Pretty Little Liars Recap: The Remains of the ‘A’.

Aria stumbles upon a huge secret, Spencer and Jason learn that April Rose isn’t a person, and Hanna tries to out ‘A’.

Emily and Hannah enter the hospital and discuss whether or not they should go to the church alone. Hannah proves that she can forge the handwriting and writes a new note to switch with the one that was under Mrs. Reynolds’ wrist ID. Hannah enters Mrs. Reynolds’ hospital room and the woman codes when Hannah touches her wrist identification.

Over at Ezra’s, he and Aria discuss Aria’s plan to skip her first day as a photography assistant. He playfully snaps photos of her with her new camera and she takes the camera away and clicks his pictures. They end up kissing.

At home, Spencer admits to Toby as she does a computer search for April Rose, that she’s distracted. She eyes a text from Hanna. The two fall into a pool of kisses but are interrupted by her father. Toby leaves her alone with her dad, and she needles him about Garrett’s case. He admits that the physical evidence can’t be retested. Her mother is trying to get the evidence ruled inadmissible. Spencer runs out in frustration.

At the coffee shop, Hanna meets with Emily to fill her in on what’s going on. Outside, Spencer meets with Jason who confirms that the evidence against Garrett will be thrown out. She asks if he knows someone named April Rose.

Hannah arrives at the church and sorts through donations. She speaks to Ted who tells her it’s too bad that she isn’t coming to the party later that night at the church. Hannah considers his invitation to attend the party.

Aria finds a bag of money in Ezra’s sock drawer as he showers. He gets out and she runs off.

At the café, Hannah and Emily wonder why ‘A’ would take direction from Garrett. Aria arrives.  Hannah tells Aria that she and Emily are going to plan an attack to trap ‘A’. When Hannah leaves, Emily questions why Aria looks upset.  She wonders why Ezra would have so much money lying around.

Outside, Spencer’s father begs Jason to not drag his daughter into the Garrett fiasco.

Hanna’s mom arrives at the church and confirms that she has a date with Ted.  Hannah tells her mom that it would be to weird if she was at the party with Ted.  Ashley wants to go with her so Hanna lies that she is going to the party with Toby to scare off some guy who won’t take no for an answer.

Outside some coffee shop, Emily flashes back to being inside and with someone with a tattoo of an eye in a circle on his wrist.

Later, at the house, Aria and Hanna discuss April and Garrett’s connection.  Emily plans to keep going through all the materials against ‘A’.

At the café, Emily reads a text and flashes back to hearing the waitress say she doesn’t look too good.

Hannah and Toby enter the church party. He asks who he’s there to scare off.  She points out some nerds across the room. Ashley introduces Ted to Hanna and Toby.  Hanna quickly denies that they are a couple when Ted compliments them.

Emily and Jason enter the April Hope Antique shop. Jason asks if something has been left behind for them. While looking around, Spencer flashes back to having a conversation with Alison who is wearing an ankle bracelet that is now hanging on one the wrists of a mannequin. When Spence questioned where it came from, Ali said it was from a female friend. Spence tells Jason that she is positive that the bracelet belonged to Alison.  The shop owner refuses to sell it because it doesn’t have a tag. Jason keeps offering money until they get it.

Emily gets a call from Hannah telling her to hurry to the party because she can’t face ‘A’ alone.  Toby is tired of being ignored by Hanna and lied to by her and Spencer so he starts to walk off.  She stops him from leaving by dancing with him.

Elsewhere, Ted reveals to Ashley that he is an associate pastor and thought that Hanna had told her about him. She’s embarrassed. Meanwhile, Toby questions why Hannah wants him there. Ashley takes Hanna aside and asks why she didn’t tell her that Ted was a pastor. Hanna didn’t know!

Emily enters and says hello to Holden. She sees the same wrist stamp from her flashback on Holden’s wrist. She asks about the tattoo and he says that it’s from a rotating club where he also so her friend Maya went. He rubs it off. Hannah’s mom rejoins Ted and asks him to dance.  He gracefully turns her down. Detective Wilden interrupts them and Ashley’s uncomfortable. Wilden stares pointedly at Ashley and then leaves the room Ashley slow dances with Ted but with her inability to concentrate, she excuses herself. Ted walks her to the car.

Outside, Spencer listens to the message from Toby asking why she and Hanna lied to him. Jason arrives and they discuss the notes that revealed that they shared the same dad.  Spence wants to read them but Jason thinks it’d only hurt her. She’s surprised he’s so different from Alison and they discuss how she’d have turned out.

Back inside the party, Emily tells Hannah that she remembers something that was triggered by a conversation with Holden. Hanna goes into a darkened rectory and hides when she hears someone enter. She’s confronted by Detective Wilden who questions her about the note the left in Mrs. Reynolds’ wrist ID.  He wants to know why she is helping him.  He says that her mother knows how to get rid of problems and all Hannah does is create them. Hanna is shocked and doesn’t know what to say so she hastily exits the rectory.

Back at Ezra’s, he watches a western. Aria arrives and he asks why she ran out on him earlier.  She asks him about the money.  He says that money is from the sale of a classic car that he planned to restore.  He says he didn’t tell her about the money because he was embarrassed by his financial and employment status.  She cuddles next to him and they watch an old western.  He slyly eyes his dresser drawer behind him.

Later at home, Spencer’s father has heard about what happened with the anklet. He tells her that the police have been looking for the anklet for two years.  It had someone else’s blood on it besides Alison’s and it wasn’t Garrett’s blood. When he tells his daughter the case has been thrown out, she runs upstairs to her room and screams her out her frustration.  When she receives a text message from ‘A’, saying that ‘they’ didn’t kill

Alison, she dissolves into tears. Elsewhere, we see a hooded figure reading the Rosewood Observer.

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Teasers for ‘Crazy’:

A person from Ali and Jason’s past arrives in Rosewood and piques the girls’ interest.

Hanna worries ‘A’ is framing her.

Aria decides to turn to Mona for answers in order to help Hanna.

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