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Here is the great thing about watching all of the Daytime soaps left to watch – when one is slowing down, another one is usually heating up. And that is totally what happened for me last week. “Y&R” has been a sleeper for me lately, but last week I was on the edge of my seat every time Ricky was on the screen. This is one bad dude! And, the storyline is moving along at such a steady clip, I couldn’t help but be excited. “GH” last week set the stage for reveals to come, and hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to get some satisfaction. Liam and Hope finally tied the knot on “B&B,” but don’t count Steffy out yet – did they or didn’t they when they were along in the hotel? And on “DOOL,” Lexi’s memorial took some air out of the Stefano investigation and Melanie kidnapping – expect for that killer kick she got in on Andrew’s head! Let’s get into what else happened last week.

Deconstructing Days:

So are Sami and Lucas a couple or not? We know they are, so why not show us some heat between these two? And one person we are dying to see get more of a storyline is Sonny, especially since he admitted he has feelings for Will that go beyond friendship. Some people think it is too soon for Will to jump into something serious, but who can’t use more drama in their lives? Christine says, “We got to see Sonny again and learned what we’d already suspected, which is that he cares for Will for more than a friend. It was really sweet and something I’d love to see long-term but for now I am enjoying EJill and Will doesn’t need to be thrown into a monogamous relationship for a while. Where’s Neil anyway? ” Read more at Days Of Our Lives Weekly Blog.

Restless Rant:

Last week’s episodes kept building and building until Friday’s fabulous finish when Paul shot Ricky and he flew backwards out the window. Ricky, sitting on that bathroom floor with that huge knife to Eden’s throat was truly terrifying and over-the-top entertaining. Candace says, “Of course, the big deal of the day was Paul and Ricky. The aspect of Paul’s neglect niggles because there’s never been a proper explanation for it, and it’s impossible to buy it as the reason for Ricky’s actions, however, the culmination of their story on Friday was still an amazing payoff for the months of trying to figure Ricky out. It was poignant, terrifying, and tragic. It was amazing to watch these two characters play out these emotions, and the intense end result took the breath away. Stunning.” Read more at Young And The Restless Weekly Blog.


B&B Breakdown:

Finally, Hope and Liam made it to husband and wife. But what gives with Bill? Has he really changed his tune about Hope, or is this just the calm before the storm. And if Steffy and Liam did the deed on his wedding day like I think they did, we can be sure an unintended pregnancy is not too far behind. At least we got to see some other characters, namely Thomas and Caroline. Remember them? Well, things seem to have been progressing very well for them. Their scene did spark some curiosity to what may have happened to Rick. Candace says, “It was amazing to see Thomas and Caroline today. Thomas still acted a little too starry-eyed for my taste, but no matter, they seem like a good match, and it was just such a relief to see a couple that didn’t have Liam making up one half of it. It was interesting that they referred to Rick’s line being dropped and Rick having moved out of the guesthouse. Huh?” Read more at The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Blog.


GH Rundown:

I don’t care how many people can’t stand Heather and/or Todd, but you just can’t deny the hilarity that ensues every time they share a scene together. Plus, if they weren’t around stirring up trouble, we’d probably have to see more of Kristina and Trey. No thanks.  Add Spinelli and Sam’s shenanigans to the mix, and it was a not-so-heavy but still entertaining week in Port Charles. And Todd’s nagging guilt is sure to be the downfall of these two – along with Heather’s short temper. Hollie says, “Todd let his guilt get the better of him when he hired Sam to be his assistant. I think subconsciously he wants to get caught. He physically can’t make himself tell Tea the truth, and the one thing he was holding on to – that the baby was not wanted by Sam and Jason – is evidently not true. If he is caught, he can make right with what happened without making the first move.” Read more at General Hospital Weekly Blog.


Matt’s Musings:

It was a pretty busy week for Nicole as she ran around Salem getting into everyone’s business. First, she and Dr. Daniel got busy on his desk, which I am still not sure about. Then she decided to snoop around EJ’s since the police weren’t doing their job. Matt says, “She managed to get it into her head that, since the Salem PD was as impotent as ever, she had to take matters into her own hands. She went straight to EJ’s lair and pretended to faint. After lecturing Nicole about how she could never be trusted, Elvis bought her convenient swooning without a second thought and then swanned off to hunt down her food fix. She took the time to hunt for clues and found a bunch of bullets.” Read more at Matt’s Musings.


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  1. From Monica

    Its really a shame Hope is being tricked and deceived by this lying turd husband of hers Liam!! What kind of dude is this? He is so disloyal and somehow gets even her own mother to lie for him in the so called “best interest” of Hope? Really? While he secretly carries on with Steffie behind Hopes back?? Dudes a turd The End.

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