General Hospital Weekly Summary For July 9 – 13.

Truth, lies and videotape.

After seeing Sam and John kissing, Jason went to the bridge where he ran into Elizabeth. As he confided in Liz about the kiss, Jason leaned in and smooched his ex. She took it in stride and urged him to work things out with Sam. The next day, Steve overheard Liz at Kelly’s leaving a message for Jason about their kiss. When Jason walked in, Steve lashed out at him, just as Sam arrived to get an ear full. Jason told Sam he kissed Liz after he saw her kissing McBain. Sam walked out after noticing Jason wasn’t wearing his wedding ring.

Lulu and Maxie thought they convinced Patrick to stop taking drugs and get help from Dr. Keenan, but he couldn’t resist and snuck another pill while at the hospital. Epiphany found him and accused the orderly Ramon of stealing drugs. Patrick covered for Ramon, who knew Patrick was the guilty party.

After planting a hidden camera in Johnny’s office so Todd could keep an eye on him, Heather was arrested regarding Anthony. She called Todd for help. Todd looked in Heather’s purse for a phone number she needed and found the paternity results proving Jason was the father of Sam’s baby. When he confronted Heather, she just blackmailed him once again for a favor that involved her tied up boyfriend.

Luke hallucinated in the shack that Lulu, Anna and Tracy came to visit him. As he tried to explain why he didn’t show up for Anna and Tracy’s dinners, he got a real visit from a man who wore a hockey mask and wielded a very large knife.

In other news, Alexis agreed to let Molly and TJ see each other, Michael and Starr went on a date, and Sonny told Kate he met with Joe Jr.

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