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From love and sex (Kate and Sonny on “GH”) to being behind bars (Joe. Jr. on “GH,” Lucas on “DOOL, and just about everyone on “Y&R,”) viewers were served a heaping helping of drama last week in Daytime. Read on to see what the blogs had to say about it all.

Restless Rant:

Controversy was the name of the game in Genoa City last week, with everyone getting their hands a little dirty one way or another – though not every naughty maneuver was as fun as Abby and Carmine’s romp in the bushes. Candace says, “I cannot believe Michael and Lauren are sitting on what they know about the gun, while Paul gets charged with premeditated murder. Has everyone gone nuts? Nina, so desperate to have a loving relationship with Ronan, gives him a bitch blast every time she turns around. She never gives him the benefit of the doubt, which makes no sense given how she supposedly feels. And why isn’t anyone helping Eden to regain her memories? Hit her over the head, hypnotize her – someone do something! Also, what became of that knife? Inquiring minds want to know – I’m very leery of how that’s going to be explained… ” Read more at Young And The Restless Weekly Blog.

Deconstructing Days:

Last week in Salem, things began moving at a quicker pace as things progressed to the upcoming cliffhanger before the two-week hiatus for the Olympics. Among the kidnapping and search for Stefano’s killer, things really sizzled between Sami and EJ last week. One person who needs to get real right now however, is Nicole. Christine says, “And then there’s Nicole. When Rafe said he thought Nic and Daniel were tight, she played oblivious even though she really does like Daniel. Enough with the grass is always greener crap. It’s not greener! She needs to tend to her own grass in order to keep it green, as ridiculous as that sounds. I do love Nic and Rafe’s scene at the square and I love their friendship and if she’s going to be with Daniel, for goodness sake just be with him. Rafe’s in love with Carrie and it doesn’t matter if she’s leaving town, his love isn’t going to die overnight. If you love yourself, why would you want to be with someone who is in love with someone else? I’m so tired of women being written this way in Salem. It’s exhausting.” Read more at Days Of Our Lives Weekly Blog.

B&B Breakdown:

Viewers wanted a storyline that had nothing to do with Hope, Liam and Steffy, and boy did they get it. Of course, we got a healthy dose of the love triangle too.  Candace says, “We should have known, when Marcus’s texting started being the topic of conversation, that we were headed for a PSA storyline, but somehow we didn’t. It was an unexpected shock when he hit Anthony while texting and driving. I love to be taken by surprise and this fit the bill! Many thought that Marcus would have skeletons coming out of his closet before his wedding, never imagining something like this. It’s an effective storyline – Marcus isn’t a bad guy, yet he caused this horrible event to occur. His guilt, alongside his desire to hide the fact that he’d been texting while driving, really upped the tension factor in the hospital scenes. Meanwhile, viewers were pathetically grateful for the scenes involving characters other than those in the Liam/Steffy/Hope triangle – Stephanie and Dayzee, Donna and Eric, Rick and Caroline, Pam, Caroline and Thomas – bliss!” Read more at The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Blog.

GH Rundown:

The noose is tightening around Heather’s neck, but that is no guarantee she will get caught, and that has been nothing short of entertaining to watch. Hollie says, “I’ve never really been a fan of sweet tea or LSD, but BLTs may be ruined for me now after watching Heather shove that sandwich in Luke’s mouth this week. It was only slightly less uncomfortable than watching Todd hand feed him that juicy pineapple. However, Heather and Luke together are just too funny for me. Loved his pet names for her, loved her refusal to have sex with him because of his ripeness, and especially loved him trying to get her to feed him the acid. I never knew so many Beatles song titles could sound so absolutely filthy. As for Heather, she certainly has a lot of contacts in the crime world, and have to wonder what her time in Ferncliff was really like. Could be a good spinoff, right? I just had to laugh when she gulped down that huge glass of iced tea in front of Olivia without even blinking. I for one am team Heather all the way. Sure, I want her to get caught, but she is making the waiting oh so much fun. I’m rubbing my hands thinking about all the fun it will be dragging out every last dirty detail of her deeds. ” Read more at General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:

Ian, who had been doing his deeds fairly under the radar, was more in the spotlight last week. Matt says, “And the battle of the eyebrows heated up this week as John and Ian had their first face off. Madi had called John to inform him that Brady was back in rehab. It appeared that Ian wasn’t just keen to upset the apple cart; he was also pushing people off the wagon. This was even starting to irk Kate, no matter how many times he put kiss-kiss in his texts to her. She was starting to think that he imagined she’d just fallen off the turnip truck. That’s how they met of course, back when she was running a brothel to service itinerant turnip farmers and McAllister had his own turnip plantation. It was there that he taught her all that she knows about cosmetics by letting her experiment on the pigs he kept out back. It looked like Ian’s enemy list was about to expand even further.” Read more at Matt’s Musings.

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