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There was plenty of romance, intrigue and, of course, fireworks on Daytime last week as the summer heat seemed to get to everyone. Gabi has officially lost her mind if she was okay with Andrew holding Mel in his creepy basement on “DOOL.” This was supposed to be her best friend! She has officially crossed the line. Sam and John locked lips at the dock under the Port Charles fireworks display on “GH,” while Michael and Starr did the same at their barbecue. Daniel was cleared on “Y&R,” but still no sign of the huge knife Ricky had. Where is it? As for the drama on “B&B,” let’s just say Liam has a lot of explaining to do. Read more about what happened on your favorite soaps.

Restless Rant:

Despite all of the murder drama – and Victoria’s evil and uncalled for rant at Chelsea – there was some definite heat brewing between Abby and Carmine. Candace says, “Well, it’s official. I can’t get enough of Abby and Carmine. When she was kneeling in front of him telling him she had his back today I was nearly leaping out of my seat for them to kiss – and they did! Hot! Katherine’s annual Fourth of July barbecue also had some good moments – such as Devon reconnecting with Katherine and Tucker. Ashley being straight with Harmony was refreshing – at least one person isn’t leaping on the bandwagon to kiss Super Harmony’s butt – even Sofia’s lobbying on Harmony’s behalf with Neil. Give me a break.” Read more at Young And The Restless Weekly Blog.


Deconstructing Days:

Christine was on holiday last week, so instead of her regular blog she compiled a list of some of the best lines from “DOOL” over the past year. One gem from Marlena? “I don’t even know what we’re talking about and I already hate it.” Read more classic one liners at Days Of Our Lives Weekly Blog.


B&B Breakdown:

The Hope/Steffy/Liam storyline is still in high gear, but last week it was great to see some other characters peppered in among the drama as well. Bill continued to be a changed man, and his reaction to his sister coming out to him was really wonderful to see. Everyone is settling into life back from Italy, ready to move forward with new attitudes. But Steffy is so in love with Liam it is hard for anyone to move on. I am just dying to see what is on the rest of that video! Candace says, “As for Steffy, I get her pain, but honestly, Liam’s like a squirrel in the road that doesn’t know which way to go. How much can you really invest in a guy who has a backup girl waiting whenever you have a misunderstanding, and who demands honesty while keeping secrets himself?” Read more at The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Blog.


GH Rundown:

Lots of delicious moments last week in Port Charles. Sonny finally got his moment with Joe Jr., but he didn’t even whack him thanks to John McBain. Poor John now has to live with the guilt of Theresa’s death, which should turn to vengeance when Joe Jr. is eventually released. Will he find comfort in Sam’s arms?  Hollie says, “I wish Jason and Sam would talk – really talk. I feel like it has been months since they have had a real conversation and even longer since they have had even a slightly happy moment. That makes the comfort of another human very hard to resist. ” Read more at General Hospital Weekly Blog.



Matt’s Musings:

While Dr. Dan and Nicole tried not to put a name on whatever it is they are doing, Carrie was having a hard time keeping her mind off Rafe. Matt says, “Rafe and Carrie groped at each other with so much wide eyed longing that they could have turned into Hummel figurines. And to think, it’s been nearly a year since he fell in love with her sweaty cleavage in their office, and now the only chance he’ll get to see it again is if he walks in on her breastfeeding another man’s child. She did her best to fight off her softcore porn fantasies but it wasn’t working. Even being in bed with Austin was barely enough to turn her off.” Read more at Matt’s Musings.


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