The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For July 23-27.

Plowing ahead.

Dayzee and Marcus’ wedding went ahead after Lt. Baker decided to leave them to it. The cop returned to the hospital to speak with Anthony about the accident. After filling him in about the texting, Anthony wondered how someone could hit him and then drive off to his wedding. Back at the Forresters, the toasts to the newlyweds began. Caroline was a bit confused about the cops showing up so Thomas filled her in. After they made out, he decided to do some damage control while Marcus was away for his honeymoon. They went to see Anthony, who said that Marcus was not the good man he thought he was. Meanwhile, Marcus cut the honeymoon short by telling his bride what had happened. They went to the hospital immediately. Anthony wasn’t happy to see him. Marcus tried apologizing. The cops were there to hear this and Baker declared it a confession. Dayzee cried as Marcus was arrested.

Hope told Liam that she was totally over what happened and just wanted them to be happy. Meanwhile, Ridge was transferring wedding photos from Liam’s tablet when he saw the infamous video. The next day, he confronted Brooke about it. He worried that Liam still loved his daughter. She worried Hope would stumble onto the video since he didn’t bother erasing it. At that moment, Hope did just what she feared. Hope began screaming as she watched it. Her mom showed up and tried to convince her that Liam still loved her. Hope was not that gullible and had no idea what kind of man she married. The women argued and Brooke tried defending Liam. Hope ran off in tears.

Bill brought his son legal papers and explained that his marriage to Hope wouldn’t be legal stateside until they were signed. Liam explained to his father that something happened with Steffy in Italy but Hope was coping with it. Bill wasn’t sure that things would pan out so smoothly. When Liam got home, he told Hope about the paperwork. She threw it in his face and accused him of ruining everything. He wanted to work through this, but she didn’t seem willing. Back at Forrester, Steffy pined for Liam until Brooke showed up to tell her that Hope saw the video and was crushed.

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