General Hospital Weekly Summary For July 16 – 20.

A kiss, a proposal and a failed escape.

After Kate visited Joe Jr. in jail, she returned to Sonny. They talked about Scully and then had sex. Afterwards, Kate had a memory about Johnny and then turned back into Connie, who paid Johnny a visit.

Trey found his father’s medal in Sonny’s warehouse, but before he could confront the mobster, Joe Jr. called his son. Joe urged Trey not to mention the medal or who his father was to Sonny. Trey left Sonny’s to visit his father in jail, just missing Kate. Joe told Trey his version of his past with Sonny and they plotted Sonny’s downfall.

Heather secured an alibi, which released her from Anna’s interrogation about Anthony’s murder. Once free, Heather called on the forger to write Anna and Lulu goodbye letters. Anna and Dante figured out Heather’s ruse and obtained the original letter Luke wrote to Anna. The commissioner figured out Luke’s code and realized he was being held at the shack where she searched for Anthony’s body. At the same time, Olivia discovered Heather in one of the Metro Court rooms. After some heated words, Heather filled a syringe with LSD and blocked Olivia from leaving the room.

A masked Todd fed Luke at the shack. Fearing Heather would out him about the baby switch, Todd ignored Luke’s pleas for help and left him there. In an attempt to free himself, Luke managed to light a candle in order to burn through the ropes tying him down. He accidentally set fire to the shack instead.

Meanwhile, Todd learned Blair was coming to town for Starr’s Haunted Star debut. Panicked, he enlisted Carly’s help in wooing his ex-wife. She obliged by setting up a romantic dinner for them. After the proud parents attended Starr’s performance, Blair told Todd, who got on bended knee to propose, that she was already engaged to Tomas.

The Haunted Star opening was deemed a success, but Lulu was disappointed Dante, who she had been arguing with, didn’t show up. She then found Patrick on the deck of the boat. He had taken another pill and had a vision of Robin, who asked him to save her. Lulu came out and Patrick kissed her thinking she was his wife. Lulu found the drugs in his pocket and confronted him about his dependency.

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