General Hospital Weekly Summary For July 2 – 6.

Confessions, kisses and confrontations.

After McBain had Jason detained on the plane in New Orleans, he paid Joe Jr. a visit. With his gun drawn, John tried to get Joe to confess about Theresa, but he played dumb. Junior’s henchman got the jump on John and tied him to a chair, but Jason arrived in time to take down Junior’s goons. Jason dragged Joe away, but left McBain behind.

Once in Port Charles, Sonny confronted a restrained Joe in his coffee warehouse about raping Connie.  Joe told Sonny Connie wanted it and that he knew about the baby. This obviously enraged Sonny, but John’s presence stopped him from killing his nemesis. John eventually got a confession out of Joe about his sister, but Joe put the blame on John. He explained that Theresa was killed because she was spotted talking to John when he was a fed and that was a big no-no in their business. The cops showed up after getting John’s call and arrested Joe Jr. McBain headed to the docks to drown his sorrows in a bottle of booze and ran into Sam. As they commiserated over their lives, John and Sam kissed.

Despite a lot of flirting and almost locking lips, Starr told Michael she needed to just be friends. However, after a fun day at the Quartermaines for the fourth of July, Starr gave in and returned Michael’s kiss.

Kristina didn’t have the same luck as her brother, as Trey turned down her advances. He wanted to keep things professional, especially since his father, Joe Scully Jr., was bankrolling their reality show. Kristina remained undeterred as she invited Trey to the lake house and greeted him in her bikini, but he wanted to get to Sonny’s warehouse with the cameras. They stuck around the house long enough to catch Alexis walking in on T.J. changing for a swim with Molly. Alexis was furious to see the boy she banned her daughter from dating.

Heather prevented a guilt-ridden Todd from confessing the baby switch to Sam and then forced Luke, who she had in captivity, to write Anna a kiss off letter. She realized Luke was trying to send Anna a coded message though and ripped it up.

In other news, Lulu and Maxie confronted Patrick over his drug use, Spinelli and Anna teamed up regarding Heather and Kate learned Todd took over her office and magazine.

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