The Bold And The Beautiful Poll: Prediction.

Or just predictable?

Now that Brooke knows that Liam and Steffy were rolling around in bed on his wedding day, it won’t be long before his new marriage is on the rocks. Following the normal pattern for the show, only a few things can happen as a result: Steffy will be pregnant, Hope will be pregnant, someone will get a ‘terminal illness’ or he’ll divorce Hope to go back to Steffy and then have an affair with Hope. What do you think will happen?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From hillbilly

    write’s if y’all put Liam and Steffy back together, Hope should come up pregnant so she will have a part of liam that can help her cope with the pain!I would like to know how long is it going to take for all part’s have a talk with Bill involvment!

  2. From carol morgan

    They said they did not make love so stands to reason Steffy is not pregnant but Hope could be as she had a wedding night. Lame what’s his name had Steffy a pretty long time and nothing said so that is my take on it. Bill should get caught as well and hope he still does.What I thought was funny Steffy wanted his help before now she is upset about what he did? Probably because he didn’t tell her the plan before he started it without telling her first? Just call it all in the family…lol

  3. From Annette

    I think Liam will find out about Bill and what he did and Steffy being told to be there if something happens he will need her he will be so upset that he will get in a car wreck and become a cripple and he won’t have Hope and Steffy won’t want him after that and if Liam doesn’t make it because of the car wreck Bill’s baby will be the replacement for Liam and Katie will have complications from the baby from a stroke.Bill will turn to Steffy.And maybe Steffy goes looking for Deacon Sharp to prove to Liam that she didn’t know anything about what Bill was doing and maybe Steffy and Deacon will get together.Hope will probably be pregnant but she doesn’t till Liam and then he has the wreck.

  4. From Nalini

    A terminal illness for Liam should be the way the story goes so that both ladies can finally move on to other eligible bachelors and we won’t be stuck with this same love triangle ad nauseum.

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