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As “DOOL” hurtled to a powerful cliffhanger before its two-week hiatus for the Olympics, the other shows worked just as hard to keep up that same pace, with storylines exploding all over the place.

Restless Rant:

With the news last week that writer Maria Arena Bell is out and Jill Farren Phelps and Josh Griffith are returning, storylines are sure to be shaken up. Meanwhile, the characters are coming with all kinds of spicy drama, with half the town involved in some kind of crime. And those who aren’t are acting just as sneaky, if not more so. Candace says, “From her sorta’ smug reaction to Ashley’s advice on Monday, to her snarky confrontations with Nikki and Chelsea on Friday, off-kilter Sharon is definitely getting viewers’ attention. She makes me grin… The best was when she pulled out the lipstick she stole from Chelsea in Victor’s office and slicked it on with that self-satisfied smile. The only thing missing is her going a round with Phyllis – hopefully that’s coming. In the meantime, I can’t wait to see what she’s going to do or say next…” Read more at Young And The Restless Weekly Blog.

Deconstructing Days:

“DOOL” certainly delivered the action-packed drama, leaving us with lives in the balance as we headed into the two-week hiatus. Christine says, “Brady and Madison returned to canvas this week after a two-day rehab stint. Must have been a new uh progressive style of rehab where they allow you to bring along your girlfriend. None of us was even aware that Madi finally agreed that Ian was drugging her man. This new progressive and condensed rehab also doesn’t mind addicts rushing into drastic life decisions five minutes after they’re released. Hmm. On the big day, Madison was worried when she couldn’t get in touch with Brady, who was down in the tunnels with Chad looking for his old BFF Melanie. Madi told John and Marlena that Brady said something about ‘going into town’. The Kiriakis mansion is in the suburbs? Who knew?” Read more at Days Of Our Lives Weekly Blog.

B&B Breakdown:

The Marcus/texting storyline would be much more heartbreaking if his actions after the fact were more true to the character. Candace says, “It totally didn’t sit right that Marcus went ahead with his wedding without telling Dayzee what had happened. Not only did it seem out of character for Marcus, who isn’t a weasel, it was ridiculous. All Marcus had to do was tell Stephanie and she would have let him speak to Dayzee the night it happened – it didn’t make any sense that she wouldn’t put her on the phone anyway. How could you go ahead with your wedding knowing you had run down the man who was supposed to walk your bride down the aisle? You couldn’t.” Read more at The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Blog.


GH Rundown:

Now that we know Robin was alive all along, and being held by Dr. Ewen (shocker!), the mystery is finding out why he has done it. Hollie says, “Ooooh, paging Dr. Creepy! How quickly that accent can go from charming to diabolical! Seriously though, was anyone else waiting for Dr. David Hayward to check in on Robin? I thought for sure I had that one all figured out. Here’s hoping David is the mysterious person on the other end of the phone telling him to ship her off to Switzerland. At least Ewen is starting to show some dimension, and this revelation all of the sudden opens up all kinds of possibilities with his dynamic with Patrick, Liz – everyone. Characters who are all good are boring, and he was certainly in that category for me too until I saw him shining that light in Robin’s eye. Now he is all kinds of intriguing. Thanks “GH!” Read more at General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:

Among the impending wedding, explosion and farewell of some characters, EJ was arrested for Stefano’s murder, which drew Sami and Will closer to him. Matt says, “As Carrie and Austin left town, things were starting to ramp up. Ominous clouds were building. This was made clear by a scene in which Jack talked about how happy he was, a sure sign of impending doom for someone. Across town, Elvis was arrested for impersonating a DiMera and killing his non-father. The cops were giddy to get him in cuffs. Elvis John complained that they weren’t as snug as the Hello Kitty brand fuzzy cuffs that Nicole used to use on him. He went down to the cells to wait as Sami and William worked on his case. Sonny was getting annoyed by how much Will was pining after Elvis. He was starting to realize that he may have to do more than wear plaid to get William’s attention. Before Sonny could slip into the DiMera scarf closet to find something more comfortable, Will ran off to see Elvis and tell him that he considered him ‘more than just a boss’.” Read more at Matt’s Musings.

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