The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For July 16-20.

Wedding day problems.

Brooke fretted to Ridge, who told her not to go into a funk if Hope’s marriage goes on the rocks. They went to see Taylor and Steffy, who were hugging. Steffy’s mom admired her integrity and Steffy asked them all to leave her alone. Brooke wouldn’t so Steffy insisted she had no interest in breaking up the newlyweds.

Liam tried coming clean with Hope about what happened with Steffy. However, he didn’t tell her all that went down on their wedding day. She was distraught just about the kissing. He tried kissing her to bring her around. She decided to forgive him but was still miffed. Her mom showed up and she told her what happened, shrugging off the kisses. Meanwhile, Liam filled Steffy in and she agreed to delete her copy of the video. As soon as he was alone, Brooke hunted him down and confronted him for not telling her daughter everything. When he said he didn’t see the point of hurting Hope more, she agreed to keep her mouth shut. Down the hall, Steffy and Hope agreed to let bygones be bygones.

Dayzee and Marcus told their friends and family that they were getting married the next day. Caroline volunteered to throw the bridal shower. Dayzee asked Stephanie to be her matron of honor. Everyone was excited and the shower was thrown together moments later. Stephanie told Dayzee how proud she was and made a toast. When they were alone, Stephanie told the bride-to-be about her own past mistakes and did her best to be encouraging. Across town, Eric and Donna discussed the wedding and their relationships with Marcus. Meanwhile, Marcus had driven away. As he was texting Dayzee, he accidentally ran down Anthony. He jumped out and called the paramedics. Anthony was rushed to the hospital and a cop came to question Marcus, who wasn’t helpful.

The next day was the wedding. Stephanie gave Dayzee a pep talk as the guests began to arrive. Thomas went over to the hospital to pick up Marcus. He was apologizing to Anthony. The doctor said that he would be okay. The cops warned Marcus not to go away for his honeymoon though. As soon as he left for the ceremony, they received a confirmation that he must have been texting when the accident happened. Marcus was nervous about going ahead with the wedding while Anthony was in the hospital. That only got worse when the cop showed up for the ceremony.

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