The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For July 9-13.

Not all memories can be erased.

Dayzee started worrying that Marcus was having cold feet. He assured her he just wanted a long engagement. Thomas badgered him to hurry up and seal the deal. Eric showed up with a stack of wedding dress ideas. She liked Thomas’ the best. While Tom was flirting with her, Marcus rushed off and asked Stephanie if the wedding could happen at her place. That was cool with her. When he rushed back, he asked Thomas to be his best man.

Brooke ragged on Liam for his wedding day love-up with Steffy. He insisted that they didn’t go all the way and was miffed that Katie knew all about. After she left, Hope popped up to assure him that whatever happened before they tied the knot didn’t matter. Meanwhile, Katie was laying into Steffy about it. Brooke showed up to lay in some more. She said the secret would come out and ordered Steffy to get a life. The next day, Taylor popped up to lay into Brooke. Then the two of them went to Liam’s where he and Steffy were agreeing to keep a lid on the whole thing. There was much yelling. Steffy suggested Hope could get over it so he should really come clean with her. After she left, Ridge arrived, fresh from hearing all about what happened from Brooke and Taylor. He could understand Liam’s situation and sensed that he still loved Steffy. He thought that they should keep what happened quiet but he knew Brooke would never shut up about it, leaving them few options.

Steffy went to see Hope to give her the truth but couldn’t do it. She went off to see her dad, but ran into Brooke instead. The blond has a snit fit. As she was yelling at Steffy, Liam went to see Hope at work. He could sense how thrilled she was to be married, but still wanted to tell her the truth about their wedding day. Before he could tell her, she got called away as her new show started. Steffy called him and they realized they couldn’t stop Brooke. She deleted the video from his phone anyway, but sent herself a back-up copy. Brooke arrived at the show and stared at Liam until it ended. He took his wife by the hand and, once alone, admitted that their perfect day wasn’t so perfect.

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