General Hospital Weekly Summary For June 25 – 29.

Denial, blackmail and revenge.

After Luke stood her up, Tracy stopped by the Metro Court looking for him, but found Anna instead. While there, Tracy learned her feelings for Spencer weren’t returned as he and Anna were now seeing each other. Once Tracy was gone, Anna tried to reach Luke, but he was busy getting kidnapped by Heather.

While staying at Patrick’s house, Maxie made herself comfortable in a robe she found. Patrick freaked out upon seeing her in it, declaring it was a gift from Robin. Once Patrick left, Maxie discovered pills in the pocket. Patrick became defensive when Maxie confronted him on them, especially when she told him she discussed it with Lulu.

Heather blackmailed Todd into firing Diane at the paper and hiring her as the gossip columnist. Heather’s glee was short lived though when she learned Sam had also been hired as Todd’s assistant. While Todd hired Sam out of guilt for stealing her baby, Heather correctly assumed Sam was just trying to dig up dirt on Todd.

Sonny told Jason about Joe Jr.’s misdeeds with both Kate and John’s sister Theresa. He then instructed his muscle to find the dirt bag and make him pay. Jason boarded a plane to New Orleans, where Joe Jr. was thought to be, and was seated next to McBain. John was on a similar mission, but wanted to get Scully Jr. by lawful means. Therefore, he had Jason detained by the cops as soon as they landed.

As for Kate, she confessed to the cops what she thought was her involvement in Cole and Hope’s deaths. However, after learning about Kate’s DID and Starr making a plea on Kate’s behalf, the judge let her walk free as long as she attended outpatient therapy.

Steve questioned Liz’s intentions towards Ewen and Jason. She insisted she could be Jason’s friend while dating Ewen. She later lashed out at Sam telling her if she kept pushing Jason away, he would leave for good.

In other news, Kristina and Trey continued to drag their reality cameras all over town, Johnny remodeled the Haunted Starr so Starr could have a venue for her voice and Patrick warned Ewen about Jason where Liz was concerned.

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