The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For July 2-6.

Getting the lowdown.

Steffy told her mother that she nearly got back with Liam. She stopped herself because she realized that Bill had sabotaged the wedding, but still cried about letting Liam go. Thomas showed up and dragged his sister outside to make her stop moping. That failed. Meanwhile, Hope and Liam flew home. She picked up her final things to move into his place and gassed to her mom about how happy she was. Brooke called Steffy and thanked her for being so graceful in Italy. Steffy told her mom this. Taylor rolled her eyes and they talked about what a manipulator Bill was. Steffy spotted Liam and rushed over, causing a coffee spill. They had an awkward conversation about how they’d always love each other. She reminded him he was married to another woman now and admitted that she’d told her mom everything.

Bill was thrilled to be having a son. His sister showed up and bluntly told him she was gay. She was afraid to tell him because of how their father reacted. He surprised her by saying that it didn’t matter and he’d love her no matter what. Later, he had Liam over and gushed about his baby on the way. He missed raising him and assured him that he was now proud to call Hope his daughter-in-law.

Once again, Brooke ordered Hope to keep Deacon out of her life, insisting that Ridge was the only father she needed now. Hope wasn’t so convinced. They picked up Liam’s tablet to look at wedding photos. As Katie showed up and Hope recapped the wedding to her, Brooke scrolled around and discovered a video of Liam with Steffy. Once the newlywed was out, Brooke and her sister watched it and it revealed Bill’s involvement in the scheme to upset the wedding. Both women were livid. That got worse when they watched Steffy and Liam making in the video until the power died. Across town, Hope visited Steffy with a gift and wished that they could get along from now on. Hope bustled home for her first night there with her husband. It wasn’t long before her mom showed up and demanded to speak to Liam alone. She confronted him about the video. Meanwhile, Taylor ran off to tell everything to Ridge and badger him to do something about their daughter’s happiness. She went on to yammer to her daughter about how she should be with Liam. As soon as Taylor walked off, Katie barged in to confront Steffy about the video.

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  3 responses so far...

  1. From beeps

    I see mother and daughter doing the same thing Taylor and Ridge. I hate her for making her daughter love the way she did and look what happened to them Ridge is still with Broooke and she has nobody. Please not again. Oh she might be pregnant also

  2. From annette weaver

    I would like to see Hope and Liam marrige make it!I would like Hope come up Pregnant!I would like Steffy go and find the Doctor and be happy!

  3. From Tatyana williams

    hope and liam belong together. steffy needs to stay away from him. liam needs to choose and know what he wants. he is wrong for leading both on. i truthfully dont like hopinh that hope and liams marriage works out with no manipulations.

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