Pretty Little Liars Recap: Crazy.

Detective Wilden demands Hanna to give a blood sample, Spencer covers up a hit and run, and Hanna and Aria sneak into an asylum.

At Hanna’s, she assures her mom over the phone that she is fine at home alone. When she hangs up, Detective Wilden arrives and needs a sample of her blood to confirm if it’s a match to the blood found on Alison’s bracelet. Later, Aria arrives and is filled in. She tries to convince Hanna that there is nothing to worry about if her blood is tested. Hanna wonders,’ what if it is her blood’?

Later, inside the café, the girls see a woman standing at the counter and immediately assume that the blond woman is Alison. She turns around and tells the girls that she knew Alison. She’s CeCe Drake, an old friend. She refers to Alison as a broken doll. She invites them to come to the boutique across the street. Aria, Emily and Spencer agree that the woman is freakishly like Alison.

At school, Aria is happy that her mother has a date with someone that she met online. Outside, Spencer is online checking CeCe out when Toby approaches her from behind and startles her. She tells him that the Detective Wilden found blood on the anklet and she is worried.

Later, outside the café, Nate hands Emily a candle that he said he got from Jenna. He informs her that he has a date with Jenna and asks her to help him find a gift for her since the candle is lame. Emily seems upset that he has a date and asks why should she help him He says, “She’s your friend.”

Hanna and Aria find a ouji board at the house. When Hanna picks up the dial, it pricks her and falls over revealing a note from ‘A’ saying, “See how easy it is for me to get your blood?” Aria demands to know why the ouiji board is on Hanna’s kitchen counter. Hanna flashes to when she and Mona were playing with the board. They asked the board if it knew what happened to Alison. Hanna tosses the board in the trash. The girls discuss the possibility the Mona is in cahoots with ‘A’. When a potted plant crashes onto the patio, a startled Hanna tells Aria she is staying at her place for the night.

Spencer meets up with Jason and tells him that she met CeCe Drake and didn’t know that she knew Alison.

At the boutique, Emily reluctantly helps Nate shop for a gift for Jenna. CeCe Drake asks why she doesn’t like Jenna. She denies caring that Nate is going on a date with Jenna. CeCe says Emily must have a serious crush on Jenna. Nate talks about spending cash on the hottest girl in town who is not interested in guys.

Ella arrives at the café and orders a decaf. She discusses not wanting to have her first date with Aria around. Ted, her online date, arrives – the pastor that Ashley dated!

At the sanitarium, Aria, arrives at the front desk and asks to see Mona. The attending nurse says that the visit has to be monitored. Mona picks up a deck of cards and asks Aria if she wants to play a game.

Hanna is still talking to Spencer on her cell phone as she approaches her sitting in front of the café. Hanna turns up and notices that Mr. De Laurentis returned to town.

Emily attempts to warn Nate about Jenna dating Garrett but he brushes it off, thanking her.

Outside, Ella and Pastor Ted enjoy ice cream and subtle conversation about his work as a pastor. She notices the way he eats his ice cream and seems distant.

Hanna approaches Alison’s father and apologizes for what she did to his family in the past year, but she swears that she did not desecrate Alison’s grave. He degrades her for her actions. He says, “A friend would never do what you did.” He thinks she has grown crueler with age.

Back at the sanitarium, Mona has constructed an elaborate house of cards. When the nurse leaves to get her meds, Mona tells her that she has 25 seconds to tell her why she’s there. Aria tells her that the ouiji board they buried with Ali showed up on Hanna’s kitchen today. She begs Mona to remember her once friendship with Hanna and wants her to reveal who is trying to hurt her. The nurse returns and Mona says, “Tell Hanna I’m sorry.” Outside, Hanna meets Aria who fills her in. She says, “Mona isn’t involved in any of this.” Hanna says either way, Mona knows who is. Hanna insists on going inside the asylum by sneaking in when the nurses change shifts. Aria refuses to let her go alone. Aria says, “Friends don’t let friends sneak into insane asylums alone.”

Leaving the café, Emily runs into to CeeCee who asks if she has she talked to Nate. She asks Emily if she sees Alison’s big brother around much. Emily hands over her cell so she can copy Jason’s number but instead, CeCe finds Jenna’s number. CeCe calls Jenna and blasts her for dating her boyfriend Nate, then hangs up. Emily gasps. CeCe says that she is simply trying to help out her friend. Meanwhile, Ella returns to the café after her date ends with Ted. Zach offers her pastry and introduces himself as the owner as he flirts with her.

Inside the asylum, Hanna sneaks into Mona’s room who asks why Hanna is there. She says, “I’m being set up for killing a friend.” Aria arrives and announces that the nurse is returning. Mona is perturbed that Aria has returned and smugly asks Hanna if Aria really knows about ‘that day’. She teases that she won’t say anything if Hanna doesn’t want her too. Aria is confused and wants to know what is going on. Hanna flashes to Mona telling her about her secret code she uses when she wants to gossip about someone. Hanna recalls being accosted by Mr. De Laurentis who screams that she stay away from his family. Hanna is hurt that he still hates her. They look around and realize that Mona is no longer in the room.

In the car, Spencer sees a speeding car driving out of control and realizes it is Jason. When he crashes, Spencer rushes to to his car and he rails about Garrett being let go. Spencer pushes him into the passenger side and drives away leaving her car behind.

At the asylum, Aria and Hanna search for Mona in the darkened room of the building. They notice a broken lock that has been picked with a tweezers that Mona stole from Hanna.

Spencer arrives home and tells him that she had to drive Jason home. Detective Wilden arrives and asks Spencer about her abandoned car that she never reported stolen. Toby lies that Spencer has been with him all evening. They didn’t know it was stolen. When the police leave, he demands to know why he is lying for her. She explains that she is trying to save Jason from losing everything and asks to Toby to not say anything.

Inside the unlocked room at the asylum, Hanna and Aria follow the sounds of Mona’s humming. They find her sitting on the bed brushing a doll’s hair as she sings, “Miss Aria you are a killer not Ezra’s wife.” Mona says, “Maya away sleeping sweet while Garrett’s all rosy and count on me. No one can save Ali from evil.”

Still at the café, Ella calls Aria to update her on her evening. She’s on a second date, much to Aria’s surprise. They hang up and Aria jokes that her mom’s a slut. They go to sleep but Hanna eyes the doll next to the bed.

Emily passes the café and notices Nate sitting alone. She walks away.

Hanna struggles to fall asleep and seems haunted by the doll. Hanna tells Emily and Spencer the next morning that Mona freaked because Aria was there. She recites all of Mona’s ramblings and realizes that she has given them a website and a password – in code. She took the first letter of each word Mona was chanting and came up with a site with a picture of Maya that appears on the screen. They wonder if this means Maya or Mona is not safe.

At the asylum, ‘A’ arrives and picks up the doll and removes a hidden cell phone from the doll and listens to Mona’s recorded ramblings to Aria and Hanna. “No one can save Ally from evil. No one can save Ally from evil.”

Teasers for the next “PLL” episode called ‘Stolen Kisses’:

Emily looks for answers regarding the night she was drugged.

Emily tries reconciling with Paige.

Aria meets Ezra’s mother and learns a little about his past.

Hanna tries helping Mona.

Spencer asks Caleb to help her hack into a website.


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