Pretty Little Liars Recap: That Girl Is Poison.

Lucas has some explaining to do, Hanna finds something shocking, and Ezra has news!

Hanna mopes into her house and checks her cell phone.

At school, Spencer and Emily complain to one another about Jenna no longer keeping a low profile. Aria thinks Lucas may have been the one to take the photos in the graveyard.  Spencer says the police are letting Garrett out to see his mother, who is very ill. Emily’s pissed about this and that they’ve no power anymore. Jenna shows up and hands them both envelopes for her birthday party. Spencer asks why the sudden need to be in the open. Jenna claims she feels safer when she’s in charge of what happens to her.

At the café, Spencer’s boss forces her to work Jenna’s birthday party. Emily serves Jenna who introduces her to Lauren, who will be taking photos at the party.  Emily overhears Lauren talk about firing her assistant because she caught him stealing equipment! Suddenly, Nate rushes in and makes a scene about Garrett getting out. Emily reassures him Garrett will be with the cops and that his mother’s very ill. He doesn’t care. He spots Jenna, who grins at him.

At Spencer’s place, Aria tells Spence that Ezra just got an invitation to Jenna’s party. What the hell is she up to? Spencer’s trying to break into her mother’s email – she wants to see who Garrett’s really visiting when he’s out.

At Emily’s, Paige cancels their tickets to see Katy Perry because Em has to work. Paige helps Em with her tie and things get awkward. Paige finds a flask of booze and Emily tells her to help herself. She flashes to drinking the night she woke up at Alison’s gravesite and says she’s done with that.

Back at the café, Lauren leaves and Jenna finds Nate drawing. She compliments him and flirts a little.

Hanna arrives at Spencer’s wearing sweatpants, much to Spencer’s surprise. Hanna’s mom found out she cut school so tonight she’ll be working sorting clothes for the church. Aria brings up Lucas possibly digging up Alison’s grave. They ponder about the significance of Garrett’s being let out the same night of Jenna’s party.

At the church, Hanna complains about sorting to Ashley, who goes to find her food. Ashley meets Ted, who flirts and shares a sandwich with her.

Aria and Ezra discuss Jenna’s party at his apartment. He’s surprised she wants to attend. He hands her a gift – it’s an antique camera. Shocked, she thanks him with a kiss.

While Emily works at the café, Spencer calls her to inform her that Garrett’s writing a note for the flowers for his mother. Since she’s in a coma, Spence finds it suspicious. Garrett almost spots her so she runs off and right into detective Wilden who demands to know what she’s looking for. She covers but he can tell she’s lying. He goes off with two cops and Garrett.

Back at the party, Jenna rushes around greeting guests happily while Emily serves drinks. Paige turns up trying to ensure the night wasn’t a complete bust. She jealously watches Emily’s face when Nate walks in.

Back at the church, Hanna continues sorting. She nicks a jacket that looks like Emily’s and stuffs it in her bag. Ted catches her so she pays him for it and quickly calls Em to tell her she found her grey jacket from ‘that night’. Why is it here?

Nate greets Emily at the party. Jenna invited him. He finds her intriguing. Emily warns him about Jenna and runs off. Meanwhile, Paige drinks the contents of the flask.  Ezra and Aria arrive. Lauren takes photos and Aria goes to say hello since she took a class with her last semester. Aria tells her about her new camera. Lauren says it must have cost a lot. Aria offers to be her assistant since hers took off.  Lauren says she’s holding her previous assistant’s camera bag hostage until she gets his mommy to cut her a check. Paige finds Emily and seems jealous of the time Em spent talking to Nate. Aria interrupts and pours water over Lauren’s equipment so she can get into Lauren’s studio tonight.

Toby wanders into Spencer’s bedroom. He’s staying far away from Jenna’s party. He starts kissing her and she asks him to stay. She wonders how it’s possible that nobody else knew Jenna was fooling everyone by hiding her sight.  Toby says Jenna explained it away, telling everyone that she was seeing shapes since the summer but was afraid to mention it, worried it wouldn’t last. Toby’s had enough of discussing Jenna and starts making out with Spence on her bed.

Back at the party, Ezra goes in search for Aria, who wants to stick around and ditch their dinner plans. Jenna spots Paige tasting and spitting out all of the cupcakes. Jenna blasts her for it. Em finds them and Paige wants to dance. She flies into furniture and falls, hitting her head on the floor. Nate helps Emily get Paige outside.

Emily and Nate take Paige to the ER for stitches. Hanna arrives and meets Nate. He goes to get coffee while Em says Spencer took off just now after bumping into Wilden. Hanna shows Em the jacket. It’s Emily’s! This can’t be a coincidence. This ‘A’ has an agenda. They wonder why Jenna didn’t just return it. Em wonders if Jenna wasn’t the only person she saw that night. Hanna leaves and while Nate returns to Em. She spots Wilden in a nearby room and texts the others.

Back at the party, Aria runs into the kitchen to find Em, but she’s not there. Ezra follows her. He’s confused about why she’s avoiding him. She worries about his cash flow situation. He wanted to wait to tell her but he’s celebrating the editing job he got today. Aria’s thrilled to hear. Lauren shows up, upset that someone got her memory cards wet. Aria offers to go to her studio for more so Lauren offers her the job as her assistant and hands over her keys. Aria rushes down the street, lets herself into the studio and finds Lucas’ bag in a cupboard. While she searches his bag and finds film, a dark figure walks past, unseen. She walks out and Lucas stops her. “I need to get inside,” he says. She can’t do that. He won’t take no for an answer. Ezra drives up in his car and Lucas runs away.

Back at the hospital, Nate asks if Paige and Emily are in a relationship. Em explains she dated her previously. Spence returns, wanting to see what Garrett wrote on the card for his mother. The police and Garrett leave the elevator and Nate pounces. The cops hold him back while Spencer heads to Garrett’s mother’s room. Later, Paige shows up. She says they tested her blood since she had so little to drink. There were traces of a sleeping pill in her blood. Emily’s shocked. Paige says they assume someone drugged her at the party and hands over Emily’s flask. Emily stares at it worriedly. Meanwhile, Spencer heads into Garrett’s mother’s room and takes the card. It reads, “Mom you never gave up on me; I won’t give up on you. Love, Garrett.” Spencer sighs and spots a note under the mother’s wrist band. It reads, “April Rose has the proof.”
From home, Emily calls Aria who looks at the negatives from the film she found. There’s nothing there. Em looks up the drug and finds out it causes memory loss when taken with alcohol. They ponder that and then Aria finds light blue pills with the letters MDM on them. They were in Lucas’ camera bag.

A gloved mystery person looks through a black bag and finds a photo of Emily, and pills with Maya’s name on them.

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  1. From darci

    I really like Ezra so I hope it works out with Laurel as an assistant. Ezra’s been through some tough times and is a good person, like in this episode when he gives what turns out to be a very expensive vintage camera to Aria. (Also loved the song that played during that scene, “Restless Dream” By Jack’s Mannequin).

    Anyway, I hope Ezra’s career settles down and it then allows him to have a happier personal life, too

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