe that said…. Some lovers are real, while others are fake. Don’t know what that is meant to mean but I hope that doesn’t spell trouble for Ejami!

  167. From Maryl

    Thank you, SandyGram. I finally got the volume back, so I watched the video again and my thoughts matched Leah’s in thinking the groan sounded like Stefano’s!

    I hope the spoilers about fake lovers doesn’t turn out to be Sami and EJ–but that would be par for the course. If these new writers want to do away with the SL of EJ and Sami realizing their love for each other, that would be the stupid and ridiculous way they would execute it. There is no one else who could be fake lovers but Sami and EJ as far as I can see. They are talking about all the twists in the upcoming SLs so this will probably be one. If this happens–then what? Back to Rafe we go? Please no! On the spoiler video, that gentle kiss EJ gives Sami, is pure magic and romance.

  168. From Maryl

    Just thought of lovers that could be considered fake–Ian and Kate–he tells her he was just using her?

  169. From Shani

    Great video. The best spoiler yet. Thanks sandygram.

  170. From Richard

    I played the video back several times and every time, I heard a woman’s scream, also.

  171. From Richard

    Where is Celeste while all of this is happening?
    Surely she must have had visions of what was about to happen.

  172. From MAB

    I loved the video showing what happens (thanks SandyGram). I can’t wait until Days returns Monday!

    EJ & Sami – YES! Not surprised Rafe is handcuffing Sami…and I’m sure he’s enjoying it if he knows what lengths she went to to defend EJ. I’m hoping that kiss between them is the start of the new & improved EJami!

    I think Ian has Stefano behind that curtain, and that is the big reveal to EJ (which explains why it was mentioned some time back that Stefano & Ian were filming scenes together that would air in August).

    Some of us were right from the get go that Ian was responsible for all this, so I’m really not surprised there. And Ian tells Kate he used her, another thing I wasn’t surprised at, but I was hoping it was the DiMeras who would be sticking to Ian instead of the other way around. Oh well, in the end, the DiMeras will come out of this on top because Ian will get his soon enough!

    I’m sure this day is gonna last for at least 2-3 weeks in real time. Too much happened to clear this up in a short period of time. So I doubt EJ will actually be held captive for 2 weeks just because Ian’s last air date is Aug 22.

    There were several screams…from women…from everyone. And if you watch it closely (which I did numerous times) it’s definitely Ian who makes the grunting noise. I think Ian has kept Stefano unconscious this whole time.

    If Ian has Stefano in the DiMera basement like someone suggested, then it had to be only recently that he had him down there, because the cops would’ve searched the entire house after Stefano’s shooting (that is if the village idiots did a thorough job).

    Nope, more than one person has had their suspicions of Sonny. I’ve thought for a while now that Sonny could be working for Ian. Not sure if it’ll actually come true, but no doubt it’s a possibility.

    Maryl – where did you hear anything about fake lovers? I haven’t seen nor heard anything about this??

  173. From Shani

    As Leah wrote in 166, a DaysCafe spoiler says about fake lovers. I saw it, too.

  174. From SandyGram

    SPOiler Days Cafe:
    “Some lovers are true, while others are fake”

    I would venture to guess this is Ian’s love for Kate is fake, especially after he tells her he was using her.

    Then although they are not lovers, Will’s reaction to Sonny’s kiss, is there something more to this than just Will’s surprise Sonny may have feelings for him? It is going to be interesting how ‘T’ plays into this when he returns.

    It is Justine’s very bad news that’s really got my curiosity boiling. If the news was about Jack, I’d think it was Adrienne’s news. But if the news is about Adrienne that would be a shocker. All speculation of course.

  175. From Maryl

    Hi, MAB–I learned about the fake lovers from a previous blog. Was supposed to be on Days Cafe. Hope it doesn’t involve EJ and Sami.

  176. From Tee

    Hey all glad we got some stuff to talk about and I found some spoilers and was gonna come post them then watched video Sandygram posted and most are in video. I will share a few things that are not.

    EJ saves Sami then kisses her
    It is over with sami and Lucas.
    Kayla and Will work at pub in aftermath.
    Ian will be leaving soon shocking some salamites with his secrets.

    Sami and Rafe share a moment yeah while he is handcuffing her


    So there were alot more but most were in video Sandygram posted for us. I think the Rafe one was too but I had to post it I found myself laughing when I seen it because I was glad the moment was nothing more then that. Well that we can see.

    I think Ian will most likely reveal he is S tefanos brother perhaps even EJS father Though I am leaning towards Stefano being the FATHA. I do think he will have Stefano behind the curtain or Sami maybe.
    I am glad that he will be gone in a few weeks and Kate slapping him was awesome.
    I just re watched the video did anyone see end where it freezes on EJ at a door maybe in warehouse or something and Sami crying in doorway? I wonder if that is when they try to get out or what?
    What do you guys think?

    I cannot wait for next week!!

  177. From OneDaysFan

    I stopped watching Days about a year ago – maybe more. It was whenever Carly was still on. I read the spoilers from time to time, but refuse to watch Days as long as Sami and EJ are around each other. I thought I might be able to start watching again now that Lucas is back. Now I see Days has new writers and they are going to try to create a Sami and EJ bond yet again. Don’t these writers realize that it doesn’t work. There is no chemistry – no love – no attraction. It is just plain sick. Guess it’s time to go back to my DVD’s and watch.

  178. From Tee

    Hey all hope everyone has been doing good.
    Sandygram as always thanks for posting the video.
    I came here to post some spoilers and chat about them and seen your video as I like to scroll up to make sure I did not miss anything. Most of the spoilers are in video so not much else to reveal. I will only touch on a few of the spoilers ince like I said that most were in video Sandygram posted

    EJ saves Samis life then kisses her
    It is over between Sami and Lucas.
    Rafe and Samis moment (as video revealed is him arresting sami.
    Ian will be leaving soon in 2 weeks but not before he shocks some salamites with his secrets.
    Will and Kayla work at pub in aftermath.

    I know The Rafe one was in video but I had to post it cause it made me laugh in relief when I seen it. I am glad their moment as far as we can tell was not a good one. Spoiler sites also claim their moment was the arrest.
    Lucas and Sami over I am glad but hope they remain best friends.

    Looks like Madison is gonna die and Jack will save Abigails and die also. Poor Abigail having to live with that.

    Meanwhile Nicole is dreaming of a life with Dr. Dan. He will be busy consoling Dr. Dan. So where does Nicole go from here? I am with another poster who says she needs to put men to the back burner for a while and concentrate on her and babay, but this is a soap and we know how that goes. With EJ and Sami moving closer I dont see her being with EJ right now, maybe Rafe? I do feel sorry every man she wants seems to put her 2nd except Brady. I have seen Brady gets close to someone I was hoping Nicole but looks like it may not be.

    I also re watched the video and does anyone have any idea or speculation about how it ends it shows EJ and Sami in a doorway it looks like Sami is crying. Looks like maybe the warehouse or something could be their apartment in aftermath also I guess.

    So Gabis lies do come to light or do they? She may be saying she never wanted her to get hurt as in maybe she was trying to save her. I hope her lies come out though.

    I believe Ian has Stefano behind those curtains. I think he is Stefanos brother mad he was disinherited by papa Santos. Speaking of which no new spoilers on the Santos that comes to town rocking a certain Salamite to his core. Or could the man behind the curtain be him? Probably not. I am leaning towards Stefano, Sami would be next guess, then Santos. Though Santos would have to be pretty old unless they froze his body which is not beneath a Dimera or Ian. I doubt that is the case but Thought I would throw it out there.

    Sonny kissing Will I expected that some day I did not expect Wills reaction. Aposter above suggested Sonny may be working with IAN and well I guess that could be true it would be a twist that is for sure and would make some sense,

    Sandygram I too am confused on Justines bad news

    The some couples are fake are reffering to Kate and Ian. I enjoyed that slap she gave him.
    It takes me back to when Stefano set her up to see if she would cheat on him. I wonder if he knew all along Ians connection to Dimeras if there is one.
    I hope EJ is not Ians son ugh.

  179. From Tee

    Above should say Dr. Dan consoles Jen. Sorry any mistakes in spelling etc. I typed it super fast because I kept trying to post and got the error message so I shut down the windo and re opened and it worked which meant I had to re type it all.

  180. From SandyGram

    #178 Tee
    So I don’t have to retype my comments just in case I have a problem with the post accepting, I do one of two things:

    - Before Submitting the Comment, Copy It. Then if you have a problem with the Error Message or the post not taking, just Paste your comment. OR

    - Create your Comment on a Word Document then after you have a chance to review it and perform spell check Copy and Paste the Comment.

    Just a couple of tips….it sure saves my frustration level!

  181. From Tee

    Sandygram #179 Thanks that is a good idea. It would save so much time and frustration.

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