The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For June 25-29.

Tying it up.

Liam and Steffy discussed the fake note. She urged him to prepare for his wedding. He admitted he still loved her and kissed her before she walked out. Outside, Ridge was trying to get answers out of Bill about this mess but not having any luck. Hope walked by to say the wedding was still on. Ridge decided that he would give her away after all. Meanwhile, Steffy tracked down Bill and confronted him about trying to ruin the wedding. She ordered him to simply accept Hope into his stupid family. He moped over to Hope’s room to bury the hatchet. After he welcomed her to the Spencer family, the ceremony commenced. Everyone watched as they tied the knot on a cliff. Bill made a speech saying he finally accepted all of this. Steffy sat across the street thinking of her failed marriage. She called her grandma to complain and then slipped off a cliff into the water.

Liam carried Hope into the bridal suite as the rest of the family flew home. Taylor and Thomas learned all of the details and heard about Ridge’s suspicions regarding Bill. Once alone with her mom, Steffy told her all about how Liam said he loved her and how close they came to running off together. Back in Italy, Hope remained clueless about all of this but thoughts of it wouldn’t leave Liam’s head. Meanwhile, Alison told Deacon that Bill’s plan failed. They flirted and kissed before getting on the jet. Bill arrived. Deacon taunted him for failing. After Bill handed him the final payoff, he let him get off the jet at some random location.

Katie walked in on Danielle and Karen kissing. She was relieved that they finally admitted they were a couple. Karen worried about what Bill would say so Katie offered to talk to him for them. When he arrived, he wasn’t interested in listening and sent his sister away. Danielle couldn’t believe how rude he was. Katie and her husband went to the OB/GYN for her ultrasound. They saw their baby was a boy. He was overjoyed to be experiencing fatherhood from the start and told her she made him a better man.

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  1. From Mary

    Wish the wedding didn’t happen. Hope soo gets on my nerves! Steffy is soo much better. Hopes whiny and can’t act. That laugh of hers has got to go! We watch soaps for drama not whiny, do gooders who cant act. As for her asking Steffy to go to the wedding get real!

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