The Bold And The Beautiful Poll: The Video.

For all to see.

Although people keep meaning to erase it for good, the video of Liam and Steffy on his wedding day to Hope keeps popping up. Could it only be a matter of time until it falls into the hands of someone who is less sympathetic to the plights and blights of those involved? Could this lead to the next scandal at Forrester?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From sc

    I am glad that she found out. Maybe now she and her aunts will leave Steppy along. And that Laim will go back to the one that he belong with……………………………………………….

  2. From hillbilly

    I Like how Ya’ll writting the storie line.Use fan’s will have to see what will happen. Steffy can keep Liam then are a like and, like Hope said Liam is still in Love with Steffy. If Hope keep’s to what she has said.I will ya’ll find hope new man with black hair and blue eye’s,litter tall then her and then fall in Love like how Ya’ll have Liam and Steffy in Love with each other!

  3. From sarah

    Now that Hope has walked out on Liam for the third time, and has shown once more that she cannot handle trials and adversity which is a part of life, and has also shown that her expectations are to continue to live in a bubble, on cloud nine. Liam should walk away from her because she is not ready for LIFE.

  4. From Dria

    i dont understand why ppl keep saying hope walks out on Liam. and she cant face is ur man keep cheating on you before your wedding an obsticle that she needs to get over ?the first time they were engaged he made out with steffy every day till hope finally cought them aftr the bachelor he is engaged to her again and he was boout to have sex with steffy on their wedding day. and they saying shes week cause she cant just get over it?now look at this hope says i need some time to process this leaves then ten min later his tongue in steffy mouth again dats nasty. every time she has left is because HE cheated on her.i just dont understand why she just doesnt listen to herself and let that dude just disappointed that she lost her virginity to the loser.soon as steffy shows interest he all over her anyway.

  5. From Colette

    I would like to see the triangle get resolved I like steffy do I would like to see her get invoked with someone else. Liam is to much of a wimp for her hope is reall getting onmy last nerve growup!!!!!!!!!

  6. From Dannyjo

    This storyline needs some realism in it! Hope and Liam are sweethearts and deserve a chance. They have never been given that since they have met in the show! Steffy needs a more mature man who is on her level of maturity and style.

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