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Now that Will has been publicly outted to become Salem’s most high profile gay man, his friends in the community were expecting him to be a little more open about it. But that’s not Will’s style. He got an earful about it from one of his club friends, but Sonny was there to stand up for Will, make puppy dog eyes at him and say how much he wanted ‘to be there’ for him. William had more on his mind than his sex life though. Or did he? He was more interested in what EJ was hiding in his drawers. After opening one up to find out, he spent most of the week trying to push Elvis into a corner and let him have it. Discovering that EJ is not a DiMera was pay dirt for Will. Unfortunately, he did the stupidest thing he could and put the evidence in a safe that half the town has the combination to. The fact remains that, aside from a letter from Alice, Will had no proof of anything and, aside from his own testimony, EJ had nothing to put William away for putting one in him. They were at a standstill anyway. William just wanted to be his right hand. I don’t think I need to explain why. Elvis still doubted that Will really knew him at all. Knowing him was exactly what Will wanted. But if Will really wanted to get into EJ’s head and heart, he probably should have picked up a few scarves. In the end, he cowed Elvis into caving to at least one of his suggestions. EJ agreed to take a polygraph.

Non-DiMera related criminality continued around town. Mel made another lame attempt to escape from the clutches of her captor and failed. It was hard to believe that the scrappy lass who was once known as Premier Party Girl, and who used to fleece and pound on men left and right, was reduced to this. That’s what loving a DiMera seems to do to people though. Andrew thought it was hilarious that Gabba-Gabba has been living at Chadsworth’s for weeks and can’t even get him to roll over on her at night. She hadn’t even managed to ‘accidentally’ drop a towel or secretly break the AC so they would have to lay around, half naked and glistening. Apparently the Gabster was not raised watching soap operas. Realizing this, Andrew started having major misgivings. Being sleazy in Salem is one thing, being stupid in Salem is something else, but being both at the same time is a recipe for disaster. The fact that most of their conversations take place next to a stairway, which is the “DOOL” equivalent of the Grim Reaper, wasn’t boding well either.

And staying in the vein of the sleazy… Nicole and Daniel did their best not to name what they had together. This could have been because the Misty Circle flick she was in with the same plot was titled, “Open Wide: The Knocked Up Nympho And Dr. Luv.” She was shocked he stayed the night with her when he had a perfectly good vibrating bed at home. He couldn’t have shied away from the chance of waking up with her. His one positive memory of Chloe was holding her hair while she had morning sickness. He was annoyed, however, when he realized that she seemed to have feelings for Rafe. Since he’d already been in one supremely unsexy threesome, he wasn’t about to get into another. Nicole managed to prove how much she cared about him by claiming that she can’t swallow when he’s around and then drooled on his breakfast.

In a similar vein, Rafe and Carrie gorped at each other with so much wide eyed longing that they could have turned into Hummel figurines. And to think, it’s been nearly a year since he fell in love with her sweaty cleavage in their office, and now the only chance he’ll get to see it again is if he walks in on her breastfeeding another man’s child. She did her best to fight off her softcore porn fantasies but it wasn’t working. Even being in bed with Austin was barely enough to turn her off. Across town, Cameron got a job running the life support wing his sister spent her career filling up. This thrilled Abigail so much that she floated up to him rather than using the foot stool she usually carries around under her skirt. Kayla did her best to encourage her niece to nab the doctor. After all, she’s a doctor so she knows what a great catch they are. In a few decades, maybe Cameron will have worked his way up to slinging chowder at the Brady Pub too.

Lines of the week:

Will: (to EJ) We’ve taken our relationship to the next level. I own you now.

EJ: (to Will) You obviously know something of the ins-and-outs of doing things.

Sami: Who is the father? My husband or yours?
Carrie: I don’t live like you. I don’t have to look at the calendar to figure it out.

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  1. From Cynthia jokinen

    I am glad to see Will coming out asGay;that shows he is not ashamed of it. Itis good to have stories on soaps about gays. They are people tloo and should not be attacke, most of the time they mind their own business. I bet if a hater of gays, had a life saving blood transfusion, then foundout the donor was gay, he would not give the blood back!

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