Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For July 9-13.

Heated confrontations.

EJ shows up at the Salem PD to take the polygraph test. This makes Will nervous and Roman suspicious. EJ does his best to botch the test by playing mind games with the cops. However, the test administrator receives a mysterious visit and a bribe to make sure EJ looks guilty. Will tries defending his boss against everyone’s accusations. In spite of this, Elvis is furious with Will and blames him for putting him in this position. EJ drifts through town is distress. When he bumps into Sami and acts fidgety, she wonders if he’s guilty. She nags him about it until he has a fit. Lashing out at her, he says she deserves to be alone forever. They argue about this so intensely that their tongues nearly touch each other. They pull away and he asks her to look after the children if anything happens to him. Meanwhile, Will’s cockiness is annoying his father. Lucas demands to know what he is up to. Will won’t tell him so Lucas turns to John and Marlena for help. John decides it’s time to ‘neutralize’ Elvis for the sake of the family. To do that, he declares it’s high time that he take control of the DiMera empire himself. Lucas goes off to find Sami and finds her in a close moment with EJ. He is not happy. Both men get territorial about Sami. She doesn’t appreciate it. However, it’s Lucas who actually gets to kiss her.

Back at the station, the cops debate the case. Rafe starts having doubts about EJ’s guilt but the mystery person soon arrives to hand some evidence to Roman. The dark figure heads to Elvis’ apartment to plant the gloves that EJ threw away after the murder. The cops show up soon after with a search warrant and easily find them. Elvis is flummoxed.

After Nicole kicks Daniel’s butt on the basketball court, she makes him give her a foot massage which leads to riotous sex. The sex continues into the next day but things quickly cool when they come close to having a conversation about their feelings. She realizes that Daniel doesn’t want to be sucked into some stupid, endless triangle. Meanwhile, Brady continues his seemingly endless attempt to convince Madison that he isn’t a lying junkie. Ian will make him harder to believe because he has all of Brady’s protein drinks taken away before they can be tested. Kate nearly drinks one and Ian flips out.

Gabi actually manages to keep Chad distracted for five minutes. The spell is broken when Carly calls, frantic to know where her daughter is. Chad freaks out and scurries to Daniel to inform him that his daughter has gone missing. They turn to the police but soon realize that the Salem PD is useless and go looking on their own. Meanwhile, Mel tries to win Andrew over with her charms. The gullible loser buys it for a minute, but then turns on her and gets nasty. Gabi shows up and tells Andrew they have to let Mel go immediately. He doesn’t like that plan and makes it clear to Gabi that he has enough evidence to take her down with him. After she storms off, he smuggles Mel out. Chad soon shows up at Andrew’s after tracking her phone. The only thing that’s left of his girlfriend is her bracelet.

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  1. From SandyGram

    When Sami is asking EJ if he is guilty, quote “Lashing out at her, he says she deserves to be alone forever.” This is certainly not the first time EJ has said Sami deserves to be alone forever, but he always to seem to go back to that level of contentment for her when she has done something to frustrate him.

    So now someone retrieved EJ’s gloves from the ally gondola which means someone must of been following EJ. So the next question should be who would be following EJ….for me, Stefano has someone following EJ.

  2. From Lisa

    Because he wants her to be like him and yep he lash out his frustrations to her like she can do with him..they have no filter between them like you can have that with someone you really really close real life you can get nasty with your closed ones like relatives, parents, signifant others ect..Lucas can be like that with Sami too and it can get nasty…the difference Sami always gives as good as she gets with Ej whereas with Lucas since they decided he was a ‘good guy’ she is weak in their arguments and always apologizes…
    p.s: Ian is behind Ej’s set up, it is obvious.

  3. From dc

    yea, i think stefano is having ej followed (maybe, or maybe not). it could be ian (doing the deed for stefano). i am still wondering after all these months why ian has a cane with a phoenix on it..

  4. From Anna

    Oh my i get they need to give Lucas some storyline but come on the guy is not match to Ej, once again it will be pathetic to see him trying to play the ‘hero’, he can’t even succeed to parent Will he has to ask help from John and Marlena..Lucas dear you are pathetic..And Sami who uses him in order to get rid of her feelings/fiery attraction towards Ej..come on try to give something less ridiculous to do for is seriously laughable..

  5. From Missy

    that will be IAN,

  6. From Missy

    that will be IAN

  7. From Richard

    I keep missing the cane with the phoenix on it. When was it shown?

  8. From SandyGram

    #3 dc
    I was reviewing You Tube Videos for all the scene’s leading up to the shooting and I noticed on Friday June 1st, about 22:35 minutes into the Video, EJ went into the Pub what appeared to be from the rain. As he entered the Pub he stopped for a second and then went up close to the window looking out as if he was looking for something or someone. I think someone was following him even then.

    #7 Richard
    Although we read in a Spoiler a while back Ian’s Walking Stick had the Phoenix Emblem engraved on the top of the cane I have found no one (on this or any other fan site) that has actually seen it. One fan said it was shown the day Kate and Ian went to bed (April 9, 2012) for the first time but I’ve looked at that You Tube Video and if it’s there then I’m missing it.

  9. From SusanW

    Wait!?! Isn’t Nicole having a miracle baby? She’s playing basketball?

    So, Ian is getting everyone out of the way, Brady and EJ? Maybe he has something against hot guys, since he totally disgusts me.
    Poor Kate, she actually lost Steffie for him.

  10. From Leah

    No one seems to think Kate maybe the one who has set EJ up. Hasn’t Kate lost a lot? To my knowledge her and Stefano are not divorced yet so wouldn’t she have the most to gain by EJ being out of the picture? I know logically if Stefano is actually dead it will probably be someone like Ian who is being written out of the show anyway. Just seems strange to me no one is thinking Kate….
    As for Lucas…. what a ding dong!!! He has certainly forgotten all of his conversation with Sami on the 2nd of April. Lucas knows and challenged Sami on her unresolved feelings for EJ. He said you and EJ can deny it all you want but you keep coming back to each other. This led Sami to start daydreaming about EJ and made her spill her coffee. Lucas got the pipp and said he was doing this Ejami cat and mouse game again and stormed off. Wow, didn’t last long. I’m sorry but I cannot feel sorry for him or Nicole. They have both known Ejami love each other and have gone into relationships with them with their eyes wide open. They deserve what they get. Lucas needs some of his own storylines and Nicole…. well I like her with either Rafe or Brady. She has chemistry with both of them and neither of them would make her play second fiddle. My ultimate wishlist is for the baby she’s carrying to end up being Bradys. Not the first time Miss Nicole would have had two men on the hop at once – lol.

  11. From SandyGram

    Episode July 9th:
    After today I’m liking Daniel and Nicole more and more. We’ve never seen either of them in this kind of playful relationship before with all of their past partners it’s always been so serious. The scene’s at the Pub today were flirtatious, fun loving and seductive. I loved the point where they are making the bet, Nikki starts clucking like a chicken and Daniel says “Wow, Legs is starting the trash talk”. And then when Nikki beat Daniel at the basketball game he says ‘you hustled me’ and her reply was spot on as she says ‘have you seen these athletic legs’. You could tell Arianne (Nicole) and Shawn (Daniel) were having fun with the scene’s, a real feel good moment.

    Brady and Madison: She has certainly turned into a hypocrite. For how long did she keep the fact that she was married from Brady and now she can’t believe in him. I don’t think the way she is acting is at all related to the talk she had with Maggie the other day about drug addiction. Since Ian has professed he will give Madison a divorce, her whole personality has changed. I can’t imagine the writers will have a happy departure planned for Madison. I sure hope Brady’s recovery and getting over Madison is not a long term story line. Oh yeah, interesting Kate should receive a special delivered package that she doesn’t want Ian to know about. What’s our sneaky little snake up to? Maybe her next instructions from Stefano for planning his return.

    Austin and Carrie: It’s unbelievable how the writers are tainting the Carrie character. Although I wish both Christy and Patrick much success on their next adventure, their departure date from the show can’t be soon enough.

    Police Station: I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by anything that goes on at the SPD, but since when does a person who has come in to take a polygraph test get brow beat before the test begins? It could only happen in Salem.

  12. From t. w.

    I have seen Ian’s cane. Kate was afraid Stefano would come after both of them since they decided to be together. Ian said not to worry, he can handle him. Kate does not believe it until Ian shows her his cane. It does have a phoenix on it. I think this happenex in May and I have only seen that cane once.

  13. From Just Moi

    Just seen this on the last page, it might explain a few things.

    From Mary Ann
    Comment added July 5th, 2012 at 1:56 pm

    I just read what MAB said in #248 and I am confused. I assure you I did not intentionally steal your initials. My name is Mary Ann and my husband and I own a small heating and restoration business. That is why I used our initials. I am sorry. I am new here and didn’t realize you couldn’t use someone else’s initials. I will use my name from now on so as not to anger MAB. So so so sorry.

  14. From kat

    12 Just Moi,
    thank you, we already talked about this
    Dool spoilers June 2 – 6.
    What a co-incidence,
    but that’s life, stranger things can happen…

  15. From Delores

    PLEASE END this ordeal with Melanie and GAG-i before I puke!!
    “NUFF IS ‘NUFF!!!

  16. From Randi

    Many kudos to chandler whose acting has improved considerably.

    Ej and John going at would be fun.

    Sami’s dress today looks one from a couple weeks ago, just with rearranged ruffles. Bad choice.

    Kate does she really have a role anymore?????

  17. From Nancy

    Looks like they might put Kayla and Abe together??? Where the heck is “JOEY”

  18. From SandyGram

    Episode July 10th:
    Could Rafe become the reasonable Investigator? Neither Roman, Spencer or Rafe has taken into consideration that EJ became emotional when asked the question “You are Stefano DiMera’s son?” Rafe seems to be using a few more brain cells, than the other two, at least to contemplate the question “Why would EJ volunteer for the Polygraph if he was guilty?” Now Sami wants to help EJ? As we know, Lexie was his only friend and even Sami reminded him today when she mentioned he normally goes to Lexie when he’s trouble, but to take Sami into his confidence makes me shiver. How sad it is though that EJ is very alone at this time. He may be working on making the DiMera name respectable, but a few good ole buddies to share and pal around with wouldn’t hurt.

    Sami and Lucas:
    Just curious why Alice would send Lucas that bracelet just before she died for him to give to Sami not Allie? A sweet gesture on her part or another key to one of Alice’s secrets? Sami was in a relationship with Rafe at the time of Alice’s death in June 2010, why would she want Sami to have the bracelet who was not even a Horton?

    Lucas and Sami’s talked of wanting to be in a committed and moving forward relationship today, reminds me of Carrie and Austin, maybe more words than action. I’d love to see them together, but until the ‘elephant’ is no longer in the room a very heavy cloud is looming over Lumi.

    It would seem another ‘elephant’ is in the room with Nicole and Daniel, that being the Rafster. Nikki play nicely with the boys on the play ground or lonely is where you will also be. I love their playful banter and flirting and the whip cream was a nice touch. Like Daniel said she is one sexy pregnant woman and more than any of his other female partners these to have real personable chemistry.

  19. From Alicia

    SandyGram Sami and Ej always had a ‘connection’ i don’t see what is surprising in them being close when they are in trouble, it is not new.

  20. From Leah

    Sorry but Lumi are doomed… the writers would be stupid to try and put them back together. Its obvious Sami is struggling with her feelings and sexual attraction to EJ. She just wants to rip the boys clothes off and do the deed all over again! She obviously hasn’t forgotten their last encounter… remember when Ejami were in the Brady pub she said in response to EJ saying they both have ego’s and think they are the centre of their universe? Sami’s response was “That must have been why the sex was SO good!” Dear, dear Sami you have it bad but in true Sami style your trying to deny it… still married to one man, sleeping with another whiling wanting another! Will she ever learn? Lets hope so…. Ejami gunna be fun to watch unfold. Just love their cat and mouse games.

  21. From Leah

    As for Lucas… he needs to bring Autumn to Salem. He needs to get back with her and get on with his character. Running around after Sami day and night makes the boy boring! Surely there is more to him than this. I loved it when he first arrived back in Salem. He was a man, took charge and wouldn’t take anyones bull. Unfortunately when Lucas’s character is written so one dimensional it really does put him at risk of being written out again. Give him some more storylines. The character and actor deserve better than this!

  22. From Janiebell

    Time for the Demears all to be brought down.

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