Pretty Little Liars Recap: Stolen Kisses.

Emily looks for answers, Aria meets Ezra’s mother, and Hanna tries helping Mona.

At Emily’s house, Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily look at the laptop with Maya’s picture. They decide to try to break into the website. They try to crack the password. Later, Spencer and Hanna are still there trying to get into the website. Hanna gets a text from Wren, who wants to talk. She goes upstairs when Toby shows up grilling Spencer about Jason’s whereabouts. She picks up her phone. Toby grabs it and says he’ll find out for himself. Hanna reappears – she heard it all.

Later, Aria’s dad tells her that Meredith got the job and he’ll tell her mother. He asks her to be home by six and she leaves. She goes to Ezra’s house and meets Dianne, his mother. Dianne is glad to meet the mysterious girl with the lyrical name. She invites them to the museum the following night. Once alone, Ezra tells Aria he told his mother he loves her, but lied about when they started seeing each other.

At the lakehouse, Emily hangs with Nate, who says Jenna stood him up. He says she told him a situation came up. Emily tells him the last time she was there at night she was with Maya. He says he never understood murder until he saw Garrett in the hospital.

Emily visits Paige at her house and wants to discuss the flask. Paige agrees to hear her out after school.

Hanna and Wren meet and discuss Mona at the cafe. He’s saying they think he’s been smuggling out meds and want to send her somewhere with higher security. Hanna wants him to talk them out of it. He agrees to try. Caleb is there and spots them. He walks out.

At the school, Spencer asks Caleb how to crack a password on the computer. He asks her what the website is called. She explains and he says he’ll help her – Hanna’s still important to him. Inside, Aria and Emily chat by the locker. Spencer and Hanna catch up with them and they discuss Mona being sent away. Spencer says her mother can stop the court order on Hanna’s blood.

At Spencer’s house, Aria watches as Spencer finds Garrett’s file in her mother’s briefcase. They take pictures. They learn that Maya was killed the same night he was arrested. They discover that Spencer’s mom hopes to ‘break’ someone named Bart in connection with the case. Aria says she’ll go by the address on her way home. Caleb arrives to help Spencer with the password. She points out the nice stuff his mother has bought him. He gets them into the website, and it’s a video of Maya talking. She says the site is cursed and then laughs.

Emily catches up with Paige in the woods and tells her she didn’t know that stuff was in her flask. Paige realizes someone did it to Emily. Emily says it was the night someone dug up Ali’s grave – she’s trying to figure out what happened. Paige says part of that night she was with her. Paige says she kissed her – it was like a dream, but she disappeared and then wouldn’t answer her phone. Emily swears she doesn’t remember any of it.

At the institution, Wren tells Hanna he couldn’t change the Board’s minds. He suggests she speak to them. When she gets her chance to talk to the board members, Hanna admits that Mona did some terrible things, but talks about their friendship and pleads with them not to send her away – there will be no one to hold her hand. Later, Wren tells her they’ve decided not to move Mona based on her testimony.

Aria visits the address from Spencer’s mom’s paperwork. It’s a theater. The man she speaks to has a nametag that says ‘Bart’. He admits the police talked to him about Maya. He says he saw her get into the police car with the man who killed her.

Aria is at the Osgoode Museum gala when Spencer calls with an update about the website. She tells Spencer about Bart Comstock, the theater guy. She marvels to Ezra that he’s hidden he is one of the wealthy Fitzgeralds. He wanted to keep his family away from her and asks if she’s angry. She says they’ll negotiate and they kiss. Dianne finds Aria alone and refers to her as Ezra’s muse. Aria says she doesn’t play a role with him. Dianne asks about Aria’s parents’ separation. Aria tells her it’s not her business. Dianne lets her know her family’s not good enough, and that she blames her for getting him fired. She offers her compensation to end the relationship. Aria leaves, and Ezra confronts his mother. He tells her there’s not a generous bone in her body.

Emily returns to the lakehouse and is startled by Nate, who wanted to see it at night. She asks if he thinks it’s possible to do something without knowing why you’re doing it. He says we’re always who we are. She shivers. Later, Emily returns to Paige’s house and tells her she hasn’t been with anyone since Maya. She was lost that night, but not really. She was looking for someone and came there. Emily kisses Paige.

At home, Byron asks Aria if she’s okay. She wonders if she ruined Ezra’s life. Byron reassures her – she would never hurt anyone, and no one could be harmed by having her in their life. They hug.

At Spencer’s house, she, Hanna, and Aria watch Maya’s videos. In one, she reads “To His Coy Mistress” by Andrew Marvel. They are uncomfortable listening to Maya talk intimately about Emily. In one video, Maya says she can no longer be afraid. She’s outside and police lights flash beside her. Aria tells Spencer to call Emily.

At a bank, ‘A’ gets several stacks of money and then takes a candy.

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Hanna receives another text regarding Caleb from ‘A’.

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